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May 10, 2024

To submit your favorite Mother's Day memory or message for a Mom in your life, go here: Mother's Day - Mike Huckabee

Mother's Day Messages/Memories

My mother had to raise 5 children on her own. Our father passed away of cancer at a very young age. The year after my father passed 4 of us kids. Walked a few miles to a nursery and with our little money we each bought our mother a plant. On Mother's Day she looked at those plants with tears in her eyes. She in no longer with us but the memories of her, we each carry in our hearts. Love you Mom!

My Mom passed in 2007 at 93. She was a good Christian woman who lived by the rule: never say anything about anyone unless it is something good. She kept her opinions to herself for the most part. I think about her often.

A memory of my long departed Mom: Boys would challenge me: "My Dad could beat up your Dad!" My reply was so very true. -- That's nothing. My Mom could beat your Dad up! She was a Hannah type woman. Willing to give her son, Samuel, into ministry. I am the product of her sacrifice. I have served with joy for 51 years as a Pastor. Now we joyfully serve, preaching and teaching in Kenya, as well other places. Thanks Mom!

I love my mom. She is almost 90 years old now. I miss the younger years we had together but I thank God that I can still visit her and speak to her daily. She has been an exceptional mother. K

When I was lost in sin and debauchery a priest told my Mother that if she prayed for me everyday for 30 days that I would seek God. The 30th day was Easier 1988. The day I gave my heart to Jesus.

In 2021 i was very sick and my son lived far away from me in California and he surprised me on Mother’s Day and came to help me out and cooked for me which he had never done before. It was so special and thoughtful!

"My mother was full of important advice and much so that I wrote a song about it.....The Gardener. Mom is a gardener, she plants seeds in me.

Mom, you've been in heaven for 5 years now, and I miss you now more than ever! I'm a grandma (Nonnie) now, and I've wanted to share this part of my life with you so many times! I miss you so...Sarah

To my mother Elsa. I never got to know you but I wanted to thank you for my life. You could've easily just aborted me but you chose adoption. I deeply have missed you my whole life but thinking I will see you on the other side. Thank you my mother for my life.

My Mom is no longer with us on this earth, but her memories are so wonderful, funny, sad, loving, that she will always be with us in our hearts and in our thoughts. Happy Mother's Day from your eight kids down here and your ninth one who is with you. We love you and miss you and we will be seeing you you someday. That will really be heaven!

"My Mom is with the Lord. She ruled the roost! Did not appreciate that until I had children of my own. Also my daughter gave up a career to home school her three children that we have been blessed with. The Lord is #1 in her life! May God bless all Mothers that truly love their children!”

Sharon, my wife, and I went to Church on Mother’s Day in 1979. She was very pregnant and although we did not yet have a child, she was selected as a Mother’s Day recipient of a bouquet of flowers. We had our first child on Monday, the next day.

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