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December 1, 2021

We’ve received many letters in response to yesterday's story on the Salvation Army. (A follow-up story ran today.) Here are few that called out for responses.

From Larry (excerpt):

Love your show and your website, have for a long time. Just want to express a concern about people falling in the trap of using racist terms that are promoted by the left. You used one of the most racist terms in your article when you said " people of color." ...White is a color, it's just not one the racist democrats like.

It's just one of many things that non-Democrats fall prey to because they don't stop to think about a word before they just accept it and start using it.

As I said, we've always thought you were, and still are, one of the smartest people in the public eye that speaks for Conservatives and Christians. Best wishes.

From the Gov:

Thanks for writing, Larry, and for your kind words. We’re really sensitive to the language and how leftists try to shape it, and are glad to see you are, too. Keep in mind that commentaries include quotations, and these are run in quotation marks exactly as they were originally stated. The commentary you refer to included lengthy excerpts from a CRT-based publication, and that’s the term they used. I wouldn’t soften or censor what someone else said unless it was vulgar or otherwise over-the-line offensive.

We all have different ideas on how to use language respectfully to refer to race, and it continues to evolve. Personally, I’m baffled as to why leftists like the abbreviation “POC” for “people of color,” because it also stands for something offensive. But, again, I and my staff didn't use either of these; we were just quoting someone else.

From Jane (excerpt):

I am of heavy Irish descent. In fact I am Irish Catholic, which is amongst the Irish the most discriminated against, including by our own government (my grandfather was only allowed to work for the government if he professed himself to be an orange man)...I guess the existence of Irish slaves in the colonies (who were considered to be less valuable than the black slaves) is an inconvenient truth to yet another position that the Democrats take in order to control people. So, are there any non-woke charities out there that we can donate gently used items to?

From the Gov:

Thank you, Jane, for a history lesson that most people never receive. This is why it does no good for some groups to do a personal accounting of the accumulated grievances that were done to their ancestors. An ideology based on past victimhood poisons the present. As for non-woke charities, I’m sure there are still quite a few, and it’s always good to start close to home.

From Dale:

I am really disappointed that Huckabee would write something that can be damaging to the Salvation Army. They have already recanted and removed those Guides which could be wrongly construed. I will be canceling my daily Huckabee Newsletter because of this!!

From the Gov:

Dale, I hope you’ll stay. Actually, if you see the update today, the SA is “reviewing” those guides but has not recanted. Perhaps they will, and I’ll update the story if they do. But so far, they’ve blamed readers for believing they’ve promoted damaging ideas they actually HAVE promoted. This poison has turned some once-laudable organizations into something very different in 2021.

I did not specifically call for a boycott of the SA, and will not. But it would be a failure on my part not to report on what’s happening to major charities in the U.S. That’s the only way they’re going to be brought back to sanity.

Finally, this from Duncan:

News flash, woke people!!! EVERYONE has 'unconscious bias' about someone or something. If you claim to be completely conscious you better notify the Dalai Llama. He might have some advice for you to help you cope with total enlightenment.

It does behoove all of us to be aware of the possibility that we may be unaware of our faults. On the other hand, let's not let fear(s) paralyze us to living and growing. The most simple and central tenant of Christianity, ‘Treat thy neighbor as you would be treated,' pretty much says it all.

Thanks Governor for your ongoing clear common-sense publications. Keep it going!

From the Gov:

Thanks, Duncan. You have indeed said it all, so you get the last word.

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  • Joe Walusis

    12/13/2021 07:17 PM


    I read with interest your newsletter. I also, saw the comment from a reader on the Salvation Army who said you used a racist comment, it being "white" and he said white is a color. Actually, white is the absence of color and black is the excess of color, just from an artists point of view.

  • Terry Shaffer

    12/13/2021 03:54 PM

    Dear Governor,

    Thank you for your interest in our nations nonprofit organizations. With that, I took a look at the 2019 Form 990 for Samaritan’s Purse . It was interesting and hopefully you might take a serious look at it. Trusting I read it correctly, it appears that William Franklin Graham’s compensation was $722,403 and Edward Graham received $163,465. The other top nine officers received compensation ranging from $349,108-301,914. One analyst review noted that approximately 1.7 million was spent in design services, when you have world problems related to hunger, health and education.

    Glad you “report on what’s happening” to many charities in the US. Would sharing this salary information bring Samaritan’s Purse “back to sanity “? Or are you OK with it?

    Thank you for your review of the news. Always interested in your comments.

    Merry Christmas!

    Terry Shaffer

  • Connie Nolen

    12/13/2021 03:11 PM


    Big Tech, the US government - they all do it: CENSORSHIP.

    Please see the following Democracy Conference news clip: (

  • Guillermo Espinoza

    12/13/2021 12:11 PM

    Thank you governor Huckabee for being unbiased, bringing the news as is, and letting everybody make their own conclusions.
    Thank you for conveying truth and shining the light much needed in our country.

  • Frank Romano

    12/13/2021 12:28 AM

    Governor: I represent a local charity- St. Vincent DePaul Council @ Our Ladt of Assumption church. We help all those in our area who seek assistance without reference to race, religion or national origin. We do this with funding provided by our parishioners and are not gov't funded. We assist with food, utility bills, rent and home furnishings. We expect to assist approximately 500 new households of Afghan refugees in the Sacramento area. The society has been doing this for over 75 yrs. Frank Romano, President SVDP @ OLA

  • Charles Kirkpatrick

    12/12/2021 09:22 PM

    I see no recant by SA, so they can happily function in their world without anything from me!!

  • Sam Sayger

    12/12/2021 04:38 PM

    Sir: '
    I applaud you for your discretion in all you write. I've NEVER seen (nor heard) you use a "racist" term. I've followed you since before the day you accepted the governorship of AR (and my wife and I were present in the chamber on the day you became gov.) and you've NOT used a racist term in all those years (that I've heard) and I have NO doubt we would've heard.
    To me, yours is the most trusted name in politics and I do pray that you continue to report the truth as you have in the past.
    God bless you sir.
    Sam Sayger

  • judith jakub

    12/12/2021 03:28 PM

    Your story on SA really upset me. SA was a great part of our lives in the early days when we needed help, my father was unemployed after WW2, we had 3 kids and Mom. SA helped us in keeping our bodies warm with slightly used clothes and meals. So I have been a faithful donator to them, but yesterday, I sent back their request for Christmas $$$ and told them to remove my name & addy as I will NO LONGER donate to a helping hand who fosters division and discrimination and total communistic control, mind & body, of people who are in need of help and assistance. I am completely against and way, shape or form of proliferation of CRT teachings. This is God's America, where we care for EVERYONE, regardless of race, religion or origin and I'll will no longer knuckle under to this "woke" agenda nor the agenda of the leftist radical demonRATS who are a Godless bunch of traitors.

  • judith jakub

    12/12/2021 03:17 PM

    As per response by "Larry", if using the description "white", which is not allowed by these demonRATS and it's considered racist, then what "color" would describe their countenance???? Are they not "white", too? Seems to me, no matter what or how we express normal English language descriptions of our fellow Americans or leftist radical commies, we will ALWAYS be regarded as the enemy of THEIR truths.

  • Jim Montgomery

    12/12/2021 02:04 PM

    I truly tire of those trying to point out every foible of every commentator everywhere. Governor, you have the most balanced, common sensed, conservative , Christian-based, blog I have read, and I appreciate it, and your sense of humor. Those with nothing else to but find faults of others need to remove the log from their own eyes and do some self evaluation. As always keep up the great work.