April 23, 2022

This week, top Pentagon official Preston Dunlap, the founding chief architect officer of the U.S. Air Force and Space Force since 2019, announced his resignation. In doing so, he released a frightening warning about the state of readiness of the US Defense Department.

He described the US government as the world's largest bureaucracy in which people were more concerned with defending their turf than defending America, and competing with each other instead of China. He said on his first day of work at creating what should be a branch of the armed forces on the cutting edge of technology, he instead found a dinosaur:

“I arrived to find no budget, no authority, no alignment of vision, no people, no computers, no networks, a leaky ceiling, even a broken curtain.” He said that as he was writing his resignation, “I received notification that the phone lines are down at the Pentagon IT help desk. Phone lines are down? It’s 2022, folks.”

And in what I assume is preaching to the choir here, he added, “By the time the Government manages to produce something, it’s too often obsolete; no business would ever survive this way, nor should it.”

I hear a lot of complaints about letting billionaires like Elon Musk take over space technology. But when you consider Washington’s recent track record, I fear that if the current government brain trust had been in charge of NASA in the ‘60s, they not only wouldn’t have made it to the moon, they’d still be arguing over whether any lifeforms we might find on Mars are diverse enough.

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  • Zella James

    04/29/2022 03:59 PM

    America used to be known for its cutting edge technology and quality products. Sorry to say, not any more.

  • R Fruge

    04/25/2022 07:41 PM

    I pray that China, Iran and Russia don’t have the ability to view this statement of our country’s defense inadequacies

  • T Meyers

    04/25/2022 07:08 AM

    I worked for DoD for 32 years. By the time we ordered and received equipment it was often obsolete

  • Dana Vincent

    04/25/2022 02:47 AM

    Monday, April 25th, is my 80th birthday. I recall what I believe was the best decade of my life. It was the 1950's. Since that time the Federal Government has increased in size to such an extent and is mostly controlled by non-elected idiots with a liberal leaning. It seems like every nominee for president always, at some time, declares this fact of govt. size but then, when elected, does nothing to reduce it significantly. It's all blah, blah, blah. I wish someone would be elected that could clean house once and for all, damn the unions (like Reagan did) and get this country back on its rightful, God-fearing track!

  • Michele Sarkisian

    04/24/2022 08:20 PM

    So we have the largest government in American history, the most bloated budget in history, more crime than in history, worst inflation in decades, lowest health ranking since Fauci began his multi decade career as chief health guy (despite Fauci having the highest pay in government...and seemingly the poorest performance record), our military is focused on trans and "equity" over readiness and merit and our useless board of education prefers to further reduce students' ability to learn with more draconian covid measures. But, they ARE learning about oppressed and oppressors so they should really succeed in the world. No worries if they cannot read or do simple math functions. They graduate because we made education EQUITY based (lowest common denominator). The Left has destroyed American specialness.

  • John Averett

    04/24/2022 06:41 PM

    So true! We’re also addicted to Microsoft, when Apple would be so much easier for Government workers. So much easier to get “official” info on my iPhone than on my GI laptop!

  • Greg Gist

    04/24/2022 05:47 PM

    Governor Huckabee-First, thank you for all you do. I appreciate your insight and willingness to speak the truth, and even more your witness for our Lord Jesus Christ. This article is a reminder to me that this world is not our home. God tells us that in heaven the first shall be last---Make others better than yourself---Humility--Sacrifice--Honesty...etc. But another reminder to me is that the way things appear to my "limited viewpoint" is not at all what is going on in the spiritual realm. Most of the time it is God working His plan for those that love Him. Every time I think I have got it all figured out, God throws me a curve ball, and it is exactly what I needed!
    Take care Governor,
    Greg K. Gist
    Romans 12:12

  • Arlene

    04/24/2022 03:08 PM

    You are so right. This country has been destroyed by so many things. They act more like children then the responsible adults they should be. We try to teach our children right from wrong but how can we when they can’t even manage our country so why should we allow them to run our country. I think it’s time to reevaluate our country and stop the children in charge and let we the people tell the government how to run the country. It totally is time to reevaluate the system and get it straightened out before we no longer have a country. Shouldn’t there be a law about the mental state of a a person that run’s our country. Why is Biden even being aloud to run a country that the White House doctor states he’s incapable to do his job. Where are the laws to protect we the people. I wouldn’t allow him to be the one to push the RED button. Thank you.