November 14, 2019

This was easy to miss in between yawns, but yesterday’s “impeachment” testimony did yield one “bombshell.”  It was an admission from one of Adam Schiff’s star witnesses that he thought something smelled of corruption and needed to be investigated, but the Administration refused to listen.  One twist: he was talking about the Ukrainian energy company that hired Hunter Biden and being stonewalled by the Obama Administration when he warned that it looked like conflict of interest.  

Does this mean the Democrats have to impeach this guy now, too, since he’s called for investigating a Democratic Presidential candidate, which I can only assume is illegal now?


The Strange Mental Powers of Adam Schiff: He knows President Trump’s secret personal motives for his foreign policy decisions, he knows that Trump said things that there’s no direct evidence he ever said, and he even knows the names of Trump associates who colluded with Russia despite a massive, two-year investigation finding no such thing.  Yet he doesn’t know the name of the whistleblower who allegedly consulted with his own staff and whose name has not only been all over social media for weeks, but was inadvertently exposed in documents he made public last week.

Now we know why he has that strange, glazed, bug-eyed look: someone has him under hypnosis.  My guess: Hillary Clinton.



Helpful Hint to Impeachment-mad Democrats: If you want to gin up “OUTRAGE!!!” over President Trump describing his treatment by you as a “lynching,” you might want to knock off the public proclamations that unsubstantiated hearsay makes for much better evidence than direct evidence.



This is precisely how seriously everyone should take Adam Schiff’s “impeachment” medicine show:



A little further reading on the impeachment clown show…

For those arriving late at the “impeach Trump over something/anything” party, Bruce Buchanan has a good, brief recap of what’s really happened that the mainstream media will never admit.  He also makes a good case that what’s driving the leading figures’ war on Trump isn’t hatred.  It’s largely fear: the DC swamp rats thought the fix was in for Hillary to become President and cover up all their criminal activities.  But Trump won, and now they’re desperate to impeach him and poison the waters before the Barr/Durham/Horowitz reports come out and expose what they were doing.

Michael Goodwin at the New York Post was also unimpressed with day one of Impeachment Theater, even though the New York Times and the Washington Post depicted it as bringing forth startling new testimony that further implicates Trump.

The Times even ran an op-ed headlined, “The Evidence of Wrongdoing by Trump is Overwhelming” (judging from a cursory glance at other liberal outlets, that headline seems to contain all the focus-group buzzwords that tested best, since they’re all repeating it without actually explaining what this alleged “overwhelming wrongdoing” is.

The best I can figure is that they’ve now stopped insinuating that Trump was blackmailing Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden and leaped to asserting it as unassailable fact without ever going to the inconvenient step of proving it. If this were a trial, that would be overruled as “a fact not in evidence.”  But it’s not a trial, or even a hearing.  It’s just a show. 



This is an excellent article by Karin McQuillan at American Greatness on how the next national election will be a choice between reality and self-deluding fantasy.  Let’s pray that before voting time rolls around, enough rank-and-file Democrats will stop craving the rush of hating Trump and his supporters and denying the 2016 election results and consider what will really happen to our nation if they vote for the fantasyland promises of free everything (other than speech, of course) being made by their leading candidates, even the ones who are supposedly “moderate.”

Finally, since everyone who’s suffering through the world’s most boring circus deserves a little entertainment, here’s Greg Gutfeld’s commentary on day one of the “impeachment” hearings.

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  • clinton williams

    11/14/2019 08:44 PM

    All of this BS and lies from the extreme left against Pres. Trump is going to make Pres. Trump a much better President in 2020 than he is now! I was going to vote for his reelection anyway but now im going to vote for him with much more pressure and force on the marker with tears in my eyes of joy and gladness because he is my president of the country that I love! May the power and direction from God be upon him to continue to do things to make America great and to impact the USA for future generations to enjoy as I have and still do!