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October 8, 2023



Blessings on you and your family from all the Huckabee team! 

I will have much more to say about the war between Gaza and Israel this week, but I'm grateful for the unequivocal position of the Biden Administration to stand with Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu. America should be united in support of our ally Israel against the savage and cowardly assault against innocent civilians by Hamas and Palestinian terrorists. 

Mike Huckabee

Message to Readers: I wish things were different

I wrote last month about an investigation into all the liberal groups that fund and feed “information” to the A.P., and how that helps to explain why so many “news stories” on subjects like “climate change” read like activist group press releases. From those stories, you’d think there is no other viewpoint other than turned-up-to-11 hysteria. 

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Mike Huckabee

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The race for Speaker

The race for House Speaker seems to have come down to only two candidates: Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise. Fox News had planned a debate for Monday, but that was canceled. In the meantime, Scalise took to Twitter and Fox News to make his case for getting the gavel.

Speaking of the Speaker, there are a lot of contradictory opinions on the eight Republicans who ousted McCarthy with the unanimous votes of all the Democrats. This is a good analysis that tells you who they are and how this stand is likely to affect their political fortunes.

A court victory for Donald Trump

Donald Trump finally scored a court victory in New York when an appellate judge put a halt on the civil court judge’s overreaching order to cancel his business certificates and dissolve his companies in New York. More details and Trump’s reaction here:

Hillary returns

I feel that I must apologize in advance for ruining your Columbus Day weekend by bringing up Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, she emerged from her voter-enforced retirement for a typically sycophantic CNN interview and said something so outrageous and (as always) lacking in self-awareness that she wormed her way back into the news, so I guess I have to tell you about it. I’ll try to make it as short as possible, and then we’ll move on to more pleasant subjects, like inflation and the Ukraine war.

Hillary started by claiming that the man who beat her for the Presidency and may be elected again next year, Donald Trump, is an “authoritarian populist” who has no credibility because he’s fighting criminal and civil charges (again with the lack of self-awareness: Trump is only facing those charges because her Party has weaponized the “justice” system to prosecute political opponents, something Trump could have done to her with real justification; but he took the high road and said that in America, we don’t do that. Of course, we do it now, thanks to her Party.)

She then went on to make the clueless comment that’s getting the most negative attention she’s received since calling half of America a “basket of deplorables.” She painted Trump’s supporters as a cult of bigots who "maybe they don't like migrants, maybe they don't like gay people, or Black people, or the woman who got the promotion at work they didn't get" (more projection: she’s the woman who didn’t get the promotion she thought she deserved.) She called them “MAGA extremists” and said, “at some point, you know, maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members.”

Nothing says you oppose authoritarianism like claiming that half the population should be put into reeducation camps.

As for her other blatant acts of projection: if anyone’s followers are an unthinking cult who overlook nastiness, it would be hers. Trump’s campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again.” That was all about helping Americans. In their attempt to smear his supporters, leftists sneer the acronym “Maga,” but never dare say what it stands for. And do you remember Hillary’s campaign slogan? It was “I’m with Her.” Nothing about what she wanted to do to help the nation or her fellow Americans, but about others pledging eternal fealty to her – you know, like cultists do for cult leaders.

Hillary lost in 2016 for a number of reasons: her coldness and arrogance; her record of tragic failures and scandals (Benghazi), her nepotism, her habits of rule- and law-breaking and enriching herself through bribes disguised as charity donations, and more.  But what truly sealed the deal and convinced many voters to roll the dice on Trump was her inability to disguise how utterly contemptuous and out of touch she is with regular working Americans. Like many cult leaders, she thought she had a divine right to rule us all (recall that horrifying children’s book about her, “Some Girls Are Born To Lead,” which one Amazon reviewer facetiously praised as a “genuinely funny” satire of Soviet-style hagiographies.)

Hillary might think that she’s helping Biden defeat Trump, but all she’s doing is reminding Americans of why they voted for Trump and why that was the correct decision, and that all the endless anti-Trump media propaganda since shouldn't convince them otherwise.

Okay, I’m done with this unpleasant subject, except to link to this palate cleanser from the Babylon Bee…

The FBI sees new terrorist threats

Since Hillary brought up the prosecutions of Donald Trump, it should be noted that he was just the first one they targeted for lawfare. It soon expanded to his political aides, then his business associates, then his businesses, and now there’s word that the FBI plans to monitor his supporters (those “MAGA extremists”) as a terrorist threat. See, those T-shirts with Trump’s picture were right, the ones that say, “They’re really after you, I’m just standing in the way.”

Unfortunately, complaining or calling for a return to standards of political decency won’t stop the left. The only thing that will end the legal assault on conservatives is a big, choking dose of their own medicine. It should be easy to start filing the indictments and lawsuits against Democrats, considering that the Party has been accurately described as “America’s most successful criminal enterprise.” And while they might (temporarily) own the DOJ, we’ve learned from Democrats in New York and Georgia that all it takes now to interfere with a federal election and target a national figure is a partisan prosecutor in a state, county or city. And there are a lot of those under Republican control, so let’s start seeing some indictments and lawsuits. even has a few suggestions to get the ball rolling. I’m especially eager to see action taken against America’s most lucrative hate group, the SPLC, whose own staffer described them as a “con” that was ripping off donors. This article also lays out the case for prosecuting the SPLC for harassment, discrimination and witness tampering in a federal trial. Let’s get those subpoenas flying!

Guaranteed income in San Francisco

In San Francisco, which businesses and taxpayers are fleeing to escape the out-of-control crime and where the police department is operating at two-thirds staffing because nobody wants to be a cop there, the leftist city leaders have come up with a brilliant new plan for spending their budget: hand out free guaranteed incomes to illegal immigrants, black and “Latinx” transgender people, and jail inmates.

A Climaximo fail

The public’s patience with childish stunts by climate activists is gone, and if the authorities won’t stop this nonsense, the people will. A climate protest group called Climaximo learned that the hard way when nine of their members sat down across a busy highway to block rush hour traffic in Lisbon, Portugal. I guess the intention was to draw attention to the “crisis” of CO2 emissions by creating a giant, pollution-spewing traffic jam (hey, I never said thinking was their strong suit.)

The commuters were having none of it. They got out of their cars, dragged the protesters off the highway while bawling them out, threw their banner over an overpass and sped on. It made for a hilarious must-see video.

They’re lucky Lisbon drivers are so polite and actually removed them from the highway before diving through. I’m pretty sure there are places in America where drivers would just assume that “Climaximo” was Portuguese for “speed bumps.”

Texas vs California

If you want to know why nobody outside liberal bubbles watches late night shows anymore, consider this example of how out of touch with reality they are. After months away due to the writers’ strike, and desperate to draw audiences back, NBC touted Seth Meyers’ return with a promo featuring this divisive leftist “joke”:

“Texas will start teaching gun safety in schools. Next up: math!”

Get it? Texans are dumb, gun-toting yahoos who can’t do math. What a knee-slapper! (And I guess they thought that was his best joke, since it was in the promo.) Way to convince everyone in Texas and all gun owners not to watch.

Oh, and for the record: it’s the leftist leaders of California who are doing away with advanced math classes in the name of “equity” (it’s not fair that some students are better at math, so nobody’s allowed to learn more than anyone else.) Texas is promoting “equity” by expanding advanced math classes so students of all races and backgrounds who are good at math will be able to take them.

Maybe the liberal late night hosts need to give up their outdated anti-red state prejudices and learn why so many tech firms are leaving California for Texas.

Here’s the kind of news that someone like me, who travels on airplanes several times a week, really loves to hear…

Elvis Chan should be held in contempt of Congress; when might that happen?

In an update on Elvis Chan’s no-show before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, Republicans ready to charge him with contempt will have to wait until a new speaker is installed.

The subpoenaed senior agent from the San Francisco FBI office didn’t show up for the interview that had been scheduled for 10 AM.  He hadn’t been in touch, and no one knew where to find him.  As far as we know, they still don’t.

And, yes, it’s time to move on contempt charges at this point, after Chan missed one voluntary interview and two depositions for which subpoenas had been issued.  But this would take a floor vote, and since Kevin McCarthy was ousted as Speaker and the seat is officially vacated, no business at all can be brought to the floor right now.  A vote for new Speaker might be held as early as next Wednesday; let’s hope members can come to a decision right away.

Members of the Judiciary Committee could go ahead and vote to hold him in contempt if they so choose.  If that is done, the issue will be brought to a full floor vote after they have a Speaker.

But then, there’s a likely hitch:  After the full floor vote, the case is referred guessed it...the ‘Justice’ Department.  Our question:  what are Congress’ options if the DOJ ignores their referral?

According to a report in the WASHINGTON EXAMINER, the committee does have one:  suing Chan for failure to appear.  Chan has some questions to answer, notably concerning his earlier testimony, from Missouri v. Biden, about his involvement in speaking with social media companies before the 2020 election about the Hunter Biden laptop being “Russian disinformation.”  It conflicts with what was later learned about this.

At any rate, our understanding is that the committees are still able to continue as usual, but the full Congress is in a holding pattern --- on this and everything else --- until a new Speaker is chosen.

A Big Salute

A big salute to Candace Owens, whose fed-up response to a college student whining about being triggered by her views on transgender entitlement channeled all the frustration of both a black female conservative on campus and an eight-months-pregnant mom into a perfect and much-needed hard slap of reality.

The financial ruin of Mike Lindell

I’m very sorry to see this story about the financial ruin of Mike Lindell, founder of MyPillow, due to the lawfare waged against him, and the media attacks and retaliation by retailers because he questioned the integrity of the 2020 election, just as tens of millions of Americans did.

His life story is truly inspirational, and his company was one of the great American success stories, one that created a lot of jobs for Americans. When he came on my TV show, I’d never seen the audience have such a huge reaction for any celebrity. More of them wanted photos with him than if we’d had Tom Cruise there. Whether you agree with his view of the election or not, I believe his heart was in the right place, and he only cared about protecting the integrity of America’s elections. For that, he’s been attacked from all sides and his business severely damaged. I hope he finds a way out of this, and that you’ll say a prayer for him. And if you need some new pillows, sheets, towels, etc., you know where to get them.

Good News, Bad News:

PJ Media reports that a recent Gallup Poll found Republicans holding significant leads over Democrats on a number of issues, the most important being who is most trusted to handle the economy. Republicans lead by 53-39%.

The bad news: A report by Fox Business warns that a growing amount of data suggests that things could get even worse for the Democrats (and all of us) next year, with the potential for a gigantic economic crisis similar to the crash that started the Great Depression. I’m sure the Democrats will do everything they know how to do to head it off, which amounts to prosecuting us for using someone’s non-preferred pronouns.


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  • Pam Fleuret

    10/08/2023 10:02 PM

    McCarthy isn’t the one I wanted making deals for me. I believe that Jim Jordan or Steve Scalise would do much better. Even before he made speaker his voting record and other things came to my attention. I was hoping that he would live up to his agreement in January.

  • George Scott

    10/08/2023 08:37 PM

    Need to hear from Mike about what is happening in Israel. Thanks.

  • Stephen K Lentz

    10/08/2023 08:18 PM

    And there are a lot of those under Republican control, so let’s start seeing some indictments and lawsuits.

    THAT would be HILARIOUS is it wasn't so sad

  • Stephen K Lentz

    10/08/2023 08:16 PM

    The only thing that will end the legal assault on conservatives is a big, choking dose of their own medicine

    Which will "never happen" because 1 - you rinos don't have the balls and 2 - the jackasses have stuffed your pockets with corrupt cash and you sure don't want to lose your jackass sugar daddy!!!

  • Joe Lyddon

    10/08/2023 05:28 PM

    I have been trying to get this message to you for some time; apparently getting lost in the confusion.

    Please look at GAB,com !!
    They will NOT censor anything... Just what you want! I don't think it costs an arm or leg to use either!! Might probably be a better deal to handle your Newsletters, etc.

    I post many of your words here:

    Please try it... You may like it, use it, and save yourself a lot of grief.

    Thank you,
    Joe Lyddon

  • Patrick J Green

    10/08/2023 03:07 PM

    Speaker of The House! My two cents worth. Jorden or Scalise either one would do a fantastic job. But it's kind like I believed about Cruz we need him right were he is at. I believe Jim Jordan needs to be right were he is at on the verisi committees going after the weaponsized ABC fed government agencies.
    So I guess it all comes down to Scalise health

  • Sharon Faulkner

    10/08/2023 02:49 PM

    One other thing Mike : the gutless Supreme Court refused to hear the Planned Parenthood case against David Daledin, Sandra Merritt and Troy Newman and left them owing millions to Murder incorporated the pediatric division -- this is the cowardly tactic of the Left -- just as Trump.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    10/08/2023 02:31 PM

    If the 8 Patriots who stood up to Rino McCarthy are toast than so is the GOP.
    And Mike Linddel was right about the rigged Election and if you Establishmentarians don't think so than that the problem -- and why 2024 will be more of the same.
    Trump is all that keeps MAGA in this Blue Reich reservist party -- after 2024 I am OUT.