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August 6, 2022

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  • Douglas Shipe

    08/07/2022 12:33 AM

    Your guest today on his pro-life stance contrasts greatly with what happened in Kansas City, Kansas today:
    The "Value them Both" constitutional amendment that lost last tuesday........has
    already caused new abortion efforts in Kansas starting today, just 4 days after the vote :

    Our local news media was absolutely giddy about a NEW ABORTION clinic that opened today in Kansas City, Kansas. Governor Kelly (D) is so happy that she is creating jobs in the inner-city
    for the abortion industry !

    This area of Kansas is home to many poor minorities. They receive the nickname "Dots" for Wyandotte County, Kansas. Our local TV news cast showed the many smiles of minority women of Wyandotte County so anxious to use abortion as birth control prevention. They seem to have no idea that they are being duped into racial genocide.

    On many political issues we often hear: "Connect the dots." But with fewer "Dots" being born due to abortion, there is less to connect to.

    It is no wonder that local fast-food restaurants can't find teenagers to work when the birth rate in the inner city has dropped so dramatically.

    Because the Kansas Supreme Court had "visions" in 2019 to read into the Kansas Constitution the "right to abortion".......... Kansas will now become the abortion capital of America because "Rights are Free" .......... Abortion will be a no cost medical procedure to any pregnant woman who can find their way to Kansas.