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March 18, 2021

I’m sure it just killed their souls to do it to their pet President, but CBS News reported that the DHS has detained over 13,000 unaccompanied children since Biden took office, with more migrants attempting to cross than at any time in the past 20 years. And they actually called it a “Crisis at the Border.” Not a “challenge,” but a “crisis.” And from CBS! That’s gotta hurt…

Florida’s Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Biden’s “sanctuary country” orders. It reveals that dangerous illegal immigrant criminals who have been arrested or charged with crimes such as murder, rape and sexual abuse of a child are being released from jail into US communities because Biden ordered ICE not to pursue them.

The Customs and Border Protection agency confirmed to Congress that four people caught trying to cross the Southern border match names of people on the terrorist watch list, three from Yemen and one from Serbia.

The Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas is being turned into a temporary housing facility for as many as 3,000 illegal teenage border crossers for up to three months. Their food, medical care and other costs will be paid by the federal government (i.e., you) until they are reunited with family members or set up with sponsor families.

A South Texas rancher complained that Biden’s open border policy has caused human smugglers to start crashing vehicles right through her fences and using her property as a “dumping ground” for illegal migrants, who are running loose on her ranch. She said she had one such incident under Trump, but it changed overnight when Biden took over, and now she’s besieged with illegal immigrants. Which is weird, since Nancy Pelosi assured us that Biden inherited that problem from Trump.

The mayor of Gila Bend, Arizona, expressed outrage that the federal government informed him that they’re planning to dump an unspecified number of illegal immigrants into his jurisdiction next week and told him, “They’re your problem.” He says the town can barely afford to take care of its own people, who include a lot of seniors, and now the feds expect them to take care of all these illegal migrants who haven’t even been vetted for COVID-19.

In summation, for someone who nags the rest of us about not doing enough to stop the spread of the coronavirus, Biden’s own border policies have become a superspreader event in more ways than one. His excuses and attempts to blame Trump for a crisis of his own making also involve spreading something, but it’s not a virus, it’s manure.