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April 6, 2022


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  • Big updates on Sussmann case, Hunter Biden investigation
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2. Russia-Ukraine war

Here is today’s link to Fox News’ continually-updated Russia-Ukraine news:

To catch you up on some of the latest stories: President Biden approved an additional $100 million in military assistance to Ukraine as Secretary of State Anthony Blinken accused Russia of running a "deliberate campaign to kill, to torture, to rape, to commit atrocities." In what could be an important new development, China called the images that show a civilian massacre in Bucha “deeply disturbing” and called for an investigation; and India, which has also so far avoided criticizing Russia, said it unequivocally condemned the situation in Bucha. The Czech Republic sent a shipment of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. President Zelenskyy accused Russia of “weaponizing hunger” by destroying food depots and mining farm fields.

This is an intriguing suggestion: The president of the European Council suggested that EU member nations offer asylum to Russian military deserters who don’t want to follow Putin’s orders to kill their Ukrainian cousins. Videos have surfaced on social media, reportedly of young Russian conscripts complaining that they’re poorly trained and badly-equipped and have been ordered into a suicidal mission they want no part of. If given half a chance, they might welcome the opportunity to drop their guns and run.

And this proves that war makes strange bedfellows: Hollywood liberal activist Sean Penn was a guest last night on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News. Penn admitted that he didn’t trust Hannity but thought that political differences should be put aside when facing something so terrible. He had been in Ukraine shooting a documentary about Zelenskyy when the invasion came, so he has some firsthand information and opinions to share. Penn predicts that “the Ukrainians will win this. The question is, at what cost?” You can see the interview here:

3. Big updates on Sussmann case, Hunter Biden investigation

There are major updates today concerning the Hunter laptop investigation, with testimony before a Delaware grand jury, and also the Michael Sussmann case, with revelatory new court filings by special counsel John Durham. Honestly, the mountain of information grows day by day, until it seems as if we’re sorting through a stinking landfill with a teaspoon.

In the case against Clinton attorney Sussmann, Durham has seen from defense filings that a significant part of their strategy is to get evidence thrown out as hearsay or otherwise inadmissible. Late Monday, he filed a 48-page motion laying out all the arguments for allowing specific pieces of evidence, including a stunning text message from Sussmann to then-FBI general counsel James Baker that lies to the FBI a SECOND TIME, IN WRITING, about coming to the FBI on his own, not representing any clients. Sussmann apparently lied about this not just during the meeting, but to get the meeting in the first place, so he could feed them the fake Alfa Bank story in furtherance of the Trump/Russia hoax.

As you know, Sussmann is charged with lying to the FBI about the fact that he was representing the DNC, Hillary For America, and tech executive Ron Joffe during his visit. Durham has billing records from Hillary’s law firm Perkins Coie that show he was.

“Jim --- it’s Michael Sussmann,” he texted Baker. “I have something time-sensitive (and sensitive) I need to discuss. Do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow? I’m on my own --- not on behalf of a client or company --- want to help the Bureau. Thanks.”

(Aside: you better believe it was time-sensitive. The 2020 election was coming up in a couple of weeks, and this story was no doubt timed to be an October surprise.)

Here’s the story from the New York Post, which includes detail about the defense’s motion to exclude some of Durham’s evidence...

Perhaps Sussmann was not forthcoming with his own attorneys about that text, as one of their arguments last year for Durham not having a case against him was that it was “a purported oral statement made over five years ago for which there is only a single witness, Baker; for which there is no recording; and for which there are no contemporaneous notes by anyone who was actually in the meeting.” Now they find out their client committed the same lie again –- in writing? Oops!!

Sussmann has already pleaded not guilty. This could get sticky for his attorneys, but, as the saying goes, that’s why they get the big bucks.

Last October, his attorneys said they intended to call Baker as a witness, so the trial could get really interesting when Durham cross-examines. (By the way, guess who Baker works for now? That bastion of truth and free speech, Twitter.)

Durham’s motion, arguing for the inclusion of individual pieces of evidence that might be challenged, is just masterful. Here’s a link to the pdf, and if you have time to go through it and marvel at the care that went into the building of this case, you will be rewarded. Durham has to anticipate every argument the defense might make to exclude each piece and offer the judge legal precedent for including it. What will be especially interesting to the casual reader is not the specific legal precedents regarding hearsay, etc. --- as important as they are for the judge --- but the actual fragments of evidence that are written into the motion.

The motion gets really interesting when it addresses the more obscure communications between Joffe and others on his tech team. Starting on page 19, under the heading “Emails Involving Tech Executive – 1 and Internet Researchers,” the evidence shows how tenuous the Alfa Bank story really was, and how they went ahead with it anyway, without real evidence. Again, Durham has to make the case that these emails are not hearsay or otherwise inadmissible, because Sussmann’s attorneys will try to get them excluded. To that point, it might be significant that his attorneys are with the firm Latham & Watkins, which represents a number of clients tied to Hillary Clinton.

One key email is on page 25, from “Researcher – 1,” saying in part, “We cannot technically make any claims that would fly public scrutiny...The only thing that drive[s] us at this point is that we just do not like [Trump]...Folks, I am afraid we have tunnel vision.”

There’s another email on page 27 from “Researcher – 2” that lauds the ability to fool people who aren’t tech experts: “I don’t care in the least whether I’m right or wrong...[Tech Executive – 1”] has crafted a message that could work to accomplish the goals. Weakening that message in any way would in my opinion be a mistake.”

Durham argues that these pieces of evidence are admissible because they “shed important light on the defendant’s and Tech Executive – 1’s ‘intent, motive or state of mind’ and ‘help to explain their future conduct.’” As in, LYING to get the FBI to take this piece of garbage seriously and take Trump down.

In Trump's lawsuit against Hillary, the DNC and others, Trump’s attorney has filed a six-page motion to have the presiding judge disqualified. Recall our bewilderment that a Bill Clinton-appointed judge, US. District Judge Donald Middlebrooks, was given this case. Middlebrooks’ prejudice because of his connection to the Clintons is “so virulent or pervasive as to constitute bias against a party,” the motion reads, making reference to a previous case. This issue seems quite clear-cut; no word yet on when the ruling will be made.

Moving to Hunter Biden, we've known for a long time who "the Big Guy"must be, but the Delaware grand jury looking into his business affairs has finally heard testimony about it. From the New York Post...

Hunter has long been the money man. In 2012, when Joe was VP, Ron Klain, who was then chairman of the Vice President’s Residence Foundation (VPRF), went to Hunter seeking $20,000, apparently for improvements for the official residence. Klain told him to keep it on the “low low key.” Because “raising money for the Residence now is bad PR,” Klain said, he was “hitting up a few very close friends on a very confidential basis.” Just a little side story...

Also, hate to say this, but being on Hunter’s Secret Service detail is a pretty cushy job. While Hunter cools his heels at a $10,000-a-month Malibu home, his agents are staying at taxpayer expense at a $30,000-a-month beachside estate. Details …

John Solomon and Seamus Bruner at Just the News have obtained emails and court records showing how Hunter apparently sought to cash in on relationships with Russian oligarchs in 2014, during Russia’s previous invasion of Ukraine.

They write: “The delicate balancing act of cashing in on both the Russian and Ukrainian sides of the conflict left the younger Biden and his partners acutely aware that Moscow’s militry annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean region in 2014 was a wild card that could scuttle the success of their business pursuits.”

The same month that Moscow oligarch Yelena Baturina wired $3.5 million to Hunter’s company, Joe Biden was made “point man” to deal with the chaos in Ukraine. Unbelievable.

Former U.S. attorney Brett Tolman says “anybody else would have been indicted already.”

4. Obama returns

Former President Obama returned to the White House for the first time since 2017 for an event commemorating the passage of Obamacare. But even that turned into a disastrous embarrassment for President Biden, as both the televised visuals and the reactions of the reporters and guests made it clear how much everyone in the room wished he were still President instead of Biden. Biden even said, “I’m Barack Obama’s Vice President,” and it’s not entirely clear he was joking. The crowd cheered, and it’s not clear if that’s because they got the joke or liked the general idea.

Adding to the feeling of nostalgia was that in his brief speech, Obama referred to himself (“I, me, my,” etc.) 33 times.

As the assembled crowd hung on Obama’s every word, Biden and Kamala Harris stood in the background, looking like superfluous scenery. At one point, Biden took something out of his pocket, unwrapped it and ate it.

Afterwards, as everyone excitedly gathered around to talk to Obama, Biden was left on his own and wandered aimlessly around the stage, like a Roomba robot vacuum.

It’s hard to imagine, but Biden has proven to be so incompetent and destructive, he might actually have made even some Republicans feel a twinge of nostalgia at seeing Obama back at the White House podium. They might disagree strongly with where he took the country, but at least you felt as if somebody had his hands on the wheel.

5. Sacramento mass shooting background info

A second suspect has been arrested in a terrible mass shooting in Sacramento Sunday that left six people dead and injured 12 others.

The suspect, Smiley Martin, is the brother of the first person arrested. As bad as this story is, it gets worse. Democrats like Sen. Diane Feinstein predictably reacted to news of the shooting by calling for more gun control laws, despite the fact that California already has most of the laws they were calling for and it made no difference. But here’s what would have made a difference: not letting Martin out of prison to kill people. No wonder the liberal politicians and the media are backing away from this story so quickly.

It was revealed that in 2018, Martin was sentenced to 10 years in prison for domestic violence and assault with great bodily injury. When he came up for parole last year, a Sacramento deputy district attorney wrote a letter to the parole board urging them not to release him. The letter described his long history of violent criminal behavior and warned that he "clearly has little regard for human life and the law." But that now being no reason to keep someone in jail in California, he was released in February anyway. Now, less than two months later, he’s back under arrest in connection with a mass shooting and for possession of a machine gun.

You know, I’m pretty sure those are also already illegal in California. So maybe instead of passing more gun laws, California’s Democrat officials could just stop releasing criminals who like to go around using illegal machine guns.

6. Day 1 on the Twitter Board of Directors

After buying a 12% stake in Twitter, Elon Musk had been on the board of directors for less than a day when Twitter announced a major change: they’re working on adding an “edit” button so that people can change posted Tweets, the way you can with Facebook posts. But Twitter claims this had nothing to do with Musk, even though he’d tweeted about that just before his surprise stock purchase.

Of course, the changes users really want to see from Musk are an end to the platform’s leftwing censorship of conservatives for “violating terms of service,” which usually means expressing an opinion – or fact – that contradicts leftist narratives. But while Musk can make, or at least suggest, changes, under the newly-released terms of the stock sale, his role is limited. For instance, he can’t buy more than 14.9% of Twitter until 2024. Here are more details on the deal:

In the meantime, Twitter continues to allow genocidal dictators and violent leftist radicals to remain on Twitter while maintaining the suspensions of former President Trump, as well as the accounts of Tucker Carlson, Charlie Kirk and the satire site the Babylon Bee for the thought crime of calling HHS official Dr. Rachel Levine a biological man.

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  • Stuart MacPhail

    04/07/2022 06:31 PM

    HELP! I am a paid subscriber, but for the last few days the Huckabee Newsletter has not been arriving in my inbox. What's up?

    Stuart MacPhail

  • Deborah Martin

    04/06/2022 09:39 PM

    I wonder if you could shine a light on the nightmare that's happening now in Shanghai. It's awful what is happening to families. Thank you.

  • Sam Fuller

    04/06/2022 06:59 PM

    I believe the genuine Republicians should put the brakes on the 2020 election fraud and Hunter Biden investigations until after the mid terms to minimize interference.

  • Floyd A Unger

    04/06/2022 06:01 PM

    Thank you

  • Paul Kern

    04/06/2022 04:27 PM

    My head is swimming. Are we seeing a peashell game. Pick up the shell and out pops president for the day?
    Also am praying that the Right gets a backbone. RINOs run it. Maybe some of the real conservatives could start filibustering. I would like to see old Nancy and Chuck and their dead prez implode along with all the vultures in the Squad. I got plenty of popcorn.
    On a serious note I pray for real Daniels,and Deborah's. Daniels to see thru the fog and Deborah's to shame the men into doing the right thing. I am afraid if Biden gets title 24 revoked. The gates of hell will spew out her filth. David Wilkerson predicted this in his book "The Vision" A godly man not one of the phonies running around. Bodie Baucham is another. Should invite Bodie to your show.

  • jack macdonald

    04/06/2022 04:10 PM

    A couple of thoughts occurred as I read your article. First, No one as stupid as Diane Feinstein should ever be allowed to have a position of responsibility. She is like a wind up doll that when you push her button she spouts "we need more gun control" when what we need is stupidity control. Second, I was taught once upon a time that our govt. was to have a fiduciary responsibility in spending the taxpayers money. Instead, they have a callous disregard as illustrated by the Secret service costs to protect the criminal son of the president. Where is the OMB? Who monitors how taxpayer money is spent? Hunter and those agents should be required to find the most economical accomodations available. In fact, they should have been housed with Hunter, thus saving the taxpayer thousands in unnecessary expense.

  • Larry Rippere

    04/06/2022 03:41 PM

    Asylum to Russian conscripts: a wonderful idea, Huck... but isn't Ukraine already doing that? And hopefully some other countries? Give those kids college scholarships!

    Now we read about Byelorussians who are disgusted with their dictator and his cuddly with Moscow, clearly choosing to rebel against that thrust and join the Ukrainians.

    Although we are born in sin, it's fun to see how many of the folk in that mess can't stomach what Russia is trying to do and are rebelling against anything that smacks of Putin.

  • Lise McLain

    04/06/2022 03:25 PM


    Why isn't Hillary brought up on charges, too?

    It appears to me that "others" will take the fall, and she continues to live freely.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  • Anne Turner

    04/06/2022 02:43 PM

    Some of your comments suggest that lefties should actually consider responsible and factual common sense. To expect them to go from point A to Point B and see the consequences of their actions is just asking too much. Let’s face it, they are propping up a demented fool. Putin must be laughing his head off, if he is able to laugh. Zelinski must be shaking his head in fear and frustration. At least other countries are stepping up. They see the handwriting on the wall, first Ukraine and then us. I am so ashamed and embarrassed that the American people voted us into be a laughing stock. It is a wonder that those sitting around the table at conferences can subdue their laughter. Poor old man, doesn’t even realize what he is doing. You would think a loving wife would try to get him off the stage. But then we would get Kamala. Can’t be any worse, or can it?

    As I have said before, if the GOP, does not prevail in both the House and Senate, the corruption is even worse than we expect. I anticipate that the Dems will just not vote as apposed to having to vote for any GOP candidate.

    As a West Virginian I am very disappointed in Manchin for saying he would approve Jackson. I am totally behind equality and fair representation but have you noticed that even TV ads are featuring far more African Americans, not other minorities than their population percentage. When will we start, as a nation, valuing people for what’s inside not their outside. I wonder if she will gain the respect of her colleges. May God protect the other Judges.

  • Joan Brehon

    04/06/2022 01:05 PM

    obama is in his third term now!