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September 14, 2017 |


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Today's Commentary:  Despicable morons-- Religious Liberty report released -- ESPN gets political  -- The limits of progress -- 32 excuses -- News Bits 

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This week both Houses of Congress swiftly passed a resolution overwhelmingly condemning white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups and sent it to President Trump to sign. Which is fine, even though 99.9999% of Americans already condemn white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups. And I can’t think of a single elected official in Washington who still supports the KKK, even among the party that founded it (the Democrats for you Millenial readers).

President Trump has been falsely accused of “empowering” white supremacist groups, despite the fact that he has repeatedly and strongly condemned them, and is on the record doing that, stretching back decades. If anyone is empowering them, it’s the media outlets that insist on giving this genuine basket of deplorables coverage far beyond what they merit, until viewers think there must be tens of millions of them. But that’s patently ridiculous. They are a relative handful of basement-dwelling idiots who are outnumbered 10-1 by protesters every time they show their faces, which also usually gets them fired from their jobs, if they have any, and even disowned by their parents.

In the spirit of the resolution, let’s all agree once again on what we already agreed on: neo-Nazis and white supremacists are despicable morons. So stop giving them free commercials.


Mike Huckabee



Religious Liberty report released

By Mike Huckabee

It’s funny that the left loves to call anyone who questions their dogma a “denier,” likening anyone with a differing viewpoint to Holocaust deniers. Yet they continue to deny that there is a rising tide of hostility toward people of faith and attacks on religious liberty. Well, click the link to read about a new report on that subject, created by a team of legal researchers at First Liberty Institute led by a Harvard-trained constitutional attorney. It found that since 2011, attacks on religious liberty in America have increased by 133 percent, from 600 cases to over 1400, and the severity of such attacks has gotten worse. And this only includes the fraction of cases that get reported and published.

The report states, "To deny that religious freedom is in crisis in America is to deny the obvious.” Sadly, many on the left have had years of experience at denying the obvious. Click the link to learn more.



ESPN gets political

By Mike Huckabee

There seems to be no place left where Americans can turn to escape the left’s never-ending meltdown over Donald Trump being President. Late night comedy shows, fashion magazines, the Miss America pageant, telethons for hurricane victims, and of course, one of the first places to allow inappropriate infusions of leftwing politics, ESPN. The latest political outburst from the former sports network comes courtesy of anchor Jemele Hill, who felt compelled to take to Twitter to blast Trump, among other things accusing him of being a “white supremacist.”

It inspired Tucker Carlson on Fox News to dub ESPN the “Endless Stupid Political Nagging” network. Because of that, a lot of viewers got tired of yelling, “Everyone Stop Pontificating Nightly!” at their screens and canceled their subscriptions. ESPN higher-ups issued a statement saying they had “addressed this” with Hill, who now “recognizes her actions were inappropriate.”

A reminder: when longtime “SportsCenter” anchor Linda Cohn criticized ESPN’s drift into leftwing politics that’s alienated its core viewers, she was suspended. When conservative baseball legend Kurt Schilling tweeted his opposition to same-sex bathrooms, he was fired. But when Hill slanders the President as a white supremacist, they “addressed it” with her and on sails her career.

One of these reactions is not like the others. Hmm. I wonder what the difference could be?...


The limits of progress

By Mike Huckabee

Ed Murray, the openly gay Democratic mayor of Seattle, one of the most liberal cities in America, announced yesterday that he is stepping down. This came after allegations that he claims are “not true,” but might affect his ability to conduct the public’s business. To be precise (and I warn you, this is pretty rough), one of his cousins just became the fifth man to come forward and accuse Murray of having raped them when they were minors. Murray blamed the accusations on bad blood in his family and troubled people making false allegations. But even more shocking, it was revealed that the Seattle Times knew about the accusations of him molesting minors way back in 2008 when he was a state legislator and decided not to publish them, even as he ran for mayor of one of America’s largest cities.

I’ve always said that when you run for office these days, you’d better be prepared to have every aspect of your life scrutinized and hauled into the spotlight by the media. I should add a caveat: unless you’re a “progressive” in a “progressive” state with a “progressive” media. Then, there seems to be no limit to what will be overlooked, no matter how vile. I fail to see how this represents “progress.”



32 Excuses

By Mike Huckabee

Hillary Clinton’s book has been out for only one day, and the number of excuses she’s given for her loss to Donald Trump has now been tabulated at around 32 (somehow, despite her “taking complete responsibility,” it’s still everyone else’s fault.) But here’s one I’ll bet you didn’t see coming: she blasts the New York Times for its “shoddy reporting” of the 2016 election. I thought for a moment we’d finally found something Hillary and I could agree wholeheartedly on, but it turns out she actually believes the Times was too rough on her. I guess they didn’t get the memo that it was their job to elect her. I mean that literally: thanks to WikiLeaks, we know there were actually DNC memos to that effect.


News Bits

Rising trend among millennial women: gun ownership. Liberals think this trend is “disturbing.” I’ll bet rapists do, too.



Stunning discovery: bones believed to be relics of Jesus’ Apostle St. Peter found in a 1000-year-old church in Rome.



Handy Tip: Of all the ways to get rid of a giant wasps’ nest, blasting it with a shotgun is not the smartest.



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  • Michael Nestor

    09/15/2017 07:38 AM

    When Blasting the wasp's nest, he shot way too high. I have had several successful outings like this. The key is to hit the center of the nest, and use the second shot to clean off the limb. Have never been stung. It is also advisable to do this at first light,or dusk, when they are all inside......Smaller shot works better too(6 or 71/2).

  • Keith McDonald

    09/15/2017 12:23 AM

    In addition to getting your commentary in the morning, I started receiving your afternoon commentary. All of the sudden it stopped coming a couple of days ago. Please start sending it again.

  • Gladys Hizer

    09/14/2017 11:16 AM

    You say 32 excuses that Hillary gave for her failed election, Hannity listed 42 yesterday. Bet the count will continue to rise!