April 11, 2018

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took advantage of the glaring media spotlight on Mark Zuckerberg to try to explain away his seeming endorsement of an article that called for silencing and criminalizing conservative speech. You see, in calling it a “great read,” he didn’t mean that he agreed with that twittery. Perish the thought!

No, he merely meant it was “a strong analysis and thesis of competing economic systems in the past (labor) and today (energy), where one ideology had to win completely to move us all forward… As I read it, this wasn’t a call for civil war (author used as a provocative metaphor) or a one party system (author states both parties still exist), but a bunch of learnings and warnings for both parties. I disagree both parties can’t work together.”

Well, it's good to hear that the author concedes people with non-leftist points of view still exist, as objectionable as he may find that. Now, maybe Mr. Dorsey could prove that he believes both parties have a right to free speech by halting the harassment and barring of conservatives from Twitter for exercising it.


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Tolerance on Campus, 2018: A conservative group at the University of Texas at San Antonio put up fliers warning that two groups on campus had been linked to anti-Semitism and harassment of Jewish students – and that one of the groups was founded by two supporters of the terrorist group Hamas to wage an on-campus war against Israel, and that one of the founders was known for approvingly quoting an Islamic hadith calling for the violent slaughter of Jews.

So naturally, university officials took swift action: they threatened the conservative group with arrest for posting the fliers. Details at the link. Reminder: This is a public Texas...where I thought the First Amendment still applied.



A student at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga gained national attention just by announcing her graduation on Twitter. Well, it was actually the way she announced it: with a photo showing her proudly displaying her “Women for Trump” T-shirt and her handgun tucked into the waist of her jeans. Her comment: “I don’t take normal college graduation photos…” She also explains in the comments that she’s proud of her Second Amendment rights and of encouraging women to empower themselves by carrying a weapon to protect themselves and their friends and families.

At last count, her tweet has garnered over 85,000 likes, over 12,000 retweets, and countless hostile, insulting, profane and occasionally outright stupid comments from the left. I won’t repeat them here (why do liberals hate empowered women so much?), but you can see a couple, along with the photo, at the link. Some might say this illustrates the great debate America is having over gun control, but I’d say that the real debate this sparks is over which triggers the left more: seeing a gun or seeing a genuinely empowered woman in a “Women for Trump” T-shirt.


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Over the past few decades, the term “liberal arts education” took on a whole new meaning as the education establishment first removed God from the classroom, then removed patriotism, filling kids’ heads with leftist, blame-America propaganda in place of history and current events. But one public charter school in Arizona is fighting back against that trend with a curriculum that emphasizes the greatness of America.

At the link are ten ways in which they teach students how blessed they are to be Americans and how grateful they should be to those who protect the rights they enjoy. Imagine a school where kids not only start off the day with the Pledge of Allegiance and “The Star-Spangled Banner,” but are actually taught what the words of both mean. Where students not only honor veterans and do serve to help them, but invite them into the classroom to tell their stories. And where respect for immigrants, from the Pilgrims to today’s, is shown by studying the reasons why they left their native lands to come here and the hardships they were willing to endure to become Americans.

I have a feeling that once word gets out, the line to apply for this school might be nearly as long as the line to apply for US citizenship.



Just as spring brings forth the hopeful signs of buds on plants returning to life after a long winter, so, too, are the tiniest signs of common sense finally starting to reappear in California. The leftist leaders who squandered the gold they inherited in the Golden State have confidently predicted that their insane policies will spread west like the plague in a “blue wave” and become the future of America. They didn’t consider that their own people might get sick of living with the effects of their expensive, freedom-crushing failures and start to rebel, as coalitions of Republicans and moderate Democrats are finally starting to do with the lawsuits to overturn the “sanctuary state” policy and in other ways.

Read this op-ed by California resident Peggy Grande. It might give you renewed hope for both California’s future and America’s. But one note: she asks in regard to California’s jungle primary system that keeps Republicans from even making it onto the ballot, “Is the left so afraid of democracy that they must tip the scales in their own favor to prevent a different viewpoint or ideology?” If you have to ask, then you really don’t understand the modern left.


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