March 4, 2021

Monday, the GOP-led Georgia state House passed a massive election reform bill to restore trust in the state’s elections after the 2020 election rules changes. For instance, it would bar sending out unsolicited absentee ballot applications, apply strict rules over and require constant surveillance of ballot drop boxes, and replace the controversial signature matching process with a requirement that anyone requesting an absentee ballot provide a driver’s license number or photocopy of a state-issued ID.

It passed on party lines, with Democrats opposing it (note: if you don’t want people to believe you cheat at elections, stop fighting like rabid badgers against every effort to prevent election cheating.) They claim it will disenfranchise minorities, based on what has always struck me as an appallingly racist assertion that minorities are somehow incapable of obtaining a free state-issued ID. One Democrat representative accused the Republicans of “trying to change the rules of the election” because they lost. Ironic, considering Republicans think they lost only because the Democrats changed the rules of the election without bothering to go through the legislature, as required by law.

Meanwhile, all state attempts to ensure vote integrity could be wiped out if Congress passes H.R. 1, the outrageously misnamed “For The People Act.” This would upend the Constitution by imposing federal voting rules on states that would essentially legalize vote fraud and cement Democrats into power forever. It’s a rancid bill that Nancy Pelosi has been pushing for over a year and now that Democrats hold the entire Congress and White House, she thought she had the power to force it down our throats. Among its provisions were banning all Voter ID laws and requiring states to allow people to register to vote on Election Day (who could possibly see any potential for illegal abuse of that?)

Fortunately, Politico is reporting that this is one of four highly-partisan bills that Pelosi might strong-arm through the House but that are expected to die in the Senate. The fact that something as noxious as HR1 could even pass the House is reason enough for all states to tighten voter integrity laws and for Republicans to turn out in record numbers in 2022 and make sure we pry that Speaker’s gavel out of Nancy Pelosi’s hand.

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  • Shelby K. Williams

    03/06/2021 04:14 PM

    The ONLY way to vote legally is: Picture ID at your station to vote or Absentee Voting only 10 days before election day where you have your picture ID. ALL votes MUST be counted on the day of voting.NO other votes will be counted.

  • Randy Baith

    03/05/2021 03:32 AM

    Love reading your articles, but that little rotating pop-up at the bottom right of my screen is really annoying.

  • Mary C Young

    03/05/2021 03:14 AM

    The Dems mantra is "voter suppression". You bet I want to suppress dead persons' votes for starters. Common sense is a rare commodity. One properly identified person, one vote.

    I'll concede I don't know what's sacred about voting day being Tuesday. It may well be
    inconvenient especially for working folks. To be fair how about opening voting the prior Friday through the weekend until election day, Tuesday, 5 days. By then voters will be as well informed as they are going to be. I object to early voting for weeks and weeks before debates are concluded and all the rocks are overturned.

  • Kenneth T. Kelly

    03/04/2021 08:21 PM

    The bottom line is that our country needs something different for elections.

    First being term limits (no more lifetime political welfare state).

    Second being voter ID required to vote.

    Third being no more absentee ballots except for military serving outside of the US.

    Lastly, all voters to be given a paper receipt (copy of their ballot after voting (should it be needed for vote validation at a later date).

    Yes, I know, this would be way too easy, and most all politicians (especially so the entrenched Democrats) will object to.