November 1, 2021


Good morning! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read, as well as a Bible verse, a hymn and a beautiful picture of America.



1. NEW JERSEY AND VIRGINIA ELECTIONS ARE RACES TO WATCH: Tomorrow, New Jersey and Virginia will hold elections that include races for Governor that the entire nation will be watching as a harbinger for 2022. I always warn people not to read too much national significance into local and state elections, which often hinge on issues unrelated to national politics. Still, the Democrats are desperate not to lose these elections because they’re already panicking over their 2022 Congressional prospects and think they need wins to shore up their base.

Under ordinary circumstances, these should be slam-dunks, and it’s likely the Democrats will still pull out wins. New Jersey is solidly blue, while Virginia has become dominated by federal government trough-feeders in the DC suburbs and McAuliffe has already served a term as Governor. However, they’re facing gale-force headwinds from Biden’s unpopularity, and from making the biggest mistake any Democrat can make: letting the public know what they're really going to do once in office.

An advisor to New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy was caught on hidden camera revealing that he plans to sock the people with a vaccine mandate but they’re not saying that until after he’s safely reelected. And McAuliffe keeps shooting himself in the foot with a machine gun, from siding with leftist school boards over parents to storming out of TV interviews to his campaign promoting a hoax smear against opponent Glenn Youngkin. He’s brought in all the big name Democrats, including Biden and Kamala Harris, as if suggesting he’ll govern like them is a positive. And in the latest blasts, he said on “Meet The Press” Sunday that parents should not be picking school books because “we have experts who actually do that.”

And the Washington Free Beacon reports that a watchdog group asked the FEC to investigate whether his campaign violated federal law by taking a $350,000 donation from a foreign-owned company linked to an overseas money-laundering probe.

Will any of this keep Murphy and McAuliffe from being elected? I hope so, but in those states, you can’t bet the farm on it. Plus, with early voting, a fifth of the Virginia vote has already been cast, much of it during a time when McAuliffe was still riding high in the polls (another reason not to vote so early, but that’s another essay.)

At this point, all Republicans can do is turn out and vote as if their states depend on it, because they do. Take as many people along with you as you can, and I hope a lot of you volunteered to be poll watchers. I have a feeling those polls will need a lot of watching.



From Virginia:

Your "poor Snoopy" comment was out of line. It surprised me coming from you. It angered me and was not only cavalier, but not funny or cute. Really unnecessary.

From the Gov:

Oh, no, Virginia, that comment was not meant to be cavalier, funny OR cute --- just the opposite. If you know me, you are aware that I'm a devoted dog lover and would never joke or be flip about this horrible and heartbreaking story. For you and anyone else who might have taken it wrong, the "Snoopy" reference was included to reflect how beloved our dogs are to us. The idea of something like this happening to Snoopy arose out of anger towards the people conducting these barbaric experiments. Any of those beagles could have been someone's "Snoopy," a beloved pet and member of the family, but instead they ended up being subjected to torture and euthanasia instead. The comment was meant to be caustic, not cavalier.


3.  BIDEN'S POLL NUMBERS GET WORSE: If the Biden White House thinks the polls couldn’t get any worse, then they haven’t seen the new NBC News poll. Or maybe they have, and that’s why they fled to Europe.

This poll is so bad that even NBC’s Chuck Todd had to admit it was “scary” for the Democrats. It found that Biden’s approval rating has fallen to 42%; that 71% of Americans believe the nation is on the wrong track (I’m shocked that anyone thinks it’s on the right track); and as Todd put it, “Republicans, believe it or not,” have double-digit leads ranging from 13 to 27 points on dealing with border security, inflation, crime, national security, the economy, and (again quoting Todd) “shockingly, ‘getting things done.’”

Again, I’m not surprised by this. Anyone who can remember way back to 2019 knows that under Trump, we had a booming economy, border security, record low unemployment, rising wages, energy independence, cheap gas and peace spreading in the Middle East. All of those things have been reversed, largely due to Biden reversing all the policies that created them. Why wouldn’t most people think Republicans would be better on those problems than the people who are causing them?

As for “getting things done,” does anyone seriously believe that if Trump were in charge, he’d just be standing by watching a supply chain crisis worsen while his Secretary of Transportation took two months off for paternity leave then jetted to Scotland to talk about the climate? Or that masses of illegal immigrants would be swarming across the border while the Vice President charged with dealing with it did literally nothing for nine months other than a one-day photo op in El Paso?

Americans have caught on to the fact that the phrase “Nobody’s home” doesn’t just refer to Biden’s mental faculties, it refers to this entire Administration.

America the Beautiful

This feature returns with images of America's cities, landscapes and people.

4. NEW FROM PAUL SPERRY: HOW THE CLINTON MACHINE PUSHED ALFA BANK: Paul Sperry has a tremendous new update on the investigation into the 2016 Clinton-initiated Alfa Bank hoax. For all the details, you can go to his article at REAL CLEAR INVESTIGATIONS at the link, but we’ll summarize and comment at length here.

Sperry’s sources who have been briefed on special counsel John Durham’s ongoing investigation say the scheme was much broader than previously known and involved “multiple U.S. agencies.” Newly declassified documents suggest the same thing. Seriously, is anyone surprised by this?

Hillary’s campaign, led by then-Perkins Coie attorneys Michael Sussmann and Marc Elias, worked to convince Obama’s State Department (formerly run by Hillary), FBI/Justice (“Justice”) Department and even CIA to look into the hoax, and kept the pressure on even after Trump was inaugurated in 2017. The Clinton machine just kept pushing and pushing from a variety of angles. “The deception was wide-ranging,” Sperry’s briefed source told him.

(NOTE: We generally are wary of anonymous sources, but Sperry has been consistently right, and sources concerning an ongoing investigation have to remain anonymous. We have never been steered wrong by Paul Sperry.)

Durham’s “speaking indictment” of Sussmann deals with his prodding of the FBI to investigate the false Trump Tower/Alfa Bank “pinging” story and implies a great deal about how that was set up. Durham has emails that show the Clinton campaign knew that this story was a “red herring” but fed it to the FBI anyway as “a very useful narrative.” One of the researchers said “we’d have to expose every trick we have in our bag to make even a very weak association...We cannot technically make any claims that would fly public scrutiny.” But that didn’t stop them from doing it.

What’s new is that after Sussmann approached the FBI with their fake story in September of 2016, as detailed in the “speaking indictment,” the campaign then approached the State Department with the same story, this time from “dossier” imagineer Christopher Steele. Two days later (by now we’re in mid-October), his contact sent the information to the FBI’s top Eurasia/Russia counterintel official, Stephen Laycock. Laycock sent it to...(drum roll, please)...Peter Strzok, plus another supervisor.

At this point, the FBI acted on the flimsy rumors, interviewing tech vendors who worked for the Trump Organization and actually obtaining warrants to search the Trump Tower servers. It was days after this tip that Strzok used the “dossier” to get the warrant to spy on Carter Page.

Clinton foreign policy adviser Jake Sullivan, who is Biden’s national security adviser now, was apparently in charge of the narrative, and he released a written statement about the Trump/Alfa Bank story. SLATE reported it, after being pressured by Hillary-funded Fusion GPS to do so. Then Hillary tweeted Sullivan’s statement on October 31, just days before the election. Her lead line was totally made up: “Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russia-based bank.”

After Donald Trump shocked the pants off them all in November by winning the election, the Clinton people doubled down on their hoax. (Really, after all that effort, why let a good hoax go to waste? It’s not as if they were going to accept the results of the election.) It was in mid-November that they went back to the State Department, where Bruce Ohr, wife of Fusion GPS researcher Nellie Orh, was a top official. Ohr gave the FBI two thumb drives he had received from Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson and quoted his (Clinton) sources as saying the Trump/Alfa Bank story was real.

As Paul Sperry reports, the FBI finally closed their case after finding no basis for the claim, but THEN...Sussmann, again without revealing his Clinton ties, took it to the CIA, to John Brennan’s general counsel. (This is like a Tale from the Crypt –- the thing that wouldn’t die. And now we know why Durham also accuses Sussmann of misleading “Agency -2,” the CIA.) Then the CIA schlepped it to another FBI liaison, who appears to have been...(drum roll, please)...Peter Strzok. Yes, again.

In a new court document filed this past week, Durham revealed that he now has over 80,000 pages of documents in response to grand jury subpoenas issued to more than 15 targets and witnesses, including the computer contractors he enlisted from Georgia Tech. Sperry’s sources tell him that some of these witnesses have been granted immunity and are cooperating.

The CIA isn’t supposed to be involved in domestic political issues at all --- that must be why they passed the story back to the FBI to do the dirty work and damage Trump. As Jonathan Turley said, “One would expect a CIA official to express reluctance in an investigation that would have largely a domestic focus. But as with the FBI, the Clinton campaign found eager officials to move on any such allegation.”

Jake Sullivan kept at it, too. In February of 2017, he teamed with Glenn Simpson and Daniel Jones, an FBI agent-turned Democrat-operative whose name no doubt will become increasingly familiar, to breathe new life into the story. Sullivan is under scrutiny for lying to Congress about his role in this. Jones reached out to his former FBI colleagues, who, unbelievably, re-opened the Trump-Alfa Bank case even though they had originally found nothing to them.

They went BACK to the building that housed the Trump server in question, Examination showed the “pings” between Tower and Alfa Bank to be nothing but...spam marketing emails.

This was all an investigation about nothing. So, of course, the FBI and the media immediately announced that there was nothing to the Trump-Alfa Bank story and apologized profusely to President Trump for their mistake. Haha, I'm kidding.

Strzok has tried to distance himself from the Trump-Alfa Bank story and complained in LAWFARE that Durham is conducting “a partisan witch hunt on behalf of Trump.” To that I’d sat that Trump deserves vindication, and Durham’s hunt seems to be turning up quite a few actual witches.


Jonathan Turley wrote on his website back in September about the “journalist” who wrote the first media piece about the (fake) Trump Tower-Alfa Bank connection, Franklin Foer. Durham’s “speaking indictment” tells how Fusion GPS pressured him to publish it. “The Investigative Firm’s Employee’s email stated ‘time to hurry’ suggesting that Reporter -2 should hurry to publish an article regarding the Russian Bank -1 allegations. In response, Reporter – 2 emailed to the Investigative Firm Employee a draft article regarding the Russian Bank -1 allegations, along with the cover message: Here’s the first 2500 words.”

It’s clear that In the end, Foer took his chances with a flimsy story because he didn’t want to see Trump elected. Remember this next time you see any other anti-Trump or anti-conservative hit piece in the mainstream media. They’ve lost whatever credibility they might have ever had.


From Sean Davis of the Federalist…

6.  CONSUMER SAFETY ALERT: Walmart announced a recall of its Better Homes & Gardens Gem Room Spray. The air freshener could be tainted with dangerous bacteria. If you have this product in your home, read the linked story for details immediately:

7. HOW TO LOSE FRIENDS AND ALIENATE PEOPLE:  The leftist activists who think that harassing Sen. Kyrsten Sinema will convince her to vote for socialism reached a new low -- yes, even lower than following her into the bathroom with a cell phone camera. They stood outside a wedding she was officiating and yelled their dumb taunts, ruining the wedding, even after the bride and her mother came out and begged them to stop. Too bad the bride wasn’t a Bridezilla.

Question: since the wedding was taking place in an open courtyard, was there no garden hose handy?

8. MONDAY FUNNIES: To help ease you into Monday, here are a couple of hilarious satirical news headlines from the Babylon Bee:



1 I know that my Redeemer liveth,

And on the earth again shall stand;

I know eternal life He giveth,

That grace and power are in His hand.


I know, I know that Jesus liveth,

And on the earth again shall stand;

I know, I know that life He giveth,

That grace and power are in His hand.

2 I know His promise never faileth,

The word He speaks, it cannot die;

Tho' cruel death my flesh assaileth,

Yet I shall see Him by and by.


3 I know my mansion He prepareth,

That where He is there I may be;

Oh, wondrous thought, for me He careth,

And He at last will come for me.


By Samuel Medley

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  • Patricia Owens

    11/01/2021 07:52 PM

    About the beagles or any other breed, perhaps all owners whose dogs have disappeared in the night should file a class action suit for discovery of chips, other id, where each and every individual dog came from, and how the dog even got to that ‘releasing’ organization. One of our dogs disappeared a good many years ago, it would be sickening to the kids if they thought such a thing had been possible.

  • Leslie West

    11/01/2021 07:14 PM

    I love your newsletter and appreciate all the good information you provide. I understood and appreciate your poor Snoopy comment. Some people are just looking for something to be hateful about. Don't let the haters bring you down! You are definitely a force for good!

  • Margaret Marion Snipes

    11/01/2021 06:22 PM

    Does your adorable poopy pants young man going trick or treating as Joe Biden give any credence to President Biden having a similar experience at the Vatican? I heard this from two sources that a costume change made hi late for his next appointment.

  • Ted Fukushima

    11/01/2021 06:00 PM

    Re: "NEW FROM PAUL SPERRY: HOW THE CLINTON MACHINE PUSHED ALFA BANK": I have a sneaky feeling that Durham's investigation will not be completed until the after "mid-term" at which point, if Republicans retake both houses, some "real action" can finally begin.

  • Floyd A Unger

    11/01/2021 05:51 PM

    Thank you

  • Joseph Orsini

    11/01/2021 04:50 PM

    "HERD IMMUNITY" is a term we have NOT heard much of recently. Given that VACCINATED people may still both get and transmit Covid, is it even possible to achieve?

  • Stephen Russell

    11/01/2021 04:41 PM

    Facebook new name is Meta & for Jews it means "Dead".

  • Stephen Russell

    11/01/2021 04:28 PM

    Glasgow summit:
    Biden is on the Far Left in group photo for Glasgow show
    Vs the US being in the center.

  • Stephen Russell

    11/01/2021 04:26 PM

    Sinema wedding:
    I guessed as much as the bridal group WAS Not Sinemas immediate kin etc.
    I hope the family sues the group taunting Sinema alone
    If I was a guest to event Id be Upset BIG Time


    11/01/2021 04:21 PM

     Oops, Bruce is the husband. Do I win a prize for being the 1 millionth person to point out a simple gender identification error? They are, after all, Democrats. They seem to be a bit confused themselves

    the State Department, where Bruce Ohr, wife of Fusion GPS researcher Nellie Orh, was a top official. Ohr