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December 14, 2021


Good evening! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read. 


This verse was recommended by Gene R.

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

And lean not on your own understanding;

6 In all your ways acknowledge Him,

And He shall direct your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6 NKJV


1. Prices continue to rise:

The Labor Department recently reported that the Consumer Price Index rose 6.8% in November from one year before, the highest rise in CPI inflation since 1982. Tuesday afternoon, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said, “Hold muh beer!” and topped that, announcing that the Producer Price Index, the rate of inflation on the wholesale level before it reaches consumers, hit a jaw-dropping 9.6% year-over-year in November.

That’s higher than the predicted 9.2%, and the highest yearly PPI inflation rate on record. There are more numbers at this link, which also shows the previous record was in December 1974, when Americans were reeling from a crippling gasoline shortage (gas had risen in some places to $4 a gallon, which is $22.55 in 2021 money.)

Today's announcement had the effect on stock markets that you might expect:

This tells us two things, neither of them good: consumer prices are likely to keep rising even more, and the Fed will be under pressure to raise interest rates to try to cool down inflation. All this arriving on the very day that the Senate, in a party-line vote, helped clear the way for raising the US debt limit by another $2.5 trillion. Now, they can get back to debating passing Biden’s spendapaloosa “Build Back Bankruptcy” bill to add even more debt. Because what could possibly go wrong?

2. We keep spending more:

It’s going to be a lavish Christmas at my house this year! Inspired by Congress, I’m going to call Mastercard and tell them I’ve decided to raise my credit card limit by five million dollars!

Oh, wait: turns out the rest of us can’t do that. How come we have to be fiscally responsible and not keep spending more money than we make, year after year after year and never pay it back? Where are all the protests about how unfair that aspect of life is?

3. Brilliant, funny and cost-effective:

When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suggested that a new bill to deal with illegal immigration would include $8 million to fly illegal immigrants that the Biden Administration is flying into Florida on to Biden’s home state of Delaware and the wealthy liberal enclave of Martha’s Vineyard, it was hailed as an epic troll. You could tell how hilarious it was by how many liberals huffed, “That’s NOT funny!!,” as jokes on them never them.

But Thomas Lifson at American Thinker explains four ways in which it’s not just funny, it’s both brilliant and cost effective. I like #2: “If one wishes to call the DeSantis plan ‘illegal’ or ‘improper,’ then the same terms must also apply to the Biden plan currently underway.”

There are few things today's Democrat leaders hate more than having to abide by the same standards they apply to the other side.

4.  Real intolerance: 

I’ve often written about how radicals tend to become the thing they claim to hate. For instance, there’s no question that the most racist and race-obsessed people in America today are those who like to describe themselves as “anti-racists,” just as the only real organized fascism movement in America is Antifa, the so-called “anti-facists.” And here’s more evidence of that, courtesy of the Generation Lab and Axios poll of college students: liberal college students who rail against intolerant people are verifiably far more personally intolerant of different viewpoints than conservative students.

The survey found that 71% of college Democrats say they wouldn’t date a Republican, compared to only 37% of Republicans who wouldn’t date a Democrat. Thirty-seven percent of Democrats wouldn’t be friends with someone of opposing views (compared to 5% of Republicans), and 30% of Democrats and only 7% of Republicans wouldn’t work for someone who voted for the presidential candidate they didn’t support.

Oh, but wait: they have an excuse (of course, they do!) They’re not intolerant. The linked article quotes Salon writer Amanda Marcotte and leftist radio host Matt Murphy explaining that the problem is that Democrats are simply the only good people who are worthy of love and friendship. Republicans are extremists who are a danger to democracy, so they just don’t have much to offer as friends or lovers.

That’s some mighty fine rationalizing of your bubble-dwelling radical intolerance. “We’re not intolerant! It’s just that people who aren’t exactly like us are less than human!”

Say, maybe Amanda and Matt could date. Sounds like they’re made for each other.

5. Living with Leftist policies:

As New Yorkers stare at their clocks, counting the seconds until Mayor Bill DeBlasio leaves office, he’s congratulating himself for doing such a bang-up job of putting the worm back into the Big Apple and returning it to its pre-Giuliani days, when “Urinetown” wasn’t just a Broadway musical. Amid a crime wave that has police resigning and citizens cowering in fear, DeBlasio boasted that “major crime” is down 11% since he took office.

That’s technically true, if you don't classify homicide as a major crime. But the murder rate is up by 37% Maybe the burglars and car thieves are just afraid to go out on the streets anymore.

But DeBlasio’s blinders are hardly unique to him. A recent survey found that 12 American cities broke annual homicide records in 2021. And while an ABC News analysis claimed there’s “no clear answer” to explain why, all of them are run by liberal Democrats sympathetic to the BLM “Defund the police” movement and “justice reforms” like putting looters and criminals right back out on the street with no bail.

These cities’ “leaders” all have creative excuses for that surge in crime that don’t involve blaming them for being leftist idiots who tie the hands of police while letting criminals run amuck. DeBlasio claims the problem is only in a few places. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blames all the theft on stores not protecting their merchandise better (and how would they stop an organized flash mob of thieves? Armed guards with AK-47s?)

Larry Krasner, the hands-off D.A. of Philadelphia (which has surpassed 500 murders with more than a month still to go in 2021), simply denied that the crime surge existed. Fellow revolving-jail-door prosecutor George Gascon of Los Angeles also dismissed concerns by blaming the belief that there’s a crime wave on “fearmongering and misinformation.”

I’m surprised to hear there’s so much misinformation in L.A. I assumed someone would’ve stolen it all by now.

Of course, none of them can tell the truth: these are entirely predictable crime waves created by their own insane policies of releasing criminals onto the streets while reducing police budgets and personnel. There are only two ways to fix it: either they come to their senses, or the voters do and replace them with Republicans.

It’s hard to imagine either scenario, since voters in these cities have been so thoroughly brainwashed into thinking that suffering all the deprivations of life under leftism, from crime to high taxes to homeless camps to parks scattered with drug needles, is worth it to prevent having one of those eeeeevil Republicans come in and clean the place up. Then again, miracles sometimes occur when you least expect it, and flowers can grow out of a pile of manure. New York once got so bad that New Yorkers elected Republican Rudy Guiliani as mayor. Then it got so good for so long that they forgot how bad it could get and elected DeBlasio, who has reminded them.

Matt Margolis at PJ Media reports on one of the saddest cases, San Francisco, a jewel of a city that elected one of the most far-left governments and has subsequently suffered one of the biggest falls, to the point of people literally needing maps to avoid the human feces.

The A.P. claims that San Franciscans not only “take pride in their liberal political bent,” but also “accept that trashy streets, tent encampments and petty crime are the price to pay to live in an urban wonderland.” Pretty loose definition of "wonderland" there. Yet in talking to residents, they found many who are liberals themselves but are waking up to how the policies of the leftists they voted for are destroying the city and filling it with crime, filth and drugs.

How bad is San Francisco’s drug problem? Last year, during the worst pandemic in decades, 257 people in the city died of COVID-19. 712 died of drug overdoses. One liberal resident complained that if he says he wants laws enforced, he’s called a racist. Some say they’re “losing patience.” The big question is, will they finally change the way they vote? Or will they just move to Texas and vote for the same policies that fouled the nest they left?

Perhaps this will answer that question: At #11 on the list of those dozen cities with the greatest increase in homicides is now ultra-liberal, police-defunding Austin, Texas.

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"Healing for my wife,Kaye, as she recovers from Covid and has now been diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia."

"My wife Grace has had surgery to repair holes in both ear drums; suddenly, one ear simply stopped hearing the day after the other (now heavily bandaged) was repaired. We don't know sign language. Pray the Lord restores her hearing, according to hHis promise, "By His stripes, she was healed", in Jesus' name."

"My friend Michelle who is 71 and lives in total agony which has been ongoing or 20 years. During the past two years she has developed A serious problem involving severe drainage from her Lymph system.. I had an opportunity to Share the Sermon from my Church Sunday on the Prophecy of the the Birth of Jesus from Isaiah 9:6. 600 years before the Birth of our Lord Jesus."

"Please pray for my husband’s stress test to go well tomorrow. He has a high calcium level so they are looking for blockages. He had a stroke 4 years ago. Thank you for your prayers!"

"Please pray for Dean, a very spiritual man who ministers to others and has heart issues which so far are not diagnosed. Please pray for healing and strength for his family."

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  • George A Reynolds

    12/15/2021 05:17 PM

    Here is a link to a biting satire parody of a woman's "right" to abortion: It would be funny, if there weren't so much sad truth in it.

  • Floyd A Unger

    12/15/2021 12:53 PM

    Thank you

  • Jerry

    12/15/2021 08:18 AM

    With the high costs of most goods how are the contributions to charity and services that help people in dire need of financial aid it seems that the Democratic Party embrace hostile activities it also embrace’s lawlessness the Joker in the Oval Office finds all the chaos in America a success

  • James Drury Jr.

    12/15/2021 07:03 AM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Donna Roberts

    12/15/2021 05:38 AM

    Governor Desantis plan to send illegal immigrants to Delaware and Martha’s Vineyard is great. He should also send them to the neighborhoods where liberal congressional members live, like the Squad, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, George Soros, heads of the Justice Department, ICE, Border Patrol, Immigration, etc. It is unfortunate that the death of an elderly woman in Beverly Hills should spark liberals to finally see what their policies are doing to the people in our country. They turn a blind eye and say the policies are good until the results show up at their front door. If the policy makers and rich and famous have to live intimately with the chaos, crime and cost of supporting illegal Immigrants, we may begin seeing changes in policy. Other states should join his efforts!

  • Joseph Orsini

    12/15/2021 01:15 AM

    My brother-in-law went to the hospital with Covid, but is now close to death from lung problems (though the Covid is gone). Prayer is necessary to save his life.

  • Chelsea Martin

    12/14/2021 08:36 PM

    "How come we have to be fiscally responsible and not keep spending more money than we make, year after year after year and never pay it back? Where are all the protests about how unfair that aspect of life is?"

    I don't know where the protests are - but personally, I'm all for organizing a nationwide tax strike. If they're not going to spend our tax dollars responsibly seems to me that we ought to stop paying said taxes. Heaven knows we're not being "represented" by the ruling elite political class in any way, shape or form.