August 29, 2018

After the past week’s worth of horrible news for President Trump (well, according to the media it was a horrible week for Trump), you’d think Trump’s his ratings would be down there with dandruff, ringworm and the NFL.  But Americans aren’t as easily stampeded as the cattle the media think they are. 

Maybe they actually took ten seconds to think about it and decided it’s unfair guilt-by-association to blame someone’s personal tax cheating on a guy he briefly worked for years later. And maybe they decided that the ever-changing claims of a sleazy lawyer and the sleazy lawyer’s sleazy lawyer weren’t really all that reliable as evidence.  Maybe they looked instead at the record stock market, the breakthrough on renegotiating NAFTA, the “no longer possible” 4.1% 2nd quarter GDP growth, unemployment claims at a 44-year low, and the highest consumer confidence in 18 years.  Then maybe they decided, as we say in the South, that they had bigger fish to fry than obsessing over crazy conspiracy theories and the whining of money-grubbing lowlifes of ill repute and the porn stars who are their legal clients.   

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For whatever reasons, it seems that large numbers of Americans refuse to be panicked over minutia into toppling the Trump Presidency and “annulling” it from history, as hysterically suggested by Robert Reich (I mean that in both senses: he’s acting hysterically, and I find it hysterically funny.)  A new set of polls just appeared that must have the staffs of CNN and MSNBC questioning the very reason for their existence.

First, new Rasmussen and Wall Street Journal/NBC polls found that even after this past week of vein-popping anti-Trump coverage, Trump’s approval numbers remain surprisingly solid.  Rasmussen has him at 46%, which you might think is low, but it’s higher than Obama’s at this point in his presidency, and Obama had a Press Corps that routinely gave him shoe shines with their tongues. And if liberals hoped that their assaults would cause Trump supporters to peel away, guess again: his approval among Republicans spiked to a stunning 90%.  So if they really plan to overturn the 2016 election, they’re on notice that there will be a LOT of pushback from the other direction.

A second poll by Harvard CAPS/Harris Polls found that large majorities of  Americans agree that former CIA Director James “TREASON!!” Brennan and former FBI Director James “Conscience of America” Comey ought to have their security clearances yanked.  These people probably all had jobs where they weren't allowed to keep their passes to the building after they no longer worked there.

Finally, about that “blue wave”…A recent Rasmussen Congressional generic preference poll found both parties now tied at 44%, while Reuters/IPSOS has the Democrats ahead by only 4 points.  That mirrors the polls on the day before the 2016 election, when the GOP lost only five seats.

I’ve written many times before that generic polls are pretty useless as predictors of specific election results.  But when you see an overall trend of falling support for Democrats over time, it might mean that Americans are finally moving past summer and starting to pay serious attention to politics (unlike many on the left, most people don’t let politics dominate their every thought 24/7.)  They’re starting to ponder which they were really prefer: low taxes, good jobs, secure borders and a booming economy?  Or high taxes, job-killing regulations, open borders and a lot of unhinged ranting about investigations, impeachment, socialism, toxic masculinity and government health care that just might cost more money than there actually is?  Not to mention the financial system that their lifestyles and retirement depend on being placed under the oversight of a House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters.    

If Americans think about all that and the “blue wave” goes down the drain, I think the reason might have been explained best back in the 1700s by British writer Samuel Johnson:

“When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”


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  • Alice Johnwon

    02/22/2019 06:54 PM

    I'm from the South we do say that a lot, lol, I really wish you had a position of power in the White House! Your daughter is amaziingly tough & gracious, more than I would be. I lived in the bootheel, about 100 N. of Memphis, Tn. for 35 years, have 2 sons, their father passed when the boys were in their early teens. I married a man I grew up with, had known since I was 7 years old, he was a good friend to me always, & a gentlemen, & he knew I'd break his nose if he touched me. Girls/women used to be ashamed of being pregnant without marriage, house, planning, the Bible said it will be this way & people will Not even be red faced, it's here. Murdering babies is going to far for me, I can't believe I'm even hearing this, & they sell their insides & limbs, murder is murder, need to lock them up. Mom taught me pride, I don't see it as much as we should. God bless Sarah for doing a great job, & you gov., Huckabee for saying what you think, our President does that also, a sign of intelligence, I've been known to do the same. I wish I could do a productive job in the white house, I would work for free, my brother was a Marine, Vietnam, sprayed with agent orange, made it home, inoperable brain tumor, my grandfather was in WW1, he passed shortly after he arrived home, my step father was a Korean War Vet, his left arm was frost bitten, but the only thing that saved him, he was buried except for his arm sticking up out of the ground. My dad was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed, lost a leg, started dranking a lot, didn't know him very well, until I was older, & my sister, brother, & I, flew & met him, stayed a few days, I managed to obtain him a home behind my house, the next street behind me, one red light town, very small, he lived there for quite a while, & then went to California, I believe being around us was very hard on him, he was loving, very intelligent, could do anything. I'm thankful I had the honor of knowing him, before he passed. My spouse was a scout in the Iraq war, was finally attached to the Marines....SEMPER FI! He was army, but he knows how much I loved my brother, he knew him also, my brother was my protector, best friend, even after we got into it, & we did sometimes..called reality, but we never quit loving one another. I have a Marine steering wheel cover, his purple heart, one of 3, is on my dresser, you get one materially, & the others on paper. I rather have my brother. My spouse took the FDA drugs that were not approved, he changed, it really did something to him, he cleared bunkers, him & his very young driver, he had to kill a lot of people or be killed. His driver prayed about everything, & everyone. Gov., Huckabee you hear about people not working, in 1976 I was with my spouse & his friends, a man was on the wrong side of the interstate going 120mph & the people we were with were going 95, I had already asked them to slow down, he went to pass a car that kept putting on their brakes, all I seen was lights, I reached up & turned the steering wheel, it broke everything I had, ended up bleeding inside, blood clots in lungs, my first of many surgeries, woke up on a ventilator, the doctors were just happy I woke up, I was in 3 different hospitals for a total of 3months, the last one a trauma unit was waiting on me, scared me badly, but God brought me through according to them, my poor body has been through so much, but God brings me back, when I was younger, after the head on car wreck, I went back to work, I miss working, I've had to learn to walk 3 times now, been told I'd never walk again 3 times, but God. I must say I have to repent more than ever now with the demon-rats obstructing our President Trump at every turn, but so many are praying for him. I do get a little blunt sometimes, not vulgar, just say the truth. I just wanted you to know that I think you have a good spirit, & that your a strong man, & I believe God has his hand on you, a good thing I think. My point was if I could go back to work anyone could almost, I was pitiful, as I said broke arm completely into, wrist fingers, I threw my arm up over my face after turning the wheel, trooper stated I probably saved our lives, but I may lose mine, thank God I didn't. I've talked your ear off jumped from one thing to another, so sorry, I'm in a lot, broke the vertebrae in my back, my feet became tangled, & I started backwards, couldn't stop, had to have surgery, then broke my right lower wrist, fingers, & thumb, 2016 it's still messed up, the specialist took the splint off the hospital put on, & put a $35.00 walgreens brace on it. I have bought others so I could keep anything on my arm clean. I've jumped from one thing to another, so your either throughly confused, or laughing, laughing is good with me. I since spent 36 days in physical rehab., stepped off a 2" curb shattered my right leg, & broke my left ankle where you could turn it, was in a wheelchair for a year, then a walker, then I walked, they said I wouldn't, but God!!!! Y'all are in my prayers, tell Sarah to hang in their, & hold her head high, she is a beautiful woman, not like the horse face comedy, or wanna be, the insulter at the one event. I did want to physically slap her for doing that to Sarah, she was so mean, not funny, an idiot could only do that, an insecure idiot.God bless & keep y'all.

  • Alice J. Johnson

    09/16/2018 08:20 AM

    Gov., Huckabee I concur with you on every issue you covered, & you did cover them. The news, is really no longer the true news, but whatever journalist, I use that word loosely, decide to use, no facts, no back up material, no evidence, just rhetoric! I'm so thankful for President Trump, & for supporters as yourself, & all others including I agree President Trump steps on his own toes sometimes, but at least we know he's dancing, & doing a fantastic job! I pray for President Trump & his family daily, & America, that God will keep his hand on us, protect us, & our great country. I do believe people should be arrested for inciting others to riot, cause bodily, or any kind of harm to another human being, all the while speaking about talking to their pastor about what to do, I told Maxine W., before do NOT bring the good Lord into your corrupt games, I believe it will backfire bigtime on her. I apologize for not seperating different issues, I am that intelligent, a monkey could do it, but I'm just talking to you Gov., Huckabee, have the utmost respect for you & your daughter Sarah, I pray for all the good people in the capital & the white house. We really do need term limits in the capital, then the demon-rats can't grow roots that expand from state to state, country to country, can't steal us blind, becoming millionaires while serving, "we the people." I believe they have forgotten that they work for us. I'll give you one example of the IRS corruption that touched my life. My spouse is retired military, I'm a retired accountant, & insurance agent, originally from the bootheel of Missouri, about 100 miles north of Memphis Tenn., but now in the big city of Louisville Ky. I had always filed our taxes, my parents passed away within less than a month of one another, I loved my step dad of 34 years, fought in the Korean War, but when my mom passed it took a huge part of me. The drive was 16 hours, my health is faltering, but I refuse to give up, I went through a head on car accident on the interstate, reached up to turn the wheel, man on the wrong side of the interstate going 120 mph, the people we were with were going 95, & the car in front of us kept hitting its brakes, no cell phones back then, just CBs. I broke everything I had, ended up with blood clots in my lungs, bleeding inside, broke my legs away from my body at the pelvic, broke my right arm, both wrist & most of my fingers. I refused a wheelchair, I had 2 young sons, the youngest 6 months old, I couldn't walk, but believed in prayer, this deplorable called on the one she knew had the power, love, mercy & grace to help me, I had been in the hospital for 3 months, & still couldn't walk. I cooked from my knees, cleaned from my knees, bathed my children, never asked for anything from the government, & eventually went back to work, that's who I am. My mom & I were alone together for many years, my only brother fought in Vietnam, was sprayed with agent orange, had an inoperable brain tumor, my best friend, lost him, my dad was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed, My grandfather was in WW1, & passed not long after he arrived home. My spouse fought in Iraq, & came home with so many problems, but finally gave up, he's not a whiner, & became tired of the treatment he received retiring as a master Sargeant. I come from tough keep on keeping on people. I'll get back on track now, so sorry, after my step dad passed I was bringing my adult son home, & then I was going back to stay with my mom, she had a lot of health issues, but I had a heart attack on the way home, & or after arriving home. I couldnn't eat, & when I found out she passed I really went down, my doctor told my son if he took me back to Arkansas to tell them to dig 2 graves, because I wouldn't make it. I wasn't able to attend my moms funeral, I'm the best at beating myself up, & yes sir I did I suppose a superb job at it. I had a nervous breakdown, had to be hospitalized, taxes were the last thing on my mind, & the year before that, we had lost our home, even my talking car, never had been on my own before, my 1st spouse passed early in life, the father of my 2 sons, the eldest still has school loans, although his father had passed, & made a lot of money, he wasn't eligible because of his age, he's an electronic engineer tech, the other a supervisor at a company in Missouri, both worked through temp services, before President Trump. My eldest was a foreman at his job since he graduated electronics/engineering, they closed the doors & went to Canada, they now both have permanent jobs, with benefits, they kept my sons income tax income again this year, because he didn't have insurance, but he just paid cash, asked no one for anything except me. lol The morale to this story, sorry for the book, is I forgot the taxes, my spouse was having some issues, not adultery or anything of that nature. I wasn't allowed to attend my moms funeral, I finally after about 2 or 3 years, started the taxes, I was waking up & getting a little better, I called an advocate, worthless that is all I'm going to say. We always received a refund, I had written to the IRS, explained to them that depression had taken me under water & only allowed me up for air every now & then. I talked to them obtained a fax # to a real person, processed my taxes & faxed them in, also sent in a hard copy via Fed ex, we were supposed to receive on one a 1501.00 refund, the next a 2850.00 refund & the last one 1843.00 refund, we received nothing. I suppose they kept the refunds because the taxes were filed late, I can see being penalized, but not keeping the entire refunds. I then found that someone from the IRS had contacted my spouse, threatened to garnish his wages, & he paid them $466.00 every month for 3 years, I believe totally 16,776.00 dollars in addition to the refunds we didn't receive, & no one cares!!!! I no longer care, I know that's a bad attitude, but they cheated us, stole from us big time! I am fighting with them now, we always receive a refund, they want me to refile the last 3 years, & I'm like why? I sent them once, didn't receive my refund, so now their threatening to garnish our check, if I were not trying to buy a home, I have to have a flat home so I can use a hooveround, my body has gone through much much more since the accident. I was in one before & it was stolen, but if it wasn't for purchasing a home with large doorways, flat for me, with everything I need laundry etc., on the first floor I would go to court with these loons just to show their thieves, but I'm 67 & I want my own home again, I've owned 3 homes in my time, & rather own than rent, we haven't used our VA loan yet, & we're very qualified income wise verses bills, & or verses debits & credits.
    Thank you for listening to me, I've been very depressed, breaking something major almost every year, satan always comes after my body, but as I stated I refuse to give. I wish you were my Gov., I truly do.
    Alice J Johnson

  • james w turner

    08/31/2018 02:30 PM

    Guv Mike, LUV your commentary. It's COMMON SENSE and CHRIST BASED> KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, MAGA!

  • Hank Cincere

    08/31/2018 08:55 AM

    We need to push Republicans and independents to get out the vote for the midterms.

  • Patricia Riggleman

    08/30/2018 01:40 PM

    Hello Mr. Huckabee;
    I first want to thank you for your newsletter, and the opportunity to reply, Thank You ! I believe that the majority of the American People are sick to death of the Mueller Witch Hunt, and Appalled at the Treasonous acts of the FBI & the DOJ, and I was completely Shocked when I heard that Hitlery R. Clinton still had her Clearance to Top Secret Information, especially when you follow all the deviant evil and Treasonous things that she's been involved in ! It's my belief that once you are no longer with the Alphabet Agencies, you automatically lose Access to Top Secret Information , Period ! Also, it's my belief that we absolutely need to have Term limit's, in effort to try to stop the politicians from being Bought off !
    I also believe that we Absolutely must have Voter Identification, where as you Must prove your Citizenship, before being issued this Voter ID card, it's no different than everyone having to show a Driver's license to drive, or showing ID to purchase cigarettes,beer, or a firearm ! Regardless of how much the left want to claim this as being racist !!! Also, I continue to pray that more and more people will Wake Up or get Red Pilled,if you will, and Realize that America is and has been under attack, for about the past 60 or more years, and people need to Realize that this Battle between the Republicans and the Democrats is Not just simply politics, This is about good verses evil, it's about God verses Lucifer, it's about the Infiltration and Takeover Of America !!! When I first heard on TV that Donald Trump was going to run for the Presidency, I jumped up and down with joy, because I felt in my Heart, that this was God, who had selected Donald Trump, to Battle the Corrupt Evil that has Plagued the world for so long !!! I pray you don't think that I'm a raving lunatic, but instead, agree with me ! I am worried about the IMF, with all these countries despising the US monetary system, I believe that they plan to come up with they're own monetary system, leaving the American Dollar useless, with the exception of being used only within the United States !
    I would be so very greatful, if you would share with me, your thoughts about this ! Do you think that this will happen ? I'm not asking your professional opinion, just your opinion, from one person to another, not something that I can take to the bank, lol ! Also, we Absolutely must build that Wall, and do away with so called Sanctuary Cities, and Fix our Immigration Policy, add E-varify, dump Chain Migration, and the Visa Lottery !!!
    Your's Truly;
    Patricia Riggleman

  • Robert Deplorable Baublitz

    08/30/2018 01:30 PM

    DNC? Should be DNCA, democratic national communists of amerika.

  • Rachael Freeman

    08/30/2018 01:04 PM

    The "media" that turns out so much hate and division will reap the whirlwind because you cannot fool all the people all the time.

  • James Price

    08/30/2018 12:24 PM

    I live in Texas where we do not have opportunity to affect the numbers in congress. All Republican is only choice. Cannot get dem's out of office.

  • Cheryl Lindsey

    08/29/2018 03:54 PM

    I believe the polls were scewed in the last presidential election because like myself, people simply don’t answer the phone or if asked where they are politically, they just don’t respond. There are a variety of reasons why. One, is fear of retribution for your political beliefs. Why would anyone tell the truth about your politics if they are physically or financially hurt by someone who doesn’t agree with you? Secondly, they could be someone who doesn’t vote for the party but instead votes for the person. I know life long Democrats who could not vote for Mrs. Clinton because they just did not like her.

    I think that in future elections, the pollsters may want to consider other alternatives to predicting election results because clearly, the old ways are not working. People no longer feel comfortable expressing their true feelings so don’t be surprised if your polling results are scewed. You reap what you sow!

  • Kathy Isley

    08/29/2018 03:33 PM

    Loved your article. No matter what you are commenting on, you make me smile! Thanks

  • John Tynefield, Sr.

    08/29/2018 03:05 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, I totally agree with all of your assessments about what is happening on our political fronts. I am pretty sure we are witnessing the total end of the Democratic Party. We do need to have at least a two party system to be fair, but the current Dems have swayed way too far left to survive. I also know that my fellow Republicans are alert and aware of their duties to vote in all of the elections coming up. I also know we will have them outnumbered at the polls. God Speed to you and thanks for keeping us informed.

  • Debbie Joy

    08/29/2018 02:32 PM

    I sure think a lot of you! (I voted for you for President! ??)
    And I certainly love your candor and point of view on the issues!
    I'm not sure if you'll actually ever read this, but I've always wanted to say, how I appreciated the way you stepped up and supported Trump after he got the nomination in '16. That further confirmed the kind of man I knew you were /are!????
    Thanks for being you! We pray for you! ???? Love your show on TBN, btw! ????

  • Renee Bach

    08/29/2018 02:21 PM

    I absolutely love your candor! I appreciate your humor in all this as well, making a difficult time easier. I follow you on Twitter so keep on tweeting! Thank you....p.s. Love your daughter too! ..she's amazing with the vultures.

  • Sue Simons

    08/29/2018 02:17 PM

    I'm still for Trump and so excited to have gotten tickets to attend his rally in my area!!!

  • Amelia Little

    08/29/2018 12:21 PM

    I do not like polls. It depends on where they were conducted, and how the questions are asked--some are pretty darn tricky, the person thinks he is saying one thing, but it is worded in a way he is saying the opposite. I'm also not impressed to hear that (insert name of a major company or news outlet) had endorsed this candidate or that. Just because I use Dawn dishsoap (because I like the product) does not mean that I would necessarily blindly follow an endorsement made by Proctor and Gamble ( I don't know if they ever endorsed anyone, but as an example.) Too bad the reporting on candidates can't just be--showing their speeches, and not just out-of-context snippets and letting people decide whether or not they would want to vote for him/her. I remember back with Huntley/Brinkley and major speeches. I would turn the channel when the speech was over, I didn't need them to repeat to me what the person said, and I certainly didn't need analysts who came on who wanted to tell us what the speaker really meant. At least they were impartial enough to always have a Republican and a Democrat analyst (or a current congressman) tell us what they think.

  • Pamela Jane Lofland

    08/29/2018 11:42 AM

    To tell the truth Gov. Huckabee..for years I considered you suspect and was very suspicious of anything you did or said. The fact that you were from Arkansas didn't Clintons..and one of the most historically corrupt state governments in the country. Despite still being a little wary..I have developed some sincere admiration for you. Your newsletters are not only right on target..and have proven you have a good sense of humor. Above all..I love your daughter Sarah. Anyone that could have raised a woman with her good graces, savvy..consistency and guts just couldn't be all that bad. In my mind..she will have to go down as the best White House Press Secretary in the history of our country. May God bless you both and please tell Sarah that we are praying for her here in little ole' Clemmons, NC. Whatever they're paying couldn't be enough.

  • Pamela Jane Lofland

    08/29/2018 11:37 AM

    To tell the truth Gov. Huckabee..for years I considered you suspect and was very suspicious of anything you did or said. The fact that you were from Arkansas didn't Clintons..and one of the most historically corrupt state governments in the country. Despite still being a little wary..I have developed some sincere admiration for you. Your newsletters are not only right on target..and have proven you have a good sense of humor. Above all..I love your daughter Sarah. Anyone that could have raised a woman with her good graces, savvy..consistency and guts just couldn't be all that bad. In my mind..she will have to go down as the best White House Press Secretary in the history of our country. May God bless you both and please tell Sarah that we are praying for her here in little ole' Clemmons, NC. Whatever they're paying couldn't be enough.

  • Maria Porzio

    08/29/2018 11:29 AM

    Check out this "unofficial" MSN poll (on their Facebook page), which ends today. Less "scientific" than even the others mentioned in the article, but still (funny, the comments are mostly from the hate-filled and ignorant left-wingers); sorry it's so long - Bitly wasn't even able t shorten it:[0]=68.ARCv0lZti3UeBhvsDVi4VINnoMLko8udYc5GdjtonUxyRjvF9UQDB2XZM6cXDrrVjUsx1FQRBC_CcNIYKG-awT8wAF_hVfvB7aW563SODBTAaxFNEc65KaFo3C0RwxVicpGeUM2wsoxThrDuPHrv5QOaVUVu6qd3pD3rdC89DHn6R6AVQDlwCA&__tn__=C-R

  • Alton Motes

    08/29/2018 10:58 AM

    It's high-time Hillary got old fashioned JUSTICE!!!!


  • Danna R Shirley

    08/29/2018 10:34 AM

    I have just about quit watching any television news except to read your daily email. You have reported on Steve Cohen (D-TN) and his treatment of Star Parker on your TV show and you have shared some of his other foot-in-the-mouth comments, etc. in your daily emails.

    I am on the campaign team for CHARLOTTE BERGMANN (R-TN) who is running against Cohen in District 9 and we are struggling for finances to get her name and face out there, to get TV ads, to even get signs and T-shirts printed. Why? Because the RNC won't kick in any financial help until we can raise $100,000 for ourselves. Does that make sense when we want to dethrone Cohen in just a few short weeks? Impeachment looms and we're begging for money.

    Can you help us through your daily email or have Charlotte as a guest on your TV show? Or can you even make a donation yourself? Anything to help us get Cohen out of office?

    Thank you in advance for your consideration...

    Danna Shirley (District 9-TN)
    7439 Bakers Glenn Ln
    Cordova, TN 38018

    Charlotte's website:

  • Don Haggard

    08/29/2018 10:09 AM

    The Left in full cooperation with their media cohorts are trying to drown out truth. They actually do a superb job of making noise. I just hope the entire country is seeing past it to the truth of this presidency! After all, when it is all sorted out, its just noise without any substance whatsoever.