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April 22, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • Note To Media: Hold Biden Accountable
  • The Left Is Wildly Misinformed
  • Controversial Nominee Confirmed
  • This Just In
  • Reader Writes...
  • America The Beautiful


Mike Huckabee


But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Matthew 6:33 KJV

Note To Media: Hold Biden Accountable

By Mike Huckabee

It’s been only three months since Joe Biden became President and reversed all of President Trump’s measures to secure the border. And while the White House is trying to deny that he’s created a crisis (which even he slipped up and admitted), that’s become far too soft a word.

Biden and other Democrats keep demanding “accountability” from everyone but themselves, while they accept no accountability for what has become a security and humanitarian disaster, one that’s not only causing great harm to the migrant children they claim to care so much about, but now to American children.

For instance, with border agents being pulled away from security duties to assist with processing and transporting so many illegal entrants, the number of “getaways” is sharply up, with 15,000 since January. These are usually solo adult males who flee capture rather than surrendering, because they’re most likely to be returned. Because of them, the number of high-speed police car chases is also up, in border towns where children, pedestrians and other drivers are in their paths.

Meanwhile, in one of the most outrageous stories yet, the California foster care program is contacting foster parents to ask if they will take in between one and 26 unaccompanied migrant children between ages 12 and 17. Before you think, “Awwww, what a sweet thing to do,” consider this:

There’s already a shortage of available foster parents for American children in terrible circumstances, such as being stuck in homes with domestic violence or drug abuse. In Los Angeles County alone, there are 30,000 American children waiting for placement in foster care. And because of the idiotic policies of the Biden Administration, those children are now told to wait even longer while their places in foster care are taken by illegal immigrants. How many of them will be abused, or God forbid, die, for lack of safe foster care?

Some foster parents are furious over this. They point out that many of these migrant children were brought here by criminal organizations engaged in human trafficking, something they are trying to fight by acting as foster parents. One told the Epoch Times, "We were outraged. They’re literally going to use the foster system to facilitate human trafficking.”

If, as Democrats claimed, President Trump was personally responsible for “children in cages” and for every death from a virus unleashed on the world by China, then how can they possibly deny that Joe Biden is personally responsible for every American child stranded in dangerous conditions – and every migrant child stuck in a dangerous, overcrowded border facility – because of a crisis he directly created with his mindless “Reverse everything Trump did” policies?

Those California foster parents are right to be outraged. Everyone should be. Memo to the news media: Why aren’t you demanding accountability for this?

The Left Is Wildly Misinformed

By Mike Huckabee

If you listen to the mainstream media (which you shouldn’t, by the way), you’d think that “rightwing” websites and news channels are the source of all the “disinformation” in America. This from the people who gave us two years’ worth of fake “Russian collusion” hysteria and the Brian Sicknick was killed by a flying fire extinguisher story. But studies have shown that conservatives tend to be better informed on current events. Here’s another study that shows just how wildly the left has been misinformed about the current claim that racist police are gunning down unarmed black people constantly.

I’ve previously referred to this study by the Skeptic Research Center, but Kyle Becker at Trending Politics took a deep dive into the numbers, and they’re shocking. It found that the more liberal people claimed to be, the more they overestimated the number of police shootings of black suspects, to a staggering degree.

For instance, when asked to guess how many unarmed black males were killed by police in 2019, 31.43% of those who self-identified as very liberal guessed “about 1,000,” while 14.29% guessed “about 10,000.” The actual number was 27. Those who merely identified as “liberal” were a little closer, but not much.

When asked what proportion of suspects killed by police were black, liberals and “very liberals” guessed 56-60%. It was actually 24.9%, which is pretty much in line with the proportion of total arrests (26.6%.) The rest were 51% white, 19% Hispanic, 2% Asian and 2% Native American. Ninety-one percent of suspects shot were determined to have been armed with some sort of weapon.

Over the past six years, there were an average of 21 unarmed black males per year shot and killed by police, which out of a population of 20 million means about a one-in-a-million chance.

Just to be clear: any police shooting should be thoroughly investigated, especially any that involves the death of an unarmed suspect. All human life is precious (those of us on the pro-life side have been saying that for years), and there must be accountability for the loss of life where it’s warranted. If reforms in police training and procedures can help lower that number without making confrontations with suspects even more dangerous for cops, then everyone should agree that it’s a good idea (Republican Sen. Tim Scott already presented a police reform bill that Democrats refused to bring to a vote.)

But for the President of the United States to tell African-Americans that they must live in fear of their children being randomly shot by racist cops as they walk home from the grocery store is a politically-motivated lie that does nothing but frighten and mislead the public, polarize the nation and create racial divisions, suspicions and hatred that are tearing this country apart.

Where are all those social media “fact-checkers” who banned Trump for every joke or hyperbole but who allow Biden to spew such toxic disinformation?

Controversial Nominee Confirmed

By Mike Huckabee

In a narrow 51-49 vote (Sen. Lisa Murkowski being the only Republican “yay”), controversial Biden nominee Vanita Gupta was confirmed as associate attorney general, the #3 position in the Justice Department.

Sen. Chuck Schumer declared Gupta's confirmation as "very good news for the forces of equality and justice in the country," and said, “She can do her vital job, including dealing with the systemic bias we've seen in policing and in law enforcement throughout the country."

Sen. John Cornyn, however, accused Gupta of lying to the Senate to cover up her radical left record, including advocating for cutting police budgets. He said, "Sadly, I believe Ms. Gupta will be a clear and present danger to the American people if she's given the muscle and might of the Department of Justice, as well as the entire federal government of the United States of America."

Gupta denied that she will push to defund police, but only time will tell. If we’re lucky, maybe the disastrous record of cities that defunded the police will scare DC Democrats into rethinking their support for it. In an article on public misconceptions about police that I refer to elsewhere today, Kyle Becker at Trending Politics looked at the results in cities that slashed police budgets:

“Portland cut police funding and saw a startling 2,000% surge in murders. New York City, under Mayor de Blasio, reduced police funding and experienced a 127% increase in shootings. Minneapolis cut police funding by $8 million, while early 2021 crime data show a 250% spike in gunshot victims. In February, the Minneapolis city council backtracked and unanimously approved a $6.4 million boost in police funding...”

Becker adds that ABC reported, “Many cities that slashed police resources last year because of the protests, the pandemic, or both have poured money back into law enforcement to cope with a sudden surge of violence.”

Left unsaid in all this is who are the primary victims of this increased violence. They’re black residents, children and business owners. When activists demand that police be pulled out of black neighborhoods and defund police units dealing with inner city gangs, they are throwing law-abiding black citizens under the bus. It’s no wonder that black Americans are one of the fasting-growing demographics of people who are buying guns legally for self-protection.

And it wouldn’t be the first time

This Just In

By Mike Huckabee

After years of pro-life activists pointing out that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was a racist and a eugenicist, and being ignored, mocked and refuted by the left, Planned Parenthood has suddenly realized in the BLM era that their founder Margaret Sanger was a racist and a eugenicist.

In an op-ed in the New York Times, Planned Parenthood’s CEO claims the group will stop making excuses for their founder’s racism and desire to weed “inferior” races out of the population. As the Washington Examiner article at the link notes, however, PP did not promise to stop targeting black communities with abortion clinics and pro-abortion messages that have resulted in one third of all babies that are aborted being black, even though only 13% of the population is black. And the Biden Administration is underwriting that, having just restored $50 million in Title X funding to Planned Parenthood that Trump withheld.

Planned Parenthood can try to appease BLM by distancing themselves from Margaret Sanger’s image, but they still don't seem to understand that “BLM” stands for “Black Lives Matter.”

A Reader Writes Back... 

God Bless you Mike Huckabee. My first Newsletter. I know what I am reading will be the truth and nothing but the truth because of you. I want this country to go back to the great place it was prior to the last election. I want that for my family. Support our police. Support our veterans. Support our citizens who really need help. And those who do not like it here in the US or my state, go somewhere else that will make you happy.

America The Beautiful 

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Yosemite National Park, visit its website here.

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Comments 1-18 of 18

  • Allegra Kitchens

    04/25/2021 12:45 PM

    Your title "The Left is wildly misinformed" should be "The Left is intentionally misinformed." They are misinformed because of the propaganda machine, formerly known as the "free press," is trying to get all Americans to accept their Marxist plans for our country. Fortunately, only the Leftists believe their propaganda. The rest of us do not. Thank you for keeping us informed about the truth of what is happening in our country.

  • Greg Wall

    04/24/2021 10:55 AM

    Governor Huckabee I might have missed it (not likely) but it seems that there have been no interviews of any of the Columbus Ohio shooting witnesses of the 16 year old girl. Why hasn't the lady in pink been interviewed? Why haven't any of the participants in the melee been interviewed? Seems very strange to me.

  • Floyd A Unger

    04/23/2021 01:02 PM

    Thank you

  • Stephen Russell

    04/23/2021 11:34 AM

    Stanford Study:
    Masks DONT Work.
    Fwd, verify, FYI

  • Stephen Russell

    04/23/2021 11:00 AM

    USPS Social Media spy:
    USPS is spying on Social Media accounts for Govt
    Side income for USPS
    See OPIC plan

  • jack macdonald

    04/23/2021 10:59 AM

    I think I have come up with a solution for the recent spate of stabbings. All knives and sharp objects such as razor blades should have to be registered and a background check completed before allowing anyone to own these items. Law enforcement agencies should immediately institute sharp object buybacks. All of these recommendations have been so effective at controlling guns that I'm sure our legislators will leap on this solution. jack

  • Ken Lawyer

    04/23/2021 10:49 AM

    After retiring from education as a Teacher/Coach/Administrator for over 35 years, I can add to your article regarding foster parents. I saw CPS (Child Protective Services) allow several so-called foster parents who were not financially, educationally, or morally capable to serve as parents.

  • Jj

    04/23/2021 10:12 AM

    Has anybody been able to connect this; Abortion of black babies (people) in the womb authorized by black people, the slaughter of black people slaughtering black people in our cities, while black mayors of these cities turn it's back on the slaughtering, and do Nothing to stop it, many police departments have black police chiefs and do not find many convictions for the slaughters that happen. black people that are being killed during traffic stops, challenge police to kill them, so they resit or try to escape or try to kill and kill police during the stop; the media, our President, members of Congress, call this racism. Who or what is the racist can someone connect this for me. This is what is known but not exposed by the Media.

  • Stephen Russell

    04/23/2021 09:48 AM

    Chauvin trial errors:
    o Non sequester Jury
    o Outside influences from Maxine Mouth & Biden
    o Jury under intimidation for trial
    Chauvin walks?

    MN Justice served & Chauvin wins

  • Jerry

    04/23/2021 08:06 AM

    BLM Activist NBA remains silent to the threat to a police officer in a life saving event in Ohio. The CCP sponsored NBA has no comment on the stars employees using the NBA's platform to try and create harm to the Nations law enforcement. James endorsement of BLM Marists group shows why the NBA is losing customers, fans; and sponsors of the NBA remain silent and are complicit in the destruction of the moral American Values of peace ,goodwill, and equality of all Human Life. It is time for the NBA and its sponsors to leave and do their business in China, just an option maybe more money for the NBA; if people wish to watch the NBA here in the US pay per view may be an option at least thats one option ,supporting an Anti American organization is still an option for the few that still like the NBA. Does the NBA still play its games today???????/

  • Patricia Gardiner

    04/22/2021 11:39 PM

    Thank you for something telling the truth, I fear we have too many liberals and radicals in high places and are in a position to push laws thru that will be so detrimental to the American population that will push our country into the clutches of socialism. Maybe mid-term elections can hopefully changes the numbers in the Congress and Senate, if not we are in a world of trouble. Thank you, for letting me preach.

  • Paul Russ

    04/22/2021 07:54 PM

    So when is supposed Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski going to be censured and removed from the GOP. And never a word from Ronna McDaniel.

  • Jim D. Hargan

    04/22/2021 07:53 PM

    Very good... Truth is needed... Jim H.

  • James Drury Jr.

    04/22/2021 07:43 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Joyce F Birch

    04/22/2021 07:41 PM

    Another fantastic newsletter. It's becoming very difficult to turn on the news, or turn on the radio these days. Biden and his administration and all the other minions are a "CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER" to our republic. He was elected, not by me, to serve & protect, but all he has done is DIVIDE this great country. He's a weak frame of a man to run this country, in fact, he's a liar. He and others are absolutely wrong to come out publicly to address the violence / killings. The big question as many would like to know, WHY wasn't all the unrest taken place last year and this year been addressed & STOPPED??? They let BLM and Antifa take hold or hostage of US cities. Not only have I feared the COVID virus, but now, I watch my surroundings, limit my comings/goings, since I recently became a widow. God Help Us and God Bless America.

  • Bob Ernst

    04/22/2021 06:55 PM

    Since BLM wants the nation segregated, perhaps only black police officers should patrol black neighborhoods. And white in white neighborhoods. And Oriental likewise. Same for American Indians. I guess Hispanic areas too.

    Or, we stop handcuffing police, let them put fear of the law back in lawless Americans, and get things settled down!

  • Judy Radley

    04/22/2021 06:53 PM

    Why do the states have to listen to the fed. govt.? States are separate but united in the USA, so that means that the states don't have to do what the fed. govt. says, so increase funding for the state police, and defund the fed. govt. entities like federal welfare checks. And talk about checks, why is stimulus payments still being sent out? Money does not grow on trees, and like a previous comment stated that once the fed. govt. runs out of money, goes bankrupt, where will they get money from? China is where. Is there any way we can refuse stimulus payments? I don't want any stimulus payment anymore. How can I tell them NO, I don't want it? By not filing my income taxes? Maybe if more people in USA stopped paying income tax, those that have to pay state income taxes and fed. taxes, maybe the fed. govt. will get the message that they are NOT doing what the American people want.

  • Bill G.

    04/22/2021 06:25 PM

    Say it over and over!
    Maybe some idiots will begin to believe it. Not Me!!