March 10, 2021

The big question in Washington these days isn’t really “When will the invisible army of imaginary insurrectionists attack” but “Who is really President?” Even the Washington Post admits that Kamala Harris is playing an “unusually large role” for a Vice President, including handling phone calls with other world leaders.

Other reporters observe that Susan Rice seems to be doing more presidenting than Joe Biden is, from overseeing health care, immigration, voting rights and gun issues to conducting a weird New Age ritual to rid the White House of Trump’s bad juju.

In the midst of all this activity, where is Biden? Well, on Monday, he nominated two female generals for 4-star combatant commands, and in the process, forgot the name of his own Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, and apparently, the name of the Pentagon, which he called “that outfit over there.”

His spokesperson Jen Psaki said Biden will finally give his first primetime address on Thursday, to talk about the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief/stimulus bill (i.e., giveaway to blue states and Democrat support groups.) That will be a bigger nail-biter than a David Blaine special.

But he still hasn’t scheduled a State of the Union Address, and he’s gone a record length without a press conference with none in sight. When reporters pressed Psaki, she claimed he’d taken questions over 100 times, but those were reporters yelling questions at him as he walked away, not actual press conferences with one question after another, including follow-ups.

As for addressing Congress, Psaki insists that Biden plans to do that sometime within his first year in office, but he’s just so busy, what with the pandemic and all. Funny, the pandemic is winding down now, and throughout its worst days, Trump found time for daily press conferences and stood up to the most vicious questioning. Biden can’t even answer the kind of puffballs the press would no doubt toss underhanded to him?

Biden’s impersonation of Punxsutawney Phil is giving rise to suspicions, voiced by Joe Concha at Fox News, that his staff fears he isn’t up to handling a press conference.

This isn’t something that I address happily. I hope and pray that it’s all groundless worries that have grown up just because political reporters abhor a vacuum. But that still doesn’t answer the question of why, nearly two months into this presidency, all we’re getting from the man allegedly in charge is a vacuum.

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  • Barbara Earlywine Waller

    04/08/2021 06:23 PM

    Neither one. Impeach both.
    Biden is not a good example for a president.
    Kamala Harris: is she around anymore?

  • Bonnie Payne

    03/16/2021 09:44 PM

    Jill Biden is running the show. Don't forget that.

  • Paula Hass

    03/12/2021 06:14 PM

    President Donald J Trump is the "real" President who I accept. Obama is Biden-Harris's puppet master! He pulling their lines

  • Carolyn Durant

    03/12/2021 02:07 PM

    The democrats may have her in mind for president all along.

  • Mary

    03/12/2021 12:20 PM

    It is a shame that the US has to depend on these two. They are crooks. We want our real President.

  • JohnnyG

    03/12/2021 08:45 AM

    Obama is running his third term! Susan Rice behind the scenes! Circle back Sacki #Orange Woman Bad!

  • Leon R DeWeerdt

    03/12/2021 04:40 AM

    It's so unfortunate that the voters didn't take the time to listen, observe, and study the candidates real thinking and past credentials, costs associated with the promises being made, rather than just looking for an easy way to satisfy their immediate likes and wishes.

  • Becca brown

    03/12/2021 02:05 AM

    The president has Dementia, why do you think he was always in the basement! And not out campaigning..The never knew what would come out of his mouth... He called his sister his wife, then his wife his sister...I say in 3-4 months, he will be stepping down because of Dementia or some other illness and slutty Harris will take over, and she is the most leftist person on the demorats side....But Obummer wanted her, and Obummer is runing Biden, telling him what to do...Please God, save our country, or we will lose it with them wanting "The New World Order" and socialist country.....

  • gerrald cochran

    03/12/2021 12:09 AM

    I believe Mike has it down just about right, sadly

  • Wade Estes

    03/11/2021 08:33 PM

    Seems the powers that be don't want our President Biden speaking to the press. Any time he makes a public appearance to sign another Executive Order, he's hurried away before he can answer a question. Just WHO is the man behind the curtain we are to ignore? Is there an agenda the voters are not supposed to know? So many questions, not enough answers.

  • Conrad and Shirley Van Batavia

    03/11/2021 05:33 PM

    We are sickened to see and know what we have now for a president. He really isn't!
    We're Christians and we are praying much for our leaders and country! We have an Amazing, Great and Mighty God who is in control of everything, so we can continue moving onward knowing that He will take care of everything!

  • Ken Lee

    03/11/2021 04:55 PM

    Governor, I have noticed the same things. I am concerned that we have elected a President that is not capable of doing the job. His mental awareness and cognitive abilities are on full display each time he is in front of a microphone, answers a question, or addresses the media. You know other world leaders have to see this. It concerns me that as a country we will be at a disadvantage in any foreign policy talks that involve Joe Biden. I am also concerned about what is happening here is the US. There have been several examples where Joe has abdicated his authority to those around him. One glaring example is the other night when the President was making a statement and when he finished he asked Nancy Pelosi about taking questions. He said whatever you want me to to Nancy. Then she cut the feed. That should make everyone set up and take notice. Allowing Nancy Pelosi to have control over anything is a disaster in itself, let alone giving her any sort of control over what the President does or says. Keep up the good work and God Bless America.

  • Winston Rockwell

    03/11/2021 03:58 PM

    The answer is simple... his communist handlers (Commie-la Harris, Chuckie Schumer, et al) are terrified if they let him actually stand up and take questions, that one of two things will happen. One, he might inadvertently slip and reveal to the public some of the radical leftist agenda his administration has planned, or two (and the more likely) is that people would be able to finally see on national TV what a doddering, blithering idiot the Left has installed in the White House. Watching him behind the podium looking like a deer in the headlights, stuttering, stumbling, and tripping over his own words would show the American people, and the world, what a senile old fool he is, and the democrats certainly don't want that. Not yet, anyway...


    03/11/2021 01:00 PM

    Thanks again Mike for your keeping us up to date in your way

  • Katharina Enns

    03/11/2021 12:54 PM

    Praying in Canada for revival in the White House!

  • Mike Horst

    03/11/2021 11:42 AM

    Mike, Is anybody really fooled that Biden is a puppet of the Democrat leadership. The lobbyists! The mega rich billionaire donors! Americans must realize this clown called Biden was appointed to the office to do what he is told. He might as well be an abused senior in a nursing home. They script everything he does and says. If he gets out of line they pull the plug. I bet what we don't know would shock the heck out of most people. I have zero. I mean zero confidence in the US Government at this time. They are corrupt to the core. They are doing every no good rotten self serving act known to man kind.

  • Jerry Sorensen

    03/11/2021 11:35 AM

    Biden is just a back door to get Harris and the socialists to take control of America.

  • Bruce A Gonsalves

    03/11/2021 11:29 AM

    No surprise here, when Queen Nancy stated that the 25th amendment would possibly be used, it wasn't in regards to President Trump. It is and was part of the plan, to give Joe the hook, and bring up Harris to the president! The Dems have a playbook and are playing it. Nov. 6th was just another page in her playbook. Why would she refuse the National Gaurd? and you don't have to be a General to know a perimeter should have been put up, before the steps! SAD that the GOP did NOTHING.

  • carol kilmon

    03/11/2021 10:10 AM

    Mike...You knew it and I knew it...there was very little, if anyone ,home at the White House! How much longer we are going to continue play the game of Guess Who! is up to the powers that be behind the screens put up by the democrats in charge of the game itself!

  • Sandra

    03/11/2021 09:02 AM

    I can certainly understand why no one would want him giving the State of the Union address when we all can see what state the union is in. I have never seen such disarray.

  • Bruce D Wood

    03/11/2021 08:42 AM

    We really need the rightful President back in the White house. Nancy Pelosi and her gang have a 10 foot fence with razor and thousands of National Guard Troops while Beijing Joe opened the southern Border to all comers whether friend or foe and turns them loose on the rest of the country without even a COVID-19 test. So who really cares about our country? It sure don't seem to be the Democrat Socialist Communist Party. The you have the relief bill for 1.9 Trillion and only 9% going to the American people. Where is the rest of the pork going. Our country cannot and should operate like this.

  • charlene lopez

    03/11/2021 08:16 AM

    biden , if deemed incompetent to fulfil his duties, he will be removed and the election SHOULD be called null and void.. BECAUSE IT CAN BE PROVEN BIDEN HAS HAD DEMENTIA ALL ALONG....NOT JUST LATELY.. the entire election was a hoax........ all of biden's exec orders will be dismissed...a new election will be called, KamalA will not be elected president. No one wanted her in the first place. Pelosi calculated wrong . Her plans are falling apart. She didnt expect so biden to decline so fast.....they are a pickle .

  • Kathleen Bowings

    03/11/2021 08:09 AM

    I am really worried as to who/whom people voted for. Who is the unknown person leading our country.....Harris, Rice or Biden. Can not fathom Biden being at the head. Oh, a Titular Head better suits this whole situation. God help us and help preserve our beloved United States of America!

  • Bonnie White

    03/11/2021 02:35 AM

    Joe cannot talk "off the cuff". Everything has to be prepared ahead of time. He does not take questions because he gets flustered and confused. Stopping and talking to the press is a no-go.