October 29, 2021


Good morning! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read.


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1. BIDEN HEADS TO EUROPE: Thursday, President Biden flew off to Europe for a G20 summit, then will head to Scotland for a climate conference (which could’ve been conducted over Zoom without generating so much CO2, just sayin’.) But he left without a PR victory on his big spending agenda. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi failed to herd enough Democrat cats to pass the bipartisan “infrastructure” bill before Biden left.

“Progressives” are refusing to vote for the $1.5 trillion “infrastructure” bill unless the more controversial $1.75 trillion social spending bill (whittled down from $3.5 trillion in a perfect example of what’s considered “austerity” in Washington) is passed first. They don’t trust moderate Democrats to pass that if they get the “infrastructure” bill that they really want first. Pelosi will try another vote, but I’m not certain what will be any different about it. I don’t think the “progressives” can get brain transplants in less than 24 hours, no matter how much they’d like Medicaid to pay for those.

If you like knowing how the sausage is made and why the majority is incapable of passing its own bill that has bipartisan support, here’s a timeline of that process.

If not, then here’s the simplest explanation for why, even when they’re completely in power, the Democrats are having trouble passing anything. Will Rogers said it a century ago and it still holds: “I’m not a member of any organized political party. I’m a Democrat.” And speaking as a taxpayer in 2021, I say, “Thank God for that!” Every day that they're in too much disarray to enact their policies is a good day for America.





There still isn’t a finished, written version of Biden’s $1.75 trillion “Build Back Better” social spending bill, but here’s an article about what’s supposedly now in it and what failed to survive Sens. Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema.

You’ll notice that the biggest portion, $555 billion, is for “clean energy and climate investments,” which critics say means destroying the domestic fossil fuel industry, rewarding well-connected green companies and creating slush funds to support unemployed radical environmental activists. There’s also $90 billion for “Equity and other investments,” an awfully vague leftist buzzword description for something that’s going to cost $90 billion.

(If you’d like a better idea of what “Equity” really means, the Vermont Department of Health gave us a perfect illustration with their use of “equity” in distributing COVID vaccines. It means unconstitutional prioritizing of medical treatment based on people’s skin color):

There’s another $130 billion to prop up Obamacare, and another $100 billion to “improve our immigration system.” Considering that after nine months of Joe Biden, we barely have an immigration system left, I shudder to think how that will be spent.

But I'm sure they'll find ways, considering this Administration is already talking about giving up to $450,000 per person in “reparations” to illegal immigrants who were separated from their families under the Trump Administration. Again, these are people who CAME HERE ILLEGALLY. Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton called it “insanity” and compared it to paying a burglar for the psychological trauma he endured when he broke into your home.

With that kind of “thinking,” I’m sure the Biden White House will have no problem coming up with creative ways to blow 100 billion tax dollars on “immigration reforms” that will make illegal immigration even more attractive and encourage a lot more of it.

As bad as the Biden $1.75 trillion spending bill is, it could have been worse, and many Democrats are furious at Sens. Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema for preventing that. Matt Vespa at explains why all their usual tactics of media and activist harassment and insults didn’t faze either of them.

3. THE ZOMBIE PROGRAMS SURVIVAL GUIDE ACT:  While Democrats are trying to approve trillions of dollars in new spending, Iowa Republican Rep. Joni Ernst proposed repealing pointless government programs that could be axed and free up funds. But she says finding those is harder than just raising taxes, so they go on forever.

For instance, there’s the Affordable Care Act Multi-State Plan that costs tens of millions of dollars a year to administer even though no states participate in it. The Presidential Election Campaign Fund is sitting on $400 million with tens of millions added every year, and it hasn’t backed a presidential candidate in five years. And the US Enrichment Corporation Fund gets $1.5 billion in taxpayer funding to advance its mission of privatizing nuclear enrichment, which was achieved decades ago.

Rep. Ernst also introduced the Zombie Programs Survival Guide Act, which would require the Office of Management and Budget to identify programs that have outlived their mission but are still staggering on and costing taxpayers money. But I fear she won’t have much luck getting the House majority to back getting rid of zombie programs. Blood-sucking vampires are on the zombies’ side.

America the Beautiful

This feature returns with images of America's cities, landscapes and people.

4. PLOT TWIST IN VIRGINIA:  I always urge Republicans not to pay too much attention to polls. The only poll that matters is the one taken on Election Day (or if Democrats have their way, Election Month, plus the week after.) But the campaign of Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe must be looking at the polls and finding them scarier than any Halloween haunted house. Particularly a new Fox News poll that finds support for McAuliffe has cratered since he started siding with leftist school boards over parents. The shocking new poll shows Republican Glenn Youngkin now in the lead by one point among registered voters and by eight points (53% to 45%) among likely voters.

To illustrate how big a turn-around this is, just two weeks ago, McAuliffe was leading by 5 points among likely voters, by 11 points among registered voters, and by 10 points among likely voter parents, who now prefer Youngkin by 14 points!

As always, I’ll remind Republicans not to let good polls make you complacent. If you’re in Virginia, you need to get out and volunteer, campaign, vote and take your family and friends with you. You’ve got a lot of Democrat money, machinery, media and malfeasance to overcome. Thanks to the DC suburbs that are enriched by federal spending, a Republican hasn’t won statewide office in Virginia since 2009, but maybe the usual awful effects of blue rule are finally reaching critical mass.

(Incidentally, former President Trump clarified that his recent statement about election fraud possibly discouraging Republicans to vote “was in no way meant to imply that I would tell them not to vote,” and that “regardless of anything or anyone, we must get out the Republican and SANE VOTE!” The caps are his. You heard the Donald, get out and vote!)

Meanwhile, someone is obviously taking these bad poll numbers for McAuliffe seriously, and that’s his own campaign, which at this point can reasonably be described as “snake bit.” The candidate has committed one gaffe after another, from alienating parents to storming out of TV interviews. Lately, he’s been aligning himself with professional sore loser Stacey Abrams, and he recently seemed to endorse her widely-debunked claim (i.e., “Big Lie”) that the 2018 Georgia Governor’s race was stolen from her.

Now, word has come that McAuliffe’s campaign has hired a name all too familiar to readers of this newsletter, Democrat super lawyer Marc Elias of the notorious Perkins Coie law firm, famous for their roles in ginning up the false “Russian dossier” claims about Trump and suing to change state voting laws in 2020 to help elect Biden.

Law professor Jonathan Turley called the Elias hiring “an astonishing move” and suggested it might mean McAuliffe is planning to break his vow not to challenge the election results if he loses. This prompted Fox News reporter Tyler O’Neil to email McAuliffe spokesperson Christina Freundlich for a response.

Her response was to forward the email to colleagues with the question, “Can we try to kill this?” Which we know because she mistakenly included O’Neil in the list of email recipients.

As of this writing, the campaign had yet to respond to Fox News’ request for comment. Not even accidentally.

Now, that’s what I call a snake-bit campaign. But to look on the bright side, if McAuliffe and his team are this disorganized and incompetent, voters are lucky they’re finding out now instead of after the election, like Biden voters are.

5.  UPDATE ON CRUEL BEAGLE STUDIES UNDER FAUCI: WE GOT IT RIGHT: In a world full of fake news, we on the HUCKABEE team are dismayed on the very rare occasions when we hear we might possibly have trafficked in it, however inadvertently. But then our dismay fades away when we find out we really were on the right track after all. This is one of those occasions.

A reader named Dobbin C. wrote to say, “Governor, you are really disappointing me. You continue to promulgate the fake news about the testing on beagles. You cannot in good conscience criticize the other side by sensationalizing fake news when you are doing it, too.”

Dobbin likely read the “fact”-check by POLITIFACT that rated the claim that Dr. Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) was funding certain cruel beagle studies “mostly false.” Guess it’s time to fact-check the “fact”-checkers again.

First, let’s go back to what we actually said: that it had been “reported” that while Dr. Fauci was running the NIAID, it gave $400,000 to fund the cruel experiments involving beagles and sandflies, and that some people were very upset about it. Here’s the quote from the morning newsletter for October 27: “Dr. Anthony Fauci is facing bipartisan fury and the hashtag @ArrestFauci is trending after it was reported that under his leadership, the NIH gave $400,000 in funding for medical experiments in which beagle puppies endured months of horrific, torturous treatment, then were killed.”

This is true. We did not engage in “sensationalizing” this story. We did not accuse Dr. Fauci of personally signing off on these experiments, as many probably did, nor did we even imply it. We didn’t even claim that the NIAID had funded these experiments, only that reports of it were making people mad. What we said was true.

Here is the story we linked to from FOX NEWS. They handled the story correctly as well, referring to “allegations” against the doctor and the Institute.

I do like that they also included this link to another Fauci story, though.

We linked to a list of other cruel animal studies that to our knowledge the “fact”-checkers have not addressed, and also to a related and correct story about PETA calling on Dr. Fauci to resign. This is true; they have. Again, we never accused Dr. Fauci or the NIAID of funding these studies.

Now, let’s look at what POLITIFACT said to refute the story. They reported that NIAID said it “did not fund one of the studies.” (“ONE OF” the studies?) Apparently that study was the one from the photograph that has been widely circulated, the one from Tunisia of the two anesthetized beagles with their heads enclosed so sandflies could eat them. (I’ms so sorry even to have to talk about something this disturbing, but that’s what it was.) However, there were two other studies –- one of which also involved the cutting of the dogs’ vocal cords and euthanizing them at the end –- that they say they DID fund. So we would say that POLITIFACT is really splitting hairs here.

According to POLITIFACT, “the NIAID said all animals used in NIH-funded research are protected by laws, regulations and policies that were followed in these studies.”

POLITIFACT goes on to quote some of the more sensationalized tweets about Dr. Fauci, terrible names he was called, etc. Again, we did not engage in any of that. They mention inaccuracies in “some reports and social media postings.” That wouldn’t be us, either.

While we were looking into this, we found something very interesting about dogs used in American medical research and are including it to provide some interesting historical perspective on the cruel beagle studies currently in the news. American tax dollars have apparently been funding extremely cruel experiments on dogs, particularly beagles, for a very long time. Researchers find that the beagle is a breed particularly suited to experimentation because of "its size and long life."

There's even such a thing as the "Beagle Data Congress," where in 2010, researchers discussed their “Beagle Dog Experiments” researching the effects of atomic radiation. An earlier project called "the Argonne Beagle Dog Experiments" was carried out on 5,000 very unlucky beagles from 1952 to 1991 and supported by grants from the Atomic Energy Commission. There were 15 "unique" (and uniquely horrifying) studies that involved blasting beagles with radiation and documenting the effects.

For example, 295 beagles were subjected to "continuous external co-60 gamma-ray exposure continued until death." Another study was called "Leukemogenesis: duration-of-life gamma irradiation of young adult beagles." And 298 beagles were given "gamma ray exposure during pregnancy," to learn the effects of radiation on the developing puppies. Good grief.

Poor Snoopy.

Here's more information on the Argonne National Laboratory. If you thought this place was in France, you were wrong. It's in Argonne, Illinois. It’s an American lab with, as far as we can tell, American funding.

So when the NIAID says the dogs in their experiments are “protected by laws, regulations and policies that were followed in these studies,” what does that even mean? That it’s “policy” to cut dogs’ vocal cords when their cries of pain are too loud? Because that’s what they did. It’s time for their “policies” to change.

Anyway, we stand by everything we’ve had to say on this, and we actually appreciate the letter from Dobbin, misguided as it was, as it gave us an opportunity to clarify and update the actual story: Yes, the NIAID has had to admit that it does fund cruel research studies on dogs, just not the one in the picture.




O Lord my God, When I in awesome wonder,

Consider all the worlds Thy Hands have made;

I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,

Thy power throughout the universe displayed.


Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,

How great Thou art, How great Thou art.

Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,

How great Thou art, How great Thou art!

When through the woods, and forest glades I wander,

And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees.

When I look down, from lofty mountain grandeur

And see the brook, and feel the gentle breeze.

Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,

How great Thou art, How great Thou art.

Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,

How great Thou art, How great Thou art!

And when I think, that God, His Son not sparing;

Sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in;

That on a Cross, my burdens gladly bearing,

He bled and died to take away my sin.

Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,

How great Thou art, How great Thou art.

Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,

How great Thou art, How great Thou art!

When Christ shall come, with shout of acclamation,

And take me home, what joy shall fill my heart.

Then I shall bow, in humble adoration,

And then proclaim: "My God, how great Thou art!"

Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,

How great Thou art, How great Thou art.

Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,

How great Thou art, How great Thou art!

By Stuart K. Hine

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  • Sharon Faulkner

    11/01/2021 03:59 PM

    I suggest that Mr Lentz get a grip. The Dems have got NOTHING they want -- and they control all.
    But I do agree with Chelsea-- I am sick of the Blue Reich and the Rinos and Establishmentarians.
    They are all the same.
    Kick them all out and replace with MAGA --

  • Mollie Frawley

    10/30/2021 08:57 AM

    Not to diminish the evil cruelty to beagle dogs, I kept thinking about the labor camps in China that are apparently O.K.. I could go on, but there's too much conflict rolling around in my brain.

  • Jerry

    10/30/2021 07:54 AM

    Biden flys away from a country he set on fire as he leaves an arsonist in charge as he fired all the firemen around the country thru unlawful mandates democratic template in action just let it burn

  • Carl T Smith

    10/29/2021 09:26 PM

    I'm not a professional dog person but in my 83 years, I have been awarded the pleasure of being loved by over 40 dogs, three horses and, a splay-footed calf that was scheduled for the glue factory. Most died of old age and were given a grave to avoid predator intervention. My latest love was a second-generation rescue Cocker Spaniel who suffered multiple problems with skeletal problems ( Source unknown but could be genetic) and I had to watch the decline in health and even the College of Veterinary could only recommend Drugs to relieve the pain. If you have ever lost a child ( I did thirty years ago ) knowing even holding in your arms is no comfort and the eyes plead for relief we finally relented to euthanasia. Shame I could not afford my son the same exit to avoid the pain we all suffer. Needless experiments using people and animals in this Computer age are placing the human race back to the Neanderthal age.

    BTW I find it ironic that a computer program asks a human to prove they are not a robot

  • Ralph Prieto

    10/29/2021 07:41 PM

    Senator Joni Erst, not House Rep. From Iowa.

  • Stephen K Lentz

    10/29/2021 06:50 PM

    "Democrats are having trouble passing anything"

    WOW!!! YOU better wake up!! The jackasses got EVERYTHING they wanted in the last election!! WHERE have YOU been??!! And talk about not being able to pass anything, look at what the rinos and anti Trumpers did the first 2 years of Trumps presidency when they supposedly had control of the senate, congress and White House!! They hated Trump so much that they fought Trump every turn in the road and would rather see the country fail than Trump succeed!! You better start looking at your own "party" before you start making fun of the "other side"!!!!!

  • Thomas Saneford

    10/29/2021 05:08 PM

    Governor, Why are we still doing the Fauci dance, if the Dem majority sees nothing wrong, they cant even get together on the Biden bill. The Virginia Governor race is another whole wonky story, just a tic over a year till mid-terms, oh yeah! TWS

  • George A Reynolds

    10/29/2021 04:02 PM

    The democrat TV ads are pounding on the Republicans on one consistent theme: abortion. They say the Republicans will overturn Roe v Wade. They accuse Youngkin, Miyares, Tim Anderson, and even State delegate Glenn Davis as being against "women's health". It seems like they are flailing, appealing to the wrong audience. They seem desperate.

  • Aaron Woien

    10/29/2021 03:49 PM

    Have Virginians not had enough of Terry McAwful? It is rather disturbing that his comment about parents not being entitled to taking an active role in their children's indoctrination, uh, "education," drew wild applause? What is going on there?

  • George A Reynolds

    10/29/2021 03:25 PM

    McAuliffe's campaign ads are full of lies (reminds me of Marc Elias and the "dossier"). In one recent ad it says that five policemen died in the January 6th "incident" (my word, not theirs). Where in the world do they get that??? There was only ONE death that day, and it was Trump supporter Ashli Babbit, killed by a "heroic" capitol police officer. One policeman died of a stroke the next day, and I have heard that two more committed suicide (was it the Clinton type of "suicide"?), but FIVE dead police officers??? C'mon, man!