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June 10, 2021

Are They Really That Dumb Or Do They Think We Are? President Biden (oh, let’s be real: his staffers) put out a tweet and a Washington Post article, both under his name, bragging that in his first four months in office, his American Rescue Plan and his vaccination strategy have “created” over 2 million jobs, far more than Reagan or Trump created in their first four months, and the economy is “growing” faster than any time in the past 40 years.

Hoo-boy! Where to start?!

Well, first of all, let’s note that Reagan and Trump didn’t inherit a booming economy that was reopening after a pandemic lockdown. They inherited moribund economies created by the policies of, respectively, Jimmy Carter and Obama/Biden. So naturally, it took a while to get the rusty engine of job creation up and running again.

Secondly, at the risk of quoting Obama, “Joe, you didn’t build that!” The jobs now being “created” were actually created under Trump and are simply bouncing back. They only went away because states mostly run by Democrats managed to stretch “two weeks to flatten the curve” into a yearlong-plus forced economic shutdown.

Fortunately, they can’t keep that up any longer because of the vaccines (also created and distributed under Trump) that Biden is also taking credit for. In fact, the jobs might be coming back even faster if Biden’s American Rescue Plan weren’t paying people more to stay unemployed than to work. Many of those 2 million jobs Biden is taking credit for were only “created” because red states rescinded that policy, which Biden wants to continue until September and other Democrats want to continue to the end of time.

In short, Biden taking credit for “creating” those jobs is like someone demanding the “Lifeguard of the Year” award because he stopped holding someone head-down in the toilet.

Roger Kimball at the Spectator has more on this and other Biden Administration fantasies and illusions, and how the media will credulously cover them, all expressed most amusingly at the link:

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  • Victor Lee Friskey

    06/12/2021 04:37 AM

    Joe Biden is one of the most dangerous men in America. His ideas have been, over the past nearly 5 decades an embarrassment to our nation. His flip-floppimg on issues like war, immigration, and taxes, spouting racial comments, and making questionable deals with our enemies and his friends have been disasterous, impacting millions of Americans.
    During the Obama regime he openly opposed any military action against Iraq which eventually saved millions of lives. He opposed the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden.
    In 2008 he was opposed to amnesty for illegals but today has opened the border and invited all to "come in" providing housing and healthcare at American taxpayers expense.
    He supported the tax cuts of the Obama administration but has slammed any effort by Trump to do the same and has created his own tax cuts in 2021.
    He supports the defunding of police by redirecting the money from those on the street to education.
    And too make matters even worse Obama's own Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, has suggested that Bidens foreign policies and National security issues "have been wrong on every level over the past four decades."

  • Karen Murray

    06/11/2021 09:05 AM

    Dear Gov Huckabee, the question is, “How many Americans actually believe that?” Where are the Republican members of Congress? Most, not all, sit quietly while the left, and Biden, destroy our country. While we were all stuck at home adhering to fake instructions from Dr Fauci et al, they were plotting and instituting their left wing agenda. Some of us, in CA for example, are still fighting the fake rules. Critical Race Theory, wokism, open border, lest we forget the canceling of the Keystone Pipeline or the rise of the CCP and Russia. Why aren’t ALL of our conservative elected officials screaming from the rafters?