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February 24, 2021

Obama’s failed SCOTUS nominee and now Biden pick for Attorney General Merrick Garland is being questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Keeping up with all his evasions is like trying to focus on a hummingbird’s wings.

Instapundit rounded up a collection of headlines and links to more details of some of his worst dodges and deflections.

To sum up a few: he can’t say whether he would protect the Durham investigation, or oppose trans men destroying women’s sports or consider entering the US illegally to be a crime…and he’s not sure whether it was domestic terrorism for Portland rioters to try to burn down a federal courthouse because, hey, it was closed at the time. Yes, wasn’t it closed because of all the RIOTING?

Heaven help us if he becomes Attorney General. Judging from what we’re seeing now, I’d say that America dodged more bullets than Rambo when we didn’t get him on the Supreme Court.

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