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June 10, 2021

There’s a very interesting op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by First Things editor R.R. Reno. It’s at the link, but behind a paywall. So if you’re not a subscriber, I’ll just recap the major points.

It’s called “Why I Stopped Hiring Ivy League Graduates.” This is hardly shocking if you’ve been keeping up with all the horror stories coming out of these elite schools lately about leftist administrators and faculty indoctrinating students with socialism, Critical Race Theory and anti-Americanism, and campuses being run by mobs of leftist cry-bully students who want to silence and punish anyone who expresses a “painful” and “problematic” opinion that differs from theirs.

But many parents still dream of their kids going to Harvard or Yale because they’re coasting on their rapidly crumbling reputations for excellence. They think that Ivy League sheepskin will mean a lifetime of prosperous employment, so they pony up the outrageous tuition. But according to Reno, your kids might be better off spending a fraction as much to attend a state college.

He says he’s found that many recent Ivy League grads who apply for jobs with his company fall into one of three categories: (1.) Oversensitive, thin-skinned narcissists who make inflammatory accusations at the drop of a hat; (2.) Those so cowed by fear of accusations of racism or some other offense that they remain silent if there’s any risk in speaking up; or (3.) Those who actually have the gumption to fight back, mostly conservatives, but who are so used to having to fight that they seem to have PTSD and have developed a habit of aggressive counterpunching.

None of those traits are helpful as part of a team that has to deal with the real world. The Ivies used to train students to be leaders. Now, they may still attract top level students, but they coddle and encourage the dysfunctional ones while attacking and abusing the normal ones. For all the money students pay to go there, the schools don’t add value, they reduce it.

Reno suggests that students who want to learn how to be leaders and prosper in the real world attend schools such as Hillsdale College, Thomas Aquinas College, Wyoming Catholic College and the University of Dallas, as well as large state schools and their satellite campuses. He says their students are more likely to get good educations, to learn to accept the authority of those with more experience, and not to be deformed by toxic political correctness.

And I would add, don’t worry about all the Ivy Leaguers who are unfit to work in the real world. I’m sure they’ll find lucrative jobs in politics or the media.

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  • Robert Galloway

    06/11/2021 02:59 PM

    Following and reading your post Mike Huckabee, I see where we align in thought and beliefs.

    Although being enlightened through different channels. It is of great admiration to be joined with the likes of yourself, to stand upon the principles of our ancestors and a way that has long eroded from mainstream of being of normalcy.

    I read a quite a bit, and all the roads lead back to the same foundation and structures that we stand upon. And like wise see the under tone of what has caused a cancerous tumor to take hold of America's heart and soul..

    Our educational systems wether the elementary level or of a higher degree. Are at a pivotal point. These are young men and women, and at one time a child that has been indoctrinated to concerning levels. For they are our future and our future leaders.

    I certainly don't want to be 99 where my voice is crackly and walking in crutches to try and fight the evil forces that have taken root in our socities..

    We have a lot a work to do in the next year and years. We either succumb to the great reset or keep our just sovernity structured around a biblical undertone.

    We have many decades of erosion that has infiltrated our societies..

    Bottom line question..

    What truly will become of it...?

    Looks as though the future is filled with chaos and bleakness..