December 29, 2020

Since the FBI can’t be counted on to tell us anything we can trust, we’ve been trying to piece together some facts about the Nashville Christmas bombing from other accounts. What we find is disturbing.

According to a neighbor of apparent suicide bomber Anthony Quinn Warner, he said a few days before Christmas that the world was “never going to forget me.

On December 21, Rick Laude saw Warner standing by his mailbox and pulled his car over to ask him how his elderly mother was doing.

"Is Santa going to bring you anything good for Christmas?” Laude asked casually.

“Oh, yes,” Warner said with a smile, according to the neighbor. “I’m going to be famous. Nashville and the world is never going to forget me.”

Laude, a commercial truck driver, didn’t think anything about this at the time, assuming Warner just meant “something good” would happen to him on Christmas. He said he was “speechless” later on when he heard the news that Warner was suspected in the downtown bombing.

Warner apparently hadn’t raised any red flags with anyone in law enforcement or even in his own neighborhood. David Rauch, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, said Monday that they “hope to get an answer. Sometimes, it’s just not possible. The best way to find a motive is to talk to the individual. We will not be able to do that in this case.”

No kidding. This is why law enforcement typically tries to take suspects alive whenever possible. Short of holding a séance, in cases where the suspect is dead they have to deduce a motive from clues they find. “It does appear that the intent was more destruction than death,” Rauch said, “but, again, that’s all still speculation at this point as we continue in our investigation with all our partners.”

According to a report in NEWSMAX, Rauch said Warner’s mother is cooperating with investigators.

Dan Bongino interviewed blast investigator Joey Jones on Monday’s HANNITY show, asking him if it’s possible to reconstruct the scene before the blast, determine the point of origin and find out what the explosive was. Jones said that, yes, you do a “post-blast analysis,” starting at the center of the explosion and working your way out, following the blast radius and also the fragmentation radius, meaning the path of the shrapnel that is farther than the blast itself. Look for any part that might have a serial number. “The idea that they [bombs] just char and disintegrate everything is actually completely untrue,” he said.

"If there were any type of sophisticated components used, I guarantee they’ve already found pieces of them and started to put this puzzle back together,” he said, noting investigators’ years of experience and past cases. “But mostly, a lot of it’s kind of common sense. You look for these pieces and parts, if you can find one electronic component and understand the infrastructure of how he set it off, look at the purchase history, regionally, and...clue in really quickly.”

Regarding the type of explosive used, there are “a few theories circling around,” perhaps black powder or pyrotechnic, he said, or an explosive combination such as ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder, “that went to full deflagration but not detonation.” This apparently would account for the lack of a blast crater at the site and less structural damage than there might have been. It was "a really hot, hot explosion,” he said. “The fireball was fast.”

Jones observed that, unfortunately, the technology involved is so simple that the basic circuitry that kids might learn in a high school class to turn on a light bulb can be adapted to set off a bomb. A couple of components are a little more sophisticated, he said, but the bulk explosive and the initiation board are “pretty easy.”

"What we rely on,” he said, “is the amazing work of our federal and state and local law enforcement to prevent these things from happening and respond when they do. We saw it work in Nashville, some amazing police work that did just that.”

Well...they didn’t prevent the bomb from happening. Local first responders performed unbelievably courageous work under unimaginable pressure and surely saved lives, but their job came after the bomb was set to go. Nothing about the bomb itself was prevented and now, this far into the investigation, nothing has been explained. As FOX NEWS reported, “Officials have not provided insight into why Warner selected this particular location for the bombing.”

The operative word here is “provided.”

The report goes on to say that “a source close to the investigation” told THE DAILY MAIL that Warner was said to be “heavily” into “5G” conspiracy theories, believing the networks were actually killing people. According to this source, “The unofficial motive thus far is the suspect believed 5G was the source of all deaths in the region and he’d be hailed a hero. We are waiting on the digital footprint [his online history] that should finally provide us with some answers.”

Reportedly, investigators from the Tennessee Highway patrol recovered parts of the exploded RV and were able to retrieve the vehicle ID number, which was traced back to Warner. DNA was another way they say they matched him. FBI agent Doug Korneski maintains that they’ve seen no evidence anyone else was involved.

Of course, we can’t climb into the mind of a disturbed person to understand what compels him to do things that don’t make sense to us. We look to “experts” in psychology to do this, to the extent they can. But what this man did is so bizarre that it almost defies explanation. (We covered some of the big questions in yesterday’s commentary.) And now a witness says Warner was expecting to be famous. If that’s the case, why didn’t he make more of a public statement with some kind of manifesto, perhaps on the danger of “5G” if that’s what he was so concerned about? If he wanted to be famous, it’s logical to think we would have learned his motive right away. He would have left a warning about it. Otherwise, he’s just some guy who blew himself up for no apparent reason.

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  • Therese Tuckness

    12/31/2020 04:43 AM

    I thought 2020 elections was bad in regards to the hanging chads.. election between G.W. Bush and Al Gore.
    This election 2020 is the ultament the worst that I have ever heard or seen in the entire existence of my 62 years of life. I am saddened to see no one cares for each other like we used to.. "The me first or the highway". Attitude

    Even in christian circles of husband and wife's. The ugly head of putting self before the other person first is raising its ugly head, to which. It is a supposed be the other way around before the couple is married. Even couples of 42 yes of marriage.

    Voting in America is over for me, for if I have to leave my home and stand in line. I am physically unable, I can't even get a decent primary doctor to care. Less than 30 minute a visit when it took me 6 months before to wait on the appointment.

    Sorry, venting. Our country is messed up.

  • Paul Potter

    12/29/2020 04:33 PM

    Look into it as it's part of the conspiracy

  • Kristine LaBounty

    12/29/2020 01:26 PM

    There's no motive because they're still making it up. If it were a man trying to destroy the Dominion machines he'd clearly be a Liberal covering up suspected fraud. If it were truly some nut job trying to get rid of 5G why would he only blow up an ATT building that only took out several square blocks of communication? Why did he kill himself when he warned others to get out? How did they identify a man blown into pieces in less than 48 hours? How will they turn him into a right-wing Trump supporter who believes in the 2nd amendment? Hummmm. They're working on it!

  • Joseph Mavilia

    12/29/2020 12:31 PM

    Patriots are looking for leadership from the Trump administration to put the democrats guilty of treason in jail. We're behind him. He needs to know that. He needs to lead boldly. . . or we will lose this country. Only then can God bless America again. It's up to us.

  • Dow Hurst

    12/29/2020 11:50 AM

    What do you think about the AT&T building's contents and allegations that it contained a database of material used for blackmail? Or, that election fraud data was in the building? How about it being a NSA hub to monitor election fraud? Why would a lower profile attack happen at the same time in Rochester NY, where supposedly ballot printing presses were destroyed? Any thoughts?

  • Sheri Graham

    12/29/2020 10:53 AM

    There are many rumors floating, including one that says dominion voting machines were being stored in the ATT building. Would like to know if that is valid or not?

    We have enough fear Mongering going on in MSM now to frighten the public without more being piled on.

  • Pam Townsend

    12/29/2020 10:37 AM

    Any word on the shots fired? Because their was NO stated reason, I have nagging questions...1st it was a woman’s voice over the speaker, not an everyday snippet you can just pick up on the internet. This makes me think he was not acting alone? 2. Shots fired? Why?

  • Tina Marsh

    12/29/2020 09:08 AM

    I agree we can’t trust the FBI.
    Richard Jewel
    Eric Rudolph
    Waco Texas
    Louie Freeh
    Janet Reno.....shall I keep going back to the 60’s?

  • Lynga

    12/29/2020 09:05 AM

    I have to wonder if they were so sure “acted alone” what about the
    other RV they circled and
    Watched For Hours afraid To Go near it? ??
    Also, what was in that ATT building that blew up with the bomb?
    What happened to that skinny white masked driver of the RV? ??
    Enquiring minds want
    To know, so tell us FBI!!
    Ready. GO!

  • Terry Smith

    12/29/2020 08:40 AM

    Thank you for your commentary Mike. You’re asking the questions that all Americans are asking but no officials are answering. It seems the government places more importance on control of mass thought versus shedding light on the truth. We know the truth will set us free and are thankful of that promise by our creator. He’s got this.

  • Judith Arnett

    12/29/2020 08:31 AM

    would someone please explain to me the 911 call that someone made about multiple shots fired in what seemed to be a gunfight, coming from the building before the blast went off?

  • Patricia Griffin

    12/29/2020 08:25 AM

    Has there ever been a suicide bomber in the US that wasn’t Islamic? Most suicide bombers are an integral part of transporting the bomb to the target (crowds) but this bomb could have easily been set to go off using a timer. Why blow yourself up? And no manifesto. And 5G? Why not a 5G cell tower? I’m also doubtful about the supposed comments to neighbor.

  • Myke Rosenthal-English

    12/29/2020 08:17 AM

    Unfortunatly no one can trust the Daily Mail.Their US "Journalists" are so anti Trump they parrott anything that is against him without even checking any of the details.So it would be the right place to launch a cover-up if there is one to this story!

  • Bruce

    12/29/2020 08:16 AM

    Maybe we should simply retire or fire all the people in the top 10% to 15% level of the FBI and the US Justice Department. Bring in all new leader and staff!

  • Travis Dwight Balch

    12/29/2020 08:16 AM

    Great article

  • James Schram

    12/29/2020 08:16 AM

    Governor....The one question that demands an answer is simple, "Were Dominion Voting machines present in that AT&T building for "analysis""?

    We don't have answers for Benghazi, Hillary Emails or Vegas shooting yet, but FBI solved this in 36 hours? I like Kool-aid, but not that much.

    I was stationed at LRAFB back when you were in LR and I remember when you dedicated Arkansas' "Official Bass Fishing Day" and I told my wife, "I like this guy"! Stay the course sir!

  • Abner Yokum

    12/29/2020 08:10 AM

    Rule No 1. -- You can't trust any Federal law enforcement agency. They have their own agenda.
    Rule No 2. -- When in doubt, refer to Rule No 1 ...