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May 10, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • Europe Wising Up
  • Unemployment
  • Two Americas
  • Portland thugs
  • Cat out of the bag
  • Talking point gets nuked
  • Reader Writes...


Mike Huckabee


Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

Psalms 16:11

Europe wising up

By Mike Huckabee

Leftists: "We want to transform America into Sweden!"

Sweden: "A leading Swedish hospital is banning giving dangerous, unpredictable hormones to minors with gender dysphoria. They're too young to make such a life-altering and risky decision. It's child abuse."

Leftists: "The Swedes are transphobes. Let's give dangerous, unpredictable hormones to minors with gender dysphoria."

"Say, the U.K. has been acting insanely 'woke' lately! Maybe we should transform America into Britain."

Britain: "To combat accusations of widespread fraud in the last election, the Queen will announce a package of new election integrity measures, including voter ID."

Leftists: "Rats!!...Okay, let's just admit we want to turn America into Venezuela."


By Mike Huckabee

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki claimed that most economists in the White House agree that paying people an extra $300 a week in unemployment through September, even though the pandemic is obviously already winding down, is keeping them from taking jobs. As it stands now, many employers can’t find enough workers because if you earn less than $32,000 a year, you’ll make more sitting on the couch. I think this tells us more about the economists the White House listens to than it does about the economy.

But President Biden reminded Americans that if you’re on Unemployment, you’re expected to take any suitable job offer. And of course, nobody ever figured out a way to get around that. The fact that he felt the need to say that at all seems to imply that they do know that’s happening.

But my favorite Democrat attempt to do an end-run around reality came from socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, who blamed the complaints about incentivizing unemployment on “greed.” He tweeted that there’s a “simple solution” if businesses can’t find workers: simply raise wages and give more benefits.

That’s precisely the kind of authoritative wisdom about business that I’d expect from someone who failed at every endeavor he tried in life until he entered “public service,” and then somehow became a millionaire who owns three houses. As the owner of a number of business endeavors, I hate to break it to the Senator, but do you know what happens when you pay people far more money than you actually have and provide far more benefits than you can afford? You end up very deep in debt and in danger of going bankrupt.

Even with zero business experience, Bernie should know that, since it’s precisely what he and his “progressive” pals in Congress have done to America.

Two Americas

By Mike Huckabee

Oklahoma's Governor signs a bill banning Critical Race Theory from public schools...

Washington's Governor signs a bill requiring Critical Race Training for all public school teachers...

I hope all those Washington parents don't miss the ocean too much when they move to Oklahoma.

Portland thugs

By Mike Huckabee

Joe Hall is a disabled former Marine and handyman from Portland, Oregon. He mistakenly drove his truck (which had Marine and Trump stickers on it) too close to an Antifa march. He was surrounded by armed Antifa thugs carrying AR-15 and AK-style rifles. They began banging on his truck, calling him a racist and fascist, and pointing guns at him. Scared for his life, he showed his pistol to try to warn them away, but he was jumped and brutally beaten. He’s still in the hospital with serious injuries, but when he finally recovers, he says he’s leaving Portland for good.

When pressed on why militant thugs openly carrying guns are allowed to run the streets of Portland, assaulting citizens at will, Mayor Ted Wheeler evaded the question, saying he didn’t know if they had a parade permit, as if that’s the major concern here. His police department was equally evasive.

That’s actually weaker than a few weeks ago, when Wheeler “got tough” with Antifa by saying this:

“They want to burn. They want to bash, like they did to the nonprofit Boys and Girls Club in Northeast. Really, they want to intimidate. They want to assault…If BLM leaders can show the courage to stand up to this mob, then we all should … Make a stand and take our city back.”

Memo to Ted Wheeler: It’s not the job of the citizens to stand up to armed, violent thugs and take the city back. You’re the Mayor. That’s a job for you and your police department. In fact, it was your job to keep them from taking over the city in the first place. Did you seriously not know this when you ran for the office?

Cat out of the bag

By Mike Huckabee

An unnamed White House staffer told New York Magazine exactly how they’re bamboozling voters with the help of a compliant media:

“[A]t his hundred-day mark, Biden is the most liberal president we’ve had — and the public thinks he’s a moderate. That’s a winning strategy to me. They’re willing to accept that you’re gonna write this piece as long as they know that swing voters in Colorado aren’t gonna read it.”

In short, they’re counting on a biased media misinforming Americans that Biden is a moderate instead of the most far-left radical we’ve ever had in the White House, but they’ll only admit it to a liberal New York magazine because they assume you’re never going to see that. Apparently, they never counted on folks like us, who read the news so you don’t have to and pass along all the ugly truths that they really don’t want you to know.

Talking point gets nuked

By Mike Huckabee

Say, you know how we’re all going to DIE from the virus of unknown origin because those dumb, science-denying, knuckle-dragging MAGA Republicans refuse to get vaccinated? That’s what the media keep telling us. Problem is, like much of what they tell us, it ain’t necessarily so.

A Reader Writes Back... 

DEfund the FBI and REfund local law enforcement departments!!

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Comments 1-21 of 21


    05/11/2021 08:58 PM

    I think this what the dems want people to rely on the government for a pay check GOTCHA

  • Gregory Weinman

    05/11/2021 02:03 PM

    Thank you Governor,
    President Biden isn't a radical. He is a centrist. Every opinion he has uttered has been from the center of his party. The Democrat party is now far left and the center is also,

  • Bill Brown

    05/11/2021 12:37 PM

    What happened to "America the Beautiful" & the brief descriptions of Americans whose lives made a POSITIVE impact on the Country?

  • Stephen Russell

    05/11/2021 11:28 AM

    Feds hiding video from 1-5 rally pre 1-6.
    Other news site has info on Feds hiding video on 1-5
    Ammo for our side

  • Dusty

    05/11/2021 11:18 AM

    1. Border why can we not just pick up in Texas and Az and put on buses or planes back to their homes? Why do we have to take these people in here? WHY? From Venezuela and where next. Why not Middle East and India? This is crazy. Not going to stop unless we stop it. Why cannot the Gov of Texas and Az say get them out of here and do this ? Their states. In Oregon these thugs just can carry and threaten anyone WHY? This is the US not Russia so far or China so far? 2. I hear this morning on Fox with Pete in Columbus, Ohio at a breakfast place talking to a white Grandfather who has helped with grandkids for school and saw this READ THIS and CK? His grandchild in 3rd grade shown video of Pres Obama and then a negative on Pres Bush and others in Republican party on this video. WHAT that young of a child. This is for college level to choose not to be brain washed. Wake up PARENTS and US on who we have elected and is pulling on this Presidents puppet strings. This is beyond belief where are the elected officials in OHIO? This has to stop and why teachers could have this power I pay big taxes to education in Georgia WHY? So far many of our teachers have been back to work . Now what are they being taught here ck it out Georgia parents? 3. Yes, we need people back to work not being afraid majority will not die per this Chinese Virus. See Congress today and Fauci he is a joke? Teachers can sit out per their use of a union and Medical people have been in the front to handle this virus should they have said no ? I am an retired RN in critical care. Disgusting what they have done to our kids, to families who could not get back to work. Had a grand son in law in Denver home 5 mo to watch an under 2 yr old no child care? Mother could work . WHY? Now back in the South and so happy to be back to freedom. 4. Now we face high gas prices per a shut down of Keystone and many states hurt financially per this a few the Indian reservations. WHY? Hacking into our gas pipe lines through the South amazing that this could happen are we that stupid per our computer people? We are to dumbh down our kids now in making all study along the same levels? I know not the right spelling just catch your eye? NO way. Fire the teachers get in the military and educated parents to teach in classes as they are at home. Those who suffer are in the poor districts who has cared for the past year I hear nothing WHY?
    5. Voting are they kidding in Congress to take control on a road to Communism and the control of BIG Tech industry who put in $800 million for Biden to win? We gave them this power by using their internet programs without realizing that they were on the road to communism and their controlling our lives as billionaires. WHY? Ask why they booted out millions before the last Presidential and now see much of the voting may not have been fair and citizens who had a right to vote. 3x the absentee in Georgia were Democrats ? Big money poured in to Ga from silicon and Hollyweird one was George Clooney for Democrats and we got our own racist Senator super? Come into your state stay in your own backyard and screw up like in California per the homeless and crime rising in LA and my use to be favorite city San Francisco and what has Botox Pelosi said about this her city dying? 6. Now our taxes we are paying people to not work? In my small town of Georgia everywhere signs we are hiring. Little mom and pop cafes shut down no workers? But we gave out our taxes I as a widow am paying now my $550 I owe this year but never got one cent of my own SS. Widow at age 60 married to my hubby 40 yr. I worked doggone hard as an RN for years. So beware of your SS and what you may not get? We are paying millions today for illegals to come in. What has puppet Biden created gets scarier and SAD .

  • Stephen Russell

    05/11/2021 10:42 AM

    Survey ideas:
    Do want MORE Govt in Your Life
    Do U wanted Unwanted home searches & seizures
    Do U want to lose your Rights?
    How much can U pay for Govt?
    How much do U want to pay Govt

  • Stephen Russell

    05/11/2021 10:31 AM

    Job Hunting scam:
    Public makes phone calls to prove job hunting BUT wont take jobs since Govt checks more profitable
    apply nationwide

  • Jerry

    05/11/2021 08:33 AM

    This country is in decline and it is just the beginning the Military is going to change to the character of the new members will take on the traits of the present commander in chief. Biden is a person that would surrender its Force for a million dollars shoot his own Force member to save himself; biden is a coward of a person in all factors of what an American is. The military under biden command will beat weaken forces but will run from equal or superior foes.. Biden does not have the IQ to out wit a superior foe he will allow his forces to be slaughtered to save himself this the military of the future our enemies are lining up today with the United States in their sights it will be easier to attack than Pearl Harbor if biden doesn't destroy the country from with in first we are being soften up for a takeover. The population needs to add to its weapons arsenal and hope the police will be on the side of the citizens. biden is the CCP mexican cartel and every other force that is evil. Remeber biden the nice man during the campaign how is it working today the polls say he's great i am not a so sure.

  • John A Huggins

    05/11/2021 08:16 AM

    I’m glad that people are finally wishing up and leaving ares like, NY, Oregon, and other socialist strongholds. I just pray that they realize why they are leaving and do not bring their voting record with them

  • Paul Kern

    05/11/2021 12:12 AM

    Your articles on CRT and the "vaccine" were spot on. I live in the ruined Marxist state of Washington. The Republicans are always blindsided. Some are actually RINOs and being primaries now. The governor has delusions of being the new Gascom. He is going around the law to increase taxes and push a state income tax. He was well trained in his home state back east.
    He is letting the teachers union and leftists set state policy. Also attempting to remove the 2nd Amendment.
    One has to carry now as the police are pretty useless and allow BLM and Antifa to rob and plunder.
    The "vaccines" are an experimental drug and RNA combination. Leading virologists have spoken out against it.
    I have been telling a few I trust we are now two nations.
    The Dems are upset that blacks have been arming themselves. Good for them

  • Debbie Slaton

    05/10/2021 09:30 PM

    Thank you Sir Huckabee,
    I wish you were President!
    God bless you and your wonderful family!?????

  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/10/2021 08:40 PM

    BLM stand up to the cowardly racist fascist antifa? To quote every great stage radio TV and movie villain who ever existed : bwaaahahaha!!!

  • Judy Radley

    05/10/2021 08:26 PM

    My husband and I and all my siblings are fully vaccinated, and we are Christian Conservatives, a couple are kind of moderate, but still got vaccinated. Our kids, however, are more skeptical about the vaccines. They are also more Conservative or Liberal than we are, their parents, so it seems that the farther right or left the off-spring are from their parents, are the ones most skeptical about this current govt. admin. WE the older generation, have lived through the Nixon years, the Vietnam war years, the tragic 9/11 in NYC, and are more resilient than our kids, only because we have more experience than they do, (esp. at seeing how the Democrats ALWAYS MAKE PROBLEMS AND NEVER FIND SOLUTIONS), but they are wise to be cautious of a too big govt. (that we have now), that promises too much since they deliver almost nil at what they say they will do. So they are learning to take what the Liberals Socialists Communists in our govt. say with a grain of salt. Our kids also know how to be good parents and how to survive fine without govt. hand-outs. That in itself, shows that we have successfully parented our kids to not be afraid to work hard, to get where you want to be, and to be successful and to Enjoy the career you have worked hard to achieve. We are no where near privileged, we were at poverty level growing up, as our parents BOTH had to work and also took good care of us, their family. We never realized we were poor, and never disliked someone because their skin was different than ours. We just knew not to hang out with trouble-makers in any race, because when we got in trouble, our parents, (no social worker nor mental health quack), dealt with it, and we got punished which was mainly getting grounded, punished, and having to do more chores and not go and spend any fun time with our friends until we finished our chores and then we still had a curfew to follow, and when we broke curfew, we got punished again and grounded again, until we finally realized it wasn't worth it to get in trouble anymore by hanging out with those trouble-makers.

    Regarding today's society parasites, they NEED to get locked up in jail and not sent on their way, because evidence is showing that they ARE INDEED committing crimes over and over again. So Cuomo also has that travesty to take responsibility for, but he doesn't & never will. He is a creep and the kind of trouble-maker that our parents taught us to stay away from.... now the rest of the nation and parts of the world, are finding out about all his corruption and he is also one of biden's buddies....another trouble-maker too!

    A lot of my peers in school and especially in high school that were the biggest trouble-makers, are also the biggest anti-Trumpers too! So see, it is innate in troublesome kids to continue to be troublesome when they are adults, as they are easily fooled that crime should pay and no one should be held accountable for anything they do. When we are children, it is determined whether we will be trouble-makers or not, when we are adults, depending on how our parents handled assigning discipline to us to make us take responsibility for the bad choices we made by not listening to or by breaking our parents' rules. That is what parents are supposed to do, but now, since parents in their 30's have been brainwashed by liberals that children should never be disciplined, now it is up to public law enforcement to do the job the parents' failed to do to raise their children to be good citizens. We now have the degenerative age of blm, antifa, radical idiots, etc. It will take many years, if not decades, to get back to the truth that parents need to be the parents, the grown-ups that direct their children, if they choose to have any, to be good and productive citizens to help keep our freedom in America. If they still continue to ignore that, then everyone will not be free to choose their own paths......'An ounce of prevention = a pound of cure' quoted by Benjamin Franklin, still applies in today's society more than ever. (use the example of 'to get vaccinated or not' is a good one). But, will this also fuel the socialists to pull another covid-con job to force all people into bending to their will in the future? Makes sense why the younger generation is skeptical about the vaccine now, as well.

  • Gary Shivel

    05/10/2021 07:50 PM

    Comment regarding unemployment. 40 hours week x $15 hour = $600. Just a ploy by the Democrats to Force Employers into paying their $15 hour wages. Not opposed to paying employees more but in jobs meant for high school students & those looking for a supplement to their incomes in fast food, Part Time summer, Holiday help which is an actual incentive to better themselves through higher education it will cripple that job sector & a Kiosk will be your new employee. Like I said everyone deserves a better wage & I'm sure I'll be called repulsive over my comments. Yes minimum wages should be higher & looked at but those type of jobs referred to should not be destroyed.

  • James Pearce

    05/10/2021 07:49 PM

    I can appreciate the wealth of information that you and so many others bring forward. As a regular patriotic guy I, like so many want to know what is being done about the blatant corruption going on in government? What the hell can the average man or woman do to reverse this nightmare? Action? Grab a rifle and gun and all the ammo you can carry and go where? There is nothing worse than being on a sinking ship with no captain and everyone of the crew are running around poking more holes in the ship and running around screaming we're gonna drown! Our president appointed to office by socialist, communist chinese and God knows who else, is taking this country down the toilet and for all the Republican conservative politicans nothing appears to be happening to Stop This Madness! It's not to difficult to see who the bad actors are, but no one is being arrested, indicted or in a court room awaiting their sentencing for selling out our country as traitors. We the people need a leader to point us in the right direction on what to do. So we are frustrated and at our wits end. I know what to do with traitors, you shoot or hang them. That is how you impress on others what not to do. But if we the people take matters into our own hands and start dealing justice to those who are killing our country, we're tagged as lawless vigilantes. But the trouble is it seems no one in politics or government is holding anyone responsible. Our present administration is corrupt, our country is in the hands of people that want to destroy the US, our government is infiltrated with the enemy, the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA and all the other alphabet soup agencies are spying on us. Where is the rule of law, even the courts are full of Obama and God only knows who else and there's no cavalry coming to the rescue. We are at a point of civil war so who's going to act?

  • James Drury Jr.

    05/10/2021 07:33 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Gregory George Keller

    05/10/2021 07:27 PM

    If the police are not allowed to do there job . Then yes we need a vigilante force like the song whiskey for my men and beer for my horses. We need to draw a hard line and send a few to there maker this will settle them down hang them hi in the streets for everyone to see

  • Barbara Campbell

    05/10/2021 07:20 PM

    Will you please explain to me why Republicans are not standing up to these democrats in the House and Senate. I know they have the majority but with all the stupid rules they have in Congress, I am sure Republicans could find someway to stop p, at least, some of this insanity or at least stall it.
    I really would like to know. If they’re just waiting on 2022, we won’t have a country left by then.

  • Floyd A Unger

    05/10/2021 06:57 PM

    Thank you

  • Joyce F Birch

    05/10/2021 06:56 PM

    I wish I had a magic wand to wave across this country/world so we can all live in harmony. All I do every day is pray. Amen
    Another comment: When was the last time you heard Biden say "God Bless America, or God Bless These United States", after any of his so-called speeches or propaganda speeches? May be it was on Jan. 20th.

  • William Fuhrer

    05/10/2021 06:44 PM

    CHANGING THE FORMULA.....The United States was proud to have the personna that the United States cities could afford to and had politicians that could keep streets safe, But with antifa and Black Lives Matter challenging for control of city streets voters need to vote for candidates that are capable of keeping streets safe