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October 25, 2022

From Unclerap (on Substack):

Gov: You are my fact checker! I'm concerned that with the impending red wave that the democrats will go "scorched earth" between Nov 9 and Jan 1. They could pass a lot of bad laws in a little less than 2 months. What say you? Blessings

Dear Unclerap:

We say thank you! The “fact”-checkers keep us very busy fact-checking them.

And, yes, you’re right about the legislation Democrats might have “in the pipeline” –- the only kind of pipeline they like –- after the midterms but before the term ends. And since Biden is so out-of-it these days that he doesn’t even know the difference between an executive order and a law, he’s bound to keep on doing it even AFTER their term ends. In case you missed that story from yesterday…

Lately, he even gets lost walking around the grounds outside the White House. With Secret Service right there with him.

For the remainder of the year, Biden will keep his usual light schedule, “putting a lid on it” early in the day but making time for vitally important meetings with powerful world leaders like this one.

More than Biden’s cognitive ability is being scrutinized. As Ben Domenech said Monday to Bret Baier on FOX NEWS SPECIAL REPORT, “I think the conversation about how much he’s been a drag and an anchor on their message is going to take over the conversation right after Election Day.”

As for upcoming legislation, it might be tempting to think, “This administration has already ruined so much; what more could they possibly blow up?” Well, there’s just no telling. Sen. Chuck Schumer said on the Senate floor at the end of September, “Members should be prepared for an extremely --- underline ‘extremely’ --- busy agenda in the last two months of this Congress.” Here’s Rick Moran for PJ MEDIA…

December 16 is the deadline for the passage of a funding bill --- an extension was passed in September ---- and so, as CNN understates, “it will likely become a magnet for other priorities that lawmakers may try to tack on to ride along with it.” Needless to say, the amount of our aid to Ukraine is a big question for debate. Democrats also want more funding for (sigh) covid response.

Republicans want to hold the line on additional funds for something else Democrats want: the totally partisan J6 Kommittee. But if (when!) the GOP takes the House, that point is moot, as it will go away.

The website CQ, updated in September and linked to here, tracks pending legislation for the fall of 2022. Scroll down to “Final Legislative Priorities” to see what they’ll be looking at before adjourning for the holidays.

In the Senate, there’s a bill on Taiwan policy that’s been put forward by Sens. Bob Menendez and Lindsay Graham.
Also, “[Sen. Chuck] Schumer has stated he wants to vote on a same-sex marriage equality bill this year. The House has already passed this bill.”  Here are some concerns; highly recommended reading.

As Rick Moran reported, a bipartisan group of senators working on the bill said in September, “We’ve asked leader Schumer for additional time and we appreciate he has agreed. We are confident that when our legislation comes to the Senate floor for a vote, we will have the bipartisan support to pass the bill.” To overcome a filibuster, the bill would need at least 10 Republican votes. Moran thinks it will pass but that “the abortion bill envisioned by activists doesn’t have a prayer.”

There’s also the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) –- the defense budget –- has to be voted on before the end of the year. It always passes and is expected to pass again, with or without scores of proposed amendments.

If the Senate has time, they might vote on some anti-trust legislation put forward by Sen. Amy Klobuchar that has “significant Republican support.” But it appears there’s been a snag; some Democrats, notably Schumer, are concerned that this law might get in the way of so-called “content moderation” (translation: censorship), and they wouldn’t want to interfere with that! If our understanding of this bill is correct, a failure to pass it would be a victory for Silicon Valley and social media censorship.

If these bills do pass the Senate, then the lame-duck Congress might also be voting on them before they mercifully (for us) call it a day. They obviously don’t care if their bills make the lives of Americans harder as long as the politics are correct; here’s what South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn, the No. 3 Democrat in the House, had to say about the Biden economic policy. Democrats KNEW their “economic recovery” bills would worsen inflation, but they voted for them anyway. “Anytime you put more money into the economy, prices tend to rise,” he said. Spoken like a real fiscal conservative. BUT THEY DID IT ANYWAY, and then tried to blame, well, everything else.

Aside from new legislation, both Congress and the Senate might have a lot more on their plates. One thing that will likely be taking their attention after Election Day will be how to deal with Biden’s apparent cognitive decline. Obviously, they wanted to delay any steps in that direction until after the midterm election, the results of which might affect their strategy. (Not that they don’t anticipate losing; the question is, by how much?)
We’ve speculated that before they can “retire” the enfeebled President Biden, they have to have someone else in the Vice President’s spot, so that person, rather than Kamala Harris, can be the one to move up. It has to be someone who can be expected to cement the Obama Machine in power for at least another term and who preferably checks the right identity boxes.

There might also be some sudden “black swan” event that they can use to paper over the steps they’re taking. Pure speculation here, but such events (recent examples: the pandemic, the J6 riot) happen with little or no warning, and the Democrats never let a crisis go to waste. Heck, sometimes they even engineer them.


RELATED: Speaking of engineering crises, Bonchie at REDSTATE reported that the DOJ has been working on a possible last-minute “October Surprise” and it would involve (surprise!) “malign influence schemes” and “alleged criminal activity by a nation-state actor in the United States.”

A major press conference was scheduled for Monday afternoon. Judging by their playbook, Bonchie predicted this announcement would be “some accusation of election interference by Russia or an accusation that another foreign actor is influencing our election via social media.” Would it perhaps even be domestic terrorists within our own country, we wondered? Those dangerous, extremist “Mega-MAGA” people we hear so much about?

Here’s the actual presser that took place later on Monday. They must’ve been running late; it gets rolling at 41:40.

It turned out to be malfeasance not by Russia but by the People’s Republic of China. A complaint had been unsealed in the Eastern District of New York charging two PRC intelligence officers with, “attempting to obstruct, influence and impede a criminal prosecution of a PRC-based telecommunications company.” The individual they recruited in this effort, whom they paid bribes for non-public information about the case against the company being prosecuted, was really an undercover FBI agent.

This is actually pretty great, an example of what the DOJ should be addressing instead of angry parents at school board meetings.

AG Garland went on to outline other charges against other alleged PRC agents. “As these cases demonstrate,” Garland said, “the government of China sought to interfere with the rights and freedoms of individuals in the United States and to undermine our judicial system that protects those rights.” (I could point out that the DOJ itself has done the same to some of the people implicated in the January 6 protest, but I digress.)

The scheme was quite elaborate, apparently stretching back a decade, and involved the creation of a fake think-tank to “try to recruit a former federal law enforcement and state Homeland Security official, and others,” according to deputy AG Lisa Monaco.

Ten of the thirteen people charged are PRC intelligence officers and Chinese government officials. “The Justice Department will not tolerate attempts by any foreign power to undermine the rule of law upon which our democracy is based,” Garland said.

FBI Director Christopher Wray spoke as well, specifically about the efforts China has been making to steal American innovation. But one really does have to wonder, listening to him, why President Biden canceled the China Initiative, which was designed specifically to counter that.

Given the timing of this press conference, which deals with investigations going back at least ten years, we also wonder if it’s a preview of coming attractions. Are Democrats’ cries of “Russia Russia Russia!!” about to be replaced with “China China China!!”? Democrats will need someone to blame for their impending midterm wipeout --- besides “Mega-MAGA,” whatever that is.

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  • Ed Thompson

    10/27/2022 10:28 AM

    Have you looked at what represents our government lately? When you see how some of those people dress, like they are going to a frat party, no respect for what position they hold in the government, have been elected to, it bothers me that they got elected in the first place. Who exactly did they appeal to? Ya, you know. Kids. So it’s not a mystery why so many of them are trying to get the voting age lowered to sixteen but why stop there, why not ten years old? Go out campaigning and promise free candy and X-boxs to them and get elected and live off their parents taxes. Right now there are people who were elected walking around telling everyone that drugs are ok and should be legal and no crime is bad enough to be put away for life, even murder! I’m sick of the news every day , every morning, when it’s just the same thing and people who are supposed to be doing everything to protect the people who elected them do exactly the opposite and then tell us they are working on something that will be good! It’s way past time to drain the swamp. Make all those people who are doing crimes responsible for everything they do and get rid of worthless politicians who don’t have to live with their own actions but expect everyone else to put up with their stupid ideas and their agendas.

  • Denise Miller

    10/26/2022 12:53 PM

    I love reading your newsletters. Even though the news is usually bad (due to Democrats), you always seem to inject humor into it that makes me chuckle and makes it a little better. Thanks!!!

  • Linda Orf Strebbing

    10/25/2022 05:53 PM

    I hope and pray that the GOP initiates an evaluation of use of the 25th amendment come January 20, 2023 because in all fairness, I believe the president was pushed into a run for a couple reasons: 1. To prevent Hunter from being brought up on his due charges ( they may indict on the smaller offenses but will leave the big guy out of it). And I believe the biggest pusher was Dr Jill who should have known he would make a public humiliation of himself and she sure knew he wasn’t capable cognitively to be the leader of the free world. Personally I think she should be charged with elder abuse.
    And 2: the left is deathly afraid of another 4 years of Trump. They believe him when he says he wants to drain the swamp.
    The poor guy doesn’t know his way around the White House grounds or the way off stage left…. His puppeteers are pulling the strings and yes, an unelected team of Uber leftists are running this nation and , I believe, intentionally driving it into the ground. It’s the quickest way to get the American “little people” to get on their knees with arms lifted high pleading the government to fix it! We’ll do anything if you just fix it, they will say. And bingo, they’ve got us all.
    So number 1 duty is amendment 25 then a impeachment hearing for the border czar, send the speaker into the Oval Office ( hopefully not McCarthy but someone with a backbone like Jim Jordan or StephaniK or, shall I suggest it? TRUMP! As there is no rule stating the speaker has to be an elected house member.

  • Paul Kern

    10/25/2022 04:22 PM

    While I have recently voted I have little hope the RINOs still in will do any good, even if there is a Red Wave with God's help. With a corrupt and illegal rulership it will take real men and women. There are very few left. I foresee Mitch and Lindsey will obstruct any real change as their history is one of obstructionism. We also have many self appointed religious leaders who openly advocate socialism by perverting God's Word! We need to keep in prayer and learn to listen to the Holy Spirit and not the enemy of our souls continue to delude the people!