September 28, 2021

There were big news stories this week. The total collapse of our southern border and the incompetent management of the crisis by the Biden administration is just one of them. It’s a mess by Biden’s own making. He can’t blame this on Trump. When Trump left office, the border was under control, our “stay in Mexico policy” was working, the wall was being built, and the Border Patrol was being backed up and given the resources to determine if those wishing to cross over were criminals, drug dealers, human traffickers or if they met the criteria to come legally. Instead of keeping in place policies that were working, Biden reversed everything and the result is absolute chaos and an estimated 1.5 million people being illegally released into our communities. To be fair, many will end up being hard-working, good-living and God-fearing residents and some will likely work hard to be legal citizens. And while Joe Biden continues to pretend that he cares about protecting us from Covid, he reveals his dishonesty about that by insisting that YOU have the vaccine, but allows hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to cross the border and settle into your hometown without being forced to get a shot, get a Covid test or wear a mask. Your kids have to wear masks in school, but I guess if you just told the school your kids were illegal immigrants, they wouldn’t have to. Some of the young girls being brought across the border will be sold into sex slavery and treated like property and yet others will bring with them illicit drugs that will find their way into your town and may kill someone you know and love. And Joe Biden owns this. He supposedly put Kamala Harris in charge, but she’s been harder to find than Brian Laundrie, the young man wanted in connection with the tragic disappearance and subsequent confirmation of the murder of Gabbi Petito. Which brings us to another story of the week—the gut-wrenching story of that young lady, whose case captured the imagination of the American people. Maybe she reminded all of us with daughters and granddaughters that the young lady could have been our family member and it was hard to imagine the pain and anxiety of her family.

President Biden also made a mind-numbing speech at the UN, where he tried to say the greatest threat to our world was climate change. He never mentioned the real threat to our world, the Communist Chinese Party or the virus they unleashed upon us. He didn’t mention Afghanistan and our leaving behind $85 billion worth of military hardware to terrorists who are already viciously slaughtering people left behind.

But the biggest story of all was one the press pretty much ignored. It’s the indictment of Democrat operative and attorney Michael Sussman, who is charged with working for the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee back in 2016 and lying to the FBI that then candidate Donald Trump was colluding with the Russians. That outright lie was used by the FBI to smear Donald Trump as both a candidate and as President. It destroyed the lives and reputations of several people connected to him, and became the basis for a politically motivated impeachment process that was based on the outright lies of Sussman. But there were numerous others including some of the highest officials at the FBI, Dept of Justice and the US Congress involved in the scheme. I say this is the biggest story because it reveals a level of corruption that is far worse than the entirety of Watergate and exposes the wickedness of the deep state that protects bad actors in government but will callously crush you or other citizens with the full force of the federal government if you become a political threat to their power. While there a lot of important stories going on, the one deserving the most coverage is the one that hasn’t had much attention and it’s whether our political process was hi-jacked by people sitting in the highest perches of our taxpayer funded government. While supposedly working to protect our Constitution and country, they instead lied to us, defrauded us, and did far more to overthrow the government than a bunch of overheated chuckleheads did on January 6 when they vandalized the Capitol. But don’t expect the press to tell you that either. But remember I just did.

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  • Gayle E Eckleberry

    10/09/2021 06:07 PM

    In school and up thru college...our studies were Government and History...essentials to graduate. I cannot understand how the Pubs let this idiot write and carry out un-Constitutional executive orders. There has to be a caveat to stop this insanity!!!


    10/08/2021 12:24 AM

    Anyone who believes the man the media calls "President Biden" is the same as the Democrat who ran for the office of President. is simply not paying attention. Any theater or film producer with makeup experience can tell what we see on TV is only one of the several well made up, surgicized and latex padded body double with electronically altered voice all developed and healed behind the huge masks he justified as Covid necessities until the plastic and impants recently healed. Of course the posture is obvious, but becoming more Biden like with practice. All for his corps of body doubles a lot like those who are now promoting Hillary's books.
    The body double defending his latest "mistake" is not the as the man who stumbled onstage, fumbled what he read on the teleprompter then couldn't find his way off stage.
    Definitely not the same man we see speaking rapidly, powerfully and with errors only occasionally for distration while the real senile Joe Biden sits in his basement staring ahead not recognizing his image on the television screen.
    And the nightmare in Afghanistan is minor compared to the damage only a dictatory could could do to the free country we have enjoyed.
    He has not made mistakes. He is succeeding in establishing the communist dictatorship he has been ordered to establish.
    His puppeteers chose Kamala Harris as his job security. They knew Amerian voters would recognize her in the position of President would be the only one worse than Biden himself. Just as Biden was Obama's job security, Kamala is Biden's job security.
    However, and this is not investigated or reported, but Kamala may be the only candidate less less eligible for the office of Vice President or President than Obama.
    She has not presented even a photoshopped online birth certificate to prove the birth in California she claims and she admits neither of her supposed parents were ever U.S. citizens. Their genetic parentage is also questionable.
    Her skin is absolutely not the black she claims and in fact is whiter than most so-called "Whites" or as some call non blacks, "Honkies."
    Genetically speaking, if her father was the very dark black skinned Jamaican she claims and her mothr was the reddish black skinned Indian she claims, both of which are dominant genes, her skin would be bleached off the bones before she ever became as white as she obviously is.

  • Betty (Betsy) G. Stevens

    10/01/2021 08:04 PM

    All I can say about this fiasco of an administration is that I am so glad I did not vote for the Biden-Harris candidates. I didn't see them as qualified then and they have certainly proved me correct. Keep up the good work. I appreciate it.

  • Leslie Smith-Lee

    09/30/2021 01:47 AM

    The continual collapse of the border may indeed spark new pandemics of new viruses due to the massive unsustainable process, the overcrowding and influx of individuals from places that have no health system in place. Some believe the pandemic of 1918 may have been fed by the massive amount of people, including soldiers moving from place to place in the raw unsanitary conditions of war.

  • Priscilla G Senecal

    09/29/2021 06:12 PM

    Thank you. Yours is the only piece I read that shows me the truth about what's actually going on in our country now.

  • Sarah Chastain

    09/29/2021 11:24 AM

    I never watch the news any more as it is about as dependable as diarrhea. I enjoy, trust,and read every word of your news letters. I must say, I truly wish you or Trump one was our president. We would not be so deep in doo

  • Rebecca Brooks

    09/29/2021 09:56 AM

    I enjoy reading your newsletters. I do believe at some point Biden will go for more shut downs and more of his communist agendas because of Covid. Then he will tell us it is our fault he has to do this. The Dems want to destroy us till we beg for mercy. We need to take our country back. Thank you

  • Karel Negreira Fuentes

    09/29/2021 05:43 AM

    Hello and blessings!
    Hereby i share an interview i did few days ago with Michael Johns, co founder and leader of the Tea Party Movement. I love reading every single article you release, and i would be thrilled if we could start communicating each other. I am an anti-communist podcaster based in Cuba. My full name is as oer written in the subject of this message. Here i attache the link of the full interview.

  • Linda LuGene Williams

    09/29/2021 12:36 AM

    In years to come the covid lock downs and other asinine responses will be seen as stupid as the Japanese Internment Camps.

  • Gloria Kulik

    09/28/2021 11:17 PM

    Thank You, Mr. Huckabee for your daily Bible verses and the news stories of which are precisely the truth. This entire fiasco of this so called president, is the biggest LIE of all the centuries put together. He and his entourage are totally destroying the United States of America. And, allowing all those immigrants to just walk right in to our country, and bringing only GOD, knows what diseases. I'm afraid they will resurrect, all the diseases that were erradicated when most of us were children. My faith and trust in Our LORD, will get us through this craziness. GOD bless you, Sir and your family. And GOD Bless America, and Lady Liberty what's left of her meaning to our country.