Scared of history

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June 29, 2019

 There’s an old saying that fanatics eventually become what they hate.  For years, leftist fanatics claimed that American school children weren’t given a complete picture of American history and should be taught all the dark, ugly things about the Founding Fathers. 

In 1936, Russian artist and avowed communist Victor Arnautoff got his chance when he was hired to paint a mural of the life of George Washington for George Washington High School in San Francisco.  As part of the epic artwork, he included a slave auction and a slain Native American to give a “fuller picture” of US history.  Note: this was meant to be critical of US history, just as leftists have long demanded, not to “glorify” slavery or the treatment of Native Americans.  

Now, the San Francisco Board of Education (there’s an oxymoron) has voted unanimously to spend $600,000 to paint over the entire 13-panel mural because an outside activist group complained that those two panels might trigger and traumatize minority students.  That district is facing a severe teacher shortage and $600,000 would hire 14 first-year teachers.  But to those who protested the cost, one commissioner dismissively replied, “This is reparations.”

It should be noted that teachers say the majority of students want the mural to stay or don’t care.  The demand came from the outside agitators who recruited a handful of students to complain.  (Remember when I suggested people embrace the power of saying, “So what?” to such complaints?  This would be a perfect example.) 

Some parents and art preservationists are still trying to save the painting and common sense.  Good luck to them.  But let’s take inventory of some cherished leftist principles: 

1.  Opposing the whitewashing of American history.

2.  Fighting the censoring and destruction of controversial artworks.

3.  Spending more money on teachers. 

4.  Supporting the will of the popular majority.

And now, they are on the opposite side of all four, even to the point of literally paying painters to whitewash history.  They’ve become so fanatical, they’ve truly become everything they once claimed to hate. 


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