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September 29, 2021

I was devastated to learn of the death of Devorah Sklar, a dear friend not just to me, but our entire family. Devorah fought a valiant battle against COVID in a lengthy hospital stay. On a couple of occasions when doctors had communicated that she wouldn’t make it through the night, she did. Ultimately, her earthly battle was lost, but her heavenly home was ready.

Devorah and her husband Maurice have been a vital part of our trips to Israel and the Mediterranean for several years. Maurice is a Julliard trained virtuoso violinist, whose worshipful renderings on the violin were so powerful a part of our journeys to the Bible Lands that I told Maurice that if he didn’t go on our trips, I wouldn’t either. Devorah was much more than his wife and companion. She coordinated the performances and made sure the sound was carefully prepared. She handled his bookings, sale of his vast offerings of recorded music, and served as manager, producer, and coordinator. But above all, she was a beautiful human being, who had a great sense of humor, a profound love of Jesus and loving respect for all people.

There have been countless hours spent with Devorah and Maurice on our many trips across the globe. They have become cherished friends with whom I have loved sharing great stories, delightful meals, and genuine Christian fellowship.

I’m heartbroken. Devorah was so full of life and spirit and joy! I cannot even fathom how much I will miss all of those things from her! Pray for Maurice especially. Surround him with prayers and affirmation.

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