March 4, 2021

Here’s proof that there’s only one form of discrimination that our famously “woke” universities not only tolerate, they approve of and encourage it, and that’s discrimination against conservative academics.

Liberal media outlets mock the claims of discrimination by conservatives. But the first-ever survey of professors and graduate students by a University of London politics professor found that not only have one in three conservative professors and grad students been threatened with disciplinary action for expressing their beliefs, but a majority of academics said they would not oppose discriminating against conservative colleagues. Ten percent support canceling or firing colleagues who hold conservative views. And it’s only likely to get worse in the future, since 20% of academics under 30 support firing colleagues who disagree with their leftist views.

The study notes that even if conservatives aren’t disciplined, the threat of it is intimidating enough to scare them into keeping their mouths shut, which means in effect that all conservative academics are being discriminated against.

The author also notes that this view is not limited to campuses and is spreading across the US, Britain and Canada in general. If these people really are academics, then I expect them to be able to do research that answers difficult questions. If so, then I have one I’ve been asking for years and still haven’t heard a logical answer:

“Who proved that the personal, subjective views of leftists are objective, unassailable truth, despite over a century of evidence that everything they believe results in failure, misery, poverty, oppression, starvation and death?”

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  • Keith Orr

    03/07/2021 07:48 AM

    Mike.... thanks! In these unsettling times.. I appreciate your clarity. How can we allow suppression of speech of anyone, much less one of our most popular presidents? I sent a child off to college, she had been raised with conservative values, and the teachings of Ayn Rand and Thomas Sowell.... what i got back was resentful, hateful, mean young adult. I thank you and Sarah for your calm guidance. - Keith

  • Mary Jarvis

    03/05/2021 10:31 PM

    Enjoy your shows. Would like your emails sent to my mail box. Keep fighting the good fight. Prayers are always going your way.

  • Ken Maxfield

    03/04/2021 02:50 PM

    You tell 'em Mike! The only discrimination allowed and promoted is against conservatives. If conservatives said that "all Dems. should be 'reprogrammed' or their businesses should be burned down" the media and the courts would be all over would be discrimination rhetoric on steroids!