February 15, 2020

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Friday in Manhattan, sleazy lawyer and former liberal media darling Michael Avenatti was convicted of attempted extortion and honest services fraud for threatening to harm the company if it didn’t pay him $25 million to conduct a probe of their alleged corporate corruption. There’s some irony for you! The charges carry a combined penalty of up to 42 years in prison, but the court system is far from finished with Avenatti. He’s still facing trials in April and May for allegedly defrauding clients out of millions, including porn star Stormy Daniels. And with multiple accusations that he was living his high-flying lifestyle by stealing from clients, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see even more trials in his future.

I can almost feel sorry for Stormy Daniels. Avenatti was so sleazy, he actually managed to lead a porn star astray, convincing her to sue President Trump in a case that she not only lost but was ordered to pay $300,000 in Trump’s legal fee after having her lawyer allegedly steal $300,000 from her. I can also see how a woman desperate for cash might fall for Avenatti’s banana oil, but what is the media’s excuse?

For months, they elevated Avenatti to news channel stardom, giving him a fortune in free publicity and even seriously promoting him as a Democratic presidential contender (why do I get a feeling of déjà vu when I hear people talking about Adam Schiff in the same way?) How hard did they shove Avenatti down the public’s throat? Beckett Adams at the Washington Examiner reminds us:

“CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC featured him for a combined 147 television interviews between March 7 and 15, 2018. That is an average of nearly four interviews on each network per day. This is to say nothing of Avenatti’s many other appearances at the height of his news media-promoted stardom, including at the 2018 White House Correspondents' Association dinner and the MTV Video Music Awards.”

I often get comments of the “how can you defend Trump?” variety. Well, when I disagree with something he says or does, I don’t defend it. But I do defend him when I think he’s the victim of unfair or unfounded attacks. If it seems I’m always defending him, it’s not because I’m a rabid Trump partisan, it’s because his enemies are constantly making unfair and unfounded attacks on him. If I’m going to write about the news, that’s what I have to do constantly!

I’ve been around the block in politics and can spot the tactics (which tend to repeat – remember when George W. Bush was the “war criminal” and “literally Hitler”?) I also am well-connected to primary sources, do a lot of reading and have an excellent research staff. And I like to think I have fairly good judgement about people, which is why I spotted what Avenatti was from day one. Believe me, that’s not any special skill worth bragging about. As Adams writes:

“Anyone could have told you, back when Avenatti first appeared on the ‘resistance’ scene, that he was a sleazy tangle of lies, corruption, and faux bravado. Anyone, that is, except for journalists, always credulous where those hostile toward Trump are involved.”

And that’s the key: all it took was for Avenatti to be vociferously anti-Trump, and claim to possess a weapon (his client’s lawsuit) that might bring down Trump, and he was automatically elevated to hero status. The media, who flatter themselves as the guardians at the portal of truth, will throw due diligence on the trash heap and celebrate anyone who shows potential to harm Trump, regardless of their credibility, from Avenatti to Schiff, from James Comey to Ambassador Sondland to Julie Swetnick (the woman who claimed without evidence that Trump SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavenaugh organized rape gangs in high school, and who was – surprise! – a client of Michael Avenatti.)

When the media complain about Trump “attacking” their credibility, they forget that they long ago flushed away their own credibility by giving a massive platform to any liar or con artist who’s willing to badmouth Trump. It’s funny that they often smear Trump as a “liar” and “con artist,” but when they report on Avenatti’s actual felony convictions, I wonder how many of them will remind us that not that long ago, they were all-in for making him President?


Sen. Elizabeth Warren told MSNBC (of course!) what she thought was a moving and inspirational anecdote. Warren choked up a little as she related that a young woman came up to her and said she was a broke college student with a ton of loan debt and only six dollars in the bank, but she just donated three dollars to Warren’s presidential campaign to keep her going.

But it backfired when critics online slammed Warren for taking half of that poor girl’s entire pitiful savings of six dollars when she’s worth an estimated $12 million. They suggested that she should have instead given the student her three bucks back, or shown real generosity and doubled it to six dollars.

I don’t think they understand that Warren hopes to use that $3 to become President, so she can erase that girl’s student loan debt and let her go to college free by confiscating and redistributing the wealth of greedy millionaires like…well, her. Using the iron hand of government to take people’s money away and give it to other people is the “progressive” version of charity. They see it as much more efficient than putting their own hands in their pockets and giving away their own money.


Speaking of Elizabeth Warren, she’s already proposed a wealth tax, and then proposed multiple new big spending programs, each of which would cost far more than her tax would generate. When economists protested that she couldn’t afford to pay for all that, she brushed them off as not knowing what they’re talking about. So as long as she’s just shoveling money into the ocean, why not do it literally? This week, she proposed a “blue new deal” to “save the oceans,” to go along with the “green new deal” to save the planet (I kind of assumed that the $90 trillion to save the planet would include the oceans, but apparently, they’re an optional extra.)


Remember when we were told that President Trump pulling out of the UN’s Paris Climate Accords meant the USA was going to embark on a wild spree of spewing poisonous pollution into the atmosphere? A study by the International Energy Agency found that while global CO2 emissions “were unchanged at 33 gigatonnes even as the world economy expanded by 2.9%,” the largest decline in CO2 emissions on a by-country basis wasn’t in any of the nations that remained in the Paris agreement. 

According to the organization, energy-related carbon emissions in the U.S. fell by 140 million tonnes in 2019 to 4.8 gigatonnes — a decrease of 2.9 percent over the previous year.

Down nearly one gigatonne from its peak in the year 2000 — a decrease of roughly 17 percent — the 20-year low represents “the largest absolute decline by any country over that period.”

So even as the US economy boomed (and other nations scolded us and asked, “How DARE you?!”), our CO2 emissions dropped while theirs went up. This was largely due to the boom in fracking and natural gas production, which is cleaner than the fuels it’s replaced. That’s the industry that just about every Democrat running for President has vowed to destroy on day one if elected, to “save the planet.”

With friends of the Earth like them, who needs enemies of the Earth?

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Comments 1-25 of 40

  • Phyllis Lambert

    02/17/2020 10:38 AM

    You never disappoint, Governor! Fair and balanced AND funny! Thanks

  • Jerry

    02/16/2020 07:10 PM

    How many people believe China has been honest in reporting the virus that is expanding around the globe? China is the same country that abuses their people similar to the US that murders babies about to be born and babies that are born under what is called women's rights. Neither one should be permissible it does. WHO Director Ghebreyesus thinks the public is being to hard on the Chinese after all China controls what is said and what is allowed in its country 100% accountable however WHO Director wants the world to feel sorry for allowing the virus to spread; to him I object he needs to sleep in his office and stay asleep if thats his view China doesn't care about the world all it wants is to dominate it. Stay asleep WHO Director G talk to china don't bring that garbage out of your office and spread it here in the US. China is overrated and over valued.

  • John C. Duroe

    02/16/2020 06:27 PM

    Thanks for keeping informed.

  • Michael Garrett

    02/16/2020 05:35 PM

    Mike: The more Elizabeth Warren and other liberal Presidential candidates open their mouths to keep their lips moving, the more lies and deceptions we learn about them. You can only tell so many lies to keep covering up previous lies before the truth about them finally comes out. The more dirt they dish out, the deeper their holes get until they finally dig their own political graves. Whatever happened to silence is golden?
    Michael Garrett
    Trinidad, Colo. 81082

  • Gerald Cohen

    02/16/2020 04:59 PM

    I saw an interesting comment from an old High School Classmate on Facebook , the other day. He was noting he was not going to A particular Science Fiction Convention this year. He was concerned about violence from the LEFT, because he was a White Male and politically Conservative..... At a Science Fiction Convention no less this Crud is everywhere....

  • Gregory Weinman

    02/16/2020 11:03 AM

    You have a serious type-o. The US cut emissions 'TO' 4.8 gigatonnes not 'BY' 4.8 gigatonnes. The emissions cut was 140 million tonnes. Were the 4.8 number relective of a 2.9% cut then the base amount would be 165.

  • Thelma Stahl

    02/16/2020 09:02 AM

    Regarding Bloomberg taking Hillary as his VP- he better also make her his “cup bearer” otherwise she will see to it that he has a “natural death”.

  • Alan Steinberg

    02/16/2020 08:07 AM

    Has the hypocrisy we are witnessing today been around for many years or is this something new related to Trump?

  • James Robert Huffman

    02/16/2020 07:57 AM

    Thank you ! Thank you for this!

  • Jerry Korba

    02/16/2020 06:55 AM

    Trump has a another good idea the right to sue sanctuary cities for allowing criminals to be set free to commit more crime. With Liberal law makers and the moral character eroded to a zombie like behavior the only thing that would affect miserable people like DeBlasio or Cuomo dumb and dumber, is to strip their ability to enjoy a lavish lifestyle at the expense of the taxpayer. Dumb and Dummer believe in crimial action they are criminal themselves they use Illegals to do dirty activity rape theft murder Human trafficing selling of illegal drugs and the police have to stand down and watch it happen. Dumb and Dummer watch in amusement as the great people of their city are tormented by thugs, Illegal Aliens and criminals all led by people that have been striped of moral character dumb and dummer are the leaders and sponsors of this group. This is the beginning of a zombie city and state. Blood thirsty and Primitive.

  • Kay DeWitt

    02/16/2020 04:03 AM

    IN RESPONSE TO YOUR STATEMENTS: "I often get comments of the 'how can you defend Trump?' variety. Well, when I disagree with something he says or does, I don’t defend it. But I do defend him when I think he’s the victim of unfair or unfounded attacks. If it seems I’m always defending him, it’s not because I’m a rabid Trump partisan, it’s because his enemies are constantly making unfair and unfounded attacks on him. If I’m going to write about the news, that’s what I have to do constantly!" I SAY A ROUSING AMEN AND AMEN AND AMEN !!!!!

    And I say those amens of affirmation because I have been asked this same question and we might preface that question that I am asked with the, sometimes unspoken, words, "as a Christian" ....Since, nowadays, one's claiming to BE a Christian can mean ANYTHING since there are those who claim to believe in the Jesus Who requires that one pick up His cross, and, yet, DENY the cost of that cross because they are following "another Jesus" whose only requirement is that they pick up their purse and fill it with the benefits of their now BAPTIZED American Dream !!!!....THEREFORE....

    I want to make it clear that, when I claim to be a Christian, I am one who HAS said yes to picking up the cross which is the instrument of death to one's self-life so that he can move increasingly closer to being able to say after the apostle Paul, "it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives THROUGH me"...which is WHY the call to discipleship is a call to be conformed to the IMAGE of Jesus Christ!!!!

    Now, in view OF the fact that I AM a Christian....who understands the "fruit" ( of AGAPE love) that Jesus said would define who is TRULY a would seem then view of some of President Trump's behavior, and language, that, ahem, falls short of bearing witness TO "holiness" .... I would be the last one TO defend him, right? WRONG! ....BECAUSE....THE VERY OPPOSITE IS TRUE....

    BECAUSE....The very things....from an earthly perspective...that one would think would make me the LAST person to want to defend President Trump are, in REALITY, the very things that would make me the FIRST person to want to defend him!!!!.....AND I HAVE TAKEN THE TIME TO STATE ALL THIS TO YOU, MIKE, BECAUSE YOU, I BELIEVE, ARE ONE OF THE FEW PEOPLE WHO CAN SEE WHY THERE IS NO CONTRADICTION IN MY CLAIM TO BE A CHRISTIAN AND MY "DEFENSE" OF PRESIDENT TRUMP .....AND.....

    IN MY TAKING THE TIME TO EXPRESS THIS TO YOU, it is also my way of letting you know why I am one who is not only appreciative OF your "defense" of President Trump, but I also know the HEART ( "drum") beat behind that "defense" !

  • Kathy Wingate

    02/16/2020 12:42 AM

    In this season of caucuses and primaries, let Christian's all remember to pray for our country, our President, and our republic. Matthew 9:37 "Then he said to his disciples,  “The harvest is plentiful, but the  laborers are few; 38  therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the  harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

  • Kathy Wingate

    02/16/2020 12:35 AM

    In this season of caucuses and primaries, let Christian's all remember to pray for our country, our President, and our republic. Matthew 9:37 "Then he said to his disciples,  “The harvest is plentiful, but the  laborers are few; 38  therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the  harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

  • joanne saunders

    02/16/2020 12:28 AM

    I love your clear, logical articles..God bless and continuing my age 68 and military dad and uncles I thought we were safe from marxist/socialism/communism but i was blindsided to thinking we were safe and i got brainwashed....I see now based on left disrepect of President Trump and his press etc...I will be following your great information and clarity!

  • Jo Gonzalez

    02/16/2020 12:13 AM

    Your "Guardians of the portal of truth" totally cracked me up!! It is hard to explain their insanity, but that is rich!!

  • James Brookins

    02/15/2020 11:28 PM

    A Warren supporter donated half her savings[$3.00] to help the multi-millionaire get elected president and then she will dump $90 trillion into the ocean? It sounds like a good return on the investment? @GovMikeHuckabee @realDonaldTrump @SenWarren

  • Amelia Little

    02/15/2020 11:10 PM

    Can't wait for the next spin--I'm sure it will be that CO2 may have dropped in the US (and I'm sure they'll contest that as a lie, regardless of who reported it) but, by golly, it would HAVE to be President Trump's fault that it increased in some other countries!!!

    For some reason, I, too, thought the oceans were part of "the world" and were included in saving the planet. Silly us, huh? Guess all those Geography lessons from the old days were a waste!!!!

    Not that I will tune in to any of the msm channels, but wonder if they will even report on avanatii at all? Or, soft-pedal the news (and finding a way to blame--wait for it---the President!!!!) and conveniently ignore how they all had to fight over getting him on their shows. (Memo to all msm staff--okay, not one word about our frenzy over this guy.)

    I'm a child of the 50's and 60's--and loved the Beach Boys way back when. Finally got to go to a concert a couple of years ago--it was wonderful!!! My 2 sisters and I took our daughters--in their 20's--and they had as good a time as us older ladies!!!

  • Robert Miller

    02/15/2020 10:47 PM

    Very good comments, rational and concise.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Marion Baddorf

    02/15/2020 09:53 PM

    Thank you for your new letter.

  • Penny Koehl

    02/15/2020 09:13 PM

    Your show from February 8 was on tonight. I was looking forward to the show mentioned in this email

  • Nancy McNeely

    02/15/2020 09:07 PM

    I hope you got my comment.... thank you for your fantastic show tonight!God Bless You
    Nancy McNeely

  • Nancy McNeely

    02/15/2020 09:04 PM

    Your show on Huckabee TBN was fantastic tonight! Thank you , thank you , thank you! God Bless You!
    Nancy McNeely

  • Jpk

    02/15/2020 09:03 PM

    How much information can one believe when the media is one sided government officials communicate across the isle hopefully with confidence maybe trying to get something good trust is foreign to these people they leak they lie and these lawmakers character blends in the justice department I think Barr is trying to clean the corruption up Barr is one guy working against the most corrupt organization that is trying to shut him down or u guessed it impeach him that alone should indicate that corruption and bribery is going to be exposed

  • rodney Burke

    02/15/2020 08:32 PM

    sound s like the entire party has gone off the bow of the titanic. Is there any sane people left? And Avenatti, now that is funny. Shall we say poetic justice? What does that say about the media, so called. Nothing goo that is for sure. yep I am smelling a landslide when we all gt out and vote. The insanity and crimnality on the left should be an extra incentie for all to vote and send a clear message. "Not this time"

  • Patricia Hammons

    02/15/2020 08:09 PM

    I am so sick of the crooked left getting by with everything. Now they want to impeach Barr? In this instance, I do wish Trump would not Tweet about Bill Barrs work as Barr said. But if it weren't for Trumps tweets, we would not know anything. Then I can't believe that little twit Bloomberg wants Hillary to run as VP . This could be a problem for Trump, as we are facing so many crooked voting problems already. I can't stand Hillary who would vote for her or him? But she still has a following, no matter how crooked she is. And the moderate democrats will jump on that combination. all we can do is pray. God bless Trump.