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October 5, 2022

Democrats hoping to run for reelection on falling gas prices (which are still over a dollar higher than when Trump left office) will be disappointed to learn that the national average for a gallon of regular has jumped 11.1 cents since last week to $3.80. That’s largely because of big increases in Western states, led of course by California, where gas prices have risen a whopping 55.3 cents per gallon in one week.

Some areas of California are back to setting new gas price records, like L.A./Long Beach, where regular gas is a pocket-draining $6.46 a gallon. I’ll bet those L.A. Democrats can’t wait until they all own nothing but electric cars that they’re not allowed to plug in because there’s no electricity. 

And don’t count on prices coming down anytime soon. Despite President Biden begging OPEC nations to increase oil production, they’re meeting this week to consider the biggest production cut since the pandemic began, to push prices even higher.

And Biden has already drained our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to a 37-year low to artificially depress gas prices prior to the election. He’ll not only have to refill it at much higher prices, but even that could prove problematic if hurricane season interferes with oil drilling and refining in the Gulf Coast. Luckily, Biden has a strategy: blame the oil companies for price gouging.

A saner strategy might be to call off his war on domestic oil and gas producers, but that would require someone in this Administration to be sane.  


Related: Best One-Liner of the Week! In a debate in Virginia, a moderator tried to smear Republican congressional candidate Hung Cao with the “election denier” label by asking him, “Is Joe Biden the President?” Cao replied, “Just look at the price of gas – Joe Biden is definitely the President.”

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