June 12, 2019

On Tuesday, I brought news of some emails from the Obama State Department obtained by Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch that showed a connection between British spy Christopher Steele and Clinton allies working there. By Tuesday night, there was a lot more to this story, as Fitton appeared on Sean Hannity’s FOX News show to break brand-new details. He had just obtained even more State Department documents, these showing that the very anti-Trump Steele and Glenn Simpson of oppo-research firm Fusion GPS had SPECIAL ACCESS to an official at the State Department named Jonathan Winer, who worked under then-Secretary of State John Kerry.

In case you haven’t yet seen the Mark Tapscott article in The Epoch Times I linked to on Tuesday –- or if it’s just hard to keep track of all the players –- I’ll try to simplify what we know at this point. Winer was “the Libya guy” at the State Department. These newly-obtained documents show that after the 2016 election, Winer worked with Victoria Nuland at State and also a top aide for Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) to target President-elect Trump.

So, judging from these documents, it certainly wasn’t just the FBI going after Trump. The Obama State Department was, as Fitton put it, “all hands on deck,” with Steele joining forces with longtime Clinton cronies Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer to create the “Russia” material. There was more than one “dossier” (see link; remember the speculation that Cody Shearer had actually authored one?), and some of this material was apparently created by Winer within the State Department itself.

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Documents show that Winer was in contact with Simpson in September of 2016 and then immediately contacted Nuland at the State Department. Later, after the election, they worked closely with Steny Hoyer’s aide on the “Russia” stuff, which Steele, of course, was helping on. According to Fitton, Steele was “extremely close” to Jonathan Winer, who had been his contact at the State Department for years.

Steele was able to launder the phony “Russia” information into the State Department through his pal Winer. (In that sense, Winer’s role sounds a lot like the one played by Bruce Ohr in getting the “dossier” to the DOJ and FBI.) In these emails, Winer admits that he moved some of that information from the State Department over to the DOJ.

Fitton pointed out that Victoria Nuland was at the State Department primarily to coordinate work on Libya; what was she doing working with Christopher Steele on “Russia”?

We know that someone at the State Department was feeding classified “Russia” information to certain members of Congress in the days right before Trump’s inauguration. In fact, Fitton characterized the State Department officials as “desperate” to get it to them. It sounds to me like sort of a “last hurrah” before they would have to turn the keys over to their political enemies, a last-ditch effort to undermine the new President. In fact, reporter Sara Carter has been speaking to numerous sources, including a State Department official who was there during the Obama administration, and she was told on Tuesday that “the genesis of this investigation will begin and end with members of the State Department.”

(Incidentally, Carter also thinks that some of our allies might have been used to spy on Americans without being aware of all the implications of what they were doing. They might very well be horrified that the role they unwittingly played is being exposed now and perhaps are eager to come clean with our Justice Department to set things right.)

Fitton now wants to know specifically which members of Congress knew about the “dossier,” what they knew about it and when they became aware. See, this goes way beyond Comey, Strzok, Page and the others at the FBI. This is the executive branch and the legislative branch as well. And why would that surprise anyone, now that we know that congressional Democrats on the separate House committees have signed “memoranda of understanding” that they will coordinate their efforts to go after Trump.

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I know this seems like an ever-expanding conspiracy theory, and that’s what Democrats will call it, but the evidence is RIGHT THERE. It’s in these communications, which the bureaucracy “slow-walked” to Judicial Watch and others and would have deep-sixed if they could have. Thanks to the persistence of Judicial Watch, plus certain reporters and undeterred Republican committee members, these are finally seeing the light of day. (Need I remind you that if Hillary had been elected, we would never have known about these relationships and the “meddling” her people were up to?)

So now that Attorney General Bill Barr is conducting an investigation into how the “Trump/Russia” investigation got started, it seems he should enlist the aid of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (who is also a former head of the CIA) to find out what was going on inside his department as well. When the letter sent from the deputy AG to House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler announced that Barr’s review would be “broad in scope,” he wasn’t kidding. Obviously, that is of necessity, as the participants are spread out all over, even in some cases around the world.

Now it makes sense when we hear that the Inspector General’s report on the FISA warrant application may take longer than we’d been led to think. For a while, we were expecting it to drop “any day now,” but it just hasn’t come, and some have said it might not even be this month or even the next –-- more like October. It’s frustrating, I know, but sensing how huge this ol’ iceberg must be, we want Michael Horowitz and his team to take the time they need to map the whole thing. Of course, his investigation is unlike Barr’s in that it deals only with government employees, and he can’t indict. Barr, in contrast, can go anywhere he wants with his investigation, and, of course, he can press criminal charges. I get the feeling he wouldn’t hesitate one second to do that. It’s a nice feeling.



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On Tuesday, the House voted along party lines to take Barr and former White House counsel John McGahn to court to try to force them to testify before the House Judiciary Committee. Then, if Barr and McGahn defy subpoenas, they’ll vote again to hold them in contempt of Congress. They just refuse to let the “Trump/Russia” investigation go, even after the Mueller report was released with no case against Trump or any other American. Trump wants to signal that this is OVER by simply ending cooperation, as he and his entire administration were transparent to the special counsel. He put up no obstacles to Mueller and even let McGahn testify behind closed doors for about 30 hours.

Barr was transparent as well –- much more so than the special counsel law required him to be, as he was not obligated to share the Mueller report at all. The special counsel does not exist to investigate for Congress. (Sorry, Congress.)  And now Democrats want Barr to break the law by releasing grand jury material. The vote on this was so partisan, the only thing it really showed was that there are more Democrats in Congress right now than there are Republicans. Let’s hope that situation is rectified next year.

House Democrats Approve Authority to Sue Trump Advisers Who Ignore Subpoenas

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Comments 1-25 of 39

  • Lynn Benson

    06/22/2019 03:47 PM

    Since your new headline in my email, I can't get it to open. Darn.

  • Betty Welton

    06/14/2019 08:24 AM

    Personally I for one believe that Hillary Clinton is one of the most evil people in our country and along with George Soros are doing everything they can to get total control of our government and our lives. Sincerely pray that AG Barr gets to the bottom of this soon and I pray for his safety. Its so sad what they are doing to President Trump who is by far. The best President in my lifetime.

  • Steve Carter

    06/14/2019 07:23 AM

    Sad this is taking so long - but as a former LEO I understand the need to be through and to follow the evidence - it takes time to interview witnesses - especially reluctant witnesses and criminals

  • Mary Sharp

    06/13/2019 11:07 PM

    I just appreciate you and your integrity! (And having a great sense of humor to boot)!!!

  • Marlene White

    06/13/2019 11:02 PM

    Sooooo grateful to understand that after waiting what seems like a very long time...the truth may come out because the actions of some brave & patriotic men! I love it when exemplary people work together for the good of the country. Speaking of exemplary, Gov. Huckabee, thank YOU for your daughter Sarah, who served so courageously and well as press secretary. We love you both!

  • Elaine Liming

    06/13/2019 08:10 PM

    I love Judicial Watch---you bet! I read and share with my old lady friends. One of them said why don't you run for California governor. I told them my prayers to the Lord for all the truth to come forward appears to be working so I will continue in my vocation to pray.

  • Lise Chenoweth

    06/13/2019 05:12 PM

    I never thought that I would be so interested in what is going on in Washington,after leaving it after 40 years of living there...My husband was a Marine Colonel,quite involved in the Quantico Museum etc..We thought that we could find peace in the south now, seems like things get worse all the time in that hellhole...thank you for your infos, and we will miss your daughter wonderful service to the President.

  • Terry Wayne Tew

    06/13/2019 05:27 AM

    I hope this investigation puts every damn last Democrat in DC behind bars

  • Marilyn Fischer

    06/13/2019 12:56 AM

    I'm so thankful we have courageous Patriots who are fighting against all the corruption to get to the TRUTH!!!!! LORD, help us be patient, during this process!!! The TRUTH will set us FREE!!!!

  • Carol Ann Anderson

    06/12/2019 11:31 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee,
    I have long admired both you and your daughter for your pro Constitution and Christian conservative viewpoints and thank you both for the tremendous impact and encouragement you have been to millions of us. I have been researching the corruption in our gov't since Benghazi and know there is much more to be revealed, indicted, and prosecuted, but I am thankful that as of D-Day we have our republic back though the fight is still fierce. So many of us are praying. I am a Texan but now live in New Mexico which has become under this Governor just left of California - very scary. We now have a huge influx of illegals everywhere as our border has not been secured. Most of us in the southern third of the state and the ranches are not in agreement with open borders because of the crime, drugs and child and human trafficking going on as a result. Thank you for highlighting the huge concern we all have about the child trafficking especially. Please know your voice is greatly appreciated by millions of us! God bless, Ann Anderson

  • Doug Morgan

    06/12/2019 09:15 PM

    Governor, many thanks for reporting these findings in which absolutely nobody is surprised. Dims and swamp republicans already knew. These activities were going on years ago, none of the real criminals have been arrested or even investigated. I hope I am wrong and justice will prevail, but I fear that democrats are already above the law and swamp republicans still want them to take Trump down, therefore absolutely nothing will be done and no one but Trump affiliates will be charged or arrested.

  • Patricia McMahon

    06/12/2019 08:43 PM

    Knock-Knock--Is there anybody out there that is like me? I'm a Republican and conservative; looking for someone on the Democrat side that is interested in having a quiet conversation about freedom of speech in Our Beautiful Country. I'm a very strong believer in Freedom Of Speech. That means EVERYONE is entitled to speak their truth quietly and clearly. No name calling, no eye rolling, no cussing or declaring the other side is a Nazi or racist or anti this or that. We live in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Everyone is entitled to speak their mind. Doesn't matter if a person is conservative, liberal, socialist, black, white, brown, or native American. Why does it feel like I need to 'duck and cover' when I'd like to find out about someone else's ideas?

    I served in the military; and I will defend to the death, if need be, to protect everyone's Freedom of Speech. This is a very serious matter to me. NO ONE should fear speaking their mind. Thoughtful conversations would be of interest. Any body out there who isn't interested in using verbal flame throwers?

    P McMahon
    Sergeant First Class, USA(Ret)

  • Joe Analco

    06/12/2019 05:58 PM

    Great Analysis Governor of the criminal activity of the Democrats party and their orchestrated plan for total control. It's as if they are using the playbook of a certain dictator. ”Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.”
    Adolf Hitler

  • Dot whitley

    06/12/2019 05:38 PM

    I find it very frightening that a crooked government has so much power. They play so dirty, and so slippery that it's a miracle if they are ever caught, and punished. They have no love of country, because power is what they're after. They are the most sickening of people.
    I do appreciate Judicial Watch, and I wish people with money would support them more.


  • Joseph

    06/12/2019 04:45 PM

    So what !!! we have heard enough facts that Clinton was a traitor and the killer of Americans and guilty of many crimes involving private servers and she is still walking around free, so what does it matter if more facts are brought out as our Government has been so corrupted that all these people will probably never see the inside of a cell. We Conservatives know they are guilty but until Government is purged of all leftists and moslems nothing really matters as Democrats don't acknowledge facts or laws or even morals. A disgruntled American.

  • Helen Corey

    06/12/2019 04:32 PM

    Please make a flow chart and show it on your TV program. It would be very instructive, even it does look like a tangled web.

  • Michael G Langley

    06/12/2019 04:20 PM

    I really hope that The Trump people show up, handing him a big win in 2020. The only thing that can defeat it is our own complacence. We must all turn out for our country.

  • Frank Chavez

    06/12/2019 04:18 PM

    I have often wondered if members of congress might be implicated in this mess. If so, would anything happen to them?

  • Robert McFate

    06/12/2019 02:00 PM

    Seems that in this investigation for every rock turned over another half dozen or more slim balls come slithering out. No surprise it's taking so long when it's starting to look like half the government is involve on the conspiracy!

  • Kevin J Cook

    06/12/2019 01:59 PM

    Dear God, please save America from our most dangerous enemy....the democrat party

  • Eunice LaSpisa

    06/12/2019 01:52 PM

    Greetings Gov. Huckabee. To me it seems that there is no end in sight to the manure the Democrats keep spreading. I want to know why they are allowed to disrespect & lie about our President & no one does anything to stop it. I believe they should be charged with TREASON-after all they did try an attempted COUP against our President & failed. I recently had a visit from the FBI because of a statement I made on twitter. I also had calls from the CIA Secret Service & Capital police. & then 2 weeks later I received a visit from the FBI terror unit. I assure you Governor what I wrote was no where near what the Democrats attempted-I get visits & they get a pay raise. WHY??????
    On another note, I love your show & your daughter Sarah Sanders.
    With God's Blessings
    Eunice LaSpisa

  • Everett Coates

    06/12/2019 01:34 PM

    Yep. They're all guilty as sin and should be tried, convicted, and sent to jail. But who's going to arrest them? The FBI? They're too busy trying to bury stuff. The CIA? Oh yeah, they don't have arrest powers and they can't act against American citizens even if they did. Oh wait, they did act against American citizens. Sorry, do I sound a wee bit cynical?

  • Wilbert Swihart

    06/12/2019 01:31 PM

    Father in Heaven May truth and justice prevail. In Jesus name Amen

  • Linda Olds

    06/12/2019 01:29 PM

    There are names and situations popping up that I hadn't heard of before. It's sort of like a TV series that keeps going on year after year.
    I just hope President Trump wins re-election, or all of the information will be hidden again.
    The media should hope that Trump wins too, otherwise they won't have much to talk or write about!

  • Daniel Lach

    06/12/2019 12:37 PM

    Dear Governor Mike,
    Everything which we all knew to be the case, is in fact, the case. The obama administration undertook to commit treason against the country, its citizens, and it's newly and duly elected President. These people need to rot in jail if not in hell. And if there is anything I can do to bring either of those to fruition, please let me know. Justice must prevail and these people must be held accountable, all the way to the to which includes Obama and the vast majority of his department heads who conspired to do it. May God help us and may God protect you and President Trump and everyone else who is working to uncover this treason. The democrats will lie, cheat, steal, obstruct not to be found out... they have done so many times already and will continue to do so.