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November 20, 2023

Remember how Trump ran for office on a platform of negotiating better deals with other nations? He argued that for years, officials in Washington agreed to deals that were far more advantageous to other nations than to America. He vowed to reverse that, and he did. He put Americans' interests first, while leftists twisted “America first” into a pejorative that in their minds meant something evil, jingoistic, fascist, imperialist, xenophobic, and probably racist and transphobic, too. All it really meant was that we stopped giving away the farm to other nations and made sure American businesses and workers got some profits and jobs and that we didn’t sell out America’s security.

Tragically, Trump was replaced with Biden, whose idea of a great international deal was giving our enemies anything they wanted in exchange for empty promises they had no intention of keeping. For instance, giving billions to Iran and allowing them to build nuclear reactors in exchange for pinky-swear promises that they wouldn’t use the money to fund terrorism or enrich uranium to build nuclear bombs. We know how well the first promise worked out, and here’s how we’re doing on the second: Reuters reports that Iran already has enough enriched uranium to build three nuclear bombs.

Flush with his success at selling out to Iran, Biden has now agreed with China to shut down America’s fossil fuel industry. In pursuit of his “climate change” agenda, the State Department announced that it has struck a deal with Chila to "accelerate the substitution for coal, oil and gas generation" with green energy sources like wind and solar power.

Here are just a few of the drawbacks to that deal that the media don’t want to discuss:

1. If you think China has any intention whatsoever of abiding by it themselves, you are as crazy as a TikTokker fangirling on Osama Bin Laden. I’ve seen this movie before, and I know how it ends. In 2021, Xi Jinping pledged to “strictly control coal-fired power generation plants” in China. In the two years prior, Beijing had approved building 127 such plants. In the two years since pledging to limit them, they’ve approved 182.

2. This deal will destroy American jobs; empower and enrich oil producers like OPEC, Russia and Iran; and make energy costs for working Americans skyrocket while resulting in widespread power outages, made worse by Biden’s insane insistence on forcing everyone to drive unreliable, unwanted electric cars that will put a massive drain on the power grid.

3. Wind and solar are completely inadequate to provide reliable power for a 21st century advanced nation. They also are NOT “green,” as they create vast amounts of pollution to build the towers, turbines and solar panels; they blight the landscape; they don’t last nearly as long or produce nearly as much power as advertised; they are decimating bird populations and are likely responsible for killing whales.

Like the frantic pullback from EVs by automakers who are losing billions, we’re already seeing these “green energy” companies begging to get out of contracts to build off-shore wind farms (a crazy idea when you consider the effects of salt water on metal) or else begging for even more government subsidies. We would have been better off generating power from steam engines heated by burning taxpayer money.

There is a reliable source of adequate power with zero emissions, one that some European nations like France are already exploiting. But we can’t use nuclear power because a lot of liberals are terrified of it due to Chernobyl and Fukushima – incidents that could be avoided by not building nuclear power plants in an earthquake zone using Soviet technology from 1986. So instead, we’ll shut down our oil and gas resources and hope the wind blows today while China keeps right on building coal-fired power plants.

Trump wrote “The Art of the Deal.” Biden should write a book called “The Art of the Abject Surrender.”

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