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January 25, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • The Biggest News Around My House
  • Elections Have Dire Consequences
  • A New Gas Tax?!?
  • A Welcome Reminder
  • Heartening News
  • Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Shares Her Views
  • Daily Bible Verse


Mike Huckabee

The Biggest News Around My House

By Mike Huckabee

Okay, I know there’s a lot of national news out there, but this is the biggest news around our house, so pardon me for making it the top headline.

I hope you will get behind Sarah’s campaign and offer her your full support. I can’t think of anyone who is more knowledgeable on the workings of the Arkansas government, or who could possibly do a better job. And that’s not just her dad’s pride talking!

Here’s her announcement video and a link to support her campaign.

Elections Have Dire Consequences

By Mike Huckabee

It appears that not enough Americans subscribe to this newsletter, or else they would have no excuse for casting uninformed votes for Joe Biden and other Democrats and now be expressing shock and dismay at what they’re doing. The warnings were right here, every day for a year. And yet, getting rid of Trump’s mean tweets was all-important.

Now, buyer’s remorse is already setting in with a vengeance. A rising tide of complaints is coming from labor unions, entire states, other nations such as Canada, women (black women in particular, who benefit from sports scholarships that will now be dominated by “trans women”), and even an Indian tribe that’s accusing Biden of making “a direct attack on our economy, sovereignty, and our right to self-determination” with his 60-day moratorium on new oil and gas leases on federal land.

Texas has already filed a lawsuit to block one of Biden’s executive orders.

New Mexico voted for Biden by 10 points, and their economy is heavily dependent on oil and gas drilling, much of it on federal lands. Now, panic is striking New Mexico. Many of those fuel companies will just move directly east to Texas, where they can drill on non-federal land. A study by the University of Wyoming found that if Biden’s ban on new federal land fuel leases stays in effect throughout his four-year term, New Mexico would lose “36,217 jobs, $22.1 billion in GDP, $9.8 billion in wages and $6.3 billion in tax revenue.”

And here are a couple of stories about shocked Biden voters who thought they were getting a moderate centrist (or in some cases, a $2000 check), and instead are watching Biden sign one executive order after another that will destroy thousands of jobs, devastate the economy and end border security.

Here’s a typical post: “Jeremy just called and yelled at me. He said everyone on the job site are freaking out thinking they are going to lose their jobs. He’s blaming me for voting for Biden. You know I hated the way Trump acted. Is it true that Jeremy could lose his job?”

Yes, chances are he will, as will many other Americans. But at least he won’t have to read any mean Trump tweets while standing in the unemployment line.

Who else is kicking themselves for supporting Biden? How about all the unions whose members’ jobs will be wiped out by Biden’s executive orders?

Frankly, it’s too exhausting and depressing to try to keep up with all the economic carnage being wrecked so quickly, but Jeff Dunetz at The Lid blog is giving it a go. He estimates that in just his first 72 hours in office, Biden has killed over 70,000 jobs directly (he also quotes some of the howling from various union leaders who helped put him in office, prioritizing politics over the good of their members – something the members should remember come voting time.)

Of course, those are just the immediate, direct job losses. There will be many more, due to the snowball effect. Because of Biden’s war on domestic energy, fuel prices are already going up (one month ago, the average cost of a gallon of regular was $2.25; today it’s $2.40, and that’s only the beginning.) Higher costs of fuel and more regulations will make American products more expensive to produce and transport, which will make them less competitive in the market, which will lower sales and revenues, which means fewer jobs and lower wages. These are things you know if you’ve ever run a business, but not if you’ve drawn an always-increasing government paycheck for decades.

Finally, here’s Stephen Kruiser’s morning recap of the first five days of turning the White House over to the captain of the Titanic.


A New Gas Tax?!?

By Mike Huckabee

Just in case all the other Biden initiatives to cancel the Keystone Pipeline and clamp down on domestic fuel production don’t make it too expensive to drive, his pick for Transportation Secretary, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, is worried that gas taxes aren’t high enough.

Say, remember when Joe Biden vowed that his tax increases wouldn’t cost a penny more to people making less than $400,000? Yeah, those were the days…

A Welcome Reminder

By Mike Huckabee

A hat tip to David Harsanyi at the New York Post for reminding us that while former CIA Director John Brennan is routinely given an unchallenged forum by liberal cable news outlets to give hypocritical moral lectures about Trump supporters being an “insidious threat to democracy,” he is actually “a congenital liar” who “deserves to be in prison.”

At the link, a few reminders of why Brennan, not conservatives or Libertarians, is the one who should be residing in a federal correctional facility.


Heartening News

By Mike Huckabee

After a number of big cities foolishly elected George Soros-backed district attorneys whose idea of “criminal justice reform” was throwing open all the jail doors and not prosecuting anyone for breaking the law, a backlash finally appears to be rising. Even in Los Angeles, where their new county prosecutor George Gascon only took office in December, his dangerous policies are sparking rebellion among local prosecutors.

Of course, it will be that much harder to do anything about it because he’ll now have a Biden DOJ backing up his radical “social justice over justice” practices. You see – and I guess I have to keep pointing this out – the only way to keep these leftist idiots from sowing havoc to turn out at the polls and vote to keep them out of power in the first place. It’s like lung cancer: if you want to avoid it, the first and best step is to not start buying cigarettes.

Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Shares Her Views

By Mike Huckabee

I’ve called former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard a “unicorn” because she is that rarest of creatures: a sensible Democrat who’s alarmed by the demonization of conservatives, Christians and Trump voters, and the attempt to weaponize government power to silence, persecute and even arrest people who don’t express the “right” (that is, left) views.

This article by Tyler O’Neill takes off from some of Gabbard’s comments for a wider look at how this branding of people guilty of “wrongthink” has spread from the slanderous activities of the Southern Poverty Law Center, once a noble organization that fought for civil rights, but now a corrupt racket that gins up donations by branding mainstream conservative and religious organizations as “hate groups.”

If you missed “Huckabee” this weekend on TBN (and seriously, there’s no excuse), she was one of my guests. Watch that interview here, and I’ll forgive you.




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Comments 1-25 of 46

  • Wallace Rowan

    01/27/2021 06:08 AM

    Dear Mike,

    Glad to see your daughter is running for governor for Arkansas. She will make a fine governor.

    Also glad to see you are pointing out the buyer's remorse now going on as a result of Biden illicitly slinking into our White House. His malignancies will only get worse and more and more people will be forced to ask themselves, "What have I done." Where will they go next?

    It has happened here in Georgia, as evidenced by a significant portion of Hollywood having moved its operations here. My guess is they got tired of whiffing in and stepping on various human waste products and avoiding needles, lawlessness, filth and homeless lunatics roaming their sidewalks.

    These malignant idiots move to traditionally conservative states to flee the very policies they helped implement in their environment turned fetid and miserable as a result of those policies, then in turn inflict that same stupendous misery and stupidity where they move to by continuing to vote for and champion their parasitic leftist lunacy. And when we try to restore some sanity and morality through our legislative process, they threaten to boycott our state.

    Just remember that left unchecked and unchallenged, parasites always kill the host. Simple as that. And these are delusional, hypocritical parasites we’re dealing with so there is no reasoning with them. And that is what makes them so dangerous.

    They will ultimately bemoan their new situation turned rotten by their very ideologies and then wonder where they can flee to next to instigate their havoc and gestate their fresh new hells.

    Wallace Rowan

  • Doug

    01/26/2021 06:12 PM

    Mayor Pete will fit right in as Transportation Secretary. He really screwed up the traffic in South Bend. He took smooth running one way streets and returned them back into two way traffic. What a mess. Another good reason to avoid South Bend. Get ready america!!!

  • Joyce F Birch

    01/26/2021 03:06 PM

    Congratulations to Sarah & to you Governor & families. She'll make a great Governor!! I really enjoyed her press conferences & how she had the courage to stand up to media mob.
    Also, another great newsletter. I look forward to them & your honest opinions of the daily news.

  • Dezina Tumulty

    01/26/2021 03:03 PM

    I appreciate your newsletter and your truthful updates on what is happening in our country.

    My husband and I will be soon relocating to Omaha, AR and I would love to work for your daughter as she runs for Governor. Please let me know how I can get involved.

    Thank you and God Bless your wonderful family.

  • Harold Levi

    01/26/2021 11:58 AM

    Sir, your bible verse for today put a damper on my response to the really stupid voters who voted for Biden and are now in Buyers Remorse. You blooming idiots believed all of the grimaced-faced lies told about Trump and the straight-faced lies about Biden and the Marxist-Democrats. Yeah, the Marxist-Democrats are agents for the Great Satan.

  • William Fuhrer

    01/26/2021 11:47 AM

    YOU SCRATCH MY BACK I'LL SCRATCH YOURS. How soon New York State and New York City forgot how timely President Trump got the needed ventilators and masks. Republicans and Democrats are supposed to compete but their aims of LAW and ORDER should be the same. GOOD cop BAD cop isn't supposed to be good President Evil President when one chooses LIFE IS SACRED and one that ABORTION is OK. President job is to get lowest unemployment AND ANOTHER IS SLASHING 10,000 JOBS. Now how does a President with Biden's goal get elected

  • John Collings

    01/26/2021 11:13 AM

    Really appreciate your views,
    My book;
    "America has talent/Against the Grain ",@, autobiography "TRUTH ", about why I was cast from, " The Jim Bakker Television show ", and the deep hurt it caused, one pain i never got past, or forgave!
    TRUMP, and yes I voted for him, and always will be supporting, our President, love love love him!
    YouTube; Most wonderful time of the year!johncollings
    If you ever have quests singers, or know of any tv shows, thanks and Blessings!
    Txt 563-362-8730
    Po box 51
    Port Byron il 61275

  • Carol MacMillan Godsey

    01/26/2021 10:11 AM

    Thanks for having Tulsi Gabbard on your show, Governor. It is heartening to know there are still clear-thinking Democrats not cowed into silence. Hope like minds get together and turn the tables on their foaming-at-the-mouth liberal associates! PS - Congrats to Sarah - she is a great advocate for the people, fearless and strong. She will be a wonderful Governor! I live in another state so I can't vote for her, but I've happily donated to support her candidacy.

  • David Daniels

    01/26/2021 09:52 AM

    Amid the controversy over the 2020 election, I don't understand why I never see one thing mentioned. I have heard that in PA, 220,00 more votes were counted than the total number of registered voters in the state; that in Wayne County (Detroit) MI the votes cast were 139% of the total number of registered voters, and that across the nation millions (even tens of millions) more votes were cast than the total number of registered voters in the country. Are these figures true, or is this a distortion? It should be fairly easy to verify whether these numbers are true or not. If they are true, than this is clear evidence of widespread voter fraud; evidence that is not based on someone's opinion or allegations, but on statistical evidence. Such evidence completely destroys the claims that Trump's charges of election fraud are "baseless" or even a "big lie" as George S. claimed in his interview with Sen. Rand Paul. Why is nobody talking about this evidence?

  • Nancy Aronson

    01/26/2021 09:49 AM

    So thrilled Sarah has entered the AK Gubernatorial race! She is unquestionably one of the “really good guys.” I am supporting her from Pennsylvania.

  • Ann Atwell

    01/26/2021 09:30 AM

    Thank you Mike. I watched your interview with Tulsi Gabbard. Finally a Democrat who seems to have some common sense and who I believe would work for the people she is supposed to serve. The majority of politicians in DC seem to forget who they work for, who pays their six figure salary. Every politician, from the President on down works for all 328 million Americans. They are "elected employees".

  • Ramona M Mastrangelo

    01/26/2021 09:14 AM

    Thank you for all you do to bring the news to us

  • Jerry

    01/26/2021 08:53 AM

    The Socialists used Trump as the evil dictator to get the uneducated voter to vote for Socialist's policies and I guessed it worked Trump is a citizen out of office today so to the question to the uneducated how are the policies the Socialists doing for ya now a few scrap checks to get you thru a lockdown society they are not long term and a new wave of workers coming to work cheaper than you the rise in gas prices are just what you need while still stressed for cash and if you don't like the Socialist will just cancel you. How is that working so far any vision that it is going to get better? Thats why your called uneducated and thats how the Socialists want it enjoy misery on steroids for the next 4 years as more of you sink into the abyss of stupid maybe you can have 8 more years Enjoy. Just a hint Trump was your only only hope for a decent life. He will look at the society and shake his head its not about him its about America and we are going to like misery whether we like it or not.

  • William Fuhrer

    01/26/2021 07:44 AM

    Too bad President Jimmy Carter is not in a position to give President Joseph Biden advice. From Jimmy Carter's viewpoint of having been embarrassed by OPEC to the degree he was. I think President Jimmy Carter would have an appreciation for OIL INDEPENDENC, but then again I never thought President Carter would be PRO ABORTION

  • Renee Kendrick

    01/26/2021 06:43 AM

    Instead of protests, we as Believers need to start PRAYERTESTS! We go and stand on our church grounds, in our yards, on our porches, patios, or balconies with our heads bowed, one hand smote upon our breasts (like the publican) and one hand held up toward the heavens. (Properly distanced and masked, of course.)

    We then pray silently to God the Father for the USA and its leaders for as long as He leads each of us to do! Also, pray for our church staff and fellow members as we are led. Keep doing this for as many days as the Lord leads!

    Share what we are doing when someone asks. A silent PRAYERTEST is the best way to show our love for the LORD and for this nation.

    The Lord tells us to test Him. So let's get to praying.

    Let us bless God! HIS will be done!

  • Sandy Melton

    01/26/2021 06:16 AM

    Is it just me or does it seem like America has let a Trojan horse into our country? People believed they were getting a kinder gentler administration. At least with Trump you knew what you were getting, the truth. I guess Forest Gump was right!

  • Nancy Murphy

    01/26/2021 05:35 AM

    I am surprised that you don’t recognize the fact that the election was rigged. A cheater is in the White House and everyone acts like nothing happened. Tell me, why should I bother to vote if the left can manipulate the totals and get away with it? If the issue of election fraud isn’t dealt with it won’t matter how many honest people run for office- they’ll never get in regardless of how many people vote for them.

  • Bill Scerra

    01/26/2021 05:07 AM

    A question. I refuse to donate to the Republican Party sites. I have unsubscribed to all their email donation sites. They have 10 or more who voted for impeachment. The republican party has no loyalty to Trump or their voters. How can I be sure to get funds to conservative republicans and not those who are part of the swamp?
    I an excited by Sara's run for governor.

  • John Nagelkirk

    01/26/2021 05:05 AM

    The Nazi party has been reborn in America -- it's the Democrat Party. While reading the biography of Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas, which describes the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party, I am alarmed by the abundance of parallels between Hitler & the Nazi party to what the Democrats are doing today -- and in fact have been doing for a number of years now. Ironic that they label Republicans as Nazis.

  • Jesus C Sucgang Jr

    01/26/2021 05:02 AM

    I am from the Philippines


    How can I donate?

    Currently, I am a member of the Philippine Coast Guard


    want to share and give the best ideas I have for America

    I have an American Friend Greg Bacon who passed last January 2020

    Sadly, I do not have VISA card


    Also, plan to visit my Friend Greg

    Unfortunately he passed away

    But the promised I will keep and will continue to hope

    that One (1) with the Help of God will visit America

    More Power to your Program Governor


    Praying for Sarah to win as Governor

    America NEEDS help


    I am very WILLING to give the BEST KNOWLEDGE of what I have which God gave,

    For America

    God Bless


    God Bless the Patriots

  • Elizabeth Floyd

    01/26/2021 04:29 AM

    I'm pleased your daughter is running for governor of Arkansas, and Mike Lindell is running for governor of Minnesota. I hope neither state has mail-in voting or uses Dominion voting machines. If I lived in either state I would gladly vote for both people and I think there will be many volunteering to work on their campaigns. I am praying God will encourage many Christian men and women to run for office, from school boards, PTA, and city councils, to the state level. Also, I was not happy with the pro-abortion, anti-Israel, but not surprised. I am glad that the ACLJ, Priests for Life, and other organizations will continue to fight for life and pro-Israel. I continue to pray every day for my country, and our leaders.

  • Vaslav Nijinsky

    01/26/2021 02:26 AM

    We of The Sandwich Islands know what Tulsi G has "rehearsed" the most: her "non-verbal cues." Beware of this "sleight-of-hand" to distract the lads from the reality behind the pretty facade. She has no political future on either side of the same "counterfeit" system coin. So now she spends her time "pontificating" to make herself appear to have more gravitas. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once a demonrat, always a demonrat. QED.

  • Rheta Russell

    01/26/2021 01:50 AM

    Extremely happy Sarah Huckabee is running for Governor in Arkansas. She will be successful in whatever endeavor she decides to do. One day maybe, who knows, she will be our President of the United States of America. Our Country needs her.
    I once told you I would vote for Keven McCarthy as Speaker of the House. With all that has happened recently, I beg to rescind my vote. Also, I believe the Senate Republicans would be better served by a change for a strong Leader in the Senate. The Leaders of both Congressional and the Senate have been there forever and I am thinking they are not capable intellectually or strong enough of managing the many overwhelming challenges our Country has to deal with in today's world. They seem to place political games over what is best for our Country. Too hungry for complete power over the citizens. Just don't believe at this late stage in their lives and from the old school of politics that they will ever change. They seem to be consumed with "Seek and Destroy" anyone that either they don't like or agree with their agenda.
    Thank you for your time and your great thoughts you pass along to millions of people. Rheta

  • James Farr

    01/26/2021 01:44 AM

    Mike, with all due respect, do you really believe there is ever going to be another “free & fair” election at any level to throw these leftist radicals out?

  • Paul Kern

    01/26/2021 12:41 AM

    It is important that we believers hold strong to truth. One visible truth is Biden has been slipping away since he was nominated. Now he is just a dying puppet controlled by the Marxis/ DNC.