January 5, 2019

I told you earlier about the ADP/Moody’s Analytics report estimating that the US economy added over 270,000 jobs in December, 100,000 more than economists predicted. The official government number was announced Friday by the Labor Department, and it puts the December jobs number at 312,000, or 176,000 more than the government expected.  Wages also ticked up by four-tenths of a percent, for a total 3.2% increase for 2018.  Unemployment rose slightly to a still-low 3.9%, but that was because Americans who weren’t looking for jobs before are now getting back into the workforce.

Hispanic and Latino unemployment hit 4.4%, tying the October figure, which is the lowest since records started being kept in 1973.

In response to the great jobs news, the Dow, which had plummeted Thursday on a disappointing earnings report from Apple, surged by over 700 points.

Meanwhile, by kicking off their first day back in power in the House with measures to eliminate the Electoral College, impeach Trump and demand to see years of his personal tax returns, the Democrats proved that they are hopelessly stuck in relitigating the 2016 election and don’t care if they derail the economy in their quixotic quest to slay the dragon Donald. 

Well, they promised change.  Let’s hope they don’t change the jobs and wage growth numbers back to what they were when Democrats were in charge. 



According to a new AP/NORC poll, immigration is the #1 issue Americans think the government needs to work on this year.  So the newly-elected Democratic House immediately swung into action by passing its very first bill: a measure to force President Trump to turn over 10 years’ worth of his personal tax returns to the government. 

Just on a side note, this shows the jaw-dropping ignorance of leftists when it comes to the way business people do taxes.  Do they seriously think that Trump stays up all night, making out his own 1040 form, perhaps by the light of a single stingy candle, as he carefully hides chicanery among the deductions? 

Reality check: he’s a billionaire who heads dozens of corporations.  His tax form is probably as long as the New York phone book (largely thanks to the byzantine tax laws created and defended to the death by liberals) and is made out by a battalion of lawyers and accountants he never sees.  Do they think he even reads it?  If he signs it, it’s probably with an Autopen. 

I’ve argued for years before Trump came on the scene that no politician should ever hand over his or her personal tax forms.  Everything the government needs to know about a candidate’s finances is shown much more clearly on the financial disclosure forms that are already required by law.  Handing over personal tax forms does nothing but invade their family’s privacy and give political opponents a handy weapon for personal attacks, which is why the House Democrats really want this. 

It is nice of them, though, to make it so abundantly clear to voters on Day One exactly what their priorities really are.


Join me tonight on TBN for the very first “Huckabee” of the New Year, and what a way to kick off 2019!  I’ll visit with Millennial pro-life leader Lila Rose.  Financial adviser Chris Hogan will tell you the millionaires’ own secrets for amassing wealth. You’ll laugh yourself limp at Dan Whitehurst, a hilarious comic with a very unusual background.  I’ll have serious commentary plus some goofy news “In Case You Missed It.”  Finally, brace yourself to get all shook up as we celebrate Elvis Presley’s birthday with two men who knew and worked closely with the King: gospel singer Terry Blackwood and guitar legend James Burton.  They’ll rock the house in honor of Elvis, with a special surprise guest bass player trying to keep up.

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems determined to prove that there really is no difference between a “Democratic” Socialist and just a plain old, run-of-the-mill socialist. After being in office for less than 48 hours, she began calling for a 70% top tax rate to pay for massive big government schemes like a “Green New Deal.”  She pointed out that we had such high rates in earlier decades – which is true, except she’s apparently way too young to remember that (A.) under the tax laws then, rich people used deductions, loopholes, tax shelters and other methods to avoid paying more than about 28% on average; and (B.) the Reagan boom that lasted for nearly 20 years proved, as did the Trump tax cut, that it’s far better for the economy and job creation to free up private capital for investment than to force people to sit on wealth to preserve it from the IRS. Wanting to return to the bad old days of punishing productivity with cripplingly high taxes is a prime example of Santayana's warning that those who can't remember the past are doomed to repeat it.  

In the same interview, AOC also compared herself to FDR and Lincoln, again after serving for fewer than 48 hours in Congress.  To quote the Church Lady, an “SNL” character I’m pretty sure she’s also too young to remember, “We like ourselves, don’t we?”


Edward Burke, one of Chicago’s most powerful Aldermen and a big cog in the local Democratic machine, has been hit with federal charges for allegedly trying to extort Burger King.  No, a Democratic Chicago Alderman being accused of corruption isn’t the newsworthy part, although the filing of actual federal charges is rarer than it probably should be.  No, the really interesting part is buried deeper in the story:

When the FBI raided Burke’s City Hall and ward offices, they found 23 guns.  As Emily Zenotti of the Daily Wire noted, “Burke was a key partner with Rahm Emanuel in expanding gun control in Chicago through the mayor’s ‘Safe Guns Policy.’”

How can any gun control law possibly keep guns out of the hands of known criminals if Chicago's Democratic Aldermen are still allowed to own them?


Speaking of Democratic priorities, another first-day issue for them was introducing a doomed Constitutional Amendment to eliminate the Electoral College.  They call it “outdated” because Hillary Clinton and Al Gore won the popular vote but not the Electoral College vote.  Of course, the next time a Democrat loses the popular vote but would have won the Electoral College vote, they’ll be screaming to bring it back. 

I’ve written this so many times, I could just cut and paste it, but once more with feeling: the Electoral College worked exactly the way it was supposed to work in 2016.  Hillary Clinton counted on the popular vote in a handful of solid blue states to hand her the presidency, and she ignored other states where Americans felt their concerns weren't being represented in Washington.  That’s exactly why we have the Electoral College, and it’s the genius of the system the Founders created.  Everybody knew it was an Electoral vote race going in, and if Hillary failed to take that into account when planning her campaign, then she's too dumb to be President, which I seriously doubt.

The proper response to this amendment is “You lost. Get over it. You claimed you wanted this job, now start showing you’re serious about doing it like an adult.  If not, then you won’t love the popular vote so much in 2020 when it overwhelmingly throws you out of office.”




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  • Elizabeth Houghton

    01/06/2019 09:52 PM

    I agree with you 100%--no politician should have to make public his/her tax returns. I have also held this opinion for many years. No one has the right to see my private financial information other than my accountant. There is nothing to be learned from it, it merely provides fodder for agendized pundits.

  • Lance E Brown

    01/06/2019 09:16 PM

    Not on any specific topic
    I keep hearing the DEMs bark about "the people have spoken" they put the DEMs back in power so they MUST want what the DEMs want.

    I am not getting that message. What I am seeing is "The People" put a business man in the oval office and added a lot of diversity to the congressional seats.

    What I see is that "The People" are done with how things have been done and are looking for something new, different. How is it that Nancy P. concluded, after seeing WHO got elected in the midterms, that The People wanted business as usual?

    Side Note: A triple amputee started a Go Fund Me and has raised something like 20 Million. If you ask me..., no one did but if you did, I'd have to say that 20 million is a lot of people speaking... loudly.

  • suzanne Schwartz

    01/06/2019 11:35 AM

    Have been watching SKYWATCH television, and wonder if you have ever seen some of their programs. Will not go into specifics, but there are some very thought-provoking facts brought up in some of their broadcasts and would love to get your opinion on some of their very well-investigated programs. Some of the programs are about very current news with biblical correlations. Have never heard or seen anything that is not following my upbringing in a Christian home.

  • elizabeth pinkocze

    01/06/2019 10:50 AM

    Watched your show last night and loved it as always. I thought of something when I heard the remarks from the newly elected the muslin congress woman and the one from New York. Can't spell their names but I don't care you know who i mean. Also, listening to Nancy and Cryin Chuck and watching Kevin McCarthy had her the gavel, he looked like he would like to hit her over the head with it, made me think of the old saying from my days at IBM. I will paraphrase like this: in 2018, garbage in; in 2020 garbage out. I believe the dems will be thrown out and sent to the curb for trash pickup. That's what they have become, useless, stinky, rotten trash. Bye felicia.

  • Jim Hoppe

    01/06/2019 09:12 AM

    Let's get the PUBLIC to fund the wall...and then TRUMP can take FULL CREDIt! But get the workers back on the payrolls! Wisconsin
    has a congressman starting a wall there are also others started. THERE ARE 540 BILLIONAIRES in the country...and even if HALF
    Republican....NONE WILL miss a few million each! LET"S JUST GET IT DONE...and move on to other important things. This is beginning to
    appear to the PUBLIC like a first graders arguing about who's ball they are going to play with on the playground. UNFORTUNATELY...these
    are so called adults...that we are paying ...who can't compromise and get something done!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julia Castillo

    01/06/2019 07:22 AM

    I read every edition and look forward to your insight! If possible, can you please help keep this site in front of your audience : If the 63 million people that voted for Trump chipped in $80 we would have the $5 billion needed. No politicians required. Check out the total so far. Thank you and God bless! JC

  • Renata E. Melone

    01/06/2019 01:09 AM

    It is difficult to come up with something new to say about the "lost" Democrats! It's like beating a dead horse! They won't quit and we will have to keep trying to find ways to convince them (wow, talk about a difficult task!) otherwise. It's interesting to read/hear the comments from the newly elected House members - terrible language, blabbing about past history they didn't experience and can't understand; and instead of telling the American people what they will do to improve conditions they feel are deplorable, all they can think of is to talk about impeaching the new President, when - in fact - all of them should have been put in jail a long time ago - but they just keep flaunting their discrepencies and think they are above the law! I think someday God will have something to say about that!

  • Joyce L Fields

    01/05/2019 11:53 PM

    I LOVE your new "Facts of the Matter" segment on your show, Mike!! Your input on what's going on politically is one of the reasons I watch your show, so please keep this segment!! Thank you and God Bless!!

  • Amelia Little

    01/05/2019 11:40 PM

    What's good for the goose is good for the gander---how many of these people are willing to turn over THEIR personal tax returns to prove their worthiness to serve in congress? It's amazing (but par for the course) that the same democrats cried foul for any demands to open sealed records from obama.

    If AOC is looking for tax money--how about she get down to brass tacks to make the likes of al sharpton to pony up on his back taxes? And someone needs to start proceedings against him and other (in)famous tax evaders. Heck, there'd probably be enough money right there to build 2 or 3 walls, if he paid up.

  • Sid Levin

    01/05/2019 09:57 PM

    Mike: 1. why don’t the GOP DEMAND to see Ovommit’s college records, including admission applications records?
    2. Why didn’t the GOP work on the Wall for the 2 years they were basically in power?
    3. I think President Trump should invoke National Security to build the Wall, and the hell with communist socialist leftist judges. He IS the Commander in Chief!

  • Joyce Massie

    01/05/2019 09:54 PM

    I enjoy reading your remarks because all I hear on TV is putting Trump down and I'm sick of them. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  • Louise Harsha

    01/05/2019 09:45 PM

    I love your show more each week. Thank you for being there. Love your daughter. Her parents brought her up right.
    She is one great lady.

  • Rev. Joseph W. Bernet

    01/05/2019 08:55 PM

    Why not try for a (recall) when some of these new people in office go off the deep end?


    01/05/2019 08:39 PM

    can't we get rid of her before then

  • Carl Smith

    01/05/2019 08:24 PM

    You are going to have to hire a few hundred people to follow the Clown Show for the next couple of years trying to sort out the insane from the Really insane... BTW; AOC is now officially known as Another Ordinary Communist.

  • Pam Moorehouse

    01/05/2019 08:01 PM

    Remember all the Not My President protest marches. Note we are not seeing Not My Congress protests. Perhaps we are better losers or maybe just more adult like in our actions. Just please wish bickering stopped and work would begin.

  • donald l williams

    01/05/2019 07:58 PM

    what rock did ocasio-cortez come out from under????

  • Dan Broughton

    01/05/2019 07:56 PM

    Mike, I am totally against the idea of requiring anyone in the executive branch to provide tax returns; however, I could support the legislation if it also required Congressional disclosure. Think that would ever make it through the House and Senate? Blessings, Dan

  • Carla Isselmann

    01/05/2019 07:52 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee,
    thank you for smashing these socialists, but the Burke story has more to it.
    Mr.Burke was involved with the set-up of the Trump-tower/hotel in Chicago...what is going on here..?

  • Melanie Bruno

    01/05/2019 07:48 PM

    Hitlery is more than dumb: she is a no-account, baby-murdering communist monster who hates her own country and is hell bent on our destruction. She should have been in prison years ago for her treasonous behavior. Oh, wait; let's not forget the illegal things she did, and all those people who "mysteriously" die(d).


    01/05/2019 07:32 PM

    The President SHOULD HAVE A GROUP OF WELL INFORMED LAWYERS as his Attack Dogs. The President should not be answering petty comments about him. Let his Attack Dogs answer. The President has ONLY limited time in a day in governing, so she should not be spending his time TWEETING.
    The GOP should have one or two Point Men in every State so when it's necessary, GOP members could be MOBILIZED in a short time Notice.
    Why can't the GOP MEMBERS be mobilized and have a Rally in front of Congress to demand the Funding of the Wall?

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    01/05/2019 07:22 PM

    For all those democ-rats who think they would always win the presidency if the popular vote counted, think again. Right now there are thousands of voters in California, Massachusetts and all the other brain dead states , who stay home, believing their vote is wasted. If they knew the popular vote would determine the President, they would come out in droves, and the result would be the same - Trump beats Hillary. Of course, logic is not taught in colleges any more (I had to take it in highschool), so that probably escapes them.

  • Eddie C. Jones

    01/05/2019 07:19 PM

    I read them.

  • Adele Eldridge

    01/05/2019 07:15 PM

    I totally agree with your assessment of the electoral college..leave well enough alone and play by the rules or get out of the game!

    I hate to think where we would be now if HRC had won the election! And I fear where we will be in 2020 if republicans do not win!

    I do to think our nation has much of a chance to last as a republic much longer if hints don't change with liberals! I pray for the President and fast action to build the wall now, whatever it takes!

  • William Morley

    01/05/2019 06:59 PM

    Dear Mike Huckabee:
    If our President, Donald Trump, could negotiate with the Mexican government to help us build a security barrier at our border to avoid persons coming from south of the border, we in turn can help them build a similar barrier to also avoid persons from their south border entering their country, bringing criminals and diseases.
    A deterrent wall, fence or whatever can be built both sides of the Suez Canal passage with a 10 to 20 mile neutral zone with the canal passage in the middle controlled by all countries using it as a passage for their shipping companies, it would benefit them as well as the USA. If they help us to build out deterrent barrier, in turn we can help them build theirs.
    We can also help them with medical to wipe out the diseases already acquired from those coming into their country.
    We could also help them with industries, land management, compatible wages, and the ability to impose a taxation program to benefit the operations of their country. If they want what we have, they can have it in their own country.
    Better land use, water distributions, through the use of distilled water from the Pacific ocean on the West and Gulf of Mexico on the East. We could be close allies.
    If criminals cross the border to avoid prosecution they will be imprisoned until deported back to their own country of origin, be it Mexico or the United States.