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January 20, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Political Boycotts Of Companies
  • A Little Good News
  • Excellent Article
  • President Trump's Approval Rating
  • A Frank Assessment Of China's Communist Government
  • New Podcast


Mike Huckabee

Political Boycotts Of Companies

By Mike Huckabee

I’ve never been a fan of political boycotts of companies. I figure they mostly just harm innocent employees, and I think it’s un-American to refuse to do business with someone just because they hold different views from me. So even though I knew, say, Starbucks, was a liberal company, I liked their coffee, so I still bought it in airports.

But what we are currently seeing from corporate America isn’t just a liberal tilt among the management ranks. It’s an all-out war on conservative vendors and customers, in blatant disregard for civil rights or good business practices. They are doing what I always urged people to avoid: trying to harm people just for having a different viewpoint. That’s vicious intolerance and open bigotry, not to mention restraint of trade.

We’ve seen it happen to Parler and other companies and individuals, who are losing their jobs, businesses and access to necessary services, just because they speak their minds and don’t toe the leftist line. So it’s time for conservatives to stand up against that and force a stop to it by using the most potent weapon we have: the power of the purse.

One of the most outrageous examples of this I’ve seen so far is the targeting of Mike Lindell, founder of MyPillow, for his support of President Trump and for him daring to voice distrust in the recent election. This week, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Wayfair and HEB all severed ties with MyPillow and will no longer carry its products.

MyPillow is a proudly US-based company that employs over 1600 Americans. These retailers who are banning their products don’t seem to care how they might harm those American workers. They are free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I haven’t heard of any of them banning products from China, a nation that oppresses its citizens; shuts down churches; denies free speech; uses social media to enforce strict behavior and speech limits; imprisons political dissidents and condones slave labor (aside from the slave labor, I suddenly see why US leftists seem to admire China so much.) Nor have I heard of them banning products from companies run by Democrats who’ve spent the past four years promoting proven false claims that the 2016 election was stolen by Russia.

So these stores will carry products from China, but not American-made products because they disapprove of the political beliefs of the company’s owner and want to punish him for exercising his right to free speech to express an opinion about the election that tens of millions of Americans agree with.

Mike Lindell has an amazing and inspiring life story. Having suffered the anguish of addiction and risen to great success through his faith in God, he has been quoted as saying, “My passion is to give back, it’s always been to help people. I had all kinds of adversity. I feel very blessed to get through — by the very grace of God — to where I’m at, and my heart is to help people.” And that he has done, in abundance.

MyPillow is famous for its charitable efforts, including giving thousands of pillows to charities, for homeless shelters, natural disaster relief, hospitals, the Salvation Army, the Wounded Warrior Project and others. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Lindell was among the first to voluntarily convert his factory to creating masks to alleviate the shortage. I thought Democrats were crazy about masks, but they certainly have zero gratitude for the man who provided those masks to them.

Have any of these morally-superior retailers done half as much to help their fellow humans as Mike Lindell has?

To cite just a few examples from the November election, in Texas, Trump got nearly 5.9 million votes. There are 20 Bed, Bath and Beyond stores in the state. With brick and mortar retailers struggling to stay afloat, can they really afford to infuriate 5.9 million potential customers? HEB is a Texas-based company. Do they think nearly 6 million of their fellow Texans are insurrectionists for supporting Trump and being suspicious of the election results?

Even in a state that Trump lost heavily, California, there are 19 Kohl's stores and over 6 million Trump voters. Is it good business to virtue-signal that you don’t want their dirty money? Because it is entirely within their power to withhold it and let these companies try to stay in business by selling fine linens and housewares to leftist Twitter trolls who live in vans, dorm rooms and their moms’ basements.

If you decide to do that, you might want to let them know through their websites and social media pages exactly why. If you are a stockholder in any of these companies, you should definitely let them know that you strongly disapprove of their executives prioritizing leftist groupthink and anti-America hostility to freedom of speech and thought over maximizing profits and carrying American-made products.

In the meantime, you can always order MyPillow’s many fine products (it’s not just pillows) direct from

And while it might be impossible to avoid all “woke” companies, this blogger has compiled a list of the 12 big corporations most openly hostile to conservatives, in case you don’t want to give them your money so they can use it to buy clubs to beat you with (at least one might surprise you.) It also offers some alternatives more deserving of your support.


A Little Good News

By Mike Huckabee

While President Biden might be itching to undo every Trump policy, he’s forgetting how much those policies helped blue collar union workers that the Democrats depend on for support. Turns out they might not be so willing to destroy their own jobs to make a few green activists on Twitter feel good about themselves.

Excellent Article

By Mike Huckabee

This is an excellent article by Dennis Prager on why the left has to suppress free speech.

Short answer: because their beliefs can’t withstand open debate and public scrutiny. As Prager puts it, “Leftism is essentially a giant balloon filled with nothing but hot air,” and conservative free speech is the pin that bursts it. For instance, I challenged readers recently to name any big city that the Democrats have run exclusively for any appreciable length of time that isn’t an over-taxed, crime-ridden basket case that people are fleeing. They can’t, so they refuse to allow conservative free speech anywhere they control, including campuses, Hollywood, certain “news” channels and now, social media.

Prager mentions that he invites leftists onto his radio show and is unfailingly polite to those who accept, but very few do. I can relate: I have a standing offer to prominent leftists to come on my show for a civil discussion of issues. The few who have admitted they were treated with more hospitality backstage than they’ve ever experienced on any TV show. Yet hardly any take me up on it.

Right now, the leftists are feeling invincible, and they’re already acting too big for their britches in trying to bully 75 million Americans to shut up. That’s not going to work on Americans. When the inevitable backlash comes, it’s going to be louder than Ted Nugent.


President Trump's Approval Rating

By Mike Huckabee

The Democrats and the media (pardon my redundancy) labored mightily to tar President Trump as he left office, throwing everything at him from a second bogus impeachment to charges of treason and insurrection. But as Abraham Lincoln is reported to have said, “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Even amidst the attempted purge, a Rasmussen survey released Monday showed that Trump’s approval rating has actually risen slightly in the past few days. He left office at 51% approval.

Even in the Real Clear Politics aggregate of polls that always leans anti-Trump, he leaves office with 40% approval, 10 points higher than George W. Bush. And if think 40% is low, Ballotpedia's average of polls shows Congress' approval rating standing today at 13%.

That linked story also shows that while the Democrats may hold Congress, the GOP is in far better shape there than in 2009. Also, it notes that the alleged “white supremacist” Trump improved the Republican vote among virtually all minority groups, while only the Democrat vote got whiter.

The key to continuing that trend will be finding more Republican candidates who will keep fighting to make the lives of working Americans of all backgrounds better. That should be the party’s stance, stated loud and clear, and it’s what I’ve always promoted. Let’s hope the populist revolution for working people against the elites that Trump started can keep growing beyond Trump himself.

A Frank Assessment Of China's Communist Government

By Mike Huckabee

In a parting statement as Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo issued an usually frank assessment of China’s communist government, calling it a “Marxist-Leninist regime that exerts power over the long-suffering Chinese people through brainwashing and brute force.” He also listed its serial human rights abuses, including “genocide and crimes against humanity,” particularly against religious minorities.

Pompeo went into some detail in describing the on-going atrocities, persecution and genocides being conducted by China. Some analysts wondered why he would do this on the day before Biden took office, but as the article points out, that was probably why: to serve as a stark reminder to Biden, who called the Chinese leaders good people and whose son enriched himself from Chinese deals, that the nation that gave the world COVID-19 (as long as we’re speaking unspeakable truths) is not to be trusted. Also that, as President, he will be in charge of enforcing the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020, an anti-Chinese genocide bill signed by Trump that passed unanimously in the Senate and with overwhelming support in the House.

So Biden and his China-mollifying staffers will either have to deal forcefully with China’s outrageous human rights abuses or explain to the American people why they’re not.

New Podcast

On this episode of The People's Podcast, Governor Huckabee speaks with bestselling author John Cribb about this week's Inauguration and the lessons that soon to be President Biden could take from another president who inherited a divided country - Abraham Lincoln.





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