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February 27, 2024

The Family Research Council warns that there is a “growing disdain for Christianity” in America, reflected by the fact that over the past six years, there have been 915 hostile acts against churches, from vandalism to shootings to arson and bomb threats. And anti-Christian hatred is rising quickly: there were 436 assaults on churches in 2023, which is double the number in 2022 and eight times the number in 2018.

This is yet another “shocking but not surprising” story. These assaults on churches have been happening with the tacit encouragement and approval of leftist collect teachers who indoctrinate students into hating Judeo-Christian culture, and Democrat authorities who turn a blind eye to violent radical left groups that threaten and vandalize pro-life pregnancy centers even as the Biden DOJ tries to railroad pro-life activists and Trump supporters into federal prison for decades. All this is happening in the shadow of a President who routinely demonizes and denounces half the nation as terrorists, fascists and “threats to our democracy” for daring to disagree with his radical policies. I’m sure many of the people who vandalize churches look at that and see it as a green light.

I should also mention that this dovetails with all the radical left groups threatening synagogues and Jewish students while demonstrating in support of Hamas terrorists. Meanwhile, Biden pressures Israel for a ceasefire while openly anti-Israel, pro-terrorist Congressional Democrats rail that he’s not being hard enough on Israel for fighting to defend itself from extinction. Maybe that would explain a shocking new poll showing that 53% of reliably liberal Jewish New Yorkers now say they plan to vote for Trump.

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