October 31, 2017

Monday, the judge in the bribery trial of Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey denied a defense motion to declare a mistrial. Prosecutors have accused Menendez of selling influence to a wealthy eye doctor who defrauded Medicare of millions, in exchange for a lifestyle out of a travel brochure for the rich and famous. If you read the judge’s comments at the link, which is worth it, he not only denied their mistrial motion, he ridiculed the very idea that he would agree to that, and blasted Menendez’s attorneys for thinking the rules of evidence don’t apply to them.

Gee, I wonder where they would get the idea that the rules involving selling your position of public trust to enrich yourself don’t apply to powerful Democrats in Washington? I also want to point out this story because I think someone needs to. For the past few months, in what seems to me to be blatant bias, the media have been beating the drum 24/7 over unproven allegations against Donald Trump while completely ignoring a trial in which a powerful Democratic Senator is accused of selling his office to the highest bidder. I don’t have a big media spotlight, as the major networks do, but at least I can aim my flashlight at it.


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  • Bob Savidge

    11/01/2017 08:02 AM

    Please continue to get more and more attention on this trial. I'm so tired of this corrupt media.

  • Linda Marshall

    11/01/2017 06:45 AM

    Thank you for bringing us the truth that big media is ignoring!

  • Tina Currie

    11/01/2017 04:47 AM

    Thank you for the up date! I have been following this trial the best I can! Do me a favor, when your on fox again mention this case please, it also needs to be out there. I think us un-liberals would appreciate it! Thank you! You Rock!