January 11, 2020

It’s been a busy news week, to put it mildly, and we’ll recap that plus help you forget it with a new “Huckabee” tonight on TBN. The always outspoken Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy and Dr. Sebastian Gorka will fill us in on Iran and impeachment. You’ll meet an inspiring Huck’s Hero, and see how Pastor Brian Tome is helping men rediscover their Biblical purpose through wilderness adventures.  We’ll have some crazy news “In Case You Missed It,” a visit with country superstar John Rich, and soul legend Sam Cooke’s vocalist daughter Carla Cooke will talk about her dad’s musical legacy and perform one of his immortal hit songs with Tre Corley and the Nashville Connection. 

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Must-See Video!  I have a video you absolutely have to see, but before I get to it, I have to set the stage with a recap of the past week’s events, both inspiring and infamous...

It used to be said that the prospect of war separated the men from the boys.  Now it might be said that it separates politicians from Americans.

When President Trump gave the order to take out Iran’s terrorist-in-chief Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Soleimani had been behind attacks that killed over 600 US soldiers, seriously injured thousands more, killed and injured hundreds of thousands of other people worldwide, and most recently was behind a rocket attack on a US base that injured four soldiers and killed a US citizen, translator Nawres Hamid, and an attack on our sovereign soil, the Baghdad Embassy.  Many people cheered Soleimani’s well-deserved death, including those across the Middle East who’ve lived in fear because of him for years. Military members and veterans cheered Trump’s decisive action, as did many Americans of both parties. 

But in Washington and the media, a combination of terror at the idea of war and kneejerk opposition to everything Trump does resulted in a week of shameful behavior that I sincerely hope costs them dearly at the ballot box this November – not because I want to politicize military actions, but because by their behavior since, they’ve proved that they cannot be trusted with any power over national security.

From trying to whitewash Soleimani into some kind of folk hero to attacking Trump for a decision that both parties cheered when Obama made it for Osama bin-Laden, many Democrats and their minions in the media made it abundantly clear that they would rather side with people who chant “Death to America” and kill our soldiers than with the duly-elected President they despise (Iran's leader hilariously claimed those chants were aimed at Trump, not the American people, even thought they've been chanting it daily for 40 years.)

And just when you think it can’t get any more embarrassing, they dig the hole deeper: claiming Trump had started World War III, comparing Suleimani to Elvis and Princess Di, rushing to pass a toothless and unconstitutional House resolution to tie the President’s hands so he can’t respond to future attacks by Iran without their consent (I thought my daughter Sarah described that perfectly)…

…and of course, blaming Trump because Iran shot down a Ukrainian airliner.  I was disappointed to see Tulsi Gabbard, a war veteran whom I respect, seeming to join with Pete Buttigieg in making this scurrilous accusation.

(Incidentally, Iran has now admitted that they shot down that airliner accidentally, although I’m still not 100% convinced about the “accidental” part.  Note how they also try to blame their reckless killing of 176 people on Trump and “U.S. adventurism.”  It’s remarkable how much the Mullahs of Iran sound like the mayor of South Bend.  Maybe they’re getting tips on how to blame Trump for their own atrocities by watching CNN.)

Finally (and let’s hope this represents the Democrats’ final scraping of the bottom of the barrel with their fingernails), Senate Republicans introduced a resolution praising the efforts of the military and intelligence people involved in the successful mission to take out Soleimani, and not a single Democrat would support it. Bear in mind: this wasn’t a resolution praising Trump or supporting the decision to kill Soleimani (which should have been a no-brainer), but just praising the skill and courage of the American service people who accomplished it.  And no Democrats would support it.  FYI: when a nearly identical resolution to praise the people who accomplished the Osama bin Laden raid under Obama went up for a vote, it passed unanimously.

And now, as promised, the Must-See Video: 

Florida Republican Rep. Brian Mast rose and took to the podium Thursday during debate over the Democrats’ “war powers” resolution.  Just doing that was a miraculous and heroic act because Mast walks on two prosthetic legs, having lost his two real legs in Afghanistan while trying to clear one of those roadside bombs planted under the direction and support of beloved Elvis-like folk hero, Gen. Qassem Suleimani. 

Rep. Mast knows better than anyone in that chamber – indeed, as well as anyone in the world – precisely the kind of horror, death and destruction that those IEDs, engineered for maximum pain and carnage, can unleash.  And in his speech, he not only gave a terrifyingly accurate description of what Soleimani had inflicted on thousands of his comrades, he also gave his craven House colleagues a lesson in war, and a moral beatdown to those who lack “the courage to endure danger” -- both things that they desperately needed and richly deserved. 

I’m not going to excerpt or paraphrase it because I want you to see it exactly as he delivered it.  Note to Democrats and media members lauding Soleimani: this is what a real hero looks like.




Excellent article by former Navy SEAL sniper Jack Carr on how Trump got Iran to stand down while his critics were running around like their hair was on fire.

I’ve also read someone else describe what Trump has done as imposing a reality-based policy on Iran to replace the delusion-based policy all the "foreign policy experts" have been espousing for decades.  But maybe it was best described 125 years ago in the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling:

“If you can keep your head when all about you   

Are losing theirs and blaming it on you…

If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken

Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools…”

Wow, it sounds like Kipling had a crystal ball!


Across America, “progressives” are instituting “criminal justice reform” that could more accurately be described as “not enforcing laws.”  And how is that working out?  As well as you’d expect.

From L.A. to New York, law-abiding residents and business owners are fed up, furious and fleeing, as they complain that they’re being robbed blind or having homeless people camp and defecate in their yards and doorways, and officials say there’s nothing that can be done about it.  You see, as one leftist commentator explained, the homeless people are exercising their primary right to live wherever they want, and your right to have a decent quality of life is only secondary.  Meanwhile, by refusing to prosecute theft of up to a certain level (say $700) per day, they’ve effectively legalized shoplifting and are driving business owners into bankruptcy. 

In some cities, the police will no longer even chase a crook if he flees…

And in New York, where it’s now routine to see people openly attacking police officers, an outrageous new “bail reform policy” is letting criminals free without bail to go out and commit the same crimes over and over.  This was bad enough with regular crimes like petty theft.  But lately, there’s been a rash of anti-Semitic assaults on Jews.  Mayor Bill DeBlasio had to personally intervene to make sure one repeat offender wasn’t released for a third time in two weeks.

In fact, New York’s new “catch and release” no-bail policy has the public so up in arms that it may be the rare example of a "progressive" policy that’s so blatantly, obviously, disastrously stupid, even "progressives" realize it’s bad.  Well, that might be overstating it.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo admitted the law needs to be fine-tuned by the legislature, saying, “There’s no doubt this is still a work in progress, and there are other changes that have to be made.”

New Yorkers, I would strongly suggest starting by changing your Governor, Mayor and legislature.


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Comments 1-25 of 41

  • Helen Tritt

    01/13/2020 10:04 AM

    WOW Governor Huckabee, you are RIGHT ON TARGET by HIGHLIGHTING THE STUPIDITY OF THE LEFT! It is so amazing just how GULLIBLE and brain-dead these progressives really are!! Do you think they will ever have enough brain power to realize just how utterly stupid they are for believing such TRASH??
    God Bless You for showing the TRUTH in your newsletters, VERY REFRESHING AS ALWAYS.

  • James E. McCrea

    01/12/2020 03:48 PM

    I agree, courage separates politicians from Americans!

  • Amelia Little

    01/12/2020 03:07 PM

    What is really insane about NY is that some idiot defined "non-violent" crimes to include those where people DIED or were seriously injured. And, even worse, the law was passed by the legislature. Any sane governor or mayor would veto such idiocy. Now would be a good time for New Yorkers to buck gun laws, load 'em and lock 'em in order to defend themselves. I'm betting those, the arrest and release probably wouldn't apply to self-defense. That would probably be reserved for the instigators of crimes against citizens.

    I am stunned that Rep Gaetz would vote for the war resolution. He has always seemed to be a rational person. I just haven't figured out--with the knowledge that soleimani had other attacks in the works--people really think the President should take the time to round up congress to "discuss" the freaking danger? How many of those attacks would he have carried out while they all mosied to the captial to congregate--waiting for pelosi to ignore a call from the Vice President while she dined with friends?

  • Gregory Weinman

    01/12/2020 03:06 PM

    The president and his secretary of state wasted time needlessly discussing the word "imminent". The general was an enemy combatant in the theater of war. We saw him. We killed him.
    Enough said.

  • Cynthia Heximer

    01/12/2020 02:55 PM

    I promise you we’d do anything to replace Emperor Cuomo. He is right up there with the worst of the worst politicians. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see what his reign has done in our state

  • Firewagon

    01/12/2020 01:36 PM

    Ahh, the poem 'IF.' My grandmother gave me a card with that poem written in it when I was 15. Having slept a serious number of days since then and not having recited it very often over those years, I cannot recall it all in order. The two "IFs" I do carry around permanently are: "If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run....." By the way, those two pretty much define our current president, don't you think?

  • Robin Rebhan

    01/12/2020 10:32 AM

    I really enjoyed your interview with Dr. Sebastian Gorka . Both you Mike and Dr. Sebastian Gorka are the voice of reason in this current political environment.
    Thank you for all that you do.

  • Helen Corey

    01/12/2020 07:13 AM

    I was beginning to believe that Gabbard was a reasonable Democrat. No more. She’s just another anti-Trump {even when accusation is unproven), tows the line Democrat.

  • JPK

    01/12/2020 01:16 AM

    I want to know how did China and the Socialist countries bye off the Left. The Left supports most of their policies. Are they so morally corrupt that a few bucks could make them act the way they do? They didn't act this way 20 years ago what happened did they put the United States for sale 10 years ago and Donald said its not for sale anymore is this why they have become so Anti American?

  • Doug Johnson

    01/12/2020 12:39 AM

    Mike, this is way off the subject, but all these people (Democrat’s) that are condemning the President for killing a murder and praised him as someone so great. Did any of them go to his funeral? Or was it they didn’t feel it was safe enough to go. Thank you

  • Jerry Korba

    01/12/2020 12:09 AM

    It is with shame and horror with the people in our congress ,media The former heads of our agencies as rep. Mast has stated what cowards they are as they stand in front of cameras surrounded by security and talk about atrocities inflicted on our military and people around the world glorifying a mass murderer mike this speech should be covered not two people from Britain airing their dirty laundry I will never in brace our left politicians or the media so anti America so shameful and filled with cowardice and tulsi can pond sand along with the butthead mayor

  • rodney burke

    01/11/2020 08:17 PM

    make NY red, city, county and state. Cuomo is a fascist pig. or worse. CA needs people to start attacking homeless who rob them. They will understand that. Two lawless states are in DIRE need of divine intervention. VA is in dire need of forced removal of the entire government. They are NUTS in all three states.

  • Georgia Ascherl

    01/11/2020 07:19 PM

    Thank you for truth. This is a crazy, scary world sometimes and it is good to find news reporting that we can trust.

  • James E. McCrea

    01/11/2020 06:57 PM

    Yeah; Changing Governor Cuomo & the Speaker of the house would go far to improve the moral character of America!

  • Nancy Klus

    01/11/2020 06:20 PM

    What in the world is the matter with San Fran and the others cities where the homelessness is out of control? If will affect the wealthy sooner or later. I just don't understand their thinking. Please enlighten me, Governor. Ii am totally baffeled! Sincerely.

  • Joyce Birch

    01/11/2020 05:23 PM

    Excellent newsletter Governor! You covered & your explanation of this weeks news is "right on." It still amazes me how the dems & the media twists everything said. I don't watch them, only Fox & that's how I hear how the media twists things around. This has been & will continue to be a very trying year for all of us dedicated republicans. Questions-how could AOC not pay her dues? Are all politicians required to pay their party & is there a certain amount that is to be paid? Please explain.

  • Geraldine zumwalt

    01/11/2020 05:04 PM

    I agree with everything you wrote I cannot believe how the progressive are becoming traitors. I feel so bad to be saying that, but every thing i am seeing
    And hearing is so idiotic from them. God help us ??

  • Kathleen Long

    01/11/2020 04:23 PM

    Thank you again, Mike, for keeping us updated. I rely on hour info. And once again, I love your humor!

  • Doris Quillin Bailey

    01/11/2020 04:05 PM

    mercy, can these in New York and other like -minded people be stopped and some executed? Thank God, we have an election coming up 2020 and Republicans/Christians God is calling you to stop them- VOTE!
    Doris Quillin Bailey

  • Patrick Green

    01/11/2020 04:04 PM

    Don't people read and study history books anymore? You hear about politicans and news media who talk about appeasement with Iran and others in the middle East, do they not know that Chamberland's appeasement to hitler indirectly lead to war in Europe. Then we keep hearing all the doomsday talk of what will happen if we pull out of Irag and Syria even though we have no interest there. Seems like I remember being told the same when I was in Boot Camp, all about the dominos theory and how the communist would be in California (they are there but from within) What in short if our leaders would get out there Jr. Hi History book and read a lot of this nonsense would go away. Two books that all should read there Jr Hi history book and the Bible

  • Gladys Hizer

    01/11/2020 03:35 PM

    Powerful speech by Rep., Brian Mast, I would be honored to know and thank you for the opportunity to read about him. I don't like capital punishment but know that President Trump and his other leaders have the right to take out our enemies. In a speech by Obama who said he would reward his friends and punish his enemies and took the side of those who take the lives of innocent babies has no room to pass judgement. Neither do the others who think they can do a better job. I can only pray for our leaders who have the duty to make the decisions no one wants to make and I have the good sense to protect the glass house I live in. Happy to see Sarah on Hannity with her good sense remarks and smiling face. Hate on the faces of liberals isn't becoming.

  • Debbie Helms

    01/11/2020 03:30 PM

    Thank you for posting the video of Congressman Mast. Powerful truth.

  • Kay DeWitt

    01/11/2020 03:21 PM

    This morning, by "accident", I came across your "story" with the Country Music Association ", in March of 2018, and I was soooo grieved BY it I actually began to physically tremble!!!....and I knew that, when I saw you newsletter in my inbox, I just HAD to focus my comment ON your story with CMA even it didn't relate to your message IN today's newsletter! THEREFORE, I said PTL when you talked about "a country's superstar" .. "a soul legend"..." a vocalist's daughter " and "her dad's 'musical legacy ' and 'the Nashville Connection' "...because those words gave me "the letter of the law" relevancy to what is AUTHORING my comment...
    .the MESSAGE OF which has the "spirit of the law" relevancy to the message of this newsletter!

    Interestingly, last night when I was on the phone with my twin sister and we were sharing about what was our painful family situation growing up, I stated TO her how blessed I was to have music as an outlet to EXPRESS my pain.....And I have been an advocate of how music can change a kid's life....can stop a kid from expressing his pain via picking up a gun because, as I have stated ad nauseam, a kid's anger...that moves him to pick UP a gun.....only MASKS his pain!

    I take it I have said enough about how important I believe music to be that you can understand what was my RIGHTEOUS rage at the fact that "evil won" over what was your "good" loving motive to want to give kids the opportunity to HAVE music make this kind of difference TO our hurting kids!

    For me TO know that this WAS a victory FOR the evil one (the he who is in the world) was enough to incur my (His) righteous rage but then the temperature of that rage rose when I then went on to read, in an article, "Pastorek wrote, 'My hope is that this genre will always be moved to act BASED ON LOVE and INCLUSION', and although it wasn't easy, today feels like a BIG STEP IN A POSITIVE DIRECTION."

    Mike, if you read...and remember what you read....about the comments I made about your interview with Arthur Brooks about the book he wrote entitled "LOVE YOUR ENEMIES" , then you will understand WHY I began to tremble...WITH righteous rage... at the statement that Pastorek made about love that was birthed in the pit of hell because, in reality, this man does not have a clue as to what REAL love (Christ's love) is because HIS love is ALL -inclusive and is not ABOUT "agreeing with!"

    Pastorek's statement was authored by Satan himself because CAM called good, evil with no comprehension of how a Christian who believes the Bible is God's truth....cannot NOT define homosexuality as sin because GOD defines it as sin.....and to say that one who says homosexuality is sin is a contradiction to love is to, concomitantly, accuse God (Who IS love) of being a contradiction to love!

    AND all of this goes back to what I keep stating about how people...Christians included...don't have a clue as to what Christ's love IS because they don't have a clue as to how His love can love the sinner while, concomitantly, hating his sin!

    I found it very interesting that your summation statement of your story with CMA was "HATE WINS" because it expresses what I have said about WHY Christians are NOT guilty of Christianity Today's indictment against them because we see this as a spiritual war and we do not want to SEE hate win! AND OF COURSE, the insanity of Pastorek's statement about love is that, in reality, he was defining hate!!!

    YOUR STORY WITH CMA IS NOW ONE MORE STORY I WILL USE TO SHOW THE REAL EVIL THAT IS AUTHORING GUN VIOLENCE THAT, IN REALITY, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH A GUN! CAN'T YOU JUST HEAR MARK HARRIS PREACH THIS MESSAGE!!!.....along with a holy remnant who also better start preaching it, because, if we don't, we won't have to worry about whether America is "great" or not because we will be faced with the fact that it is no longer even civilized!!!

  • Harold Levi

    01/11/2020 03:16 PM

    I am stunned! I cannot believe such a large volume of citizens of the Greatest Country ever produced in all of history have such stupendous mental deficiencies. I really cannot understand why people hate their country as they do. You can say as you like, but the Marxist-Democrats (quit sugar-coating them by calling them Socialist and Progressives) under Obama have finished the job of destroying our country as Obama said he would by destroying all semblance of patriotism. This all started with WWII. In one of the scenes in the Band of Brothers, Captain Winters promised God if he lived he would find a quiet place and live in peace for the rest of his life. I believe the rod was spared by many WWII soldiers who were no longer will willing chastise anyone for any reason. The result was the Hippies - the primary supporters of the radical left.

  • Janet Bockting

    01/11/2020 03:07 PM

    I ‘m getting tired of hearing that the Democrats r doing all these thing against trump just because they don’t like him. Maybe so but I think it is because they all want socialism.