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July 2, 2021

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  • Border Security
  • Whip Inflation Now!
  • Biden's Big Brain Idea
  • Fresh Out Of Sympathy


Mike Huckabee


And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Genesis 1:3


Beat the legal system: Identify as Hunter Biden

By Mike Huckabee

I am not a lawyer, as I have reminded my readers many times, but for what it’s worth, here’s a bit of legal advice for Trump Organization CEO Allen Weisselberg, who has been charged with multiple tax-related charges in New York.

Any time you’re under the threat of prosecution, simply say, “I identify as Hunter Biden.” We’ve seen that if you’re Hunter Biden, you can do ANYTHING. And since you can now identify as whatever you want, simply say this, and everybody who’s even thinking about prosecuting you will just let it go.

That’s what I said Thursday night on HANNITY, appearing with fellow guest Lara Trump and fill-in host Dan Bongino, during our discussion of Weisselberg’s arrest. In case your attention was elsewhere the past couple of days, the Trump Organization has been charged with tax fraud, with the CFO also charged with grand larceny, following a long and tedious fishing expedition by political enemies of former President Trump. It truly is the culmination of a “witch hunt,” to use Trump’s apt terminology.

Those who have been charged have pleaded not guilty on all counts.

Bongino went on to have a good discussion of the case with legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, who called this an example of “political persecution masquerading as prosecution.” The Manhattan district attorney, longtime Trump adversary Cyrus Vance, “should really be ashamed of himself,” Jarrett said, though I would add that Vance will not be, because he has no shame. I should also mention that the current attorney general of New York State actually ran for office on the platform of criminally investigating Trump and making it her mission to bring him down.

As described by Jarrett, the investigation leading up to these arrests took four years and involved the examination of three million documents obtained through hundreds of subpoenas. After all that, Jarrett said, it “never came up with a scintilla of evidence that Donald Trump did anything wrong.”

Scin-til-la (noun) 1. a small trace or barely perceptible amount of something (as evidence supporting a position)

“He [Trump] didn’t cheat on taxes,” Jarrett said. “Trump didn’t commit real estate fraud, as the DA and the media wanted you to believe. So, instead, Vance is going after a corporate officer in a corporation itself for use of a company car, company apartment, tuition payments, and not reporting it as taxable income. Good luck proving this case. The federal tax code is so complex and’s really incomprehensible. There are so many exceptions, caveats, carve-outs, and contradictory opinions by the IRS itself on corporate perks, that it’s a murky, opaque area of law.”

He talked about how commonplace perks such as these are in corporate America. The jury is not going to know what the law is concerning these fringe benefits, because “nobody knows.” The rules are so nebulous that hardly anyone is ever criminally prosecuted for this.

Typically in such a case, they’d make some kind of arrangement to pay the back taxes, maybe penalties. “So going after Weisselberg personally underscores that this is selective prosecution for purely political reasons. It’s vindictive --- the only reason he’s been charged is because he’s an associate of Donald Trump.”

As for Hunter, Miranda Devine has a new piece in the NEW YORK POST detailing his use of Joe’s Vice Presidential perks –- which, incidentally, HE never had to pay taxes on –- to pursue business deals with two Mexican billionaires, Carlos Slim and Miguel Aleman Velasco. Hunter apparently flew on Air Force Two with his dad to Mexico City, where the two of them attended some business functions together.

A photo shows then-Vice President Biden posing for a group shot with Hunter and his Latin American business associates. They’re standing in the living room of the Vice President’s residence, which was painted in a bright daffodil yellow that had been chosen by Jill Biden. Just another tax-free perk of Hunter’s dad’s job.

Hunter’s taxes and allegations of money laundering are supposedly being investigated. And just as they are doing with Trump and his associates, investigators will spend millions of taxpayer dollars and comb through millions of documents trying to find something to charge him with. Oh, wait, no they won't.

Miranda Devine spoke to Bongino in a later segment of the show and noted that the FBI has had Hunter’s laptop since December of 2019. She broke the laptop story in the NEW YORK POST last October, but since that was before the election, the mainstream media got whiplash from turning their heads away so quickly. The POST has been on it ever since, however, running photos such as the one this week with the Mexican billionaires and also exposing the Washington, DC, dinner at Cafe Milano in April of 2015 for Hunter’s business associates from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and Mexico. And, of course, his dad, who has repeatedly said he knew nothing of Hunter’s international dealings and had, in fact, never even spoken with him about them.

The NY POST’s latest report about information on Hunter’s laptop concerns the Bidens’ pursuit of a business relationship with those two Mexican billionaires. With still more evidence from the laptop on its way, we can already see that Joe Biden is shown “over and over” to be “intimately involved,” Devine said. “He used the perks of his office to help Hunter and his brother, Jim Biden, shake money using his influence from countries and oligarchs and billionaires overseas.”

Recall the interview with Hunter’s former business associate Tony Bobulinski in which he said Joe Biden was in on ALL that. Where’s the attention his story has deserved? Seen much of Tony Bobulinski lately?

The NEW YORK POST will be running more stories between now and the fall, when Devine’s book, LAPTOP FROM HELL, is scheduled for release.

Identifying as Hunter Biden might be beneficial in other ways as well. Besides avoiding prosecution, you could become a wealthy “artist.” Sign your name "Hunter Biden," and you could sell your mediocre paintings for up to $500,000 a crack. Oh, did I say “crack”? Well, it is a Hunter Biden story.

ADDENDUM: Byron York and Andrew McCarthy had important points to make on both the Trump Organization "fishing expedition" and Hunter Biden's business dealings, in an interview with Martha MacCallum.

Border Security

By Mike Huckabee

Good News: House Democrats submitted a proposed budget that would spend up to $870 million on border security.

Bad News: It’s all border security for Middle Eastern nations like Jordan, Oman, Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisa. There’s not a cent increase for US border security. In fact, they want to cut funding for ICE by $1.5 million and slash funding for Customs and Border Protection by $930 million.

Maybe they think America won’t have to worry about border security if we just pick up the tab for every other nation on Earth to secure their borders so nobody can leave and come here.

Whip Inflation Now!

By Mike Huckabee

The Biden White House is taking flak over a tonedeaf tweet bragging that the cost of the average Fourth of July barbecue is down by a whopping 16 cents from June of last year.

Republicans pointed out that 16 cents won’t help much if you’re driving to that barbecue, since the average cost of a gallon of gas is up to $3.15, the highest since 2014 and a 42% increase from last June. Median home prices are up 24% (that’s a 16-cent increase every 1.3 seconds.) Food-at-home prices are up 1.4%, and it’s a good thing there’s not much fresh fruit at barbecues, because that’s up by 4.8%.

Of course, this doesn’t even include the biggest expense of a 4th of July barbecue: the lawyers you’ll need to get you out of jail in a blue city if you have too many guests or they aren’t wearing masks.

Biden's Big Brain Idea

By Mike Huckabee

In the spirit of policies so dumb only a leftist intellectual could come up with them (i.e., “Reduce crime by defunding the police!”), the Biden Administration wants to pay American farmers to take fields out of food production and use them to plant “carbon-capturing crops” to fight the “climate emergency,” even though there’s little evidence of any “climate emergency” but there are definitely people around the world going without food.

Fresh Out Of Sympathy

By Mike Huckabee

Conservatives aren’t the only ones who are tired of hearing wealthy NBA superstar LeBron James protest. Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal is also fresh out of sympathy for complaints and excuses from someone who makes $200 million for playing a game “in a world where 40 million people have been laid off.”

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