July 24, 2020


The violence in Chicago has gotten so out of control that Mayor Lori Lightfoot finally did what no other Democratic Mayor of a riot-plagued blue city has done: she gave in, stopped badmouthing and blaming her problems on President Trump, and actually talked to him about sending federal officers to help local police restore order. In retribution for her yielding to the two biggest enemies of the left – Trump and rationality – the protesters targeted her house. They demanded the defunding of the Chicago Police Department to the tune of 75% of its budget going “back into communities.” That’s just what Chicago needs: a 75% cut in police funding.

Someone should warn those protesters that, as we saw in Seattle, the surest way to get a leftist Democrat Mayor to finally do his or her job and let the police end the riots is for the mob to get too close to the Mayor’s own neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Mayor Lightfoot tried to mollify the mob by having a statue of Christopher Columbus removed from Grant Park under cover of darkness. I thought that the removal of statues was a matter of public interest that all citizens had a say in and that had to be decided by following prescribed channels, but I guess the mob has spoken, so they get their way. My friend, retired Lt. Col. Allen West (and congratulations to him for being elected chairman of the Texas Republican Party), made the observation that he didn’t know Columbus was responsible for all the recent killings in Chicago.

Me, neither. Although if Columbus could speak to us now, I wonder if he’d even protest his statue being removed from Chicago, or if he’d say, “If all America were like this, I’d be sorry I ever found it.”


Portlandia II – Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and other defenders of “peaceful protesters’” right to riot, assault federal agents and destroy federal property, declared that the mob did nothing to provoke the use of tear gas by federal officers, even as they threw flares and Molotov cocktails at the federal courthouse and set part of it on fire.

Wheeler, who was allegedly gassed twice because he was out supporting the protesters, declared, “I can tell you with 100 percent honesty, I saw nothing that provoked this response. This is an egregious overreaction on the part of the federal officers. There was nothing that I saw that warranted this overreaction.” The only way that’s 100% true is if he had tear gas in his eyes. In fact, shortly after he left, his own police department officially declared the scene to be a riot.

That linked article contains a little detail about Portland’s government that most people probably don’t know, but it will send a chill up your spine: “As mayor, Wheeler also serves as the police commissioner.” That explains why federal agents had to come in to defend the federal courthouse. The police were ordered to just stand by and do nothing. From the police report: “Portland Police were not present during any of the activity described. Portland Police did not engage with any crowds and did not deploy any CS gas. No arrests were made by Portland Police.”

You might also want to take any claims of Wheeler that he’s being “100% honest” with a pillar of salt. A reporter who was standing 15 yards away from Wheeler says his claim that he was viciously tear-gassed without provocation is a lie. CBN News contributor Chuck Holton said these alleged “peaceful protesters” were “actively attacking the federal courthouse in downtown Portland with rocks, bottles, water bottles, fireworks, paint-filled water balloons, dangerous green lasers, very powerful lasers, and, by the way, were starting fires, pretty large fires, on the portico of the federal courthouse.” Holton says Wheeler intentionally stationed himself in the middle of this mayhem where he had to know the tear gas would be fired and didn’t move, even though federal agents issued at least five loud warnings that it had been declared a riot, and they should disperse before crowd-control measures began. Holton says he has video footage to prove this.

I would like to add that if Wheeler truly didn’t see anything, it must be because he willfully closed his eyes to the violence that’s spread and worsened because of his dereliction of duty. At least he could open his eyes and see what's really happening, unlike the federal agents who may be permanently blinded because the “peaceful protesters” he’s protecting deliberately shone lasers into their eyes, which is classified by the UN as a war crime.


After moving the GOP Convention from Charlotte to Jacksonville, President Trump announced last night that he has decided to cancel the live convention due to the rise in coronavirus cases in Florida. Trump said the timing isn’t right, and he wants to set a good example by encouraging Americans to continue practicing social distancing and not crowding too close together.

Trump said there will be convention activities, just not a typical convention. Delegates will still meet in North Carolina to vote, and he will give an address when he accepts the nomination. It will likely just be televised and live-streamed. More on the story here:

On the subject of the coronavirus, this is a very interesting and provocative article by Clay Travis, author, attorney, radio host and founder of He wrote the piece I linked to recently that took a close look at the rising infection rate compared to the plummeting death rate of the disease.

In this piece, Travis examines the nagging question of whether all the economy- and job-destroying lockdowns really made any difference at all in reducing coronavirus deaths. He compares Sweden, which did virtually nothing in hopes that a rapid spread of the disease would lead to herd immunity, to nations that imposed draconian lockdowns. Sweden’s death rate quickly accelerated, causing its leaders to be hammered for making a foolish, deadly policy mistake. But Sweden’s death rate quickly rose then dropped, while nations that imposed lockdowns dragged it out longer but still had just as many deaths.

As Travis notes, currently, with the pandemic having apparently wound down in Europe, Sweden’s death rate of 561 deaths per million people puts it right in the center of all the nations that imposed strict lockdowns: Below England (670), Spain (608) and Italy (580), but ahead of France (462) and the US (439 so far.) The US is so big and the states handled it differently, so cases are still rising in some states long after they’ve peaked in others. Still, even in states where cases are sharply rising, the death rate is down, so that the fatality rate in Florida so far is 249 per million, and in Texas, 148.

Travis also notes that despite the media praising New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his brilliant handling of the crisis, an argument could be made that every decision New York made was wrong, resulting in a staggering fatality rate of 1,676 deaths per million residents. Despite all the draconian lockdowns that are still going on, New York had a death rate three times that of Sweden, which did virtually nothing but let the disease spread and burn itself out on its own.

Travis examines some uniquely bad decisions that might explain why New York’s death rate was so high, but overall, the data suggests that once the virus gets into a nation, it’s already too late to do anything to stop it. You just have to wait for it to peak and reach herd immunity. Government policies might slow the spread, or in New York’s case, make the death rate worse. But it’s possible that in the end, shutting down the entire economy or just going on with life will both yield almost the exact same results.

That’s something to think about and debate, but not too long or you might get pretty depressed.


Tuesday, the US State Department ordered the Chinese consulate in Houston shut down, due to repeated acts of espionage, including “massive illegal spying and influence operations.” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, “We are setting out clear expectations as to how the Chinese Communist Party is going to behave. And when they don’t, we are going to take actions that protect the American people, protect our security, our national security, and also protect our economy and jobs.”

As if to create a visual illustration of the kind of skullduggery the consulate has been hiding, passersby soon noticed smoke billowing from the building and called the Fire Department. But firefighters weren’t allowed inside because it turned out consulate staffers were shoveling documents into open burn barrels in the courtyard, apparently to incinerate evidence before moving out.

Good for the State Department for taking a stand against China’s stealth war on the US. And who knows? Maybe the fact that the Chinese communist spies unleashed air pollution and CO2 will finally force the Democrats to say something negative about them.


The Democrats keep insisting that Black Lives Matter, but that doesn’t seem to apply to the lives of the disproportionate number of black babies snuffed out in abortion clinics. Now, as this article notes, you can add born-alive babies of all colors to the list of lives that don’t matter to them.

In finalizing the new budget bill, a number of amendments were offered that would have required doctors or clinics to provide life-saving care to babies born alive during abortion procedures. These measures didn’t punish anyone or impose undue burdens, they just required the doctors to give the same emergency care to those babies that they would give to any other living person in urgent medical need. This shouldn't be controversial, or even questionable: a living baby needs medical help, give it medical help! Yet in every case, the Democrats repeatedly shot the amendments down. As noted, the Democratic Party has effectively made infanticide the new abortion.

So please pardon me if I’m not impressed when they tell me how much they think black lives matter. I know that claim comes with an asterisk attached and a list of the lives to which it doesn’t apply.


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  • Robert Carter

    07/28/2020 03:16 PM

    Since Christians know God knew us before we were conceived, we know all these abortions were infanticide all along - explains the spirit in us causing such anguish over the whole matter since the beginning.

  • Dot Whitley

    07/26/2020 01:43 PM

    Thanks again for spending your time reporting the most sickening mess a country can be in. It's just more and more unbelievable as the days go by. It would only take some honest leaders in each state to bring about a change, or the people have to stand with the president as he stands for what has to be done. We can't keep on waiting while it gets worse.

  • gregory weinman

    07/26/2020 01:13 AM

    Sweden has nearly 5 times the deaths of the other 4 Nordic countries combined. Sweden does not test individuals unless they are in hospital. Sweden has an average age 5 years younger than Italy and 7 years younger than Germany. Neither of those two countries could have accepted the loss of life from treating their epidemic similarly to Sweden

  • Dean Cordell

    07/25/2020 05:52 PM

    I do believe, Mike, you would have made a fine President. These "protesters" and looters are a threat to the American way of life. Black Lives Matter is clearly as racist statement, The BLM has morphed into a racist organization. These whining children obviously need to be spanked, and the National Guard will do the job. ENOUGH of these delusional Mayors who are allowing a small percentage of the population to destroy what other American citizens have paid for. Negros want reparations? Just how much have other American citizens paid out, in hard-earned taxpayer funds, for all of the Welfare, Negros have taken over the past sixty years? Deduct THAT from the reparations paid to EVERY CURRANT SLAVE. By the way, I do believe Native Americans are first in line for reparations.

  • Bettye Martinez

    07/25/2020 05:04 PM

    Apparently John 15:13 means nothing to Planned Parenthood.

  • Jeanne Weller

    07/25/2020 03:54 PM

    Thank you, Mike Huckabee for bringing us the truth... i cant believe the amount of people that i talk to that have no idea that 'born alive babies' are killed after a botched abortion.. some how, some way this truth needs to be exposed! i cant believe the outrage that people have over a dog or cat that is mistreated, yet think nothing of (or turn the other way) when a baby .. a HUMAN BEING is murdered.. this country is going down fast. We are in need of much prayer for our churches to wake up to preaching the Gospel message and not just saying what 'their itching ears want to hear'.. Thanks Again, Mike. God bless you as you get these messages out!

  • Floyd A Unger

    07/25/2020 03:22 PM

    Thank you

  • Frank F. Mueller

    07/25/2020 01:24 PM

    Well, Governor, its about time that the Mayor, Lori Lightfoot gives in to request for help; especially for Federal Agents and ATF; etc...this is one way that we could come together to solve problems and to combat these violent protesters take back America and "Make America Safe Again"!

  • Gail Denham

    07/25/2020 12:34 PM

    Why are we not hearing more of the news that shows studies - such as the one you mentioned - and the facts gathered that do not agree with the media's narrative. We want to hear from Portland's business owners as to what's happened to their businesses. We want to hear from recovering virus patients - we want the truth.

  • William Fuhrer

    07/25/2020 10:56 AM

    AD FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP...Have a big wall with Rockwell's FOUR FREEDOM painting with the MARXISTS/ANARCHISTS pelting and burning THE FOUR FREEDOMS

  • Kathy Tenski

    07/25/2020 10:24 AM

    Very interesting and informative information Mike. Especially glad to hear that the mayor of Chicago finally came to her senses so now hoping the Portland mayor will follow suit. I am so ashamed and angry about what is going on in those 2 cities it’s just disgraceful- this makes the USA look so bad.

  • Dave Lndesmith

    07/25/2020 09:58 AM

    The left uses aggressive blackmail for intimidation The Corporations were used to bankroll their agenda in the 90's, so it isn't a major hurdle to jump, to see the violence and verbal ugliness being applied to mayors and political hacks soft with socialism/communistic views. Blackmail good, MAGA bad....

  • Jerry Korb

    07/25/2020 09:31 AM

    The mayors of Liberal cities the Governors of liberal states have titles, Mayor Governor,Do they have others titles? Do they have another title as CEO of BLM or Antifa or the CCP? The actions of their office indicate one of two things they are not protecting the people or the assets of the city and state.; Or they are giving the order to assault and destroy the people and its assets. The FBI needs to find out which is the answer. Orders have consequences, why are the police standing down ?? Who is giving that order and why? The answers are 2 months late as of now why the delay? The view from the curb is the entire system is corrupt and rotted all the thru.

  • Peggy Davis

    07/25/2020 09:17 AM

    Always look forward to the latest news from Governor Huckabee. It's refreshing to hear the truth, with a little humor slipped in. Makes my day!

  • Carol MacMillan Godsey

    07/25/2020 09:02 AM

    Right on, as usual, Governor! You might have added that Hydrocloroquine was used in Sweden except for a brief period when we were told it did not help. During that period, the virus and deaths spiked in Sweden and they swiftly returned to using it.

  • Alice Landolt

    07/25/2020 08:35 AM

    Budesonide nebulizer, a steroid, used early helps the lungs recover from covid-19. This was used in conjunction with other medications. And, his patients recovered. See a research article written by Dr Richard Bartelt, who has also been on the program "America, Can We Talk?"
    He also says hydroxychloroquine works. Early treatment is important.

  • William Smith

    07/25/2020 08:31 AM

    Good Morning Governor;
    I don't know why we don't use the water cannons, maybe too violent. Just a suggestion get a couple of foam generators and point the nozzles up over the rioters. Mix the foam with water and Dawn dish detergent. At approx 2 AM when things get hot, light off the foam nozzles. Not violent, the rioters would get a nice cool bath and the roadways would be cleared of grease and oil. Remember Dawn is used to clean up wildlife after an oil spill. In my humble opinion, hopefully this would save some of our law enforcement officers. Thank you for all you do. Take care God Bless. William Smith Norfolk Va USN Ret.


    07/25/2020 08:24 AM


  • Thomas Douglas Roper

    07/25/2020 08:21 AM

    I mentioned before we can't know for sure the numbers of deaths and active cases because of the inaccuracy of the reporting. Many of the deaths reported as Coronavirus related were not associated with the virus. There's so many groups, government and nongovernment, doing testing you can't be sure of their records. Do these numbers include retesting.

  • Terry Lynn Clopper

    07/25/2020 07:47 AM

    Please do not use the word "Idiots" when describing those of "the left." To me, when you do, you do not sound like a Christian man of faith. You sound like one of them describing us on "the right." We can distinguish and separate ourselves by our words. Thank you for listening.

  • Kay DeWitt

    07/25/2020 06:01 AM


    Because of (for now, let's say) a "happening", last night, when I got up this morning, I felt inclined to want to, finally, write a comment. (I explained, weeks ago, that I stopped writing comments because I felt that they were just not making any kind of a real difference).

    I decided that, if I read something in this newsletter that spoke to the "why" behind my feeling inclined TO write a comment, I WOULD write one...AND SO
    ....when I saw the words "BABY LIVES MATTER", I gasped because that was part of what was moving me to WANT to vent the emotions stirred within me BY last night's "happening" VIA writing a comment ABOUT those emotions....

    Mike, minutes after I answered your vaccine poll and had written a comment where I stated........."My comment today re-echoes the one I have stated many times which is THAT....if President Trump could re-echo the message Arthur Brooks gave at the National Prayer Breakfast as to what (despite the economy) will make America "great" again ...HE WOULD WIN MORE VOTES THAN IF HE HAD TWENTY CAMPAIGN RALLIES!...Because....the supernatural power of Christ's UNCONDITIONAL love is THE only answer to overcoming all the hatred, and violence, that now makes a mockery of referring to America as 'one nation UNDER GOD!' "........I decided to see what the late night hosts had to say about President Trump's inteview with Chris Wallace and I was appalled BY what they had to say!!!! These late night hosts I am referring to were Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and Seth Meyers...

    As you know, from the time Donald Trump became our President, these three men have mimicked Alex Baldwin's way of making fun of the way the President speaks, and all three of these late night hosts used this kind of making fun of President Trump's manner of speaking as they repeated the things President Trump said during his interview with Chris Wallace.

    Listening to these men broke my heart because my response was that THEIR "SIN" WAS GREATER THAN ANY THEY WERE ACCUSING PRESIDENT TRUMP OF BECAUSE THEY SUPPORTED KILLING GOD'S UNBORN BABIES...which is a graver sin than any sin they were accusing President Trump of!....Not to mention their being guilty of the same kind of sin....of hatred... that is killing our kids!!!!

    Interestingly....both my sister and myself....... (who, as you know, do not see President Trump through rose-colored glasses BECAUSE we are Christians and, therefore, try to see EVERYONE'S behavior as Christ sees them through the lens of HIS medium of measurement of holiness)........felt something positive about the way President Trump responded to Chris Wallace...and that "something positive" was not just in WHAT President Trump said, but an indefinable something positive about his "heart" (for lack of a better way of expressing it)

    After listening to these three late night hosts, after having just written what I stated in response to your vaccine poll about the answer to making America great again was Christ's unconditional love, I could not help but think what a contradiction these three late night show hosts were TO this answer....SO, for all of their slamming President Trump, they are guilty of being a part of any "problem" .. of his "sin"....they are accusing President Trump of because one is either a part of the problem or he is part of the solution TO the problem!

    AND what inspired me to write this comment this morning is that I heard a replay of your recent article's title,"TIME TO SPEAK UP", and it is not just the "silent majority" who needs to speak up, but also Christians who need to start talking ABOUT "sin" and why, if this country does not get down on its knees and repent OF its sin, we will continue to suffer this crisis we find ourselves in because it is GOD'S wake-up call TO America TO repent! If Christians can get their voices heard because they are upset that they cannot sit in their cars and listen to a sermon ABOUT Jesus, why can they not get that upset by "our" late night show hosts who make a mockery OF Jesus because their mockery of their President MAKES a mockery of Christ's UNCONDITIONAL love because their hatred for our President was birthed in the pit of hell!!!!!!!!!!!....and is, therefore, authored by the evil one himself....Satan!!!!!.......AND....

    HOW COME Christians are not shouting from the roof tops that President Trump DID what, for years, other presidents promised TO do, but never did....which was that he moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem thereby giving recognition to its God-given status of being Israel's capital!

  • William Schlumpf

    07/25/2020 05:47 AM

    Re: Travis commentary.
    Another angle of the lockdown debate - if claims by "experts" are correct - that antibodies fade away in the immune system after around 6 months, then lockdowns will prolong the life cycle of the pandemic as repeated exposure would maintain immunity and isolation, lose it.

  • Carmine Fea

    07/25/2020 04:06 AM

    Yesterday, Fox News, during the Harris Faulkner early afternoon program, pulled away from the White House press briefing because the press briefing was showing a short piece of the riots and destruction in Portland. Fox News censored the news and helped the lies told to the people of this country by Anderson Cooper, CNN, and lawless city leaders that these are peaceful protests. Fox News caved to mob rule, take a knee, do as we say or we'll hurt you. Fox News, another destroyer of truth in the news to deceive the people of this country and a huge disappointment.

  • Linda Olds

    07/25/2020 01:56 AM

    This newsletter is depressing and hopeful at the same time. The depressing part is obvious.
    The hopeful part is: 1) Chicago's Mayor Lightfoot talking with President Trump about the violence there.
    2) Things are going so badly in Democrat-run areas, even liberal voters must be having second thoughts.
    3) President Trump is doing the right thing about the violence and the virus.

  • Ronnie Brackett

    07/25/2020 12:39 AM

    ***2nd Amendment..."....the right to own and carry a gun shall not be infringed."...GUN LAWS ARE INFRINGEMENTS!