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May 17, 2022

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Mike Huckabee


23 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:

24 And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

Psalm 139:23-24

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Biden criticized for politicizing Buffalo tragedy

President Biden is taking criticism for announcing that he will go to Buffalo to comfort the victims of the horrific supermarket shooting by a deranged racist teenager. It’s not because people don’t think it’s a serious tragedy, but that it smacks of the kind of political exploitation of tragedies that I wrote about yesterday. They accuse the Democrats of wanting to focus a lot of attention on a white racist who killed 10 people and injured three others, most of them black, because that plays into the “racist America” theme that they use to divide people and win votes. Yet this weekend’s shooting in California where a Chinese man attacked Taiwanese worshippers in church was also apparently a hate crime, but of a type that Democrats don’t like to acknowledge.

And when an alleged black nationalist drove into a parade in Waukesha, killing six people and injuring 62, most of whom were white, Biden didn’t visit. (To be fair, Jill Biden did go to Waukesha to meet victims’ families and attend a memorial.)

The reason given for Joe Biden not visiting Waukesha was that local authorities had so much to deal with that a Presidential visit would be an expensive and difficult distraction. But that would be equally true in Buffalo as well.

I don’t like questioning people’s motives for showing compassion to victims of heinous crimes. I think we should all do that. For now, I will reserve judgement and note that it’s become part of the President’s duties to comfort Americans in times of tragedy. If that’s what this trip is about, then I’m all for it. But Biden should rise above using it to cynically promote policy points and attack political opponents.

There are already too many people trying to divide Americans by firing up hatred and suspicion of anyone who’s different from them, and turning one group against another. The master of that was Adolf Hitler, and it’s not surprising that we’ve seen reports he was admired by both the white racist who wanted to kill black people and the black racist who wanted to kill white people. It’s all the same poison, just in different bottles.

For the record, here are the kinds of statements that a President of all the people should avoid when comforting the victims of a racist shooting:

Calling for restricting both the God-given First and Second Amendment rights of people who had nothing to do with it.

Blaming the shooter’s crimes on TV networks and news commentators you hate, and who, incidentally, the alleged shooter also hated.

In general, blaming the shooter’s crimes on a wide range of people that you don’t like and neither did the shooter.

Trying to use the tragedy to accuse your political opponents of believing in some racist conspiracy theory that most of them have never even heard of. This reminds me of when they were accusing Trump voters of being Q-Anon followers, and I had to Google that just to find out what the heck it was. This time, get ready to hear a lot about GRT or the “Great Replacement Theory.” Claiming that you believe in it is a convenient way to falsely brand you as a promoter of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories for opposing open borders.

Congressional Priorities

With Americans facing so many serious issues (inflation, crime, COVID, food shortages, drugs, open borders, mass shootings, etc. etc.), it’s good to see that Congress has its priorities straight and is holding the first hearings in 50 years into the potential national security threat posed by flying saucers. I’m not surprised that this is headed by Adam Schiff’s Intelligence Committee, since I’ve been looking for signs of intelligent life on that Committee for a long time.

My question: If aliens ever do land and say, “Take me to your leaders,” where would we send them?

Russia Reacts

Remember Russia darkly warning that if Finland and Sweden joined NATO, it could lead to a nuclear confrontation, maybe even spark World War III? Well, Finland and Sweden are applying to NATO, and Putin ordered nuclear-capable missiles moved to Russia's border with Finland.

Then again, on the other hand, never mind...

First Day on the Job

I don’t think it’s fair to judge people too harshly during their first day on the job. On the other hand, with some jobs, you need to be really prepared before you start. You don’t want to hear your surgeon say, “Sorry if my hands are a little shaky, it’s my first day.”

White House Press Secretary is one of those jobs where you need to be ready to answer questions on your first day, or you might end up with a nickname like the one Jen Psaki earned for repeatedly saying she’d have to “circle back” to that question (and then never coming back to it.) On her first day, new Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was brought up short by Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who asked if she could explain a tweet from President Biden that made no sense (his claim that to bring down inflation, we need to make corporations pay more taxes.)

Doocy kept repeatedly asking how making companies pay more taxes could lower prices, but all she could come up with was some boilerplate about how they’re working on inflation every day, the rich must pay their fair share, climate change, and yada-yada-yada (a lot of DNC talking points that had nothing to do with the question.) It made her look unprepared and not up to the job.

But I’m going to defend her. It was not only her first day, but she was being asked to do the impossible: provide a rational explanation for a Joe Biden economic policy. That’s like asking someone to explain how cows can fly when clearly, only a crazy man would think they can. The problem is, explaining impossibly false things is now her job. I’m sure that, like Jen Psaki, she’ll eventually get good enough at it to land a job at MSNBC.

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day (And Maybe the Month!) Justice Clarence Thomas was asked about the liberal media that’s been attacking him ever since he took office and constantly asking when he’ll retire, I assume in hopes that he’ll be replaced by a legislate-from-the-bench liberal. Thomas said his response to the media about retiring has always been this:

“I will absolutely leave the Court when I do my job as poorly as you do yours.”

I like to think that means he will never retire.

New Project Veritas video

Project Veritas has released another undercover expose video that shows two things:

1. Conservatives aren’t paranoid when they think Twitter’s censors hate free speech and are politically biased against them.

2. James O’Keefe of Project Veritas was allegedly banned from Twitter for operating fake accounts, which he denies; but it seems more likely that he was banned for spreading too much truth.

PV’s new undercover video allegedly features senior Twitter engineer Siru Murugesan talking about how Twitter employees “hate” Elon Musk because he believes in free speech and “Twitter does not believe in free speech.” Also, “Our jobs are at stake, he's a capitalist and we weren't really operating as capitalists, more like very socialist. Like, we're all like commie as f***.”

He also said that many Twitter employees are saying if Musk takes over, it will be their last day on the job (I’m not certain if that will be their choice or Musk’s.) He also said they’re so worried that they’re “stress-eating.”

If it’s any consolation, here’s some good news for them: because they don’t actually live in a communist country, there should be food for them to eat. Although they should be worrying less about Twitter users they disagree with having freedom of speech than about the empty store shelves that started appearing after we allowed even a little socialism to worm its way in.

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Comments 1-9 of 9

  • Jerry

    05/18/2022 01:13 PM

    It’s no secret biden is unfit to be president today every US citizen should be armed with stun guns with all the unvetted illegals that are invading the country child abductions will increase rape is going to increase as the murder rates continue to rise people are going to conceal whether it’s legal or not women and the elderly are going to shoot first and ask questions later with mayors like lightfoot and adams, frey California’s justice system and New York one gets the picture the country is being filled up with unvetted and morally corrupt individuals this is the democratic template lawlessness and corruption

  • stephen russell

    05/18/2022 11:51 AM

    UFO Hearings:
    o Declassify UFO docs since 1947
    o Invite kin, others whove had UFO experience since 1947
    o Call ALL pilots whove had one since
    o Declassify UFO Tech: Engines,Communication, Life support, Navigation
    o Open floor to guests with UFO experience or working in Black Projects
    o Tour Area 51 NV area

    Bottom line: change Space Tech for Commercial Space use

  • Jerry

    05/18/2022 10:32 AM

    biden likes to link Americans as White Supremacists as putin links Ukrainians as Nazis. What a great president, biden likes to link Americans as Racists, as putin likes to kill innocent people, biden links gang warfare in urban areas to putin as he murders Ukrainians that are innocent people with children, biden keeps formula from infants and babies, not much difference between the two heads of their countries just different methods. Xi of China sits back and watches these two buffoons as he allows murder of all sorts while he is murdering his people behind close doors the three of them seek control of their populations as biden is on the same track although his tracks has loose rails and will derail soon however for now the biden train is still rolling to seek a Communist state, this population will replace the tracks and lead it to the edge of a deep drop off then tear the tracks of Communism apart. biden needs to rid himself of America along with all of his stooges all at the bottomless hole with hopes of no return. MAGA America I hope has learned a lesson with Democrat's/Communists control what more do you have to see however it's not over yet we have at 10 more months of despair the lesson will get more intense. Americans learn and retain the lesson; life that you are experiencing today the lessons are going to get worse. Do not be fooled again a person in the basement is in it for a reason and it the lesson is exposed today. Americans you are mad do your homework!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/18/2022 10:25 AM

    Also remember the DNC chief lawyer who said after the terrible Las Vegas shooting ( 60 dead and almost 600 injured) that she didn't really sympathize because they were probably all Republicans. Sweet.

  • Chelsea R. Martin

    05/18/2022 10:08 AM

    "Well, Finland and Sweden are applying to NATO, and Putin ordered nuclear-capable missiles moved to Russia's border with Finland."

    If Mexico decided to ally itself with China would America not want missiles on the boar...oh. Right. The American Government doesn't believe in "borders" except for other countries, and would no doubt celebrate the CCP arming up along ours as a "heroic, stunning and brave repudiation of Western Colonialism and Systemic White Supremacy."

    Ask me again why I should care if Russia nukes Sweden and Finland off the map?

  • Richard and Linda Dilly

    05/18/2022 10:04 AM

    You should consider offering a no-fee Substack subscription to low-income seniors.

  • Jerry

    05/18/2022 06:24 AM

    Does Fox get a stipend when it airs the clips of the Low IQ sarcasm from the view? The hideous and immoral trash that comes from that set is the same as what a mental health advisors would listen to from its patients. The new press sect. has filled in before another clip from that press briefing her opening act tells me like the VP she does not prepare no useful info will be unveiled from this waste of time and taxpayer money. This Administration will not be transparent its goal is like Obama care create a disaster and spend a decade to correct it. The Democrat Template.

  • Darrell Parks

    05/17/2022 09:06 PM

    Trying to understand the new White House press secretary's word salad is like trying to read alphabet soup. And if POTUS is so worried about black lives, why has he decided Nigeria doesn't have a problem when so many black Christians are being massacred on and almost daily basis?

  • George Curl

    05/17/2022 08:36 PM

    Finally, Adam Schiff has found something to investigate that will show his true intelligence level. He's good at making things up, so this will give him a chance to shine.