September 7, 2019

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Pete Buttigieg, presidential candidate and occasional mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has reportedly done a campaign “reset.” In recent weeks, his campaign has seemed to be stuck in neutral, generating little momentum. And speaking of stuck, one thing “Mayor Pete” still seems to be stuck on is lecturing Christians on their faith like some sort of anointed prophet of God. Here’s what Pete 2.0 said Thursday during his televised sermon on MSNBC, sounding a lot like Pete 1.0:

“[For] the party and the movement known for beating other people on the head with their faith, or their interpretation of their faith...” [he’s talking about religious conservatives]…“it makes no sense to literally vote to take food away from the hungry, to essentially be practicing the very thing that not just the Scriptural tradition but so many others tell us we’re not supposed to do in terms of harming other people. And I do think there’s going to be a reckoning over that.”


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Mike Huckabee

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"Huckabee" preview

By Mike Huckabee

Join me tonight on TBN as we kick off our second hundred episodes of “Huckabee” with a great new show. Fox News’ Todd Starnes will tell us about his important new book, “Culture Jihad.” You’ll meet a Huck’s Hero who’s doing amazing things for injured veterans and first responders. Ami Horowitz is back with an eye-opening new video on the worldwide influence of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hilarious stand-up comic Brad Trackman will bring the funny, plus we’ll have some great gospel singing, country superstar Darryl Worley, and a lot more surprises.

It’s all coming your way tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and the same times on Sunday, only on TBN. Just visit and click on the “WATCH” menu at the top to find all the ways to watch, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming. You can also stream complete episodes and highlights of previous “Huckabee” shows. And be sure to check out all the Internet-only “Digital Exclusives,” like extended interviews and extra musical and comedy performances, all at



“Breathtakingly stupid.”

By Mike Huckabee

What is there about running for President as a Democrat in 2020 that seems to give people delusions of grandeur? This week, on the CNN “climate change” townhall, Democrats informed us that the second they plop their keisters on the Oval Office chair, they’ll start remaking the entire nation, from banning factory farms, guns, airlines, internal combustion engines and cheeseburgers to changing the tax code and economic system, to shutting down every power source but windmills and solar panels, which will somehow magically generate all the power we need (but then, we’ll be living in caves and eating moss, so maybe so.)

Some like Elizabeth Warren made it clear that if anyone doesn’t fall into line, she’ll simply issue executive orders and force them to. She must believe that the President’s pen is endowed with more superpowers than Thor’s hammer. Funny, since she’s from the same party that’s thwarted Trump’s perfectly constitutional orders just by getting some liberal federal judge in Podunk to put a stay on them.

But possibly the most hubristic of all is Pete Buttigieg, who seems to think that being a not-too-competent mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has not only prepared him to be President, it’s also made him a theologian who can lecture Evangelicals on how they’ve got the Bible all wrong about abortion and don’t understand that life doesn’t begin at conception but with the baby’s first breath:

Never mind Jeremiah 1:5 (NKJV: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”) The prophet from South Bend says that until the doc slaps the baby on the butt and makes it draw its first breath, it’s not really alive yet so it’s fair game to dismember it.

I think that can accurately be described as “breathtakingly stupid.”


The lowest level EVER recorded

By Mike Huckabee

You might have read about the black pastor in Alabama who put up a sign on his church reading, “A black vote for Trump is mental illness.” It was so mindlessly partisan and offensive that Debra Messing tweeted her approval of it. (You can also bet that if he had been a pastor using church property to praise Trump, Democrats would be demanding his church’s tax-exempt status be revoked.

But all that is just prelude to this story: According to new Labor Department numbers, last month, African-American unemployment fell from 6% to 5.5%, the lowest level ever recorded. The gap between black and white unemployment rates also fell to the smallest in recorded history.

As the National Center for Public Policy Research notes, a recent Zogby poll put Trump’s approval among black voters at 28%. Since 15 million voted in 2016, that would put the number of mentally ill black people at 4,200,000, which seems high.

All things considered, Trump’s black support should be higher, but too many people still believe the relentless false claims of racism over the evidence in their paychecks. It’s still a long time until the election, and when black voters go to the polls, do Democrats really think they’ll side unanimously with the people who openly promise to destroy their jobs and the entire economy but say blacks have to support them because the other guy who’s presided over record-low black unemployment and rising wages and equality of job opportunity is a racist? They really must think a lot of black people are mentally ill.


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I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

If you really believe the polls claiming that various far-left radical Democrats would beat Trump by double digits (and you can ask President Hillary how reliable those polls are), then may I direct your attention to the Gnome Poll.

When started offering a Donald Trump Garden Gnome for sale, it was swamped with so many orders, the manufacturer couldn’t keep up with the demand. I’d say this is probably a more reliable indicator of Trump’s real popularity than most polls circulating today. Of course, there’s no way to compare this to his Democratic rivals, since as far as I know, there are no Democratic gnomes yet. Just a lot of trolls on the Internet.



ThinkProgress, which was once one of the most influential left-wing websites, is shutting down and its staff being laid off after years of running in debt (naturally). The owners, the Democratic Party “think tank,” Center for American Progress, were unable to find a buyer.

Why am I not surprised to learn that there is simply no market these days for material aimed at “progressives” who think? Considering that “progressivism” now means resurrecting every failed idea and societal curse that we got rid of years ago (socialism, segregated schools, judging people by their race rather than their character, the feudal system of lords and serfs, typhus, measles, polio, powering everything by windmills, etc. etc. etc.), it’s obvious that thinking is no longer compatible with progressivism.

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"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends."

- John 15:13

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  • Dean Breeden

    09/08/2019 04:22 PM

    Great Governor, Great Man, Great show and insight

  • Barney Flint

    09/07/2019 09:38 PM

    Gov., I am so very thankful for your newsletters. They bring me hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel where socialism is concerned. I truly hope and pray and that the democrats fail. I am too old to really become active in a civil war but I will stand up for the USA at 73+.

  • Deborah Gallagher

    09/07/2019 03:14 PM

    I love, love, LOVE everything you write, Governor! You are so level headed & put things so succinctly!
    Thank you & may God richly bless you!
    PS - was happy to see that Sarah is now a FoxNews contributor!

  • j bryan

    09/07/2019 03:00 PM

    why can Kirpeprnic football player say any thing and nobody says any thing. but nobody stands up for Drew Breeze. Come on conservatives were are you???????????????????????????????

  • Don Crumbley

    09/07/2019 01:03 PM

    Mayor "little Pete" is ignoring a few inconvenient truths about breath. Life begins with conception. The first breath is the completion of the body development that began with conception. With no conception , there will be no first breath. Also, on the other end of life is the last breath, which is the completion of the body process that ends in death.