December 7, 2018

Real news

Friday, President Trump confirmed that he’s picked State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert to replace Nikki Haley as our UN Ambassador, and William Barr to fill the empty space created by both the departure and the presence of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.  Both seem to be solid choices, and it will be interesting to see how the liberal media manage to slime them, considering Nauert is herself a former journalist and Barr already served as Attorney General under President George H.W. Bush, whom they’ve just spent the past week demanding that Trump emulate.

The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strossel made a great point: you can tell Barr must be a pretty good choice for Attorney General based on how many Democrats immediately started demanding that he recuse himself from anything important.   


Ainsworth responds to reader comments

From David S:

Your note, "there have been unintended consequences from all the Democrats’ anti-Russia hysteria, notably Trump’s decision to put in place 'arguably the harshest set of policies toward Russia since the fall of Communism.'”

OK, but what does this say about Trump? Here is a POTUS who allows his policies towards one of the three major powers on earth to be influenced by domestic charges that he presumably knows to be false. Not an inspiring display of fortitude.

From Laura:

Excellent point, and I do not disagree --- if Trump actually has done this. My point (as opposed to that of the VANITY FAIR writer) was that we will NEVER KNOW how Trump’s policies might have been affected by the “Russia” thing, or if they were at all. For that, we’d have to travel to an alternate universe in which the Mueller investigation and cries of "Russia Russia Russia!" didn’t exist, and we can’t do that, much as we would like to. Only then would we be able to see what Trump’s Russia policy would have been. The left keeps injecting politically-motivated accusations and speculation into our sensitive balancing act with other world powers (that’s happening right now with Saudi Arabia as well), designed to weaken the President’s hand no matter what he decides to do.

From Darrell:

I enjoy your informative articles like this one. But I have a suggestion. Quit referring to the Left as “liberals” or “progressives”. Those are titles they conferred on themselves and wear with pride. Perhaps better to call them what they are, leftists, socialists, are a similarly accurate name.

From Laura:

I wasn’t sure if this note was in reference to my commentary about the VANITY FAIR article (because I don’t think those terms appear in it), but Darrell is right that the terms “liberal” and “progressive” really don’t fit the mindset we have today on the left. In fact, I generally avoid using those words to describe leftists, and if the word “progressive” appears, it’s typically in quotes or is preceded by a qualifier such as “so-called.” A classical liberal believes in reason and free speech in a way that applies much better to modern-day conservatives than to those on the left, who seem to have “left” those concepts behind. And the left’s desire to return to New-Deal economics, race-consciousness and ridiculous sexual puritanism is hardly progressive, much as they like to use that word to describe themselves.

Thanks to all who write and who appreciate my observations!


It’s been an extraordinary week in Washington, watching so many political rivals of both parties set aside partisanship to honor the late President George H.W. Bush.  Despite his notorious primary battle with Jeb Bush, President Trump not only attended the elder Bush’s funeral, he went out of his way to welcome and accommodate the family, from providing Air Force One to transport Bush’s body to inviting the Bush family to stay at Blair House, the presidential guest house, and giving them a personal tour of the White House Christmas decorations.


Meanwhile, reporters alternated their coverage of the funeral between lamenting the passing of Bush’s ability to be gracious and bipartisan, and relentlessly slamming Trump for any little thing that might be interpreted negatively. Like CNN…


And the Huffington Post, where Trump was savaged as a phony Christian simply because his lips weren’t moving during the reciting of the Apostle’s Creed.  Of course, if his lips had been moving, they would’ve accused him of reading from the program and then attacked him as dumb for moving his lips when he reads. (Note the correction at the end, showing that the HuffPo editors who assailed Trump for allegedly not knowing the Apostle’s Creed didn’t know what it was themselves.)


Stop for a minute and let this turn over in your head: The media (the self-appointed moral consciences of politics) are relentlessly attacking someone who’s going out of his way to be kind to his political rivals at a funeral because he…Trump…doesn’t understand how to behave appropriately during solemn occasions and doesn't meet the high standards of bipartisan politeness and gentility they claim to miss so much.  Yep, “lowering the tone of political discourse” is all Trump’s fault.  You know, just like the national debt. 




Congratulations to the students of Wheaton College in Illinois for setting a new low standard for snowflakery.  They felt so “unsafe” due to the words of guest speaker Ryan Bomberger that the student government sent an email condemning him to the entire student body. Bomberger had pointed out that Planned Parenthood targets minority communities to promote abortion (true), and that by partnering with pro-abortion groups, Black Lives Matter was proving that not all black lives, such as black lives in the womb, matter to them (obviously true.) 


The letter denounced Blomberger for his “offensive rhetoric” surrounding the topic of race that
“made many students, staff and faculty of color feel unheard, underrepresented and unsafe…” The student leaders promised to partner with other student organizations to “provide spaces for continued dialogue” and quoted the school’s Community Covenant to “seek to affirm the worth of all human beings as unique image-bearers of God” (Yes, Wheaton is a pro-life, Christian liberal arts college, but it sounds as if its student leaders might be leaning a little more toward the liberal side than the Christian side.)


Here’s what the letter didn’t mention: Bomberger is black.  He was conceived when his mother was raped, and is only on Earth today because his mother refused to abort him and he was adopted.  As for not allowing others to be heard, he finished with a 25-minute Q&A, then hung around for another half-hour talking to people, some of whom were hostile to him. He added, “I was primarily presenting a perspective of those who are never heard, always underrepresented, and are actually unsafe — the unborn.”  He asked if Wheaton students are being “taught to fear or taught to think?” I assume that like students at many colleges these days, they’re being taught to fear to think.



The student leaders who wrote the letter also failed to quote the Covenant verbatim: “Uphold the God-given worth of human beings, from conception to death, as the unique image-bearers of God.”  Not only do all lives matter, including those in the womb, but all the words of the Covenant matter, including “from conception.” 


But even without that phrase to make it crystal clear, how can anyone truly “seek to affirm the worth of all human beings as unique image-bearers of God,” and then be pro-abortion?





Here’s a scary sign for the health of the publishing industry, and for literacy in general: Barnes and Noble released its annual list of the 20 best holiday gift ideas.  It includes mittens, a Buddha board, Mickey Mouse speakers, several kinds of socks…and only one book.


Even worse, it suggests that the people at Barnes & Noble don’t even know what the best gift book of Christmas 2018 really is:





Latest Dispatch from the Cutting Edge of PC Lunacy:  An elementary school principal in Elkhorn, Nebraska, in the name of being “inclusive and culturally-sensitive to all our students,” banned candy canes from class because their “J” shape might make people think of “Jesus.”  Funny, I’m suddenly thinking of “Judgmental Jerk.”  The only students who would feel excluded by allowing candy canes would be students with diabetes. 


Naturally, that wasn’t the extent of the insanity.  To make all students feel “included,” she also banned everything remotely connected to the most popular holiday of the majority of students, including Christmas trees, Santas, Christmas songs, Christmas movies, making ornaments as gifts, reindeer, things that are red and green, and “Elf on the Shelf.”  I guess elves are in the Bible now.  For the record, gingerbread people, polar bears, penguins, snowmen and yetis (abominable snowmen) were okay.  There's some abominable reasoning. 


I’d say, “Heaven help those students,” but she probably banned any mention of Heaven, too.


Fortunately, this story has a happy ending: angry parents contacted Liberty Council for legal help.  Liberty Council threatened a lawsuit over this unconstitutional hostility against Christians.  The school responded that the ban was not sanctioned by them.  It was lifted, and the principal was put on administrative leave and apologized.  I’d like to think that her heart – or even better, her brain – grew three sizes that day.





And Twitter torpedoes yet another celebrity: comedian Kevin Hart had barely been named as the host of the next Oscars when he withdrew under fire over some comments and jokes about gays dating back to 2011 and earlier.  Hart deleted the tweets, and he previously said those comments don’t reflect his thinking now.  But that wasn’t enough for the gay activists, who demanded that he apologize and make amends to “affirm LGBTQ people.”  The Academy insisted that Hart comply or they’d drop him. 


Hart withdrew instead.  He tweeted that “you LIVE & YOU LEARN & YOU GROW & YOU MATURE” (Well, some people do.)  He said he loves everybody, he works hard to spread positivity daily, and that people should stop searching for reasons to be angry and negative.


Naturally, the response to this from the LGBTQ activists was angry and negative.  Hart responded, "I chose to pass" on hosting the Oscars.  He said. "The reason I passed (is) because I've addressed this several times. I've said where the rights and wrongs were. I've (said) who I am now versus who I was then.  We feed into the Internet trolls and we reward them, I'm not going to do it, man. I'm going to be me, and stand my ground." Three cheers for that sentiment!


I know this will be tough for him in Hollywood, but on the bright side, if he likes spreading positivity, he’d hate hosting the Oscars.  Hollywood awards shows have become notorious as places where beautiful, rich, famous people in clothes that cost more than most people's cars give each other golden trophies while whining about how awful America is and how oppressed they are. As host, he’d be expected to slam Trump and Republicans for four hours, and afterward, critics would pan him, Republican fans would turn on him, and Democrats would complain that he wasn’t mean enough.  Losing the Oscar hosting gig was like dodging a bullet. 


I now expect gun control activists to attack me on Twitter for using a phrase containing the word “bullet.”  Fortunately, like Kevin Hart, I plan to ignore their whining and keep on spreading positivity!


On a serious note: I think this story, like many in the news, illustrates a fundamental difference between leftist secular humanists and Christian conservatives.  Leftists attack conservatives for voting for someone like Trump, despite him having things in his past of which we don’t approve, or his occasional comments that make us flinch.  They don’t seem to get that we understand there has only been one perfect person ever on Earth, and that was 2,000 years ago.  All of us make mistakes, yield to temptation and fall short, which is why we need Grace and forgiveness.  We believe in a higher power that wipes the slate clean when we truly repent and seek forgiveness.


Secular leftists believe that humans are “perfectable” if you can get them to live exactly the way secular leftists think they should.  They also believe the highest power is government, so they want it to be all-powerful to enforce their standards of perfection on people, through the carrot-and-stick (but mostly the stick; leftist governments are notoriously bad at providing the people with carrots, or other food.) As Kevin Hart learned, there is no “forgiveness” from them; you can be destroyed over something you said 10 years ago that no longer meets the left’s current ever-changing standards, just as your gravestone can be desecrated for doing something 150 years ago that’s politically-incorrect today. 


And what are the fruits of these two competing world views?  Personally, I feel a deep sense of contentment and thanks in knowing my sins are forgiven, but also am inspired to try to do better each day to be worthy of that grace.  To see an example of how things works out when unforgiving leftists try to play God and use government to force people to live the way leftists think they should, check out the rubble of the Berlin Wall or the rioters setting fire to Paris. 



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Comments 1-25 of 29

  • Ben Johnston

    12/09/2018 02:24 PM

    I certainly expected more from Wheaton - especially because of its history and kind of leaders they have produced.

  • William Greenwell

    12/09/2018 12:01 AM

    I totally agree with Carl Smith. Our entire country has moved from Education, to INDOCTRINATION! But, as a side note, my grandson attends a Methodist Pre-K school. And he can recite The Lord's Prayer, AND, The Pledge of Allegiance. There may be hope for this country yet!

  • Carl Smith

    12/08/2018 08:47 PM

    You wonder how the media will treat the new Trump appointees? That's supposed to be a joke, Right? A review of the media during GHW Bush during his term of office shows the PURE hypocrisy that the media exhibited 30 + years ago. They have NEVER been fans of anyone or thing that embraces the Constitution so from these old eyes nothing has changed except the coarseness of the language. Question? Is this the end game we receive from academia? Departing from Education to Indoctrination ?

  • Jerry Korba

    12/08/2018 06:10 PM

    Please encourage the President to get DONATIONS from BILLIONAIRES to get his 5 for the wall. DON"T LET THE DEMS get him to shut
    down the government! BILLIONAIRES will come forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Nelda White

    12/08/2018 04:48 PM

    The prayer that Pres Trump did not read is from the Catholic Church, if he isn't Catholic then it would be wrong for him to recite it. As for Mr Hart, maybe he feels that the choice is to either offend God or offend secular humans. I would choose NOT to offend God, as many others also choose. Maybe he feels the same way. The bible teaches in many scriptures that God and Jesus, His Son, were in perfect agreement. That means that Jesus didn't change God's law, but that there is forgiveness for sinners.

  • Nicholas Brown

    12/08/2018 03:39 PM

    One can only pray that the continued attacks on prominent black men & women like Kevin Hart will keep pushing more & more of them to conservativism, and even more importantly, Christianity. As Christians, let's always be reminded by stories like these that forgiveness, not ridicule, is the answer.

  • Nicholas Brown

    12/08/2018 03:33 PM

    Your book on Amazon is "shipped and sold by," and yet it takes them 1-4 weeks to ship?? Gee, it's like they don't want anyone to order it!

  • Thomas Burdon

    12/08/2018 01:17 PM

    Hi Mike.
    I commented awhile ago about legalizing all drugs, because we have had fifty some years of illegal drugs and at what cost? Anyway, I came upon an article that says it better than I can:
    Thanks for reading!

  • Elizabeth Pinkocze

    12/08/2018 12:55 PM

    Dear Gov, enjoy your daily briefings, keep them coming. I listened to the news yesterday re. the Mueller findings and it seems that the media has concluded that person 1 is the President and he's all done and will be charged and then in January he will be impeached. I find this extremely upsetting. What is going on in our country? Those in power decided who and how we will be governed not the people. I pray for our country, but it seems we are losing the battle and will soon be overtaken with corrupt people who will make sure we are brought under control. In response to all those having a field day with the President not praying out loud at the funeral, well I took a good look at the four people next to him who were praying, at least their lips were moving. My thought was they are praying to what I don't know but here they are guilty of corruption, greed, lying, rape, deaths in Benghazi, lust to name a few sins, and the media is just showering them praise. When will this insanity stop. People are tired or it.

  • Maris Hodges

    12/08/2018 11:55 AM

    I tried to respond to a pole--should illegals get SS. One of the questions I was to answer was--do I have insurance. That is my business no one else. Maybe that question wasn't one of yours???

  • Gary Williamson

    12/08/2018 11:45 AM

    I certainly enjoy your outlook when it comes to current affairs. Your take is right on the mark. Keep on keeping on.

  • Kathy Bruchert

    12/08/2018 10:49 AM

    Governor Huckaee, I appreciate your daily newsletter! Today, I very much appreciated the Kevin Hart story and your comments on it. How thankful I am to know the Lord and be a recipient of His forgiveness and grace. I support our President and pray for him often, knowing he is not perfect; but I believe God has placed him in this position for such a time as this.

    You are so good at what you do! Thank you, and God bless you!!

  • Gary Koch

    12/08/2018 10:39 AM

    I do not think the word progressive or liberal is a correct classification. Regressive seems more accurate. Look at Venezuela.

  • Gary Koch

    12/08/2018 10:37 AM

    I do not think the word progressive or liberal is a correct classification. Regressive seems more accurate. Look at Venezuela.

  • Jerry Holland

    12/08/2018 07:45 AM

    After reading your comments on how Bomberger was treated I still can't figure out why ANY democrat who claims to be a Christian would continue to vote for democrats. It is mind boggling. Nothing is more sacred then life. Their hipocracy is astounding.

  • Paul West

    12/08/2018 03:15 AM

    Luke 22:32 - "But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren."

    Dear Brother Huckabee! You both demonstrate receiving this passage from the Lord and then on the Lord's errand, being His shepherd to us by praying for us, helping us be converted to truth and then having the strength to stand up and be counted.

    You show us often that one man, and God, are a majority!

    Isn't it great to know that these challenges are but a brief moment until our great Savior comes again and introduces us to a wonderment of a thousand years of His personal leadership, love and eternal perspective of how our repentance, acceptance and obedience will lead us to becoming the full sons and daughters His Father is wanting us to be!

    You are one of His true, faithful son's - who I will treasure as being one of your brothers!

    I pray for Heavenly Father's blessings to be upon you, your special daughter and all of your family...

    Paul West

  • Al Brewster

    12/08/2018 12:39 AM

    I worked on John McCains campaign in 2007. I'm truly sorry we beat you in the primaries, it was only by 100 votes in South Carolina as I recall. Your consistent Christian leadership has been very important to me personally., Thank you


    12/07/2018 10:42 PM

    I only marched once in a non-violent protest with Dr. King in Memphis in 1968 right before he was killed. I think he'd still be pro-life if he were alive today. As for Paris, our guide on a one-day trip there, said the Champs Elysees and all the dull but very expensive buildings were built after chasing the poor out of their homes. The poor ended up in Montmarte where famous impressionists hung out but I think there was some resentment. Then there was Napoleon who got rich playing leftist and then married royalty, discarding the woman who had been true to him but didn't have the right image when he became powerful. When the Germans arrived during WWII, it was only the Resistance which worked to remove them. Most French people rolled out the red carpet for them. That last part may be what Trump was referring to in his tweet. I speak a little French and practiced in Quebec with a waitress who was very patient, unlike the French. CNN only showed the part of Macron's speech when he insisted that patriotism and nationalism are opposites? His people want nationalism just like the people who voted for Trump, I think. They do need a course in anger management, but did you see the police hitting the protesters? There's nothing wrong with nationalism and it's not the opposite of patriotism, maybe just more economic than emotional. I finally heard a part of Macron's speech which was nice, but, since that part didn't include barbed arrows shot at Trump, CNN hardly showed it at all. I can easily say enemy of the people to journalists who choose the part of the speech which will cause revolution, whether it's in the USA or France. A young woman seems to have won support from Pulitzer for her project blaming Trump for the caravan chaos - how original - when it was CNNEE who encouraged more and more Central Americans to make that ridiculous journey in March and Trump managed the mess much better than Obama had several years before. I think a journalist is an enemy of the people when she writes such lies. Remember the Maine and the role of the Hearsts in starting a war with Spain in 1898 (?).

  • Willa Luthi

    12/07/2018 10:07 PM

    I would like for you to pay close attention to this Claire M's postings.
    Since she got defeated here in Missouri she is going to pull a Barack Obama
    on us. He can't let go of the POTUS position and she cannot let go that she
    is no longer a senator. She will pull the same junk on everyone that he is doing
    right now. She has said she wants to keep a handle on Josh Hawley and what
    happens here in Missouri. What can we do to cut her ties to these positions?
    She cut her own throat so to speak when the camera caught her off-handed
    comments about the residents of our Bootheel area. Thanks for reading.
    What about the little pocket crosses I sent you an email about? DId you read
    that post?

  • Robert Dimlich

    12/07/2018 09:53 PM

    Thanks for your comments about the imperfections of man and the grace of God. I am grateful that you are on the right path.

  • Victor Lyon

    12/07/2018 09:43 PM

    Thank you for nice accurate comments about the difference between leftist secular humanists and Christian conservatives. Well written. Always enjoy your wit and straight messages.
    First comment, long reader. There are way too many negative (forgive the classification) internet trolls. Keep up the good work.

  • Susan johnson, m.d.

    12/07/2018 09:22 PM


  • Donna pope

    12/07/2018 09:06 PM

    Thank you for your comments about salvation! Refreshing!

  • Charles Nicholson

    12/07/2018 08:44 PM

    Governor, You should print a book with your "one liners" - ie " ...students at many colleges these days...being taught to fear to think."!

  • Carl Smith

    12/07/2018 08:41 PM

    I imagine Don Rickles has a pass from [the pope] who also is against OUR WALL but cherishes his own. The Hypocrisy has become so thick I can hardly breath.