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August 31, 2022



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Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:

And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

Psalm 139:23-24 KJV

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This is some interview

LGB is worried about T

I wrote before about a growing rift in the LGBT community between the LGB’s and the T’s. A number of gay people who spent years trying to convince Americans that there were just normal people who deserve to be part of America, with jobs, homes and families like anyone else, worry that all their efforts are being destroyed by the “Trans” people, who are taking over their movement and becoming the public face of it. They’re doing things that many gay and lesbian Americans strongly disapprove of, like forcing drag queens and groomers into elementary schools, performing lewd acts in public in Pride Parades, and destroying women’s sports by demanding that hulking biological males take all the trophies from females.

Bill Maher recently pointed out that the grand marshals of New York’s Pride Parade included a “trans man” but not a single gay male. Author J.K. Rowling, a liberal and feminist, and some lesbian icons of women’s sports have been demonized for standing up for women’s rights. And in the latest example of how males-claiming-to-be females are taking over the movement, police in Cardiff, Wales, removed a group of lesbians from a Gay Pride Parade because they were “causing confrontation” with the trans marchers.

The move by the LGB folks to dump the T’s has grown to the point that it now has its own trending hashtag on Twitter: “LGBDropTheT.”

That link has some more recent encouraging developments suggesting that the extreme fringe that’s been wagging the dog for too long may finally be getting a comeuppance even from its supposed allies. You know they’ve pushed the crazy radicalism too far when even gays and lesbians are tweeting, “Men are men. Women are women.”

New undercover video from Project Veritas

Here’s the latest undercover video from one of the few organizations that’s still committing actual journalism, Project Veritas.

This is a must-see for any parent who’s concerned about their kids being indoctrinated in school. It's an undercover video of an alleged assistant principal at a Cos Cob, Connecticut, elementary school, explaining how they ensure kids are turned into good liberals instead of conservatives, and the subtle nuances of indoctrinating students into the leftist way of “thinking.” For instance, you never tell them that this is the “progressive” or “Democrat” view, you just present that view as if it’s the norm and “that’s how you get away with it.”

And how does he ensure that the teachers he hires will faithfully mold the students leftward? He makes sure to avoid hiring any conservative or religious teachers, who, for example, won’t acknowledge a child’s gender preferences. That includes never hiring any teachers over 30 or any Catholic teachers because they’re more likely to be conservatives.

A hat tip to Liberty Daily for pointing this fact out: Connecticut Law, Section 46A-60B1, specifically bars discriminatory employment practices. A violation occurs if anyone refuses to hire or employ people “because of the individual’s race, color, religious creed, age, sex, gender identity or expression.”

Sounds like an investigation is in order. Will Connecticut authorities actually launch one, or will parents there finally launch them out of office in November?

A Congress problem

Business Insider reports that it’s identified 71 members of Congress from both parties who are in violation of the Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act of 2012.

It’s a law designed to prevent them from enriching themselves through inside stock info, and it requires them to report financial trades worth more than $1,000 that they, their spouses or their dependent children made within 30 to 45 days of the transactions. They’re either late filing reports or don’t file at all, and offer excuses such as an accountant’s mistake, a clerical error or just being ignorant of the law (ignorance of the law is always a good excuse; try it yourself with the IRS or the FTC.)

Even though some of the stock transactions are valued up into the millions of dollars, House or Senate “ethics” officials usually just fine members $200 or waive the penalty entirely. Oddly enough, Nancy Pelosi isn’t on the list. Maybe she feels that her insider trading is such a long-established tradition, it doesn’t have to be hidden.

While I think they definitely should be complying with the law, I’m aware that we have so many laws that everyone breaks ten before breakfast without even knowing about it, so I might be willing to overlook previous violations if they’ll sit through a reminder course and then never let it happen again. But I think the course should include a few words aimed at Democrats who just voted to hire 87,000 new tax auditors to make sure the rest of us are complying with every word of a tax code longer than the encyclopedia, and who think Donald Trump should be executed for allegedly having a few documents stored in the wrong locked room.

The gift that keeps on giving

President Biden’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is the gift that keeps on giving…to Republican meme makers. Latest example:

“MAGA Republicans” are “the definition of fascism.” She then gave an incorrect definition of fascism.

Bonus: the actual definition of fascism sounds exactly like what the Democrats are doing.

Good News

Unless Oberlin College can get the Supreme Court to take up a case that the Ohio Supreme Court refused even to hear (about as unlikely as Joe Biden making a good decision), Oberlin will finally be forced to pay the $36 million damage award it was ordered to pay after its woke administrators defamed the Gibson family bakery as racists.

We need to see more of this: making people who have devalued terms like “racist” recognize that talk isn’t cheap when they use it to slander and defame innocent people.


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Comments 1-7 of 7

  • Mark Olson

    09/05/2022 07:47 AM

    Joe Bidens speech he looked like the devil standing in front of the gates of hell.
    As for the Marines- I have seen the slogan (back in the day) that says: Marines never die they just go to hell and regroup. Probably not politically correct now a days but fitting
    Thanks for all you do
    Mark Olson, Air Force retired

  • Mary Brokaw

    09/01/2022 01:51 AM

    I love your website and appreciate your emails. How can I get your children's book about Donald Trump and the country? I really want it for my granddaughter (and it may influence her parents as well).

  • Anne Turner

    08/31/2022 09:32 PM

    Finally, a real, and highly regarded scientist, has the courage to speak the truth. This is indeed a blessing, not only to conservatives but to humanity as a whole. It’s also a bonus that she is a woman, who is unemotional, factual, and courageous.

    I know a number of gay couples and the only real difference between them and heterosexuals is a sexual preference. Yes, there are some of the men who tend to be on the feminine side and some of the woman that tend to be on the masculine side, but they are still their birth gender with no desire to be otherwise. They don’t want their children to be exposed to all of this harmful nonsense anymore than anyone else. The ones .i know would simply go to a willing baker for their wedding cake. They don’t need, or want, undo notoriety. We all know how the flavor of the month, year or decade soon wanes. Remember the harmless pet rock. Trans will definitely wane when these poor misguided kids grow up to find they have hormone caused health issues and other issues as a result of mutilation. The adults who promote changing children should be pilloried. The doctors who perform these surgeries should be in jail for child abuse. These poor kids.

    Principles and school boards who are discriminating should end up in jail next to the hardened criminals. But oh no, it’s only the orange man that’s bad.

  • Paul Kern

    08/31/2022 09:21 PM

    Am not surprised at today's news. Now I saw Antifa thugs with AR- 15s at a leftist rally. Glad to hear more standing strong against the trans insanity. Worked in social services( mainly women and) gays) over 20 years ago I saw the rejection of the trannies, as they were called by the LGB groups, including LGB counselors. Must have taken over. It is child abuse. Now promoted along with abortion and other person's by fake pedo president! Keep up the good work!

  • James Drury Jr.

    08/31/2022 07:40 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Charles W Sigars

    08/31/2022 06:49 PM

    Who will force Oberlin to pay up if they simply refuse?

  • Darlyne Hughes

    08/31/2022 06:29 PM

    I called earlier but answering machine was on so must have missed your staff.
    Are you not going to be continuing with your email newsletters any longer?
    Thank you,