March 25, 2019

Tweet of the Day:



Speaking of Twitter, President Trump’s critics must’ve been desperate for him to tweet something outrageous to take the focus off their own abject humiliation over the Mueller report.  For once, he did not take the bait.  And that made them even crazier.



For those just waking or sobering up from spring break, here’s what happened last week: the left in America imploded as elite college admissions were revealed to be a scam manipulated by Hollywood liberals and other rich hypocrites; ISIS’ last stronghold was liberated; and on Sunday, the hopes and dreams of millions of Democratic politicians, rabid anti-Trumpers and fact-challenged media figures crashed and burned like the Hindenburg.  In fact, many of them seem to think that learning that the President is not a Russian spy is actually a worse tragedy than the Hindenburg.

It’s been fascinating to watch the people in politics and media who have been telling us for two years that there was irrefutable proof of Russian collusion (they forgot to show it to Mueller’s team), and that the death blow to the Trump Presidency was coming any second now, trying to spin their way out of the fact that whatever molecules of credibility they still possessed had just been flushed down a gas station toilet.  The entire world now knows that at best they were self-deluded and at worst, they were cynical liars spreading false information that divided the nation and undermined confidence in the American electoral system and the US President.  We didn’t need “Russian collusion;” they did Putin’s job for him for free. 

This is a long read, but well worth it: Matt Taibbi...yes, THAT Matt Taibbi, the liberal reporter for Rolling Stone!…offers a detailed account of how anti-Trump animosity led journalists and politicians alike to throw out long-held standards and destroy their reputations pursuing and promoting a false narrative:

In a great Twitter thread, Glenn Greenwald ripped his fellow journalists a new…bellybutton.  Instapundit compiled it here:

Greenwald notes that it was the conservative news outlets, looked down on by “super-smart liberals” as “primitive and propagandistic,” that were doing really great digging and reporting.  And here’s the real death blow, except it's delivered to the disgraced news media instead of Trump:

“Check every MSNBC personality, CNN law 'expert,' liberal-centrist outlets and #Resistance scam artist and see if you see even an iota of self-reflection, humility or admission of massive error.”

Spoiler alert: No, you won’t.  Blogger and law professor Ann Althouse spotted the formula that’s already been settled on to try to dodge responsibility for being humiliatingly WRONG and continue to spin their own mistakes into negatives for Trump.  It’s the “Far from over” strategy.

She points out that the New York Times was forced to cover two stories in one day that were both very positive for Trump and devastating for their own positions and predictions, and they handled them the exact same way.  Instead of saying “Trump Exonerated” or “No Russian Collusion,” the Times’ headline was: “As Mueller Report Lands, Prosecutorial Focus Moves to New York.”  They couldn’t even admit they were wrong about one witch hunt without pivoting directly to another one.  Then, on the story of the final ISIS stronghold being liberated, here’s the Times’ headline:  “Its Territory May Be Gone, but the U.S. Fight Against ISIS Is Far From Over.”

Prof. Althouse concludes that the new rule is “When something good for Trump happens, find the nearest bad thing and make that the focus of the news report.”

Sorry, but let me just assure the Times, CNN, MSNBC, “Beto,” Schiff, Clapper and all the rest who assured us there was a ton of evidence of Russian collusion that their credibility may be gone, but my efforts at ridiculing them and pointing out their pompous, partisan dishonesty are far from over. 

We also now know how the Democrats will react to being caught in public with their pants down (and I’m not referring to Bill Clinton for once.)  Like the Incredible Shrinking Man, they’ll keep shouting louder and louder, trying to be heard even as they dwindle away before our eyes.  They insist this isn’t over, and the investigation will go on, despite the fact that giving a team of rabid Trump haters an unlimited budget and two years yielded nothing.  Their Congressional leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, issued a joint statement questioning the Attorney General’s objectivity (Really? HE’S the one who’s not being objective?)

They say, “Attorney General Barr’s letter raises as many questions as it answers” (Questions like, “Why would anyone vote to give you power over anything ever again”?) They go on:

“Most obviously, for the president to say he is completely exonerated directly contradicts the words of Mr. Mueller and is not to be taken with any degree of credibility.”

I assume this was released in written form because if either of them had said the word “credibility” out loud in public, listeners would have dissolved into a fit of helpless laughter.  And then this:

“Congress requires the full report and the underlying documents so that the Committees can proceed with their independent work, including oversight and legislating to address any issues the Mueller report may raise.  The American people have a right to know.”

For once, I actually agree with Chuck and Nancy.  Now that “Russian collusion” has been revealed as an illusion and come to an ignominious conclusion, it’s time to end the confusion about who was really behind this mass delusion. 

As I mentioned elsewhere, President Trump needs to kick keister and take names, and the first step to exposing those names is declassifying documents that have been hidden from the public for no good reason other than they would reveal things that the people behind this scandalous fraud don’t want the public to know.  The feeble excuse was that releasing them might interfere with the ongoing Mueller investigation.  Well, it’s not ongoing anymore.

Since Pelosi and Schumer’s latest vocabulary word is “transparency,” I’m sure they would not object to letting the public see all those things, ranging from the redacted Peter Strzok-Lisa Page texts (they can still redact any pillow talk, as far as I’m concerned) to the exculpatory evidence hidden from the FISA court judges to the original memo outlining the scope of Mueller’s investigation (and why has that been kept hidden?)  The Conservative Treehouse blog has a handy list of all the things Congressional Republicans asked for months ago:

Since Congressional Democrats are running to the cameras insisting that the entire Mueller report be made public, then let’s call their bluff and insist that everything that led to its creation be made public, too.  If this leads to justifiable indictments and convictions, so be it.  If it leads to the doorsteps of Hillary Clinton and the Obama White House, then that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Nothing disinfects like sunlight, so let’s open the curtains and let the sun shine in.  But don’t be surprised to see a lot of cockroaches trying to scatter when the light hits them.



A salute to the Georgia state Senate for bucking the current trend of devaluing the lives of babies in (and recently out of) the womb by passing a law banning abortion after a baby has developed  a heartbeat.  I often wonder why liberals never argue that life doesn’t end when the heart stops beating, but they will argue adamantly that life hasn’t begun when the heart starts beating. 

Naturally, the law infuriated the pro-abortion crowd, including actress Alyssa Milano, who is calling for Hollywood to boycott filming in Georgia.  I have a feeling that studios will look at the costs and taxes involved in shooting in California and decide that they can live with shooting in Georgia and casting someone other than Alyssa Milano.




I hate to see Democrats get their anti-Trump hopes up only to see them dashed again (okay, I enjoy seeing it, but I’m sick of the nation having to live through it).  So for those who think the New York prosecutors will finally “get” that wascal Trump, here’s a link to an article by law professor Jonathan Turley on why that’s highly unlikely.  And if they actually thought about it, they wouldn’t want them to. 

For instance, the big PR splash they made by announcing charges against Paul Manafort is predicated on charging him with crimes he’s already pleaded guilty to on the federal level.  So they’ve made it clear that they are willing to jettison every citizen’s protection against double jeopardy (being tried twice for the same crime) just to get one man because he once worked for Donald Trump.  Does any thinking person think beating up on Manafort is worth giving up one of your basic constitutional protections for? 

Besides, some of the crimes they want to charge Manafort with are the kind of “dodging the system” infractions that tens of thousands of New Yorkers engage in just to survive the impossible costs and regulations of living in Manhattan.  For instance, remember on “Friends” how Monica and Rachel could afford that great place because they were illegally subletting a rent-controlled apartment from Monica’s grandmother?  Well, under the standards being applied to Manafort, our Friends Monica and Rachel would be heading to prison for life.  And they'd have a LOT of company there.



This is a pretty hilarious article by Larry Thornberry about how the Democratic Party has been taken over by “a scrum of foul balls, short rounds, wingnuts, has-beens, never have beens, crazy uncles, fake Indians, and real nutters looking to be the head donkey.”  It also makes the seldom-mentioned point that if the “Green New Deal” were really initiated, the cost estimates would be irrelevant because without the cheap fossil fuel energy that only recently ended the longstanding norm of grinding poverty, “the economy shuts down. Poverty, disease, death, and civil war follow. Life once again becomes nasty, brutish, and short. Bye-bye fossil fuels. Hello 18thcentury.”

Apparently, even Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez now recognizes how disastrous her own bill is because she’s denouncing Mitch McConnell for scheduling a vote on it in the Senate.  How dare he let people vote on the bill she proposed?!

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz is offering an alternative for those who accept the idea that human-caused climate change is a real issue but don’t think that mass suicide is the best solution.  It’s called the “Green Real Deal,” and it encompasses market-based competition to improve green energy, increasing the efficiency of the power grid, and building more nuclear plants, which produce reliable energy in great amounts with no CO2. The left has never really explained why they oppose that, other than that everything they know about nuclear power, they learned by watching “The Simpsons.”   

There’s more at the link.  The best part is that even if you disagree with the premise that manmade climate change is real, the worst case scenario with this plan is that it wouldn’t affect the climate, but it would lead to cheaper, cleaner, more efficient energy and not the return of the Dark Ages.


Michael Goodwin in the New York Post has an excellent post-mortem on the “Russia! Russia! Russia!” hoax, reminding us of what it cost America, and not just in terms of dollars.  Also, of who is really to blame, starting with Hillary Clinton, who pushed this “big lie” as an excuse for losing an election.  Goodwin says she should apologize and publicly acknowledge the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency, which is unlikely.  But “until she does, she should be shunned in public life. She has no credibility to speak on any issue or endorse any candidate.”  Amen to that, but it could have easily been said long ago. 

Well worth reading, and I especially love his term for the Democrats who are refusing to accept reality and continuing to rant and push conspiracy theories and waste the people’s time and money with endless partisan investigations.  He calls them “the suicide caucus.”



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  • Annette Beck

    03/30/2019 04:51 PM

    Dear Mr Huckabee, I live in San Antonio and I am disgusted by the recent City Council vote, 6-4 in favor of banning Chick-Fil-A from opening a business location at the San Antonio airport. Our mayor was part of the majority vote. I agree with you that Chick-Fil-A should sue the city. I have spoken to my Councilman’s Chief of Staff, and my Councilman, John Courage, voted in the minority which favored Chick-Fil-A. If there’s anything this ordinary, 66-years young senior citizen can do to support another movement defending Chick-Fil-A, count me in! Respectfully, Annette Beck, Chief Master Sergeant (retired), USAF.

  • William Schlumpf

    03/26/2019 10:33 AM

    My apologies for the run on sentence in my previous comment. I was interrupted twice while writing and hit submit without proofreading.

  • William Schlumpf

    03/26/2019 10:28 AM

    Interesting that Mueller was charged with uncovering Russian interference with the Presidential election and uncovered multiple attempts by the Russkies to assist the Trump campaign all of which were rebuffed and fully explored tangential issues related to Trump associates fully prosecuting them for misstating and misremembering (or was it prosecutorial misinterpretation) but failed to explore whether the Russkies attempted (maybe succeeded) in infiltrating any other campaign. Very very interesting.
    For the past two years operatives such as Schiff have been claiming that incontrovertible evidence existed and in the case of Schiff, the claim was made that Nunes and the Republicans were suppressing that evidence. Now that schiff chairs the committee, who is suppressing it now? Schiff and the Crats have perpetrated this hoax upon the American people using ignorant low intelligence media personalities to trumpet it incessantly. They used it to deceive the American voter to throw the 2018 election to the Crats. Any common citizen in any other business enterprise would be prosecuted and jailed for such behavior but these people are above the law. It is time to call for Schiff to resign. We can't let this go. He must go.

  • william fuhrer

    03/26/2019 10:16 AM

    MINDSZENTY REPORT website has a report THE DARK HISTORY OF COMMUNISM : U.S. Students Need to Study Socialism's Disasters. FOX should give free advertising to the conservative University who has a free course on the U.S. Constitution and I believe the same University has one on the extreme failures of Socialism

  • Tommie Houser

    03/26/2019 10:08 AM

    Thank you Mr. Huckabee for all you do and please keep up your important efforts
    Communicateing to American Citizens. Americans Citizens deserve Blind Justice.
    It is wrong to continue advacateing for what amounts to a Two Tier Justice System, which is what I personally take from Professor Allen Dershowitz,3/25/19
    comments on Shannon Bream Fox Show during a Panel discussion.
    Mr. Allen Dershowitz now seems to advocate calm and for us to stop ,tit for tat , while we should just sweep the whole Russian Collusion matter under the rug!!
    NO SIR ! NO MORE Republicans WIMPING OUT and being BEATEN DOWN by corrupt Socialist and Democrat Enforcers of “A STATE of LAWLESSNESS” ,started by Obama . Yea! Fundamentally Transforming America ! Socialism has NEVER worked.
    We deplorables Helped Make America !!!!
    Obama nor Hillary ever held a real job and ; If so they would have acted to save the Lybian Ambassador; acted to Prevent deaths From Fast And Furious, And NEVER, EVER would have weaponized FISA JUDGES, IRS, FBI, or THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT and Corrupt Nineth Circuit Judges . NOW THEY MUST be Held ACCOUNTABILE..
    NO MR. Dershowitz, we shall not forget a COUP to steal an Election by Crooked Hillary And the Corrupt Previous Administration.
    We will never role over and forget Corrupt Democrats fighting for illegals ,
    And putting Illegals above our Nations Safety And the American Citizens Safety.
    Schiff And Democrats have sworn under oath of office to protect and serve
    AMERICANS; NOT illegals , Not Sanctuary Cities !
    They MUST be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for Deaths and Destruction !
    It is MY hope that there is a SPECIAL PLACE , At GUITMO for those Criminals !
    Criminal ! Treasonous Actions which ruined lives, killed people and have
    done terrible damage Upon us !
    We are a THIRD WORLD and NOW WE must attempt to Salvage what we Can of America.. Democrats intent on further destroying America is Obviously the wrong
    Direction / Path to continue on ,...
    Shomehow I doubt Mr. Dershowitz would agree..

    One system for myself and deplorable while Elites like for the corrupt Clinton’s
    MUST end Now !

  • Lola Jensen

    03/26/2019 07:39 AM

    One of the best articles yet Gov! A Dem will never apologize and Trump is owed at least a small " we're sorry". They immediately jump on their hate Trump wagon. I see no patriotism, only hate, among them . Sad. Btw, Gov Huckabee I never miss your show on Sat night and love your editorials !!!

  • Tom Stillings

    03/26/2019 07:29 AM

    Democrats may be correct that life does not end when the heart stops beating. After all, according to their belief system, one can still vote.

  • Amelia Little

    03/26/2019 07:26 AM

    I can already hear the screams from the left. Give congress the report in full, and they will, in fact, cherry pick what they really want citizens to see. AND, by golly, how dare anyone say to reveal and prosecute any democrat that has been uncovered in the process!! They are talking about Republicans and President Trump and will dig their feet in for anything negative (and criminal) from the democrats. I don't see them changing their spots now. I did have to laugh at the tweet about "unindicted"--uhm...seems there are quite a few unindicted democrats, starting with hilary. Who, by the way, WAS found to have illegally used personal servers for official email, but golly, give her a pass, she didn't know better, it was a mistake, etc etc etc. I'm surprised she didn't follow obama's lead and say she had no idea she sent emails illegally until she heard it in the news with the rest of America!!!

  • Bonner Smith

    03/25/2019 11:07 PM

    My mistake, Glenn Reynolds in his blog, Instapundit quoted Glenn Greenwald, etc. Please forgive.

  • keith wingfield

    03/25/2019 09:45 PM

    Now that the Mueller investigation is over, is there any chance that we will find out why Sessions was so incredibly spineless? Was Sessions a part of the conspiracy, or was he fooled by Rosenstein and the other conspirators into believing their falsehoods?

    Sessions was the one individual who could have prevented this entire fiasco, and should be ashamed of himself for failing to do his duty. Historians will view him as being a sniveling coward.

  • Deb Ostberg

    03/25/2019 09:31 PM

    I would like to see Comey, Clintons, Obama, and the left media called to expose the lies that got so much energy. I pray the American people have the heart to believe the Truth


    03/25/2019 09:23 PM


  • De Ette Moon

    03/25/2019 09:16 PM

    Thank you for your comments on current news. You provide a refreshing way to keep up-to-date.

  • Anita Mule'

    03/25/2019 09:08 PM

    I am a great fan of Michael Goodwin. I would read more of him if I weren't having trouble getting the Post delivered. You are both excellent writers.

  • Bob Clarkston Sr.

    03/25/2019 09:00 PM

    I am filming the "Muller Report" on PBS CHannel 13 in Dallas. This report is advertised as the Muller Report but it is anything but the report. It is about the
    way they say Mr. Trump and his associates acted in unlawful ways etc.
    Add PBS to your list of press agency's that owe the American People an apology
    for untruthful and biased reports.
    Why are the American Goverment & taxpayers supporting this Extention of the

  • gary

    03/25/2019 08:43 PM

    ocasio cortez rants -she debases capitalism(which pays her every month), and flaunts the new deal to supposedly "fix" the planets's pollution problem. She apparently doesn't read the news papers, or subscribe to scientific papers defining her mis-represented cause.
    The US has already "turned the corner" when it comes to carbon emissions. We have "gone over the hump" of rising emissions three years ago--the US is declining in greenhouse gas emissions----so just 'maybe' our policies are working-----NOT SO FOR China-currently the biggest polluter on the Planet - please help me understand why this person is still berating the US for stuff it isn't doing?
    Additionally, her native land(heritage) contributes more to the global carbon footprint than the US---what a joke this person is.

  • Bernadette Dillon

    03/25/2019 08:28 PM

    I agree turn on the lights and send the cockroaches like Pelosi, Clinton, Obama, Schiff, and they all need to go to prison!!!!!

  • Ellen Stortz

    03/25/2019 08:02 PM

    I think I speak for many of my fellow Georgians that we're delighted not to have to ever see Alyssa ever cross the border into our great state. Stay out!!! No one wants you here.

  • Julie Glista

    03/25/2019 07:41 PM

    Must admit: I can't help but wonder, what would have come up if they had spent all this time & money checking out Mr. Obama's contacts, credentials, background, etc?

  • Keethlyn Fletcher

    03/25/2019 07:41 PM

    Thank you for your continued reporting on the real news. I never feel cheated by the work you do.
    I also appreciate your daughter Sara and her determination to bring the facts straight from the President's mouth.
    Most of all, God Bless America and our true leadership.

  • Don Shaw

    03/25/2019 07:37 PM

    Is everyone too afraid to go after her or what? Perhaps they think they’ll end up dead like so many others associated with her and Bill? So, what’s the deal?

  • Carmine Fea

    03/25/2019 07:03 PM

    Let us not take our eye off the ball. The false accusations President Trump and the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election harmed Trump's presidency, corrupted the 2018 elections, and befouled our democracy and our country. The false accusations President Trump and the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election gave the democrats the House of Representatives in 2018. The democrats won the House in 2018 based on lies, false accusations and pretenses, and corruption that were deliberate. Pelosi and democrat leaders in the House are fraudulent, won by false accusations and corruption and have no standing.

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    03/25/2019 06:56 PM

    Once again, the NIH study that says "long-term use of marijuana will affect your memory and cognitive ability negatively" is proven right! All those left-wing losers who told us for two years what a great and wonderful man Bobby Mueller is, now that the Mueller report is out are saying he is wrong and must be in Trump's pocket. Are their brains so clouded they can't remember what they told us last week? Or do they just think their followers brains are burnt out, so they can change what they say with no one noticing. Or could it be a little of both?

  • James Hoppe

    03/25/2019 06:36 PM

    I'm reading the book SECRET EMPIRES! When with the Biden's...Kerry's and McConnell's be investigated. The Conflict of Interests with
    their children...making making CORRUPT DEALS IN UKRAINE....CHINA....etc...should get them ALL IN JAIL! Old Joe...would be better off
    STAYING out of the limelight. If...he runs...he should be OUTED and his son has FAR EXCEEDED shady dealings...that the Trumps kids.
    What do we pay our corrupt Justice Department to do?????????????????????

  • A

    03/25/2019 06:14 PM

    I would leave a nice comment, but whoever reads your comments is censoring me. Love your column Mike. Keep up the good work.