July 8, 2020


Yesterday, I brought you the story of what has happened to the rights of the people of Hong Kong in an attempt to show how quickly it can happen here. Truly, the Democrat Party cares no more about your rights than the Communist Chinese Party cares about Hong Kong’s. As a follow-up today, I’d like to explain a bit about the philosophy we’re up against and the grip it currently has on our media and culture. We have to know about our enemy – and, yes, it is our ENEMY – in order to figure out how to defeat it.

To help me in this, I’ve linked to an excellent piece in THE FEDERALIST by John Andrews, former president of the Colorado Senate (where I’m sure they could use him now) and former vice president of Colorado Christian University.

Andrews is right in seeing “Marxist fingerprints” all over the current mess in our country. The infiltration has been going on for decades. I’m sure it once seemed farfetched to many when the more outspoken conservative commentators, such as Mark Levin, frequently warned of Marxism in America. Today, no one would call that over-the-top. He has always been right about this; it's just more obvious now.

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As Andrews notes, the assumptions underlying Marx have pervaded schools and universities, mass media and popular entertainment, corporate philosophy, medicine, the arts and sciences, even many churches and seminaries. They define today’s Democrat Party as well, “Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi no less than Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama.” That’s why I said yesterday that it doesn’t matter whose names are on the ticket this fall.

So what are these Marxist assumptions? Well, they certainly don’t spring from the Judeo-Christian values we hold dear, the spiritual connections that enrich our lives. Both Marx and Hegel were materialists, considering all things spiritual to be inconsistent with their way of looking at the world. The idea gives new meaning to Madonna’s song about “living in a material world.” Living in THIS “material world” is a grim, empty way to exist, with no real objective concepts of right and wrong, only what your leaders tell you. But in places such as North Korea, it’s how the people exist. They know nothing else. They are ALLOWED to know nothing else.

Atheists tend to see the world as a random collision of atoms affected by physical forces, so they’re much more likely to “gravitate” (ha) to this way of seeing life. And it’s true that more Americans are atheists today than in previous generations. But it should be stressed that many people who doubt the existence of God have still been exposed in our culture to religious beliefs about right and wrong and understand the value of these concepts in our lives. They love America and dread the thought of our freedoms being taken away just as much as any churchgoer. Some of them may even be induced to start praying for our country, as in the old saying, “There are no atheists in foxholes.”

Still, as Andrews says, “Cultural Marxism is increasingly defining the worldview within which all debates and decision-making take place, even for most of those who rightly fear and despise Marx.” The goal: “deconstructing the American way of life from top to bottom, leaving no sphere of our lives untouched.”

I would add that race is just a pretext for all of this. Create chaos, add heat, mix well, cook until done.

Andrews warns of the three main ways Marxism accomplishes this deconstruction. (If you’ve read George Orwell, especially ANIMAL FARM, you’re ahead of the game. Ironically, Orwell himself was a democratic socialist but an unsparing critic of how Marxist societies worked in practice, particularly under Stalin. Brilliant as he was, it seems he was too much of an idealist to realize in those days that his socialist dream of a classless society and nationalizing everything was not also going to be free.)

Anyway, the first step: dehumanizing of the individual. We’re seeing the Democrat Party doing this with identity politics, which reduces every person to his or her group victimhood or guilt.

Second, demoralizing relationships. In a world with no objective right and wrong, everything boils down to the material; forget such things as personal dignity, family ties and duties, promises, tradition and heritage, even love and life itself. Really, all the things that make us human have no value in such a world.

I would add that if you’ve read Orwell’s “1984,” you know that in such a society, truth itself is meaningless, as the truth is whatever your leaders say it is. (It’s not enough for you to say that 2+2=5; you must truly believe that 2+2=5.) To give a current example, if it’s politically correct for you to believe that, as a white person, you are a racist, but you know you’re not, you will have to undergo sensitivity training and read WHITE FRAGILITY as many times as it takes for you to sincerely believe you are one. If you can’t believe this about yourself and do what is required of you to atone, you will have to be a nonperson.

Third, institutions must fall. The idea of civics and the citizen, with a shared history, is seen as absurd. Look at how it’s being destroyed now, with statues crumbling and history being twisted. Even language has to be controlled, as it’s a shared part of the culture used to communicate and seek truth. We can see that happening today as well.

Importantly, ANIMAL FARM shows that the noble idea that “all animals are equal” inevitably is tweaked into “...but some are more equal than others.” We see this now in the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Try saying that “all lives matter” and see where it gets you. And don’t think that those at the top of the socialist pyramid will ever give up their wealth and control. Rather, they will cast it in stone and make sure no one else gets it.

Why would “educated” young people and “the masses” living in leftist cities ever want this kind of nation? They’ve been brainwashed into thinking capitalism must be overthrown. In their artfully poisoned minds, America must atone with “social justice” for generations of racism and exploitation. America is evil, with an evil history and corrupt values that must be erased for all time. Even seeing an American flag "triggers" them. Trying to reason with a person indoctrinated in this view is like trying to communicate with a cult member. He’s not interested in what you think, only in getting you “woke” or getting you out of the way.

We’ve got people like this expressing themselves quite openly in the House of Representatives. Here’s just one.

I realize that today’s commentary hasn’t exactly been a treat to read, but knowing what we’re dealing with is the first step in developing a plan of action. Many of you have written in frustration to ask, “What can we DO??” Tomorrow morning, we’re going to talk about what we can do. A long-term plan is important, but we’ll focus on the short-term for now, as we have four months to keep leftists from taking over America.


And in a second ruling that also strikes a blow for religious liberty, the Supreme Court again ruled 7-2 (Ginsberg and Sotomayor dissenting) that religious schools should be free from discrimination lawsuits if they don’t hire people for ministerial positions whose lifestyles conflict with their religious beliefs.

Read the details of both cases at the link. Religious schools were already supposed to be protected from these lawsuits, but again, litigants are searching for ways around those protections and liberal judges in places like California are only too willing to help them do that. This ruling expands that protection to cover less ministerial positions and more types of discrimination lawsuits to help head off all the various ways in which people were trying to use the law to force religious schools to hire people who contradict their beliefs and teachings.

As this article points out, the decision will raise controversy because opponents claim it allows religious organizations to discriminate against employees who are not in fully ministerial positions, such as math teachers. But the alternative is to allow the government to decide which positions in a religious institution qualify as “ministerial,” and that doesn't sound like a job that the government should be doing at all. It sounds instead like a perfect example of what the Founders were banning when they wrote that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

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From Ken J:

Amazing to me that protestors in Hong Kong are fighting for freedom. In comparison, protesters in America are fighting freedom for communism. Sad sad sad!


Last week, it was reported that a record 4.8 million jobs were added to the economy in June, dropping the unemployment rate back down to 11.1% and bringing the two-month total to nearly 8 million jobs restored since the coronavirus lockdowns began. Even with some states reimposing lockdowns and closures because of a rise in cases, this is more proof that the underlying economy remains strong and is being artificially held down by the virus and the official reactions to it.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden had to dump a big shovel full of gloom and doom on the good news. I won’t bother recounting it all here, but you can read it at the link if you’re not easily inclined to losing your lunch.

A couple of reminders:

(1.) Joe Biden was part of the Administration that turned what should have been a quick economic recovery into an 8-year struggle in economic quicksand; the slowest recovery in history, where people working three part-time jobs were told to get used to it because anemic job creation and below-2% GDP growth were the “new normal.”

(2.) Biden blames Trump’s “bungled” response to the coronavirus for both the job losses and the deaths from the disease. Yet Biden was part of the Democratic crowd that accused Trump of racism and xenophobia when he shut down travel from China (a nation that owns Biden so thoroughly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a receipt). They also predicted 2.2 million US deaths and now blame Trump that there are 126,000 deaths, even though most of them were in the Democrat-run states of New York and New Jersey and due to idiotic policies like forcing nursing homes to take in COVID-19 patients. Biden also points to the recent rise in cases, implying that it's due to the economy reopening, conveniently ignoring the massive superspreader events that Democrats not only endorsed but participated in. Finally, how many of those victims might be alive today if Democrats and the media weren’t more interested in badmouthing the now-proven drug hydroxychloroquine to make Trump look bad than in saving patients’ lives?


Several bogus studies claiming hydroxychloroquine was dangerous and didn’t help with COVID-19 were highly touted, then retracted, but not before causing clinical trials to be halted and the FDA to bar doctors from obtaining the government’s stock of the drug for coronavirus patients.

Now, a large scale study by the Henry Ford Health System in Michigan found that the drug “significantly” reduced the death rate of hospitalized patients, from 26% to 13%. For the math-challenged, that’s cutting the death rate in half.

A study spokesman said, “As doctors and scientists, we look to the data for insight. And the data here is clear that there was a benefit to using the drug as a treatment for sick, hospitalized patients.”

But the data is also clear that simply because President Trump suggested it might be worth a try – and in the anti-Trump media narrative, everything Trump says must always be denied, refuted and proven WRONG – the media ballyhooed bogus studies and caused people to be afraid to take a drug that might have saved their lives or to be denied it if they wanted to try it. I’d call that deadly journalistic malpractice, and I’m not alone.

Since these media outlets have tried to blame Trump personally for every last death from a pandemic unleashed on the world by China, how about if we hold them responsible for letting their lethal cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome cause them to try to destroy a cheap, plentiful, safe drug that might have saved countless lives?

Here are some reminders of what Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) said about hydroxychloroquine, and a convincing argument that every unnecessary death that it might have prevented is on their heads.


Attention, Trump supporters around Portsmouth, New Hampshire: President Trump has a rally coming up there soon, and leftists are trying to pull the same juvenile stunt that they did in Tulsa of reserving all the tickets and then not showing up. If you wanted to go but heard it might be sold out, there’s a good chance there will be LOTS of seats available, so be sure to show up by the thousands and get in line early. Maintain social distancing, though!


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  • Jim mott

    07/14/2020 11:44 AM

    What about the satanic statue in Arkansas ?

  • Judi

    07/12/2020 10:31 PM

    Why wait for a year to withdraw from WHO and the UN. It's money down the drain and neither does anything to help America. Let some other country house them and the diplomats who break the law. We've had more than our turn and been more than generous with no returns.

  • Clarence and Linda Crow

    07/12/2020 01:26 PM

    May God continue to encourage within the fray, protect & give minutely wisdom, blessings always you and families involved in exposing the error & evil used against our President Trump and nation. Thankful for him & your staying the course. Linda

  • david huckabee

    07/11/2020 11:38 AM

    dear sir. the next BIG threat to WE THE PEOPLE will be the MANDATORY VACCINATIONS, with PENALTIES AND RESTRICTIONS on our lives forever. BIG BROTHER will DEMAND SUBMISSION and and an ARM with a NEEDLE for tracking us INTO our GRAVES. my question is WHERE ARE OUR ELECTED CRIMINALS & WHO WILL SAY NO TO MAKING ALL OF US LAB RATS?

  • Robert Simms

    07/09/2020 07:01 PM

    I believe we're not heading to "1984", we ARE there. And ironically, it's not by government decree (yet) but by and due to the mass brainwashing of society by our own schools, media, & movies. For instance anyone with a thought or opinion other than that of the BLM or LGBTQ narrative is being shamed, fired, or punished. It's like pre WW2 Germany when the schools and media were taken over by the Nazis. "Let me have the young" ... wasn't that their strategy? There is no longer free speech in America. The "thought police are here" as you're in trouble if even though you don't say it, you think it. I hope I'm wrong.

  • Duane Davidson

    07/09/2020 03:28 PM

    It’s “Democrat” not “Democratic!”

  • Mary Katz

    07/09/2020 03:13 PM

    Have a question concerning pulling out of WHO. Why do we have to wait a year? Why can’t this be immediate? They have no problem accepting our money but haven’t seen anything positive they have done for us! Same with the UN but thanks to President Trump some countries are now paying their share after many years of letting the USA foot those bills.

  • Joyce Birch

    07/09/2020 01:12 PM

    Governor, thank you again for another great read. It's a shame they even took down the statues of the President & First Lady Melania in her home country. I hope & pray our conservatives can get some hard messages (about socializm, violence, healthcare) to the public from now until the election day. Also, the President has to stay away from attacking sleepy Joe Biden's mental state. It probably inflames & insults those who have memory slips or in different stages with dementia, or families dealing with this or who have passed from this horrible disease. I think this is one of many verbal attacks will hurt him. I'll still be voting for him.

  • Donna Dozier

    07/09/2020 11:10 AM

    Great read ... look forward to reading your article tomorrow ... how can Americans take back or country? As a Christian I am trying to be light to the dark ... clearly that’s a good plan, but seems more is being asked.
    Thank you.

  • Sharon Freeman

    07/09/2020 11:03 AM

    Thanks for your newsletters - they are encouraging in a world of fake news. With all the links to past sins of many of our forefathers, I am reminded of the phrase: Satan calls me by my sin, Jesus calls me by my name.
    Who has a life of no past sin? Only Jesus!

  • Gail Denham

    07/09/2020 10:57 AM

    Thanks, Gov. Huckabee for the constant uplifting news that you put out - I appreciate it so much. What a shame that the statues of Pres. Trump and Melania Trump, the first lady, were damaged in Mrs. Trump's home country - this nonsense has to stop.
    There are many things we don't like - such as the terrible music played in nearly every store one enters - perhaps I could figure a way to stop it - I do not agree we need the music to shop. It's awful and loud and distracting. But I do not burn out the speakers, or take a shotgun to the radio. No, I just grumble a bit and now and then complain to the managers - who do nothing.
    "Grow Up" I want to tell the rioters and looters. "You act like petulant children -- which you are, but with an evil plan."
    and these people are being paid to be such idiots - that's the bad part - they're brought by (paid for) buses - housed nicely and make a wage - trying to destroy our country.
    Folks - it's time for the "silent majority" to rise up, speak out, and be involved - particularly now in the school decisions and such. Do not let them have the only voice. Support our President and our country.

  • mary neal

    07/09/2020 10:50 AM

    I watch Asian news (NGK) and France 24. NGK just reports the news, no commentary, just the news. Yesterday on a report about rising Covid cases in the US, a commentator made a statement that only Trump supporters refused to wear masks in public. I used to watch DW (German) but it was just a replay of CNN. This is why Europeans hate President Trump.

  • Chrisann Hebert

    07/09/2020 09:23 AM

    Thank you and God bless you and yours????????

  • Thomas Douglas Roper

    07/09/2020 09:03 AM

    The sole mission of Black Lives Matter is to hate whites not to help blacks.

  • stephen mitchell

    07/09/2020 08:58 AM

    Good morning Mr. Huckabee . I read all your news letters , and pass them on to my friends . Most , if not all of your writings are true o me . The one item you seem to not address , is the vast stupidity of the American voters , on both sides . We're in the situation we are now , because of that stupidity . I'm an independent voter . I abhor party politics . Both parties have put us ( Americans ) in this dire situation . Unless there's a vast wake up call in November , and after that , this country will fall . I see no bright shining star on the horizon , with the exception of the Christ , to save my country .

  • Georgia Haridopolos

    07/09/2020 08:38 AM

    Tho it is not mentioned in this article...I want to say, strongly, that the pro-Trump folks, including Trump, need to stay away from Biden's lack of mental capability. Lots of old folks out there may not "hear" it the same way. In politics, I feel stay on your strong points, your party's basic beliefs and that way you are a positive force not always negative. Anyone who is serious will catch on without it being pointed out. Stay positive about your message. A conservative, always voting, and a Lover of America's values. Georgia and Ernie HAridopolos, Melbourne, Fl

  • Gregory Schafer

    07/09/2020 08:37 AM

    Thank you for adding common sense to the issues we're facing as a country. I read some of the comments on Facebook and it amazes me how distracted people are. We have a group taking our freedoms away and they're worried about what Trump said, who were a mask. A comparison I always use is, there's a hole in the roof and it's raining and they're arguing about who has to mop the floor. We have to fix the hole first!

  • Sandra M Walton

    07/09/2020 06:52 AM

    Oh my goodness, this is exactly what I needed to read and have felt all along. Governor Huckabee, you are so spot on! May God help our nation is all I can say. I love your show on TBN and will always Love the Lord as my God! Keep up the good work!

  • Mike Manoogian

    07/09/2020 06:44 AM

    Now the Biden platform echos the views of the Marxists stirring the riots in our streets. Our election in November is now openly a contest between a western style free-market democracy and a Soviet-style communist regime.

  • Barb Sabin

    07/09/2020 12:48 AM


  • Brian Sherman

    07/09/2020 12:34 AM

    Governor Huckabee,

    Thank you for your comments on hydroxychloroquine. The success of this drug when given with zinc, given early in COVID-19 course, and given per established protocols may reach a 90% cure rate. The IV drug remdesivir doesn't even come close. But investors have bought the hype from Giliad on this marginal drug that cannot even be used by itself according to the studies. The FDA should have prevented this drug from being released without enough good evidence that it really worked independently.

    I contacted the FDA to get this decision reversed. I wrote my Congressman here in Colorado Springs. I wrote the President twice trying to make a case for the FDA releasing this drug from a false imprisonment. The drug studies on hydroxychloroquine set this treatment up for failure from the get-go. Instead of giving the drug early in the disease process (which the new study from Henry Ford Hospital did correctly) the researchers were told that to conduct the study that the drug could only be given to critically ill patients. The drug doesn't work well at all under those circumstances and I told the FDA, my Congressman, and The President this. This has now been proven. The FDA allowed the remdesivir to be given early in the treatment course to have an unfair advantage.

    Governor, I also told my Congressman, the FDA, and The President that by giving the hydroxychloroquine early in the treatment course, the heart problems from COVID-19 that develops in about 20% of the patients are rarely seen. By giving the drug late, heart problems had the potential to develop from the virus itself. This allowed the hydroxychloroquine to become the scapegoat for the heart problems. Very clever. And very wrong.

    Key government agencies, and the WHO were contributory to making it very difficult for the drug to prove itself in a scientific manner. They killed the scientific drug studies on hydroxychloroquine in their tracks. It was deliberate subterfuge to keep a very inexpensive combination of zinc and hydroxychloroquine from saving the lives of people here in the US and around the world. Did the FDA know hydroxychloroquine worked as an effective treatment? I believe that they did. I suspect that they too had their own vested interests in remdesivir.

    Governor, this battle is not yet over and will continue to be fought. Not even vaccines are expected to work as well as Hydroxychloroquine + zinc. Bill Gates might not like that.

    Fighting For The Truth,

    Brian D. Sherman, PharmD RPh
    Colorado Springs, CO

  • John Woodrow King

    07/09/2020 12:27 AM

    I am totally fed up with all the extra garbage i.e. " you might also like" and phoney surveys that turn out to be subscriptions to something or other. I'm here to read Huckabee and that is all.

  • Randy Pittman

    07/09/2020 12:18 AM

    Does that mean if I show up at the Trump rally without being able to purchase a ticket, I can get a free seat paid for by the Leftists? What a great idea!

  • Linda Radosevich

    07/08/2020 11:21 PM

    Dear Governor, I'm one of those who want to know 'what can we DO?' I look forward to tomorrow's newsletters.

    In the mid-sixties, I was enrolled in a college philosophy course. I would go home (I lived with Mom and Dad) and repeat what we'd been taught that day. My Mom told me years later that it really upset my Dad, that I was being taught Communism, and he was afraid I'd fall for it. I didn't, thanks to their excellent child-raising, but even back then it was in our colleges and universities.

  • David Nielsen

    07/08/2020 10:43 PM

    Everything the left does is full of lies and destruction. They are following their leader to a T. Their leader was kicked out of Heaven long ago.