With TV ratings for "woke" awards shows sinking like the Titanic, the producers of Sunday’s Oscarcast are begging celebrities to keep their politics to themselves. Still, there are sure to be plenty of political statements, particularly on gun control and the NRA. But do celebrity promotions of gun control laws really help make them more popular?

Zogby poll the public on that topic, and the results may surprise you (unless you read my newsletter, and then they won’t surprise you at all.) It turned out that hearing Hollywood celebrities endorse gun control makes more people want to support the Second Amendment than oppose it.

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Hearing actors and actresses push gun control laws makes 34% of Americans want to strongly support the Second Amendment and 22% somewhat support the Second Amendment. Celebrity anti-gun statements make only 16% strongly oppose the Second Amendment and 12% somewhat oppose it (16% weren’t sure).

This lopsided negative reaction to celebrity anti-gun activism doesn’t affect only Republicans. Independents, African-Americans, Hispanics and, yes, even Democrats all prefer the Second Amendment to being hectored by anti-gun celebrities. Zogby notes that it could be due to the stench of hypocrisy wafting from rich celebrities who denounce guns for self-defense for the “little people,” but are surrounded by armed guards as they make movies glorifying gun violence.

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So maybe gun rights supporters who get upset over anti-gun lectures from Hollywood celebrities should just chill out. Turns out the stars are doing more to popularize the Second Amendment than the NRA, just by shooting their mouths off. And if any of those stars are reading this (fat chance!), maybe it will encourage them to devote their Oscar speeches to something else, like, say, I don’t know…how about movies?

PS – Speaking of major narrative fails, the poll also found that, contrary to the current media theme that youth are demanding gun control laws, the demographic that most strongly supports the Second Amendment is Millennials aged 18 to 29 (65% support/23% oppose). Say, isn’t that the same demographic that Hollywood is always trying to appeal to? No wonder so many movies flop.




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  • Aurelio Jose Rodriguez

    03/04/2018 12:49 PM

    What I find really obnoxious and totally offensive is to call these people "celebrities". Most of them are of very questionable moral conduct, can a person like this be a "celebrity" is there anything to celebrate in Harvey Weinstein? To me celebrities are the members of our armed forces that defend the freedom that we take for granted on a daily basis; our police who battle crime everyday bringing to us a sense of protection that would not exist without them; our nurses and doctors who care for our healing; our missionaries and volunteers who struggle to feed and cloth the needy; our churches, our pastors and priests always bringing healing and compassion to all. Those are the real celebrities, not these famous lost souls with money but no brain.

  • Irene Erickson

    03/03/2018 07:13 PM

    I will not be watching. Hollywood has forgotten all about God, therefore I forgot about them.