January 11, 2019

Suggested new motto for CNN: "When the news doesn't fit the liberal narrative, don't believe your lying eyes! Believe CNN!"


Due to a series of health problems, 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg missed opening oral arguments this week for the first time in 25 years.  Despite assurances that she’s fine (and I wish her well and hope you’ll all say a prayer for her health), unsourced rumors are flying that she might be about to retire, even as soon as today, and the White House is already preparing, just in case they have to name a successor.

With the SCOTUS now tilted 5-4 conservative, for President Trump to replace a liberal Justice with another Constitution-respecting nominee would cement a solid conservative majority for years (unless if you’re like Chief Justice Roberts and don’t believe there are such things as liberal or conservative judges.)  But first, any nominee he names will have to survive a Mount Vesuvius-level eruption of rage from the left and a gauntlet-of-fire confirmation that will make the Brett Kavanaugh hearings look like the Teddy Bears’ Picnic. 

Liberals not only hate-hate-hate Trump with the heat of a thousand suns, but he would be replacing not just any liberal justice, but one they’ve recently raised almost to the level of a deity.  There’s been a worshipful documentary about her, a worshipful dramatized movie about her, and any trip to a left-leaning book store will yield a truckload of RBG tchotchkes, with her face on everything from T-shirts to keychains.  

While everyone else braces to cover this titanic struggle, I’d like to toss out an idea that’s sure to get ignored once all the outrage and partisan fighting gets rolling:

If you think the entire future of America hinges on a single unelected lawyer in a black robe staying on the job until she’s 150, then we have ceded far too much power to judges.



If you thought Seth Meyers’ snarky tweet during President Trump’s speech about Americans killed by illegal alien criminals was heartless…

…check out this clip of Ana Navarro on CNN.  Is she actually auditioning to become the next over-the-top anti-American villain on the WWE?  Or is it time CNN just admitted that it’s now become the WWE?



When President Trump said Mexico would pay for the border wall, maybe he didn’t mean all of Mexico.  Maybe just certain, highly-deserving Mexican citizens will get stuck with the tab.


Another far-left Democratic Senator who is big on identity politics but lacking in executive experience is running for President in 2020…No, not that one…No, not him, it’s another woman…Oh heck, we’ll be here all day if you keep guessing.  Just click the link and find out which one it is.


While many conservatives think that the worst thing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has done is to help sugarcoat and glamorize socialism, they overlook what may be her most pernicious influence on the body politic: her livestream videos of her cooking dinner in her kitchen have convinced less social media-savvy liberals that they, too, have to get down with the hip Internet thang. 

And so, we have to endure the cringeworthy display of Sen. Elizabeth Warren taking to the ‘net to drink a beer, almost like a regular person.  Now, even worse, Beto O’Rourke tried to illustrate his opposition to a border wall by streaming his plaque scraping during a dental appointment.  File this under “Videos that are more painful than a root canal.”



Jim Treacher at PJ Media illustrates that even if you take the left’s arguments against a border wall seriously, they’re still hilarious.  He’s not even a wall supporter, but listening to their ridiculous arguments against it have nearly convinced him to build it.

And here by itself is the #1 unintentional humor clip of the day: CNN’s top egomaniac, Jim Acosta, attempts to show up President Trump by going to a section of the border with a steel slat fence and smugly pointing out that he doesn't see any crowds of illegal immigrants trying to cross the border. Yep, nobody’s trying to cross…where the steel barrier is.  That sure proves Trump wrong, doesn’t it?  Not since “The Office” went off the air has there been a funnier clip of someone making a fool of himself on camera and not even realizing how dumb he sounds.


It’s nice of Planned Parenthood’s president to boldly admit that the organization’s “core mission” is providing, protecting and expanding access to abortions.  Now, since it’s illegal under the Hyde Amendment for federal funds to pay for abortions, why is PP still getting over a half a billion dollars of our tax money every year?  Oh, right: to pay for all the other women’s health services they provide – except, according to their own annual report, they mostly perform abortions, while the other services are shrinking or nonexistent.  

Say, here's a radical idea: how about giving all that money for women's health services to clinics whose core mission is providing women with health services?



Just days after it was announced that the USA had become a net exporter of oil for the first time in decades, British Petroleum-America announced the discovery of an area in the Gulf of Mexico that could produce as much as a billion barrels of oil.

Our last Democratic President piously assured us that we couldn’t drill our way out of an energy crisis, but it turned out we could, if the government would just get out of the way of the drills.

According to Triple-A, the average price of a gallon or regular gas right now is only $2.24.  That’s over 27 cents a gallon less than it was a year ago, and down from an all-time high of $3.64 in 2012.  To give you an idea of how cheap that is: if you feel nostalgic for the Jimmy Carter era of 1978, when gas was only 63 cents a gallon, you should know that, adjusted for inflation, that would be $2.44 today, or 20 cents more than the current average price.

The cheapest gas is in Missouri, where the average price is $1.87 a gallon, which means at many stations, it’s less.  Naturally, the highest gas prices are in tax-happy California, where a gallon of regular averages nearly $3.29.  That’s actually a shade higher than in Hawaii.

Let’s hope this news will be one more nail in the coffin of OPEC, which is already reeling from the glut of American oil and gas, and in the idea that the American people are desperate to put another Democrat back in the White House.  Why would they want to go back to driving to the unemployment office on $3.64-a-gallon gas?   


Congratulations to football/baseball star Tim Tebow, who says he’s the “happiest man in the world.” Click the link to find out why.


I don’t know if this particular alternative to Facebook will ever get off the ground, but I like the idea that conservatives aren’t just sitting around and taking it when the big tech companies censor non-leftist speech.  Anyone who thinks Facebook or Twitter are too big to fall to upstart competitors who offer a better service should ask himself, "When is the last time I visited MySpace?"



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Comments 1-21 of 21

  • ed Jones

    01/14/2019 12:13 AM

    As usual your comments are very sensible and hit the nail on the head. Thank you for your thoughtful and commonsence insights.

  • elizabeth pinkocze

    01/13/2019 10:55 AM

    Your comments are always full of good info and enjoy reading them. I appreciate you taking the time from your busy day to write then. You make the points but keep it light. That's what is sorely lacking from today's news media. It's hate filled vulgar words with no news attached. Jim Acosta should be the host for the Oscars. He would fit in perfectly. Self absorbed, vain, never passed a mirror he didn't like and really dumb. Thanks again. Will be reading tomorrow and watching your show. God Bless

  • rodney Burke

    01/12/2019 05:43 PM

    can we say Jim Acosta is the poster child for the mental disorder called liberalism? Yes, it is comical that he made a complete fool of himself ..AGAIN. I laugh when Sarah spanks him with truth and throws his childishness back in his face. I have to agree, CNN is more like WWE than a news organization. I would have been happy to slap Ann Navarro in the back of the head while she was filing her nails. That was showing nothing but contempt. It should NOT be rewarded.

  • Velma Ardis Marshall

    01/12/2019 03:22 PM

    Thanks for your news articles & comments on them, done with enough humerous remarks to be interisting & right on the point! I look forward to reading everything you write.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    01/12/2019 11:50 AM

    I paid $1.82 for fuel here in Central Florida; Gingsberg replacement would be nice, to finally get more people who KNOW the constitution and abide by it rather than change it for popular opinion; Costa took the cooking classes rather than history and economics...might be why she is baked all the time, or could it be the pot (pun intended)...

  • Jerry Korba

    01/12/2019 11:13 AM

    Mrs. Clinton says she won the popular vote in 2016 good for her, What I question is how. Has the education the population of the last 25 years got, has it fallen to the lowest that people believe that socialism is a good fit for the best country on the planet. We are not a socialist country now so ask the haters of America why so many people want in. Is it a fact a person can become a very successful person if they want to work I see people who migrate here work very hard they want to be successful ask the haters what they want the answer may be government assistance as a lot of our young people who have attended our public schools think a handout is the way to go. What they do not understand is the handouts has limits. In one hand government housing the other hand individual home ownership riding the bus driving your car in case you do not understand the bus takes u one way and at a certain time a car takes you where u want and when you want the point is FREEDOM if U wish to be a bum be a bum your choice if want to be middle class work to be middle class if you want to rise higher on the economic latter (be careful some of those people may Democrats) please do make no mistake all the money can change you look at Pelosi Maxie Watters Chuckie Schummer the mayor of NYC the Governors of NY, California, money is great, as to all rules their are exceptions people will abuse people with less resources they will try and take your resources the people mentioned are such people. If Education in this country would add the Golden Rule and the 10 Commandments to its curriculum what a more wonderful world WE would have if executed the above mentioned would only be a nightmare. If we could take the hate out of the leaders of hate what a wonderful world it would be. Thank you Louis Armstrong we should play your song after the National Athem.

  • Roger Waters

    01/12/2019 11:01 AM

    Steve Steyers keeps running ads calling for President Trump's impeachment. Since he made his billion dollars by running a hedge fund, would you say that he's really angry at Trump because he (Steyers) makes more money in a down economy? Isn't he really angry because Trump has the economy booming?

  • Dolores

    01/12/2019 09:58 AM

    As always, Huck, you are right on the money with your observations. There is one new trend within the Democratic Party that needs to be exposed, and that is its latest attack on Catholics. They are dedicated to creating a hell on earth with their war on the unborn. We are in the midst of the dreaded WWIII and we don’t even know it. It has raged around us for a generation, snuffing out innumerable lives and we don’t see it. Just as Jesus entered the world silently to save it, His adversary entered just as silently to destroy it. This entity sees the true believers as the last impediment. He will start with the Catholics because they are an easy target and then he will move on to the rest of Christianity. He is implacable in his hatred of God and His works. Like the Terminator, he cannot be bargained with. We have been waiting for the flying missiles, (and there have been plenty of late), the blood and the human agony ( plenty of that too!) and we are missing the true war which has crept into every nation on the earth.

  • Rev. George R Miller

    01/12/2019 09:36 AM

    I would like to comment on the Indiana bill that would require high school graduates to pass the citizenship test given to those wanting to become US citizens. This is something needed. Part of the dumbing down of young Americans is not requiring civics in school anymore which has led to a misunderstanding of how our government is supposed to work. A short reading of the Constitution and how it came into being one will quickly realize that the Federal government is not a direct democracy. The states are the direct democracies. The Federal government is a Republic made up of the 50 states. Those states elect the only 2 truly national office holders (the President and Vice-president). When a person goes into a voting booth to vote for the President, he or she is voting for who they want their state to vote for. Democracy only works well at a smaller more local level. When you expand it to include the whole nation, the individual vote loses some of its value. The Founders recognized this so that is why the chose to have the states elect the President and Vice-president rather than have the whole population do that directly. It is time to bring back Civics classes!

  • Richard Davis

    01/12/2019 08:35 AM

    Jim Acosta probably intended to espouse the narrative of the left that there wasn’t any illegals swarming our border. However, due to his cowardice, he didn’t go to the part of the border where the “caravans” were crossing. Acosta and CNN are cowards! What Satan meant for evil, God used for His purpose.

  • Anita ostrander

    01/12/2019 07:19 AM

    Like always, everything you say makes sense. Unfortunately, far too many Americans are not interested in politics. I work in a barbershop in a rather conservative town and i am dismayed at how many conservative ppl want nothing to do with politics. They prefer to keep quiet,their head in the sand, and just let whatever will be, be.
    I feel that the office of the presidency and all that it once stood for is increasingly being dumbed down and irrelevant ever since Clinton played his saxophone in a public way. It brought him down to the ppl’s level..made him one of was endearing and made him a favorite. Ever since, the office has become increasingly no different than having a position at the bank! What is the pres of the United States doing on late nite TV? Anyway, most ppl are getting their news from social media and the left is control of social media and even smart conservatives tend to believe what is being fed to them by social media! Unbelievable... if things don’t turn around this year, America is done..its over..evil will have won out and it will be the conservatives fault for not standing... i dont care if trump isnt perfect or polished. He is God’s gift to America, a president who actually loves and cares about America more than anything or any other country or even his own well being. Too many Americans these days fault find and nitpick, wont put their life on the line but think they have the right to criticize others who will, talk about what they hear like its truth but are too damn lazy to find the truth for themselves or just as bad, put blinders on. It’s these Americans who are allowing the raping and pillaging of America to take place in broad daylight! I for one will die fighting back!

  • Rob

    01/12/2019 12:40 AM

    More of a question than comment. Why don't they put razor wire on top of the border walls like they do in prison compounds? Seems like that would negate the majority of those athletic enough to climb over what we have. And why do we have some metal wall barriers that can be cut through? If we're going to have a secure wall system, make it impenetrable.

  • Nanette Cramer

    01/12/2019 12:07 AM

    Why aren't the diseases that are coming into our country from nations that have not eradicated them on the news! Soccer Moms would be totally upset since they have been groomed not to get immunizations since they were needed. Now comes these illegals with all sorts of diseases. This is truly a scary thought and is not being publicized.

  • Keethlyn Fletcher

    01/11/2019 11:55 PM

    The President has talked about draining the swamp, but I'm not seeing any movement in that direction.
    Maybe a better word than drain would be flush. There's so many sewer rats in politics and the media, flush seems much more appropriate.

  • Bruce Marconett

    01/11/2019 10:56 PM

    I appreciate your clear eyed commentary. Thank you!
    Your brother in Christ.

  • Lewis W Combs Jr,

    01/11/2019 10:37 PM

    I cannot figure how to send an email to Pelosi, because she only accepts them from her more immediate subjects. However, I sent this to one of my local senators. If you can tell me an effective way to make similar comments to all Dem congress critters, I would welcome that.

    Thank you for your constant good output.

    Dear Sen Warner:

    If you want to make a difference, pressure your party leaders to end the shutdown. Trump may say he is willing to own it, but the credit clearly goes to Pelosi and Schumer.

    Remember other factors as well: The budget item they refuse to grant is a pittance, both as a percentage of budget, and and as percentage of the cost being imposed on this nation because of their stubborn refusal to do something that is clearly needed.

    The statistics of cost to our nation caused by ILLEGAL immigrants is well documented, is astronomical, and is ignored by Democrats.
    The human cost to our citizens by ILLEGAL residents who wish to be citizens is equally well documented, IF YOU CARED about our own citizens.
    The arrival of hordes of illegals trying to crash our border is clearly the fault of YOU, Obama, and administrators of sanctuary cities, for INVITING the illegals and schooling them on how to get in and stay in our country.

    We are short on man-power. Thousands of authorized positions for border agents remain unfilled. One clear and effective way to augment their job performance is with barriers, thereby allowing them to concentrate on un-fenced areas only. YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS, BUT CLEARLY DO NOT CARE!

    Stop putting your personal hatred and your party's hatred of OUR elected president ahead of what is desperately needed by our nation. Our security is your highest responsibility, and your efforts should reflect that.

    You are clearly failing to honor your oath to protect this nation and support its constitution.

    Lew Combs

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    01/11/2019 10:35 PM

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg certainly has earned retirement. Why she's been on the court since the days of the Dred Scott decison, or so it seems.

  • Renata E. Melone

    01/11/2019 10:31 PM

    Congratulations to Tim Tebow and his lovely lady! This is a young man whom young children should look up to as a mentor! Jim Acosta is a dope! Go to a fence where there aen't any people trying to get in - don't go to the open area where people are fighting the security guards day and night!!! He might get in the way and get hurt and have to cry about being taken advantage of =- or whatever his pea-brain would think of! Forgive me - I should not judge him - someone much better and higher then me will take care of that some day!!!
    I just feel the media gives OEC too much time, which is just what she wants! She isn't worth it either! I'm thrilled with gas prices - they were so low last week and today up to $1.83, but that is still wonderful! I'm all for the USA providing our own gas/oil! It's time for others to ask us to ship oil to them - I am trying to disconnect from Facebook. Signed up when it first came out and now I can't get off of it! Sorry, I hate it and all the others - probably because I'm too old to appreciate them, but that's too much information for me and causes too many problems among people! I'm like President Trump in that when someone says something that upsets me I have to fire back! Sometimes that is good and sometimes it isn't! But, that's life - if someone can dish it out they better be able to take it back!
    Thank you again - I look forward to your articles every day!

  • Melana MacLeod

    01/11/2019 10:22 PM

    Let us all hope that Beto doesn't have a colonoscopy scheduled anytime soon.........

  • Christine S Rogers

    01/11/2019 10:20 PM

    I watched part of Hannity on Fox news tonight and just could not handle the emotional interviews of those who lost teens/adult children to illegal aliens who not only killed their children, but are allowed to be free on bond and have now disappeared (gee, go figure) and one who is supposed to get out in the next year after only a minimal amount of time behind bars. There is so much more to these stories, but I just couldn't watch the whole segment. It was so heart wrenching to hear the stories and they were appealing to the Dems who say what is happening because of illegals is "manufactured"! They are behaving like a bunch of puppets! I find it so hard to believe that none of the Democrats are of sound enough mind to see what is really happening and will say something!!!!

  • Elizabeth King

    01/11/2019 10:09 PM

    Thank you for your updates. I appreciate your Christian, conservative views!