October 3, 2017

Frankly, I find it unconscionable that before we even knew the most basic facts about what happened during the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas – who did it, his motivations, what weapons he used or how he obtained them - some were already rushing to demand more gun control laws. Instead of concentrating on the victims, offering prayers and comfort or even just a respectful silence, they sought to exploit their pain for partisan gain. I resent that I have to respond to this, but when political operatives on either side start making questionable claims, I’ve always held it as my responsibility to find out the facts and present them to you. So here is a roundup of just a few of those who couldn’t even wait for the blood to dry before launching into the infamous practice of “never letting a crisis go to waste.”

One of the first out of the gate was Hillary Clinton, who said we “must put politics aside,” then in the very same sentence tried to blame the killings on the NRA for opposing regulations on silencers. She claimed that if the gunman had used a silencer, that would have made it impossible to hear the shots and more people might been killed. This was stunningly ill-informed on several levels. First, the idea that a mass killer would be deterred by a silencer law seems highly unlikely, to say the least. Secondly, as even the Washington Post’s fact-checker pointed out, a silencer reduces by only a few decibels just one of the noises that a gun makes. It doesn’t actually “silence” a gun. Hillary’s rush to regulate something she doesn’t vaguely understand is reminiscent of the gun laws that brand certain rifles as “assault weapons” if they have any of several random features that make them look scary but don’t make the gun any more lethal (some are even safety features, like a barrel shield that simply prevents the user from burning his fingers on a hot barrel.) This school of gun control activism falls under the “Do something even if it’s wrong” category.

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…And John Kerry…READ MORE

Kerry’s Facebook statement started out focused on the victims and their families, but quickly veered into a pitch for more gun control laws to prevent mass shootings, without which, he wrote, “we have to reckon with the fact that it happens here in the United States with a frequency that the rest of the modern world can't imagine.”

Any killing of even one innocent person is too many, but is it really true that the United States is a hotbed of mass killings the likes of which the rest of the world can’t even imagine? In a ranking by Insider of the 20 most dangerous nations on Earth, the US didn’t even make the list. The top five were Colombia, Yemen, El Salvador, Pakistan and Nigeria. But wait, Kerry said the “modern world.” So let’s look at Europe, which we know Kerry loves and wants the US to emulate, and which already has the same strict gun laws many want to impose here.

The Crime Prevention Research Center reports that in 2015 alone, France (with a population about 1/5th that of the US) suffered 532 casualties from mass shootings, or five more than the US experienced during Obama’s entire presidency. As gun researcher John Lott notes, in France, even semi-automatic weapons are illegal, yet all four mass shootings there in 2015 involved machine guns (fully-automatic weapons have already been heavily restricted in the US for many decades, but that apparently didn’t stop the Vegas shooter from obtaining one.)

Lott points out that the Las Vegas attack is the worst in US history, but only the 14th worst worldwide. Also, last year, a jihadist terrorist in Nice, France, didn’t even need a gun: he used a truck to kill 86 people and injure 458 more.

And if you think those laws would work better here, Chicago already has some of the toughest gun laws in the US. Last weekend in Chicago, four people were killed and at least 29 more injured in shootings, bringing the 2017 total so far for Chicago gun deaths to a staggering 474. A recent survey of Chicago convicts found that virtually none obtained their guns via legal methods that were subject to those laws.

Just to be crystal clear: none of this is to argue that there should be no firearms regulations or to seek to downplay the heartbreaking horror of mass shootings. But if we’re serious about preventing such attacks, we should approach it realistically. Passing fantasy-based feel-good laws that disarm law-abiding citizens while doing nothing to impede murderers is not merely useless, it’s counterproductive. No law can block evil from entering the heart or mind of a would-be killer.

So what can be done? Better vigilance of mental disorders would help. Less political correctness that forces authorities to deny the source of threats. And better security at large scale events like concerts, whether Jason Aldean or Arianna Grande.

Aaron Cohen is a former member of Israel’s Special Ops terror unit. He told Fox News that Israeli authorities understand that you can’t guarantee complete security, so they institute layers of security so if one fails, the next might not. In the case of the Las Vegas shooting, he said there were bag checks to keep guns out of the event, but the surrounding hotels didn’t check guests’ bags for guns – understandable, since this has never happened before. But in the future, for events with a large crowd near a hotel or other tall building, maybe they should scan guests’ baggage or have undercover officers inside those buildings. Those are “common sense” measures that might actually work. So why aren’t we talking about doing that?

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  • kevin springs

    10/06/2017 02:01 PM

    Pelosi is just a disgusting human being.

  • Michael Egbert

    10/06/2017 08:52 AM

    "John Doe" shoots somebody and the first thing they start yelling is "gun control!" Why is it we don't hear these same morons yelling about the 15 THOUSAND + killed each year by drunk drivers? Ban motor vehicles? Not likely. But guns, thats another thing. Liberal hardcore leftists are convinced that gun laying there on the table is the culprit and just plain kills indiscriminately without warning - those bullets just come magically flying out of that barrel hunting for any innocent person nearby. People, that firearm needs help to do its dastardly deed - an actual PERSON to pick it up and pull that trigger just like that motor vehicle needs a drunk idiot to crawl inside, start it up before it too can do evil things. The common thread? A person, people, man or woman, young or old is that catalyst. Banning the gun or motor vehicle is not the answer, never has been, never will be. Human behavior needs to be the target to know, I was reading a history book some time ago and one of the reasons listed (among several) as why Japan didn't follow through on their attack at Pearl Harbor by invading the U.S. west coast was that they knew the citizens would be well armed because of our 2nd amendment. Let that soak in...

  • Donna Domingo

    10/06/2017 08:35 AM

    My heart goes out to all affected by the LV massacre. However since the dems particularly, are calling for more gun control that would, hopefully, save lives, how about having legislation that would outlaw bump stocks with the 20 week abortion ban that most republicans want? How many lives (babies) would that save?? I have never understood how someone can be tried for murder of an unborn baby but a woman can kill it lawfully through abortion. Thank you for being the voice of so many of us. I am looking forward to your new show.

  • Marie Simmons

    10/05/2017 12:45 PM

    I believe there should be gun-control, but I believe it should begin with the gun manufacturers.
    What purpose is the AK 47 - not sure that's the proper letters or numbers - and all the other high powered guns? I'm 84, grew up in Iowa, and the guns then were used to shoot pheasants and rabbits.
    But if you eliminated all the guns, people would still find a way to kill. What did Cain use to kill Abel? We can't stop evil, but God will.
    I enjoyed your program on Fox and I will be watching your new program this weekend. Thank you, Mike, for your newsletter. I enjoy reading it.

  • Richard

    10/05/2017 09:27 AM

    I believe that the left, but not all, really hate America. They prove it over and over every time a shooting happens. They have proven that they want to destroy America, and all the good that America stands for. I have been to some of the other countries when I was in the Air Force, but America is where my heart is. As someone has said before, Why don't the left jump on the Chicago killings. I pray for our President, who is trying to do the right thing, and make America great again. May God bless America again!!!

  • Aleta Payne

    10/05/2017 07:25 AM

    Thank you, Mr. Huckabee, for always being on point. I am concerned about the reports I am hearing from witnesses that are being squashed on social media like some being told there were several gunmen, and from other hotels as well, and seeing gunfire from other windows in the Mandalay. I sincerely hope that a true investigation is going to ensue about the matter. In the meantime, my heart and prayers are with the dead and injured.

  • Carol Head

    10/04/2017 09:55 PM

    Governor I am amazed at how quickly those in authority denied this Vagas massacre had anything to do with terrorism. The Israel IDF intelligence knows he had been radicalized for 3 months. They even have his seeet Islamic new name. Even without this info the m-o Spoke volumes! Oh darn I forgot they said the same thing about the Fla. night club massacre! God comfort and bless the families of the victims. God bless America and president Trump. Thank you for your stand for our Lord Governor.

  • Mike Smith

    10/04/2017 05:01 PM

    - Shaun Dyler - you must exist in a very confusing environment. (and - probably shouldn't try to expound on what Jesus would say)

    Mike - Thanks, once again, for being a voice of reason.

  • Chris Gerber

    10/04/2017 03:50 PM

    Well, in the case of silencers, I know why the NRA is for the use of them. Health reasons and hearing protection.... probably a few more reasons I am not aware of. But, silencers should be regulated towards criminals and those that are prone to commit offenses regarding weapons from getting them for obvious reasons. Beyond that, the issue is a mental health, legal and emotional issue. That field needs to be regulated inre: gun ownership and use. It is the person using the gun that kills people with it, not the gun itself. A gun is inanimate in nature... common sense.

  • Floyd Kimmel

    10/04/2017 03:05 PM

    As a gun owner who obtained his guns legally with back round checks. I have no problem with gun measure that will work, the ones on the books are ok could be better. 1. Why punish law abiding citizens who own guns. 2. Why do liberals only jump on their soapbox when there is a mass shooting screaming gun control, gun ban and then in about 1 week or so you wont hear anything more on gun control or gun ban from the liberals until the next mass gun killings (pray to God it will stop and make this the last) The liberals need to take a look at where all this hate and killings are coming from, its not hard to find - Politician's who despise the POTUS both parties, celebrities who mock the POTUS family call his supporters racist bigots ignorant, threaten POTUS life and no legal action taken, MSM their lies, their misinformation, BLM, Antifa, calling for killing cops, killing whites, killing Trump supporters then there is the weak minded you fall for this BS and act it out for real and kill. Its just my opinion but remember its the mentally of the person pulling that trigger. So for the sake of all this pointing fingers at the wrong group wont help, yelling gun control after a gun tragedy. So instead of screaming sit down 365 days a year and work on it not just when it fits the agenda.

  • Debbie Graham

    10/04/2017 02:41 PM

    Criminals and the mentally ill do not get guns legally. One guy I heard said that the shooter was
    demon possessed or mentally ill. That was a big leap of faith. Jesus and his disciples cast out many demons
    in the Bible. I believe that when we have a horrific event like this or when a Mother drowns her kids in the
    bathtub, that these people are demon possessed because NO ONE in their right mind would kill their kids or murder strangers. We are in spiritual warfare right now and the only way to overcome this is prayer and standing strong in our Christian faith and trusting God.

  • Betty Jo Simone

    10/04/2017 01:41 PM

    Thank you for your comments. It is nice to hear from someone who looks thoroughly at subjects before he comments and who is able to convey the information in a truthful way.

    Keep doing what you are doing because there are not many people out there who are honest, christian, and are trying very hard to help our country. Wish we could get your new show on TV but none of our channels carry TBN.

  • Shaun Dyler

    10/04/2017 11:37 AM

    Mr Huckabee- I do not think that criticizing politicians who want to do something to stop the insanity that guns inflict on people's lives is useful. Everyone grieves differently and many people including myself are praying for the victims and their families as well as challenging the status quo on gun laws. Many polticians are too afraid to speak up because there hands are dirty with NRA money or they are afraid they will lose votes. We do not have effective gun laws! When a person can buy all the parts legally and assemble something very close to automatic weapons we have a problem. Is there a central data base that captures who is buying guns, ammunition and acceccories and how much of them? We can do more Mike. Live by the gun, die by the gun is what Jesus would say. Why do our neighbors to the North not have these same issues. Instead of looking at bad examples let's look at good examples. We all know that sin is the problem but a sinner with weapons of mass destruction are an even bigger problem!

  • Christian Stoltzfus

    10/04/2017 11:30 AM

    I live in Las Vegas and am a chaplain with Messages of Faith Ministries, we serve wherever weare needed, many of my my fellow chaplains were there to console and pray with family members of people who were killed or injured. It's a sad day for us all here in Las Vegas. I am however more saddened we have politicians who don't have heart for the very people they want in there corner. All the want to do is spew there agendas to be heard. Guns themselves do not get up and start shooting on their own, there has to be someone to pull the trigger no matter how big or small it it is. Have a heart see the good in people like our God Our creator sees us. He doesn't see our flaws

  • Ginger Cox

    10/04/2017 11:01 AM

    The law should not be developed, basing on emotions. We should calm down and look at al the factors on how to prevent shooting. For example, security guard (not house keepers) should scan items in luggages.

  • anna marco

    10/04/2017 10:54 AM

    How can anyone expect anything else from these folks? They are in a rut! God help us all. Can you imagine being defenseless in the times we now are living? Guns save lives. Idiots kill!

  • Jack macdonald

    10/04/2017 10:04 AM

    Why don't we tell the Libs to save their breath until they can offer an actual solution. Since there is no real solution they can just keep offering hot air. Why don't they have an honest moment where they just admit that they don't believe in the American constitution? They would like to create one that suits their PC agenda. They have already destroyed "freedom of the press" by subverting the media into a single voice propaganda arm of the "democratic" party. The former Dem party which actually consisted of real Americans in the days of Harry Truman and JFK. Those days are gone thanks to the corrupt media and educational institutions. Imagine how WW2 might have ended had we needed to rely on Hillary or Obama to make the call to drop the bomb.

  • Jay Culotta

    10/04/2017 09:26 AM

    People have once again rushed to a false conclusion.
    Paddock did not use an automatic weapon. It was a semi-automatic weapon.
    It may have sounded like a machine gun, but it was not.

  • Keith Schnelle

    10/04/2017 08:54 AM

    Hope your comment about hotels not checking bags of incoming guests doesn't spark a rage nationwide that they all now start banning concealed carry of guests who are licensed and typically take them on trips to have for protection in hotels where they may stay.

  • douglas leib

    10/04/2017 12:37 AM

    More gun laws are really counter productive. Criminals will obviously buy stolen arms, steal them themselves, buy online, go to a gun show that does not heve nback ground checks, use fake ID, Of simply pay enough to a dealer under the table. More gun laws only further restrict legal gun owners. I have sometimes wondered how many of our senators & US representatives have concealed carry permits??? Obviously the Las Vegas shooter had made numerous plans and preparations for this mass shooting long before he acted out. I think that there are multiple reasons these people act out, financial , emotional & often religious differences. OH and just plain NUTS.

  • Gary

    10/03/2017 07:01 PM

    In those country that have gun control in place....the criminals us other, trucks, buses bombs, etc...

  • Bill Fambrough

    10/03/2017 05:52 PM

    I am surprised that you are surprised Mike. It's a predictable response from them; almost like a law of nature.

  • Joyce Boykin

    10/03/2017 05:40 PM

    That is just a typical knee-jerk liberal reaction. Any tragedy will do to further their agenda.