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June 4, 2024

Dr. Anthony Fauci was questioned by the House Select Subcommittee for the Coronavirus Pandemic Monday, and the results were about as expected: Democrats played defense for him as he dodged and weaved and denied responsibility for government missteps and ironfisted dictates that cost many lives and destroyed even more. Those hoping for him to face prosecution will likely be sadly disappointed.

As Jennifer Van Laar at reports, the only real news to come out of it was getting Fauci to admit that the “lab leak” theory of COVID’s origin is “possible” and not a conspiracy theory. Otherwise, it turns out (surprise!) that all the bad stuff the government did was done by someone else and he didn’t know nothin' about it. And as he admitted in previous testimony, all that destructive medical performance art, like six-foot social distancing and forcing masks onto children, had no scientific evidence to back it up and just “appeared” out of thin air. What's a guy to do when that happens?


While Fauci may have tried to dodge, weave and admit nothing, it was at least cleansing for the soul to see him have to sit and squirm as Georgia freshman Rep. Rich McCormick read him the riot act to his face.

Unlike the other Congress members (and Fauci, who for all his vaunted medical expertise is actually a government desk jockey who’s never practiced medicine), McCormick was an ER doctor who treated thousands of patients during the pandemic. Yet, as he recounted it, Fauci used his government power and media clout to steamroll doctors like him, who knew their patients’ medical histories and comorbidities, and who questioned his policies, Fauci even tried to silence them and revoke their medical licenses, while pushing for firing Americans and taking away their travel rights if they refused to take a vaccine that their own doctors warned them not to take.

Fauci tried to spin his way out of it, claiming he was taken out of context, but McCormick was having none of it. He brought the video that contained the context. Even if Fauci is never held to account for what he’s done, at least for a few glorious minutes, he had to sit there in front of the world, having his arrogant, wrongheaded behavior dragged up and thrown in his face. And he had to listen to McCormick as he concluded with the three words that millions of Americans have longed to say to the media’s favorite medical autocrat:

“Shame on you!”

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