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December 11, 2021

As promised, here’s a follow-up on what to do in response to the egregious civil rights violations of the January 6 political prisoners.

Louis Gohmert of Texas, who along with fellow member of Congress Marjorie Taylor Greene finally got to see the facility where J6 prisoners are confined, has a fine opinion piece on his website, reprinted from The Epoch Times. It dates from November 4, the day they and their congressional staffs took “the tour” and spent an hour speaking personally with these prisoners.

This piece shames the government for ignoring their repeated requests and “refusing to allow oversight of their actions, which gives every appearance of a cover-up of wrongdoing.”

“Should ideology and abuse of power continue to drive this administration’s actions,” it continues, “the Rule of Law will cease to exist...By its [lack of transparency], the Biden administration is shredding the foundations of our legal system and the rights of the people’s representatives to protect them from government abuse.”

Gohmert agrees that at least some of the people being treated this way are essentially political prisoners. And if we allow it and let this nation finish its transformation into a banana republic, there will be nowhere else for liberty-loving Americans to turn.

According to an opinion piece in the Washington Times by criminal prosecutor and former U.S. Congressman Robert L. Livingston, almost 700 people in and near the Capitol that day were arrested and charged. Eventually, most of these were released or “had their cases disposed of in varying ways.” (I would add that some of them, even though they’re no longer behind bars, are currently under house arrest and have yet to go to court.) Reps. Greene and Gohmert met with about 40 who are still languishing in a dismal Washington DC corrections facility.

Livingston is “shocked” to hear of “prospective defendants who have been arrested and deprived of their livelihoods; confined in solitary confinement with little or no reasonable access to the outside world, their families or adequate legal counsel; and denied formal charges levied against them without bail and in contravention to the right to a speedy trial.” He said that he spoke with an employee at the federal Public Defender’s Office and learned “that they were not representing any of these folks.”

So-called “civil rights defenders” such as the ACLU are nowhere to be found. “Most of these people are at worst guilty of trespass or destruction of government property,” Livingston said. But for crying out loud, charge them, arraign them, and bring them to trial with counsel of their choice.”

“This atrocity must stop, and it must stop soon.”

We also came across a story from October 28 that reprints a letter from one of the detainees, Nathaniel DeGrave, who found himself in prison after apparently walking into the Capitol Building through open doors. His plea for help paints an especially bleak picture of the lives of these political prisoners in what he calls “DC’s Gitmo.”

To stay informed with the best reporting on January 6 --- particularly the emerging evidence suggesting the FBI was making sure there WAS an “insurrection” –- we recommend keeping up with the stories in National File. Here’s the latest.

The current administration would like us to forget about these people, except as a cautionary tale of what can happen to those who step out of line. But we won’t.

We can send cards and letters to the detainees, letting them know they’re not forgotten, especially over the Christmas season when they'll be separated from their families (again). We can donate to defense funds and “adopt” families. We can send messages to our legislators, especially the ones who’ve already stepped up, including Greene, Gohmert, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, and Bob Good. Most importantly, as we move into the 2022 campaign season and look ahead to 2024, we can actively campaign to defeat Democrats and support those who want to clean house at the DOJ. This clean-out MUST happen, as you'll see if you go to the FBI website and discover there's nothing about, say, Antifa, but an obsession with January 6:

Be concerned about down-ballot races, too, and work to defeat those local candidates who want to defund police, release violent prisoners without bail, and weaponize law enforcement against so-called "domestic terrorists" (Trump supporters). Some of them are funded by groups such as Justice Democrats (who brought us AOC) and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

The Capitol Building should have been secure that day, with clearly-set boundaries that protesters should have respected. But, ultimately, it is the current administration and the Department of “Justice” that is responsible for the travesty of justice we see today. Under President Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland, we have as disgustingly politicized a DOJ as there has ever been. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi makes it three of a kind. This coming year, we all have to work harder than we ever have to elect people who respect a uniform standard of justice, even for political adversaries.

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Comments 1-10 of 63

  • R. Jan Hair

    12/19/2021 03:19 PM

    The Capital is ours; tax/payer citizens, public property . Some forgot we hired them.

  • Robbin M

    12/14/2021 02:28 PM

    Governor Huckabee,
    I respect you and your team and trust your newsletter more than any other information source. Thank you for your bravery and tenacity in the face of the seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against us "silent majority" Americans right now.
    After reading your update on January 6th, I can't help but wonder if there has been any investigation into the seemingly high number of deaths by suicide of Capitol police officers. I'm certain the current "DOJ" would never look into this, but it seems like something that would be worth looking into by investigative reporters. Have you seen anything about this?
    Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!

  • John Shea

    12/14/2021 11:24 AM

    Along with Ashli Babbitt being murdered on January 6th, there is video online of Rosanne Boyland also being beaten to death that day by a DC policewoman. I just wonder why none of the conservative voices are not talking about this?

  • Elroy Kendall

    12/13/2021 11:46 AM

    Fire that stupid fat commie Wry! Fire the seventh floor of the DOJ, actually Execute the General/Judge. Wipe the entire structure off the map. Open ALL of the dirty files they have been hiding for years i.e., JFK. Expose the corruption in Hoovers files.
    Release my brothers and sisters from the DC Gulag. Do it or we'll do it ourselves and you won't like that. Most of all REMEMBER YOU OATH TO DEFEND US FROM ENIMYS FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

  • Connie B. Nolen

    12/13/2021 10:50 AM

    The DOJ drives yet another nail into the lid our coffin containing LOST FREEDOMS. The DOJ has won the argument to extradite Julian Assange.

    Please read Glenn Greenwalds' article: "Julian Assange Loses Appeal: British High Court Accepts U.S. Request to Extradite Him for Trial" which can be found at (

  • Doug Moon

    12/12/2021 10:22 PM

    I like and respect you, Mike, and because what I am about to write is going to sound harsh and a little mean spirited, I felt that I needed to make that disclaimer first. That said...
    Wow. Just, wow. We have watched an entire general election get stolen by the left; seen our entire political and legal system get so corrupted that we can't even get justice for those people who got arrested for speaking out against that coruption, seen the entire legacy media system refuse to even acknowledge that a problem even exists(not surprising as they are in bed with those who are causing this situation)--and your solution is to "work harder... to elect people who...respect justice"?! Really?! What do you think we did in the last election, look for losers? How will we "work harder", when our vote is cancelled out by a computer algorithym or by a couple of suitcases full of fraudulent ballots under the table?
    Do you honestly think that the left, having gotten away with this CRIME, is going to sit quiet and let an election happen that would unseat their position of power? We DID elect people who respect law, and justice, and equality and free enterprise. The election was STOLEN, Mike, not lost "fair & square". We the people did not fail to do our job; the elected and unelected bureacrats, judges, and media who refused to look at or fix the problem are the ones who have failed this country. And to the extent that you refuse to see(or at least publicly admit) exactly what has actually happened and continue to feed us this "better luck next time" bs, I include you in that list of the problems.

    The ONLY way that we can ever have free and fair elections going forward is if we relentlessly pursue, prosecute and incarcerate those who perpetuated this horrific attack on our Nation, and remove those who did not actually win in this last general election. Yes, I know that "the Constitution does not provide for that". The law, however does. This was criminal fraud, not a Constitutional conflict of interest. Treat it as the crime that it is, and consider treason as another charge to be added to those who are found guilty of the first.
    We've got to take the gloves off in this fight, and while we are at it put on some brass knuckles. This is possibly one of the worst attacks on the continued existence of the United States that we have ever seen; we can not afford to play "nice".

    As I said at the start of this comment, I respect you greatly. I am, however, extremely frustrated that you refuse to admit that the electoral system isn't just damaged, it's broken. We can not move forward until we root out the problem--and the problem is the people who broke the system to get themselves into office, and who now can and will keep themselves there by any means necessary.
    Don't tell your viewers to try harder next time; that won't accomplish a thing. There is nothing that we can do in terms of "getting out the vote" that can't--and won't-- be countered by fraudulent means. Quit fooling yourself and admit the truth, then start pushing for justice to be served on all those people, organizations and nations that STOLE our last general election.

  • Glenn Andes

    12/12/2021 05:56 PM

    Mike, thanks for your great article about the J6 prisoners. How do we write? Where do we find addresses for them? Could you include a link for contacting these folk and also the legislators who are supporting them and exposing the corruption?

  • carole braden

    12/12/2021 05:24 PM

    how can they deny bail when every criminal is being released but them i thought it was a constitutional right for a speedy trial??im outraged

  • Jim Bradley

    12/12/2021 04:31 PM

    I your article on the J6 detainees, you stated "We can send cards and letters to the detainees, letting them know they’re not forgotten, especially over the Christmas season when they'll be separated from their families (again). We can donate to defense funds and “adopt” families."
    How can someone go about doing those things?

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  • Martha Rounsavall

    12/12/2021 03:37 PM

    Thank you for being a voice for those imprisoned and treated unjustly. We must all stand up for freedom and justice for all or our nation is lost.